Bankside Clean-up

Trout Fisherman urges you to be a good, environmentally aware fly angler and collect any rubbish you see lying around – whether you fish rivers or stillwaters.  

Anglers play an important role in reporting pollution to the Environment Agency and we should continue to be the ‘eyes and ears’ for the EA because we’re on the water. 

Fisheries are starting to get wise by providing bins for waste leader and the like, which makes disposing of such things easier. 

The only way we can make a marked difference to the future of our fisheries is with a collective effort by all involved. So, be a conscientious angler and play your part. 

Be respectful to the fish. These wild trout are beautiful, delicate creatures so be sure to conduct correct catch and release, mindful of keeping all handling to a bare minimum, if at all. 

Should you be kind enough to clean up a particular area of river or stillwater, post images on the Trout Fisherman Facebook page for all to see. Together we can really change the future for our children and future generations. 

Our Bankside Clean-up campaign continues to gain momentum with more fisheries asking for the poster and creating their own bins for discarded leaders. Spread the message…we can do this. To claim your free Bankside Clean-up campaign poster, call Trout Fisherman on 01733 395157 or email 

Any pics, ideas, queries or concerns relating to TF's campaign to keep discarded line off our fisheries Tweet using #banksidecleanup