England Troutmasters reports for week-ending August 7th, 2015

Avington Trout Fishery, Hampshire
July has been a fairly tricky month on the fishing front. With high temperatures, low water levels and low oxygen content in the water the fish have been particularly lethargic, more so the later into the day. The morning period has been easily the most productive with the first couple of hours after opening time accounting for the lion’s share of the action. Despite the tough conditions some brilliant specimens have been caught. The biggest was a lovely rainbow of 15lb 4oz caught by C. De Bruin on a Hare’s Ear. Richard Francis caught a beautiful fish of 13lb from lake three using a White Humungus. Grant Ashby arrived in the early afternoon for a few hours fishing before he fished the next day and in only a few hours managed to bag two doubles weighing 10lb 12oz and 11lb from lakes two and three respectively. Both of the fish fell to green stalking bugs fished close to the bank. All three lakes produced a fairly even number of double-figured fish this month, particularly in areas with a bit of shade upon the water.
Fly choice over July has been a little tricky to ascertain. With fish unwilling to chase anything moving at speed it has been far more productive to put the fly to the fish and a high degree of accuracy is required as sometimes the fly needs to drop within inches of the fish for it to snap at it. Small weighted flies are most effective with Hare's Ears, stalking bugs and Beaded Buzzers proving most consistent. In the last week of the month temperatures, particularly overnight, dropped considerably. This has resulted in the fish becoming far more active and lures, especially Damsel variations and Black Tadpoles, have seen consistent action throughout the whole day.
This season’s constant battle with weed, particularly in lake two, meant it was more difficult than usual to keep the lake completely clear. Apologies if this has interfered slightly with anybody's fishing this month, but after a tough couple of weeks the lakes are now looking splendid once again.

Bewl Fishery, Kent
A week of mixed fortunes. Some days anglers have been catching well, others not so well. At the time of writing the fish are high in the water and can be seen from the lodge. Water temperature has dropped to 16.8C and catch average for the week based on returns is again outstanding at 4.43 fish per rod. Best areas for boats have again been the main bowl and Hook Straight while bank anglers have been catching from the dam wall (when open), Canoe Club Corner and Chingley. Successful flies are Minkies, Blobs, Cormorants, Sedge and Diawl Bachs. Winners of the prize draw for July are Robert Redhead, Mr Crinall and Mick Crouch (free fishing just for putting in their returns after visiting). During August all weekday (Mon-Fri) boats (except Bank Holiday Monday) will cost £10. Permit prices and weekend boats remain the original price. An early reminder that no boats are available on the following dates: September 16 (Grand Max) and 17, 18, 19, 20, and October 24 as there are large flyfishing competitions on these days.

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk
Fishing is typical for the time of year with good days and challenging days. The boats have been doing better than the bank anglers this week. Fishery manager Paul took a boat out on Saturday night and caught and released 11 rainbows using a Klinkhamer with an olive nymph suspended below at about 18 inches on a floating line. There are plenty of fish around the aerators close to the bank.

Burrator Reservoir, Devon
The banks at Longstone continue to produce the best sport, with dark dry patterns, including Black Beetles, Black Gnats, Black Hoppers, Hawthorns and emerging Black Buzzers catching particularly well. Nymphs fished singly on intermediate lines produced good results, particularly Montana and Damsel Nymph patterns. Early mornings and late afternoons have been the best times to fish. Water levels at Burrator have dropped significantly, opening up a lot more fishable bank areas for anglers.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
It’s been a week of big fish, many bags weighed in contained 4lb to 7lb trout. Also, a good number of doubles have been caught and lost this week. Robbie Bell, from Berwick, landed two 10lb fish, Kenny McMahon, from Ilderton, saw the end of his backing after losing a hard-fighting double on Friday evening. Julian Bales, from Wooler, returned 14 fish, one a 12lb brown trout which he caught using a Diawl Bach. Davie Parker, from Newcastle, returned 10 fish, one of which was a 12lb rainbow, which was returned to Chatton Lake. Colin Harris, from Whickham, caught 18 fish on size 18 dry flies; Steve Bilbrough, from Cramlington, caught eight fish on Buzzers; Lee Cartmail, from Middlesbrough, caught 14 fish on nymphs; Trevor Wadds, from Craster, landed 14 fish on Bloodworms and Diawl Bachs; Jimmy Drew, from Wallsend, caught nine fish on Buzzers; Keith Bowes, from Ellington, caught nine fish on Goldhead Damsels. Closing at 9pm other than Friday 9.30pm and Saturday 5pm.

Derwent Reservoir, Northumberland
Another great week considering we are in the middle of summer. Normally fish disappear into the depths in July and August but this year fish have remained in the margins and easy to catch. This helped the rod average spike to over five fish per angler on favoured days and following the release of another huge stocking of 1,400 fish. Liam Maddison took the biggest fish of the week at 5lb 8oz on PowerBait Mice-tails which is the bait of choice at the moment. Sandy Martin, from Whitley Bay, fished from Murray’s Point taking seven fish for 24lb including four fish over 3lb and his biggest approaching 5lb. Fly anglers have had great sport from most areas with emphasis on the north bank and the Meadow over the weekend with lures and a floating line the best combination. Bait anglers, as with fly, found most areas fishing well but the first fence and the Oak Tree at Pow Hill were the hotspots. Best flies are Dawson’s Olive, Black Fritz, Cat’s Whisker, Black Gnat, Bibio and Montana.

Elinor Trout Fishery, Northamptonshire
For the week July 27 to August 2 the 129 anglers caught 484 fish of which 310 were returned. Best fish was a 4lb 10oz rainbow caught by Trevor Maycock, from Northampton, on a Damsel. A 4lb 8oz fish was landed by Laurie Jeynes, from Hertford, using a Cruncher off the boat. Another decent week for the time of year with fish rising most of the day. The fish continue to feed on damsels, both adults and nymphs. A couple of days saw large numbers of flying ants descend on Elinor. Bank anglers are advised to bring waders to combat weed growth around the margins. Best bank areas are the creek, coarse bank, east arm and boat bay. Best boat areas are the east arm, west arm and pylon point. Top patterns are Blue Damsel, Damsel Nymph, GRHE, Olive CdC, Olive or Black Shipman’s, Green Diawl Bach, Daddy, white/green lures.

Fontburn Reservoir, Northumberland
Another week of unpredictable weather and rising water levels resulted in trout feeding well and remaining active. Gareth Tosney, of Bedlington, landed the £500 tagged fish with a legered brown and red Mice-tail. This fish had been in the water for several weeks. Bait anglers also enjoyed success using legered rigs with a combination of different baits or a floatfished worm. Fly anglers had great success with a well-placed lure being retrieved at speed. An early morning or a late afternoon rise is still producing some excellent opportunities for fly anglers. Mr J. Green had a fantastic week, netting eight trout for 21lb. Mr D. Hamilton landed 10 quality fish on his Loyalty Day for a total weight of 24lb. Four of his fish weighed over 3lb each. The biggest fish of the week went to Mr C. Ancrum with two fish over the 4lb mark contributing towards a seven fish catch totalling 20lb 8oz. Best flies are Hawthorn, Dawson’s Olive, Black Gnat, Bibio and Cat’s Whisker. Best areas are north shore middle section and dam wall on an evening with all areas fishing well
The results for the Northumbrian Water sponsored blind competition were:
Junior heaviest fish - Conner Barton 2lb 11oz
Junior winner - Andrew Studholme three fish for 5lb 13oz
Junior second - Dylan Watson two fish for 4lb 7oz
Adult heaviest fish - Wheatley Smith 3lb 1oz
Adult winner - Dave Hancock five fish 10lb 1oz
Adult second - Des Hodgson four fish 7lb 14oz.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Grafham continues to provide good consistent summer sport with a rod average of 3.1 and a lot of fish over 3lb. Best rainbow at 4lb 10oz was taken by Rick Barlow, while the best brown at 3lb 2oz was taken by P. Bateson. Bank anglers have enjoyed good sport this week with the dam giving the most consistent catch rates. Best bank methods have been floating lines with Shrimp patterns, GRHE, Diawl Bachs, Crunchers and PTNs. When the wind has been favourable Deep Water Point, Pylon Point, Hill Farm and G Buoy have produced good sport. Boat anglers have had success across a number of areas of the reservoir, on floating or Di-3 lines with FABs, Boobies, Blobs, Cormorants, Crunchers, Diawl Bachs and GRHE proving effective. The most prolific boat areas have been the boils, bowl and south of dam, Gaynes Cove, Deep Water and Pylon Points, B,G and K Buoys.
This week’s Invicta Tuesday Night Boat League
was won by Chris McLeod by a narrow margin from Graham Bodsworth. Chris caught and released four trout to Graham’s three. Chris fished a floating line with Crunchers and GRHE at the south end of the dam.
An invasive species of shrimp (Dikerogammarus villosus), commonly known as DV, has been found at Pitsford Water. The presence of this species in the water does not pose any threat to human health. It is important that anglers continue to follow the Check, Clean, Dry procedures in place for the preservation of our environment and sport.

Grassholme Reservoir, Co Durham
PowerBait, spinner and fly have all been producing great catches this week as the rod average continues to push four fish per angler. Mr Osborn had an eight fish haul totalling 24lb and Mr G. Murphy weighed in an impressive 17lb catch. Floatfished PowerBait accounted for lots of good catches at the beginning of the week as the cold, cloudy conditions tempted fish to the surface. Thursday the dam wall was fishing exceptionally well where Harry Pears fished with his dad and had a cracking day with a best fish of 6lb 4oz. Other anglers were catching the bigger fish too including Mr Atkinson who had a 5lb rainbow amongst his eight fish, all taken on PowerBait and worm. First time angler eight-year-old Jesse Holmes, from Bearpark, fished with his granddad Shaun and they weighed in eight fish for 17lb. At the weekend Mr T. and Mr G. Nutter both reached their limits. Dave Bate successfully landed seven fish and was delighted to see a yellow tag on his 5lb rainbow fish. Lee Jackson was the second angler to net £200 and a tagged fish taking four fish in total. Sunday saw Ian Grey catch four fish on a lure and Mr A. Hardman taking seven nice specimens. The coming warm weather may change tactics. Best flies are Damsel and Dawson’s Olive.

Hanningfield Reservoir, Essex
July was recorded as the windiest for 20 years and blustery conditions continued to cause problems resulting in the closure of the jetty Monday and Tuesday. However, the weather improved for the rest of the week as sport picked up around the Inlet, where Peter Yeoman captured an eight fish limit weighing 21lb. The Bubble Line has also begun to produce good catches with Gerald Chapman netting another limit for 21lb 8oz. Richard Smart continues to find heavier rainbows, recording eight prime trout for 28lb on the fly. Specimen hunter Sid Hawes returned to the reservoir after a two-year break and netted a fine perch of 4lb 2oz while drifting from a boat using lobworms. This is the largest perch reported for a number of years. Flyfishing still remains the most successful method although Orange PowerBait and worm continue to improve catch rates from the dam wall. Best flies are Black Buzzers, Montana and Damsel. Atlantis, a shallow area off the Peninsula, is currently only five feet deep and a mark which should be avoided in the coming weeks as levels fall causing boats to run aground. From Monday July 13 until August 31, 2015 midweek boats will be reduced to £10 and all weekend boats are reduced to £20 for a full day.

Hury Reservoir, Co Durham
Anglers with a good knowledge of techniques and ability to adapt to changing weather conditions and feeding patterns are being very successful indeed. All areas of the reservoir are producing great sport. There have been some outstanding catches on lures fished on sinking lines including George Wind and his fishing partner John Curry who used this technique along Corporal Hill with great results. Joe Watson fished a Dancer from the platform on an intermediate line and had fish to 5lb. Other anglers fished teams of Buzzers on a floating lines and Brown Hoppers fished on the surface at the boil produced good takes, as did a Blob fished under a bung and teams of wets such as a Kate McLaren or Bibio. It really has been a week of changing from top to bottom and back again to locate the ever-changing depth of feeding fish. The stand-out areas were both banks from the dam wall and the west end near the boil.

Kielder Water, Northumberland
The cooler, more overcast conditions along with another bumper stocking helped anglers net lots of quality rainbows as the rod average spiked to almost five fish per angler for the week. Dozens of catch limits were recorded as the cool summer conditions offered ideal feeding conditions for stocked trout. Bank anglers at the west of the reservoir and both sides of the dam wall saw great results. Mr D. Lomas netted nine rainbow fishing from Gordon’s Walls using a Cat’s Whisker and Boobies. Stephen Bourke recorded his limit fishing off Hawkhope slipway on a worm/PowerBait combination, finishing with eight rainbow for 15lb 9oz and the biggest trout of the week, a 4lb 8oz beauty. Boat anglers also enjoyed some good results, with William Tasker netting four rainbows in the Belling Inlet using Cormorants and Black and Peacock Spiders. Best flies are Cat’s Whiskers, Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear and Orange Blob. Best areas are Gordon’s Wall, Stockie Bay, Plashetts and Belling Inlet.

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
The weather has not been kind to anglers again this week with strong north westerly winds and cool conditions making catching fish challenging.
However, there have still been good fish caught. Season ticket holder Mark Hawtin had a lovely 3lb 8oz brown while fishing in the evening boat club and another weighing 4lb 1oz taken off the Gravels. Both fish were caught on Red/Orange Crunchers and were released. There have also been several overwintered rainbows caught weighing 4-5lb. The reservoir had a large stocking of fish last week so there should be some good sport for anglers who find them. Best boat areas are The Gravels, Bog Bay, Stonebarn Bay, North Farm Bay, Brixworth Bay and Sailing Club Bay. Best bank areas are North Fields Shore, Stone Barn Bay, Gravels, Duffers, Stilton Point, Gorse and Cliffs.
An invasive species of shrimp (Dikerogammarus villosus), commonly known as DV, has been found at Pitsford Water. The presence of this species in the water does not pose any threat to human health. It is important that anglers continue to follow the Check, Clean, Dry procedures in place for the preservation of our environment and sport.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire
A more challenging week with fish up and feeding providing some exciting sport. Some of the most notable catches this week went to Frazer Duffy and his son who brought 30 fish to the boat. Successful anglers this week have pretty much all been fishing dries from a drifting boat and covering rising fish. Dries fished blind can also work in the right conditions. The fish are rising freely but are by no means easy to catch for most. Smaller dries such as Crippled Midge, Bob’s Bits, Klinkhamer and Shipman’s Buzzer are proving the most successful with some fish coming to those fishing Popper Hoppers. It is essential to get your flies presented correctly in the surface film and in bright conditions leaders should be thoroughly degreased. Bank anglers are finding fishing challenging with the only real prospects being from the dam.
An invasive species of shrimp (Dikerogammarus villosus), commonly known as DV, has been found at Pitsford Water. The presence of this species in the water does not pose any threat to human health. It is important that anglers continue to follow the Check, Clean, Dry procedures in place for the preservation of our environment and sport.

Rutland Water, Rutland
John Wadham caught the best rainbow of the week at 5lb. John, who is a season ticket holder, enjoyed a really good week the bank, taking 11 fish for 37lb in a few inches of water using dry flies and emergers. Season ticket holder Al Owen shared a boat with good friend John Slavin, from Renfrewshire in Scotland. The pair fished for six days enduring some variable strong winds, but they managed a very creditable 84 fish, most of which were silvered-up rainbows over 2lb. They fished over the deeper water, alternating with various sinking lines and tube flies from the main basin through to the north and south arms. Al continued his form later in the week by winning the over 50’s pairs competition.
The majority of boats fished over the deep water and caught silvered-up stock fish. Some of those who gave the bottom of the arms a visit and persevered with dries and nymphs were rewarded with some nice rainbows, but two specimen browns weighing 6lb 2oz and 5lb 7oz were caught respectively by Nick Coats, and Dermot Speight. Both fish came from the south arm.
Bank fishing has slowed down with fish in some areas moving out from the shoreline, however there are still places to investigate. 63,600 fish have been stocked so far this season. Water clarity is very good, although the variable winds have been a problem on some days. Fish are not feeding particularly hard, but there are now good numbers of fry harbouring around and in the many weedbeds. Anglers are still catching on dries and nymphs. Fry patterns may now be worth a try with roach fry averaging around 1-1.5 inches and perch fry to 2.5 inches.
The Anglian Water Over 50’s Match was won by Al Owen and Graham Pearson, the pair finishing early with 16 fish for 31lb 7oz. In second place was the unique pairing of Keith Jones and Keith Jones who had 13 fish for 22lb 7lb. Roger Marshall and Rob Toptalow took third with seven fish for 14lb 12oz. Hilary Tomlinson took five hard-earned fish with boat partner Roger McCarthy. The pair took fourth place with seven fish, despite Roger having the misfortune of breaking a rod. Dermot Speight took the best fish of the match, a superb 5lb 7oz brown.
Week 10 of the Tuesday Night Boat League saw Richard Cooper back to the top of the leader board with a very quick 16lb eight fish limit. Richard found his fish from East Creek back to the fishing lodge, as did Mick Bennett and Chris Binley, who shared the same boat. Mick and Chris each weighed in eight fish for 14lb 14oz to share second place on the night. The best fish on the night was caught by youngster and newcomer to the league, Louis Masserelli from Loughborough, who netted a 2lb 12oz rainbow.
An invasive species of shrimp (Dikerogammarus villosus), commonly known as DV, has been found at Pitsford Water. The presence of this species in the water does not pose any threat to human health. It is important that anglers continue to follow the Check, Clean, Dry procedures in place for the preservation of our environment and sport.

Scaling Dam, Cleveland
The first few days of the week were reasonable resulting in steady catches in cool and blustery conditions. Brian Lees, from South Bank, landed four rainbows and returned another three at the east end of the dam using a Silver Invicta. In contrast, the latter half of the week was simply explosive! In a single day 97 rainbows were recorded with plenty of anglers catching their catch limits. For three consecutive days the lowest rod average was 3.5 and peaked at 4.4 fish per angler. Amongst the many enjoying the sport were Mr M. Smith, from Brotton; N. Katib, from York; and J. Pearson also from Brotton. Finally, after almost a month, anglers were able to enjoy the sport at both ends of the reservoir breaking the east end hotspot and the winds changed and pushed fish west. Alan Marsay, from Skinningrove, caught his eight fish limit before 11am on legered worm and PowerBait. Harry Noble, from Whitby, caught 10 rainbows on his Loyalty Day, then caught another eight on his second permit for a total of 18 fish which included two fine 3lb 1oz rainbows. All Harry’s fish were caught at the east end on legered worm with Green and Yellow PowerBait. Best flies are Silver Invicta, Coachman and Montana.

Siblyback Lake, Cornwall
With a rod average of 2.5 fish per angler over the month, bank angers enjoyed better sport than the boats, with Stocky Bay and Two Meadows the most productive areas. Buzzers, Damsel Nymphs and Diawls Bachs fished on floating and sink-tip lines accounted for the majority of catches, although dark dry patterns such as Black Gnats, Beetles, Bibios, Daddies and Black Hoppers, also caught well. The best fish of the month was a 4lb 4oz rainbow, caught by Mr A. Custer.

Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex
No fishing on lake one at the moment because of the weed. This will be cleared next month, the margins will be deepened and it will be converted into a beginners pool, netted off from rest of lake. It will also be brown trout only. Lake two has seen good summer sport, especially early morning and on overcast breezy days. CdC patterns working on top, otherwise try Damsels and black nymphs deeper down and on a slow retrieve. Lake three is showing up some nice brownies which are mostly falling to stalking tactics in the mornings. Rainbows are a bit deeper down. Montanas working well.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire
For the week-ending July 31, the 99 rods caught 334 trout for a rod average of 3.37. A very respectable rod average for the time of year boosted by some great sport from the boats, the cooler unsettled weather helping greatly. All methods from small dries on the surface through to pulling lures on sinkers have caught fish. Following an incident in the week the four-legged type of furniture (ie deckchairs) can no longer be used from boats. Anglers are welcome to use one of the boards provided and fishery staff are more than happy to inspect boat seats for approval. On Saturday September 12 Toft will be holding some fun competitions as part of a sponsored event to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. Cost of entry is £30 which includes a four fish limit, entry to the casting distance and accuracy events and a buffet-type meal. There will be a stand exhibiting a range of equipment from SKB fishing tackle and a chance to cast their range of fly-lines. Sponsorship forms must be official and are available from the office at Toft or can be posted, call 01673 878453 or Andy on 07850 351695.

Wimbleball Lake, Somerset
Rods averaged just over three fish per angler and, with the water temperature rising over the month, there was a noticeable change in success rates for bank and boat anglers. Bank anglers enjoyed the best fishing at the beginning of the month, with a marked change toward success for the boats by the end of the month, as the fish moved out to the deeper cooler water. Ruggs, Bessoms and Cow Moor produced the best sport for both boats and banks, with nymph patterns, such as Diawl Bachs, Buzzers and Damsel Nymphs, fished in the top two metres the most successful. Occasional fish could be drawn to the surface on small Black Gnats, particularly in the early mornings and evenings, while a selection of lure patterns, such as Nomads, Cat’s Whiskers, Cormorants and Boobies, caught the deeper lying fish. The best fish of the month was a 4lb 8oz rainbow, caught by David Hannah, using a Red Montana.

Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham
It was a quiet week, no doubt due to the much increased activity on the rivers. With the lakes fishing better this week, the 50 visiting anglers returned a decent rod average of three fish. Once again bags were kept into single figures, the best of them being T. Johnson and A. Watson who both caught eight fish each, followed by T. Ross with seven fish while R. Green and R. McCullagh both had five fish each. The best single fish of the week was an impressive 7lb 4oz rainbow caught by B. Palmer. Top of the water flies have given the most success with CdCs and Buzzers still catching the most fish. Witton Castle Lakes will remain open until 7pm for the month of August, giving anglers a chance to fish the early evening rise.