England Troutmasters reports for week-ending July 10th, 2015

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk
The fishing is still challenging but lots of fish are holding around the aerators and margins. Damsel Nymphs, Crunchers, Hare’s Ears and Blobs on floating lines are catching most fish. Graham Richards had his best brownie so far, a fish estimated at 7-8lb tempted off the top on a Black Gnat on Thursday evening. The fish was returned immediately. Eyebrook tackle shop will be in attendance on Sunday and will have discounted Hardy Sintrix rods to try.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
Thundery weather conditions and changeable wind directions have made sport a little challenging at times this week. Still some good catches on dries, Daddies, Diawl Bachs and some lures. Howard Croston, from Morpeth, caught 12 fish using dries; Davie Parker, from Wallsend, caught nine fish also on dries; Michael Brown, from Bedlington, caught 15 fish on dries and Buzzers; Steve Noble, from Linton, caught 15 on a Shuttlecock Buzzer and returned a 6lb rainbow; Malcolm McKenzie, from Cramlington, enjoyed his free fishing session with a full loyalty card catching 18 fish on a GRHE and a Shipman’s Buzzer; Trevor Wadds, from Craster, caught 14 fish on Buzzers and Bloodworms. The Eye Water Angling Club fished on Saturday with Robert Thomson, from Dunbar, winning the competition with the heaviest fish, a 5lb 2oz rainobw from Ross Lake caught on a CdC. Morpeth Conservative Fly Fishers enjoyed their outing on Sunday with all members catching fish. Selby Snaith, from Warkworth, won the competition after landing an 8lb rainbow from Ross Lake on a Daddy. The Chatton Ladies Angling Club are meeting on Saturday July 11 at 9.30am, everyone welcome.

Derwent Reservoir, Northumberland
A mixed week following the hottest week of the year and the inevitable lull that comes in these warm, sunny conditions. However, following a bumper stocking Friday and some cooler, cloudier conditions over the weekend sport improved dramatically. Fly anglers enjoyed some of the best surface sport seen all season as anglers reported fish stuffed with small black flies. Dry flies fished into the wind are proving irresistible with the likes of Hawthorns and Hoppers working very well. Bait anglers reported some good sport at Murray’s Point and Hunter House with these deeper areas proving an ideal retreat for our resident rainbows. Doug Pearson had a great day Saturday using a mix of bait and dry fly tactics. He managed only two on the bait but noted fish near the surface so thought he would try the dry flies. Sure enough this worked a treat as fish rose to his fly on almost every cast with Doug eventually taking home eight fish for a total of 22lb 8oz including a cracking four-pounder. Best areas are Murray’s Point, Hunter House, Meadow and north bank.

Elinor Trout Fishery, Northamtponshire
For the week June 29 to July 5 the 109 anglers caught 287 fish of which 228 were returned. Best fish at 4lb 10oz was taken by Kevin Sheehan, from Wellingborough, on a Black Fritz from a boat. A 4lb 7oz fell to Peter Morris, from Welwyn Garden City, on a Daddy. Best bank areas are east arm, coarse bank and boat bay. Best boat areas are east arm, pylon point and down middle. Best patterns are Olive or Hare’s Ear CdC, Black Buzzer, Red or Green Diawl Bach, Daddy, Damsel and Tequila Blob. The hot weather slowed up sport dramatically with even boat anglers struggling on some days last week. Best method when the sun was out was a team of Buzzers fished deeper down the middle. There was an improvement in catches on Sunday July 5 in the cooler temperatures and the few bank anglers out on Monday did well on Shipman’s, Daddies and CdC Buzzers. As long as we don't get another heatwave then the fishing should be good considering the time of year. The evening rise didn't really happen last week with the trout unwilling to enter the warm water near the surface. However some fish are feeding on the top early in the morning. Don't forget that all boats are half price for the whole of July.

Fontburn Reservoir, Northumberland
A week of warm weather resulted in mixed results with anglers using local knowledge and moving locations in order to hunt out the fish having the best results. Once fish location and depth was found anglers recorded some good catches. J. Dane netted 10 fish on his loyalty day for a magnificent 28lb 6oz; the biggest being 3lb 3oz. Also on a loyalty day was R. Davies who took 10 fish for a total weight of 24lb. M. Keen took 10 fully-finned rainbows on his loyalty day for a total weight of 21lb and S. Gibson was delighted with his eight fish limit catch for a total weight of 20lb 4oz with one rainbow weighing in at 3lb 12oz. Many fish were tempted by a well-delivered spinner as the trout continue to feed and chase fry in the shallows. As fish continue to move with wind, fly anglers benefitted from the abundance of insect life being blown on to the water. This offered some exceptional sport with well presented small black flies or a well-placed lure retrieved at speed attracting lots of fish. Best flies are Hawthorn, Dawson’s Olive, Black Gnat and Bibio.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Grafham is fishing well for both bank and boat anglers with a rod average of 3.84 (which is good for the time of year) and 30% of the trout caught are weighing 3lb or over. Bank anglers have had a good week, with the most consistent sport coming from the dam, especially on floating lines with Shrimp patterns, Diawl Bachs, Hare’s Ear, Crunchers, Buzzers and Damsel Nymphs. Gaynes Cove and the Seat have also produced good catch rates using similar methods to those employed at the dam. The main areas for the boat anglers have been to fish at Hedge End, Deep Water Point, G Buoy, South Dam, Valley Creek and Sanctuary Bay. The main methods have been to fish Diawl Bachs, Hare’s Ear, Crunchers, Buzzers and Bob’s Bits on a floating line or to fish a Di-3 line with Tequila FABs, Coral Blob Booby, Cormorants and Hare’s Ears at a steady retrieve.
The England Qualifier day two saw 33 anglers take part catching 166 trout for a great rod average of 5.03. Top rod on the day was Ashley Davis who caught eight trout for 28lb 3oz. Ashley fished a Di-3 line with a Hot Coral Booby, two Cormorants and Woofter Booby at Hedge End. The biggest fish of the competition was caught by Frank Sumnall, a cracking overwintered rainbow of 5lb 5oz which was also taken on a Di-3 line at Hedge End on a Coral Booby.
Twelve anglers took part in this week’s Invicta Tuesday Night Summer Fishing Club match. Top rod was Chris McLeod who caught four trout on a Di-5 line with a Booby Blob from the Boils and Lodge frontage.

Grassholme Reservoir, Co Durham
As one of Northumbrian Water’s deeper reservoirs Grassholme continues to fish well despite rising water temperatures. It was a slow start at the beginning of the week as bright sunshine and heat sent the fish out to the deeper sections of the reservoir. As the weather started to cool just slightly and some cloud could be seen, fishing improved. On Thursday and Friday the fishing dramatically improved and anglers did very well indeed. Mick McKimm had eight fish in the first hour, then bought another permit and had another eight fish in the next hour. Eleven anglers had their eight fish limit by lunchtime and Mr Degnan had a 4lb 8oz rainbow amongst his eight fish. Mr McKimm fished again Saturday and had a beautiful 7lb rainbow and a catch of 12 fish between himself and partner Sharon. Fly anglers were as successful as bait anglers when casting in the margins only a few feet from the bank, especially early and late in the day. Friday's rod average was an outstanding 5.7 and Saturday's rod average was 5.6. The weekend continued to fish well and on Sunday, most of the best catches were taken from the surface on bubble float and PowerBait or worm. Adam and Amy Errington had a fantastic Sunday with their mum and dad, catching 12 fish between them and Ian Grey had eight fish all taken on spinner and lure from the dam wall. Best flies are Black Fritz, small black dries and teams of wet flies on intermediate lines. Best areas are the sheltered bays, north and south banks and dam wall.

Hanningfield Reervoir, Essex
This week saw the hottest weather of the year so far with temperatures over the 30oC mark. The start of the week saw success for anglers in the boats, fishing towards rising fish on the edge of Lodge Bay. Bait anglers were able to tempt their trout on floatfished worms, whereas fly anglers found fry imitations best with white lures proving the most productive attractor on a slow intermediate line. Pete Lewin had a good day in this area taking eight fish for 23lb 3oz on Buzzers. During the course of the week rising temperatures resulted in large green algae blooms across the reservoir. This led to difficult fishing but anglers on the boats found fish on wind-facing banking in clearer water. This proved successful for one boat as they fished near the small valve tower, taking their catch limits on wobbled spinners. The huge storm Friday night helped clear the humid conditions and saw the thick algae disperse over the weekend leading to clear water across most of the reservoir. Boat anglers found most fish around Lodge Bay, whereas the banks anglers had most success on the main dam wall fishing in around 40 feet of water. Legered tactics on orange PowerBait produced the best catches in deep water with other areas of shallower water less productive.

Hury Reservoir, Co Durham
One of the best weeks of the season so far as the rod average surged to well over five fish per angler. There have been some outstanding catches throughout with limit catches almost every day. On Thursday George Wind caught a total of 22 fish, returning 14, several of them over 3lb 8oz. On Friday, George Samms and Joe Watson achieved 14 and 17 fish respectively. Five anglers achieved their eight fish limit and A. Spencer landed a 5lb specimen amongst his five fish. The trout were on the surface for most of the week and A. Mordica took advantage and fished a CdC Shuttlecock. Bram Booth used an Orange Goldhead Fritz with good effect on the south shore. Sunday saw P. Green catch and release 10 fish at the boil, all on Diawl Bachs. Geordie Samms and Jo Watson returned Sunday and had eight fish each taken on a Beamish Killer fly. Several of their fish topped 3lb 8oz. Best areas are disabled platform, spillway, Corporal Hill and south bank.

Kielder Water, Northumberland
The hot weather saw better results for those fishing early morning and late evenings as the fish become lethargic during the hottest part of the day. With plenty of boats out the best success was found around Plashetts with Whickhope helping the rod average for the week up to a very respectable 3.7. As for anglers fishing from the bank the best results were in the eastern areas around Stockie Bay and Hawkhope. Robert Hudson, fishing with Derek Gales, netted his eight fish limit in a few hours fishing in Stockie Bay using both PowerBait and worm. He just missed out on the biggest catch of the week, that honour went to Stephen Offer with eight rainbows for 23lb 7oz taken while fishing worm and sweetcorn off Hawkhope slipway. The biggest rainbow of the week was a 4lb 7oz beauty from K. Hewitt, caught on worm from the slipway at Hawkhope. Best flies are Cat’s Whisker, Dawson’s Olive and Black Gnat.

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
Another week of good quality sport, especially for bank anglers with lots of quality fish rising on the flats and up the Creek. Anglers are still having success with Damsels, Buzzers, Diawl Bachs and nymphs on floating lines. Boat fishing has been more challenging with the changeable weather, but good sized, overwintered fish have still been brought to the boat by more patient anglers.
Last Thursday Pitsford welcomed anglers to compete in the AMFC Group one Match which was won by Rutland Water FF, following by RAF Fish Hawks in second and Soldier Palmers third. Si Gaines (RAF Fish Hawks) landed the biggest fish of the match at 4lb 4oz. Peter Novak (Queen Mother team) won with the biggest bag at 19lb 11oz. The rod average was 5.65.
The Polish Anglers Association organised a lure fishing match at Pitsford when more than 190 fish were landed (130 pike up to 99cm, 35 perch up to 42cm and 27 trout).
Best boat areas are the Gravels, Bog Bay, Stonebarn Bay, North Farm Bay, Brixworth Bay, and Sailing Club Bay. Best bank areas are Northfields Shore, Stone Barn Bay, Gravels, Duffers, Stilton Point, Gorse and Cliffs.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire
The heatwave conditions have had a slowing effect on sport this week, although anglers are still catching. The season’s rod average has been maintained at 4.4. The biggest fish of the week was a 3lb 8oz rainbow taken by Mark Lewington. Pete Webb had more than 20 fish to the boat using Diawl Bachs and Foam Daddies on a floating line. Pat Flynn and Brian Coleman enjoyed similar sport using Di-3 lines with Blobs. James Day caught 18 fish mainly to Damsel patterns and other anglers reported good sport on both traditional wet and dry flies such as Invicta, Bob’s Bits and Klinkhamers. Early morning or later in the evening have been the best times to fish. Charles Jardine brought a group of 10 youngsters from England Youth to Ravensthorpe last weekend and they had 111 fish to the boats. Best boat areas are Coton End, Catwalk Corner and dam. Best bank area is the dam.

Rutland Water, Rutland
The recent hot weather hasn’t impeded the action at Rutland Water. The best rainbow of the week at 6lb 12oz was taken by Derek Scott, of Wetherby. He fished the South Arm last Tuesday, using a floating line with a Red Diawl on a 10lb leader while practising for the forces match between Air Command, the Royal Marines and the Royal Navy, in the match itself he landed an eight fish limit. The biggest brown of the week at 5lb 8oz fell to season ticket holder Mick Connor who boat-fished deep. Surface activity has been good with fish around the margins feeding on pinfry. Gareth Jones of Airflo had good sport in the North Arm on Thursday, casting to moving fish. His bag included two overwintered rainbows around the 4lb mark. Many areas are producing fish with the Sailing Club to New Zealand Point, Normanton down to Fantasy Island and parts of the Peninsula seeing bank anglers catching. Boat anglers are catching well off the fishing lodge frontage, the main basin including the aerators, New Zealand Point to Sailing Club Bay, Gibbets Gorse and the bottom of both arms. Best tactics have been nymphs and dries off the bank, with boat anglers using the same methods, but including various sinking lines coupled with mini lures, Blobs, Cormorants and Boobies.
The Tuesday Night Boat League saw 46 fish taken by 16 anglers with Chris Evans topping the list with eight fish for 16lb 12oz. Second was Richard Cooper with six fish for 12lb 15oz and third was Adi Naylor with four fish for 8lb 4oz.
The RAF vs EFFA on July 3 was another good day’s fishing despite the hot weather. The 36 anglers recorded a rod average of 4.31. The RAF won the day with 88 fish for 192lb 4oz. Top rod was Steve Perham (RAF) with eight fish for 17lb 13oz.

Scaling Dam, Cleveland
Hot, bright sunshine had the trout feeding in deeper areas during the day and returning to the margins on an evening to feast off the abundant fly life. The east end bay has been the most rewarding for bait anglers with Harry Noble, from Whitby, going home with his eight fish limit including a nice 3lb 7oz rainbow. Bruce Hodgson, from Brotton, took his eight fish limit on worm and white PowerBait Eggs with a healthy 4lb rainbow also from east end. Carole Tyreman, from Saltburn, braved a Saturday morning thunderstorm to put her husband to shame, managing six nice rainbows from the moor side, all on worm with Magic Dust and hemp in the feeder. Brian Lees, from Normanby, took six fish from the east end of the dam wall with a Montana and a Kate McLaren. Richard Wishart, from Middlesbrough, tempted a lovely 4lb 4oz rainbow with worm and red Gulp Eggs from the disabled jetty. Best flies are Montana and Kate McLaren.

Thornwood Springs Fly Fishery, Essex
Lake one was seldom fished this week but on the odd occasion fish to 3lb were landed on Daddy Longlegs, mainly on a breezy day. On lake two when there was more cloud cover some great dry fly sport was had with bags of up to eight fish recorded. CdCs and dry Daddies were favourite, but when bright and still intermediate lines with Blobs and fry patterns were best. Browns were also feeding this week with fish to 6lb recorded.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire
For the week-ending July 3 the 94 rods caught 207 trout for a rod average of 2.20. The heatwave produced challenging conditions although the boat anglers fared best through the day and tactics have been varied. Some anglers did well with Orange Shipman’s on the surface whereas others found a few fish deep down on lures and sinking lines. Lures such as Orange Blob, Snakes and Sparklers all got some response. Sedge patterns are still working well in the evenings which is also the best time to fish from the bank. It's worth taking advantage of one of our evening tickets after 5.30pm: £10 for catch and release or £12 for the option of taking a brace. Anglers are reminded that they should always put in a catch return.

Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham
Thunder, lightning, hailstones the size of golf balls and scorching temperatures certainly made for an interesting, tricky week and probably kept visiting numbers down. Only 49 anglers paid the lakes a visit in these extreme conditions, returning a relatively low but respectable rod average of 3.1. No one made the 15 fish limit, although S. Flemming, one of Witton’s junior members, managed a total bag of 14 (seven fish each on two separate visits). The next best angler was G. Oliver with 10 fish, A.P. Carroll and R. Robert both caught seven fish each while D. Slack and M. Lumley both had six fish each. The best fish of the week were two 6lb+ rainbows, one caught by A.P.Caroll and the other by junior, S. Flemming. CdCs have been the best performing flies this week along with Black and Red Shipman’s, although generally dry flies on the top have been performing well all week. There has been a recent proliferation of blue damsel flies across all of the lakes and with the coming week’s weather forecast to be less dramatic it should be a good week ahead for anglers visiting the lakes.