England Troutmasters reports for week-ending January 2, 2015

Anglian Water Reservoirs
Despite the seasonal weather conditions anglers continue to take to the boats with reports of good numbers of zander in addition to a number of double-figure pike. At Rutland Water Andy Oxon took a superb specimen rainbow of 8lb using a Di-5 line in the main basin. Both bank and boat fishing at Rutland and Grafham to January 31 and at Pitsford to February 3.  Bank anglers can fish Ravensthorpe to January 31.

Avington Trout Fishery, Hampshire
The fish are willingly chasing lures and the vast majority of anglers are catching their full bag with relative ease. Lake 2 is always the most popular of the three over the winter and most anglers have achieved a high percentage of their limit from here. That's not to say that the other two lakes are not producing well as those that are concentrating on them are catching some cracking fish, lake three in particular has thrown up a good number of doubles. Despite the tricky stalking conditions plenty of doubles have been caught, the biggest a fish of 14lb 6oz caught by Peter Cockwil from the margins of lake one on a Damsel. Fly choice has been largely dominated by lures. Damsels, Humungus and Cat's Whisker's in particular have scored well.
The fish have been fairly localised which resulted in them seeing a lot of pressure in one area and after a few hours they become noticeably shy of the lures. When this happens a switch to Buzzers fished under an indicator brings results although it is important to keep changing the depth that your fly is fished at. Takes usually come pretty soon after casting so if you have fished for 10 or 15 minutes without any action try altering the depth by a foot. It’s also a good idea to fish around the diving birds as when they pull up strands of weed the natural insect life that lives in it will be thrown into the water column. A reminder that the fishery is closed for a week commencing Monday, January 5.

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk
Mark Nielson visited the fishery and in snow and a cold wind brought 13 fish to the net and lost five or six more. He reported that the quality of the fish was fantastic and put up a very good fight. Floating lines with Cat’s Whiskers and Yellow Dancers are catching most fish. 

West House Trout Lakes, Cleveland
Some colder weather certainly livened up the fishing. Despite the frosts anglers are catching some very large bags, the best this week was 31. Best tactics are bright lures such as Cat’s Whiskers fished slowly and deep. Free tea and coffee is now available from the lodge. Local angler Peter Fletcher, of Norton, caught 23 fish in one session this week. Other anglers have regularly caught up to 16 fish using lures fished slowly and deep although in the sunshine fish have been rising and Buzzers have been effective. The best fish of the week at 11lb was caught by Nigel Cook, of Durham, who fished a Cat’s Whisker. Brooke Young, aged nine, from Hartlepool, caught a lovely 3lb rainbow using a Blob under the indicator on her first ever fishing trip. The lakes are now open from 8am until 4pm every day. Best flies are Blobs, White and Black Zonkers, Cat’s Whiskers and Cormorants. Free draw this month with a chance to win an Airflo 40+ line worth £39.99. Simply leave your mobile phone number on your catch return.

Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham
Weekend opening has proved popular with those anglers wishing to continue their fishing over the winter months. The Lakes continued to fish well over the last few weeks and has regularly returned very healthy rod averages of between five and six. Many anglers have also landed bags well into double-figures as the conditions have given them some great sporting action on all of the lakes. Black and Olive Buzzers have been fishing extremely well along with Black Zonkers, and Blobs when fished static under the indicator. The fishery will continue to be open Friday to Sunday throughout the winter and ticket prices will be sporting £10, 1 fish £12, 2 fish £14, 3 fish £16. The club has also kept the stock levels up.