England Troutmasters reports for week-ending December 4th, 2015

Avington Trout Fishery, Hampshire
Sport has really picked up this month with the fish chasing lures and most people bagging up. The water level is still surprisingly low for this time of year which seems to have pushed a lot of the fish out into the middle of the lakes. They can be seen just under the surface layers as there seems to be a hatch of midge larva and small flies such as Hare’s Ears, Pheasant Tails and goldhead nymphs have produced a good number of fish as well as some big fish this month. The biggest fish of the month, a 14lb 8oz rainbow, was caught by Conway Marsden from lake two using an emerger fished under the surface. This was Conway's first time flyfishing and he was introduced to Avington by regular Matthew Rule who also managed a 12lb 4oz rainbow earlier in the month. Joe Quinlivan tempted a 14lb 4oz rainbow on lake one using an Olive Damsel. Ben Whapshare landed a lovely 13lb 12oz rainbow from lake one which was caught using a tiny Copper Buzzer. The fish seem to be a lot more active and are more willing to chase big lures such as Damsel, Cat Whiskers and Humungus, Although the water clarity is good the fish are still difficult to see because of the winter light conditions, so keep watching the water for shows and bow waves. A good tip is to cast at showing fish and use a quick retrieve.
Anglers are asked to complete their catch returns before the winter closing time of 4pm so staff do not have to restock in the dark, avoiding any possible accidents.
Last but not least, we at Avington would like to wish everyone that has visited us this year, both old faces and new, a very Merry Christmas. We hope to see you all again in the New Year, ready to tackle some of the many big fish that we have ready for stocking.

Blackdyke Trout Fly Fishery, Norfolk
A big thank you to all who entered the English Bank Qualifier here on Sunday. After a very breezy day a total of 44 fish were caught by 12 anglers. In first place was Simon Kidd, second Lee Bartlett and third Bart Farmer. Cat’s Whiskers and Yellow Dancers accounted for most fish. Floating lines and slow intermediates are generally working well with a slow figure-of-eight retrieve.

Derwent Reservoir, Northumberland
After a week of dreadful conditions which continued into the weekend anglers were sparse and many regulars cancelled their last trip of the season. However, the end of season competition was well attended Saturday with 27 anglers braving the wind and rain to take limited numbers of rainbows. The winning prize fund and prizes kindly donated by the Jolly Drover, Consett, went to Mr S. Rowland who took the largest fish of the day and the biggest catch went to Gary Steabler. The Derwent team would like to take this opportunity to thank all our anglers for their support during the 2015 season and look forward to welcoming you back for the new season on March 12, 2016.

Eyebrook Trout Fishery, Leicestershire
Restricted winter bank fishing started at the end of the boat fishing season and winter tickets were available until Sunday November 29 which also heralded the close of the 2015 Eyebrook season.
During the last month of fishing good numbers of trout ventured very close into the margins foraging for corixa, hoglouse and shrimp, and although the weather remained mild but wet only a small number of trout anglers ventured out. Season ticket holder Bill Whittle, of Grantham, bank-fished from the Three Trees to Pollards Jump area on several occasions and caught and released some well-conditioned rainbows on a floating line set-up and a Prince Nymph. Despite blustery conditions Bob Margery, of Market Harborough, fished the bank from the stones and caught several decent rainbows on a Black Cruncher and Cat’s Whisker. Wally Ogley, of Yaxley, continued to catch steadily on his faithful GRHE from Pollards and the Bell.
Twelve hardy anglers turned out to fish the last day of the 2015 season and they were met with a strong westerly wind ending with torrential downpours thrown in just for good measure. Pete Line, of Ropsley, took four decent rainbows from Dogwood Bay using a combination of a Black Tadpole and Orange Hopper. Ian Reeves, of Carlton Park, caught and released four rainbows and Dave Etty, of Kettering, also took four rainbows on a combination of floating fry and Hare’s Ear Nymph. Keith Johnson, of Kettering, caught and released what he considered to be his best looking rainbow of the season, a beautiful grown-on fish of 3lb 8oz. 
The 2015 pike trials progressed nicely, and the best pike taken was caught by Northampton’s Andy Baldock who landed a 26lb 10oz fish on a jerk bait. Andy’s boat partner Steve Dolphin caught a well-conditioned 17lb pike. The latest of the bigger pike to be caught at Eyebrook fell to the rod of Corby pike fisherman Alan Shiveral who landed a superb 25lb specimen on a home-made jerk bait, Chris James also landed a 26lb pike as well as an 18-pounder. Luke Kelbrick caught a 16lb 12oz pike. Brothers Matt and Phil Thomas fished deadbaits for pike from the bank and caught a well-conditioned rainbow trout estimated to weigh between 7-8lb from weedcutter bay.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have supported the fishery throughout 2015 and look forward to meeting you all again for the 2016 season. Also thanks to colleagues at Tata Steel Corby works for their support throughout 2015 and a big thank you to the Eyebrook fishery wardens Jobe Burnham, Simon Ware and Keith Johnson.
General boat bookings are now being taken for the 2016 season. To reserve boats or any other general fishery information call 01536 772930 or book online at www.eyebrook.com

Fontburn Reservoir, Northumberland
As the season drew to a close heavy rain and high winds deterred all but the hardiest of anglers, seven of whom braved the elements to attend the end of season competition. Des Hodgson was worthy winner recording both heaviest fish and total catch. Fishing the north shore middle section past the burn, Des had a quiet start to the day until mid afternoon when the action started to pick up and Des finally weighed in a catch of four rainbows totalling 6lb 15oz including the 2lb 3oz best fish to secure the £50 cash prize. Runners-up were John Playford with a 1lb 14oz rainbow and Les Little with a brace of 1lb 10oz fish. May we take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their support throughout the season and we look forward to seeing them again for the new season starting on March 12, 2016.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Despite the strong winds Grafham Water has continued to fish well over the past week with a good rod average of 3.73 and with 45% of all trout caught weighing 3lb or over. Bank anglers have had the cream of the sport this week with strong winds impacting boat sport. The best bank areas have been the south shore, Gaynes Cove, Seat, Sailing Club Bay, Plummer and the south end of the dam. The most productive methods have been floating lines with Shrimp patterns and Hare’s Ear or intermediate lines with Snakes or Minkies. Boat anglers have had some excellent sport when the weather has allowed the boat fleet to go out. The best boat methods have been to fish intermediate lines with Hare’s Ear, Minkies and Snakes at the Seat, Sludge Bank, Sailing Club Bay and Gaynes Cove.
Grafham Water’s Fur and Feather bank match was held on Sunday November 29 when the 25 anglers beat the elements to catch 80 trout for an excellent rod average of 3.47. The majority of anglers fished either the Seat or Plummer bank due to the gale force westerly winds. Top rod on the day was Mark Bradbury who caught six trout for 18lb 7oz with his best fish weighing 5lb 11oz. Mark fished the Plummer bank with an intermediate line with a Snake and a Shrimp. The best fish prize passed down the line to Leanne Frost who caught a rainbow of 4lb 6oz at Sailing Club Bay. Leanne took this on a White Snake.
During December the tackle shop will be open 8am to 1pm, Wednesday to Sunday inclusive. (Closed noon on 24 December and all of 25 December). Boats will be available Wednesday – Sunday, subject to weather conditions.

Grassholme Reservoir, Co Durham
Again, the weather took centre stage this week with some horrendous conditions. Marion Marsden took three fish on a rain-soaked Monday morning and was one of the best catches of the week. Twenty very brave anglers took part in the end of season competition and got a complete hammering from the wind and rain for their efforts. With waves washing mud from the banks it made for some of the worst conditions for fishing as fish moved out into the shelter of deeper water. Jeff Walsh took the plaudits at the end of the competition by a slender 1oz margin. We would like to thank all our anglers for their continued support this season and we hope to see you back on March 12, 2016 for the new season.

Hanningfield Reservoir, Essex    
As windy conditions prevailed for most of the week, boats remained tied to the jetty for three days for the safety of anglers. These long periods of unsettled weather throughout November have disrupted the fishing, however on those days when boats were able to launch, trout were found in deeper water. Fly anglers continue to fish with sinking lines and had the best results from the Goldfish Bowl and off the dam wall. Ian Rushbrook netted the best rainbow of the week wading the Natural Bank close to the inlet where he captured a cracking fish of 8lb 12oz using a floating line and Diawl Bach combination.
After a very successful season and record numbers of visitors we would like to thank everyone for their custom and support during the 2015 season. The team at Hanningfield would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and enjoyable New Year and look forward to seeing you again when we open for the new season Saturday March 5, 2016.

Hury Reservoir, Co Durham
The last two weeks of the season have been ruined by some terrible conditions with winds you would struggle to stand up in, never mind cast a line. On the few days that presented the chance to fish, anglers have done reasonably well with mild temperatures bringing the fish into feed. Stand out catch of the week went to Derek Carr who had a brilliant end of season day taking six fish on Tuesday. Lure patterns such as a Black Fritz and Cat’s Whisker have fished well with an intermediate fly-line counted down to locate roaming fish. Hury has again, had a great season with an excellent rod average and many fish taken over the 4lb mark.
We would like to thank all our customers for their support over the past season and look forward to welcoming you back at the start of next season on March 12, 2016. We hope you all have an excellent Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
Last week saw 38 rods catch 197 fish for an average of 5.18. The weather has been very mixed over the last week, starting cold and frosty then turning to wet and windy conditions later in the week. The fishing for many has been excellent with most anglers catching their limits with plenty caught and released. Local angler Rod Lacey, who fishes two to three times a week, got amongst the bigger fish last week taking the best fish of the week at 11lb and another at 8lb which both fell to a Bloodworm pattern fished from a boat on Cocks Close on a floating line. Richard Lindsey, of Stafford, caught an 8lb 13oz rainbow in his eight fish catch, again from a boat on Cocks Close and these fell to a Snake Tequila pattern fished on an intermediate line. Allan Bowen, of Birmingham, caught eight fish to 5lb on small Buzzers fished on a floating line which again were caught while fishing from a boat on Cocks Close. The best patterns have been Damsel, Cat’s Whisker, Black Tadpole, Bloodworm, Orange Fritz and Diawl Bach. The hotspots have been the lodge corner, old boat jetty corner and the high bank of Cocks Close with fish following the wind down onto these areas.

Press Manor Fishing Lakes, Derbyshire
The Jim Tuck Fritz ‘n’ Flies heat at Press Manor saw nine anglers fish all day in 40 mile an hour winds and horizontal rain! A total of 24 fish caught and in first place was Ian Ritchie with six fish off four pegs. Second was Andy Cooper with five fish off four pegs, and third Mark Poole with five fish off three pegs. Ian caught on Okey Dokey variants and Andy caught on Damsel Nymphs. The two now go through to the final at Chatton in February 2016.
The next heat at Press Manor is on Saturday January 16, 2016, please phone 07976 306073 to book your place.

Rutland Water, Rutland
On some days this week fishing has been virtually impossible, whereas during more pleasant weather the conditions have been favourable. A drop in temperature saw the pontoons at both Normanton and Whitwell Creek well populated with roach and perch fry with such concentrations drawing the attention of the carnivorous trout. A tell-tale sign at present is working cormorants – a great indicator to the whereabouts of feeding fish.
Last Thursday’s lighter winds resulted in some excellent sport for the boat anglers. Mike Barratt and Baz Street finished with seven fish. Meanwhile Ron Oldroyd and Rik Varley netted six fish. First season angler David Mann, from Barkby, boat-fished and netted three fish all over 2lb 8oz. Bank fishing has been good this week with some good specimens showing to fry patterns in several areas. Full time ranger Nigel Savage demonstrated his Rutland knowledge for an hour’s pre dusk fishing from the south shore. Nigel took a superbly conditioned ‘plump’ 6lb brown to a weighted white fry pattern. The fish was returned safely to the water and swam away strongly. Season ticket holder Cameron Neil has been enjoying sport early in the day on the north shore using floating fry patterns. Trout and Salmon editor Andy Flitcroft has had success in Barnhill Creek on the peninsula fishing in last light. Rutland Water’s head ranger, Andrew Ainscough, found a spare couple of hours on Thursday and chose Stockie Bay to target some fry feeders, catching three rainbows to floating line tactics with a Suspender Minkie. He then switched to a Floating Fry for the last half hour to tempt a nice 3lb brown.
Sport has also been seen along the Normanton bank which has been consistent when a favourable wind prevails. Again, floating line tactics are a must with fry patterns or Hare’s Ear variants at the business end. Predator anglers reported zander up to 8lb and pike to 21lb in a depth of about 60 feet.
The Fur and Feather match takes place on December 6. More information on 01780 686441.
During December the tackle shop will be open 8am to 2pm, Wednesday to Sunday inclusive. (Closed noon on 24 December and 25 December). Boats will be available Wednesday – Sunday, subject to weather conditions.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire
For the week-ending November 26 the 42 rods caught 236 rods for a rod average of 5.62. A fantastic week with white lure patterns and predominantly Minkie patterns ruling the roost again. Numerous big fish came out out too including rainbows of 8lb-plus for Martin Rowson and Ronnie Milloy and one of 10lb 2oz for John Cooke. Most fish remain close in and bank anglers have enjoyed the best sport by far. Opportunities for boat fishing have been more limited due to windy weather. The final fortnight of the season should follow recent trends. A few fish are still to be found on the Buzzers although fry patterns offer more consistent sport. Slow retrieves are outfishing the fast ones by a clear margin. The final day of the season is Sunday December 13 featuring the popular Fur and Feather match. Just a reminder that it’s 8am opening for December.