England Troutmasters reports for week-ending January 9th, 2015

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk
Great fishing at the moment despite the changing weather conditions. The fish have been taking well with Cat’s Whisker and Yellow Dancer accounting for most fish. Regular Malcolm Foreman did tempt a few fish on a Bloodworm Buzzer drifted on the ripple under an indicator on Saturday. Tuition is available and rod hire for those people who would like to come along and have a try.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
The fishery has been very busy over the festive season, anglers enjoying great sport with lots of good catches. Fish have mostly been taken between four and seven feet deep with a very slow retrieve (near static). Over the last few days red flies have been very productive. A number of fish have been showing on the surface on milder days and taking small black flies. Chatton regular Kenny McMahon, from Illderton, Wooler, returned a beautiful 11lb brown trout caught on a Red Diawl Bach on the dam wall of Chatton Lake. Marcus Whynacht, from Hipsburn, Alnwick, caught a 12lb brown trout on an Apps’ Bloodworm. Keith Watson, from Stakeford, kept five fish and returned two caught on a PTN and was delighted when a 10lb rainbow came to the net. Neil Jefferson and Mark Dunlop, both from Belford, caught 18 fish each on Olive Dancers and a Rob Roy. Neil Turnbull, from Ashingon, caught 11 fish on a Bloodworm. Billy King, from Gateshead, caught 12 fish on a Chatton Chaser. Andy Campbell, from Lynemouth, caught 14 fish on Dancers. Colin Harris, from Whickham, caught 18 on Zonkers. Ken Glenaton, from Ashington, caught 13 on Bloodworms. Rob Frame, from Newcastle, caught 11 on a Black Zonker. Jimmy Drew, from Wallsend, caught 10 on Zonkers and Apps’ Bloodworms. M. Watson, from Chapel House, caught 14 on Bloodworms.
The Chatton Ladies Angling Club are meeting on Saturday January 10, everyone welcome (the fishery is open to all anglers on this day). Fishery closing at 4pm this week and still stocking twice weekly over the winter months.

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
Last week 72 rods caught 293 fish for an average of 4.06 fish per rod. The lakes were frozen for a few days but this did not seem to affect the fishing too much with plenty of fish being caught and some quality samples taken as well. The biggest fish of the week was a 9lb 4oz rainbow caught by John Taylor, of Birmingham, who was fishing from the bank of Cocks Close with a black lure on an intermediate line. Mr Mason, of Birmingham, caught an 8lb 12oz rainbow from a boat on Cocks Close and this fell to a Booby lure. The Packington Fly Fishers held their ‘Fur and Feather’ contest on Cocks Close and the winner was Mark Sturgess with a five fish limit including fish of 6lb 13oz and 4lb 15oz. These all came to a black lure on a floating line. Dave Bratby, of Birmingham, fished the bank of Cocks Close and caught and released eight fish to 7lb using a small Cat’s Whisker on a floating line. On the members’ water Great Pool, Stan Bonas, of Birmingham, fished from a boat and caught seven fish on a Cat’s Whisker. The best areas have been the high bank and the old boat jetty corner of Cocks Close.  On the Great Pool, the shallower water to the left of the boat jetty and along the far bank has been best. Top flies are Cat’s Whisker, Damsel Nymph, Black Tadpoles, Bloodworm, Montana Nymph and Minkies.

Seighford Trout Lakes, Staffordshire
The fishery has been really busy over the Christmas and New Year period and anglers have been having some great sport with some individual anglers landing more than 25 fish and plenty of fish over the magical 10lb mark. Floating or slow sinking lines have been the best methods with larger flies and lures, Best patterns have been Olive Damsels, Black/Green Fritz and White/Green Fritz, with smaller flies and nymphs working later on in the day. Tony Sunderland, from Stafford, had eight visits over the Festive period and on his worst day caught nine fish! Tony has been using Olive Damsels and his favorite Green Bug three foot under a bung. Luke Bains, also from Stafford, landed 28 fish on a single trip with rainbows up to 9lb 12oz using a Snake fly on a slow sinking line. This week expect smaller flies to be the best with the fish having seen so many lures. Any warmth in the air has been producing great buzzer hatches so don't be scared to fish CdCs.

Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex
On lake one, black nymphs, small Crunchers, PTNs and Buzzers on warmer days are doing well. On some days the fish are deep down, the next day only a couple of feet down as the weather is so changeable. On lake two try Dancers, Damsels and Goldhead Daddies on floating lines with very long leaders fished deep and slow. Browns to 14lb and rainbows touching 10lb have been taken. Restocked here this week with 3-5lb fish. Lake three full and fishing again after being restocked and fish to 12lb landed.