England Troutmasters reports for week-ending July 17th, 2015

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk
Mixed fortunes for everyone again this week. Dick Gooch and Andrew Johnson had the best day on Thursday when they fished from the boat, catching and releasing 14 fish between them. Most fell to a Hare’s Ear fished on a floating line. PTNs, Daiwl Bachs, Damsel Nymphs and small dries are also catching a few fish. Lots of fish are close in and can be seen swimming right under your rod tip in the clear water.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
Sport has been quite challenging at times this week with anglers having to work hard for their catches. Large amounts of fish feeding on the surface are taking very small flies. Morning and evening sessions have been the most productive. Many anglers are commenting on the size of fish being caught, many in the 5lb to 9lb bracket. Rob Frame, from West Denton, caught a beautiful brown trout caught on a Hare’s Ear Shipman’s from Dunnydeer Lake. Ben Swan (aged 12), from Sunderland, tempted a 5lb 4oz rainbow from Dunnydeer Lake on a PTN during tuition with Bob Smith.

Derwent Reservoir, Northumberland
A typical summer week with fish moving up and down in the water column and in and out of the shallow water as sunshine and temperatures varied throughout the day. Fly anglers found good numbers of fish along the north bank and Henrys Plantation. When the wind allows a reasonable cast to be made the trout were keen to take smaller patterns just below the surface. Fish can be seen moving at the surface, especially in the south corner of the dam wall and have come readily to a size 12 Black Hopper or size 14 Hare’s Ear CdC. Bait anglers also had a varied week as the hotspot changes daily. Two of the more consistent areas have been the oak tree and south bank between the stream and the fence. Top baits have been legered pink Powerbait eggs or natural and red Powerbait Mice Tails fished under a float. Andrea McCrory, from Ferryhill, using her new pink rod and reel, landed her first rainbow using pink Powerbait Mice Tails. Another 1,400 fish will be stocked this week. Best flies are Mini Cat’s Whisker, Soldier Palmer, Black Hopper and small CdCs.

Elinor Trout Fishery, Northamptonshire
For the week July 6 – 12 the 108 anglers caught 304 fish of which 215 were returned. Best fish included a rainbow of 5lb 2oz for Barry Parsons, from Kettering, and a brown of 5lb 7oz for Will Childs, from Lowick, who fished a Black Buzzer from a boat. Trout fishing in July and August is usually much harder than other months of the year. Warmer water holds less oxygen and the fish seem to feed in shorter spells. However, apart from one really hot week, the weather has kept the fishing above average for July with a respectable rod average of 2.8. Bank anglers are having their best chance early morning, fishing the far end of the lake with assorted Damsel imitations and dries. Boat anglers are catching on a variety of methods. Washing-line with a Daddy or Damsel Booby on the point and Diawl Bachs on the dropper. A team of Buzzers on a long leader fished deep and slow or a Di-3 and lures. Best bank areas are east arm, coarse bank and boat bay. Boats doing well at the east arm, pylon point and down middle. Best patterns are Damsel Nymph, adult Damsel, CdC Buzzer, Shipman’s, Daddy, Black Buzzer, Red or Green Diawl Bach, Red Apps’, Orange Blob or Booby. Don't forget it's half price boats for the whole of July.

Fontburn Reservoir, Northumberland
A week of unsettled weather with frequent changes in the wind direction has meant that those anglers who have changed spots and methods regularly have recorded the best catches. Once the feeding trout have been located anglers enjoyed success using leger rigs with a variety of baits. The top method this week has been to roam the banks casting and walking with Mepps spinners and Toby lures as the trout continue to hunt and feed on fry in the shallows. Mr Ogden landed the best eight fish catch this week for a total weight of 18lb. Mr I. Best landed the biggest fish of the week with a fully-finned rainbow of 3lb 9oz. Students and staff from the Percy Hedley College enjoyed a productive visit, catching 12 rainbows for 26lb 8oz. Fly anglers are still benefitting from the abundance of insect life being blown on to the water. This offered some exceptional sport with well-presented small black flies and dries or a well-placed lure retrieved at speed attracting lots of fish. The best area for fly anglers has been the western end near the nature reserve boundary. Best flies are Hawthorn, Dawson’s Olive, Black Gnat and Bibio.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Boat anglers have enjoyed good sport from a number of areas around the reservoir, particularly the Willows, Hedge End, Deep Water Point, Boils, Dam Valley Creek and A and G Buoys. Best results came to Di-3 lines with FABs, Tequila Blob Booby, GRHE and Diawl Bachs, or floating lines with GRHE, Cormorants, Diawl Bachs and Damsel Nymphs. The best bank fishing has been on the dam and Plummer Bank, with floating lines, with GRHE, Diawl Bachs, Shrimp patterns and Damsel Nymphs getting the best results.
The Invicta versus GWFFA friendly match on July 5 was fished by 32 anglers with the top six boat pairings from each team contributing to the final result. Invicta won the match with 110lb 14oz with GWFFA weighing in 46lb 0oz. Top individual was Yvonne Webb from GWFFA with eight trout for 19lb 4oz taken on a slow glass line with a Black Booby at the Willows. The best fish, and best of the week, was taken by Alan Prevost from Invicta with a cracking rainbow of 5lb 3oz taken at the south dam on a floating line with a Diawl Bach Booby.
Ten anglers fished this week’s Invicta Tuesday Night Summer Fishing Club with top spot going to Chris McLeod who caught six fish. Second place went to David Moore who caught three fish. Both anglers fished floating lines with GRHE, 100 yards down wind off the boils.

Grassholme Reservoir, Co Durham
All methods found success this week, with anglers mixing tactics to suit the ever-changing weather. Early morning fishing has produced the best results. At the start of the week fish were shoaling close to the surface, mainly across the dam wall. Many limits were achieved, mostly on the float with Powerbait Eggs and worm. Afternoon fishing has been testing with bright sunshine and high temperatures causing the fish to seek cooler deep water. However a number of early evening showers bringing fresher conditions saw the trout go wild close into the banks following spinners and fly lure patterns. Six-year-old Simon Lee Grieveson caught a 4lb rainbow on a lobworm/Powerbait combination. Harry Temple, from Bishop Auckland, took home £200 on Saturday after tempting a tagged fish from the south shore. On Sunday the Ashington Kingfishers Fly Angling Club visited. Low Rigg was were the action was to be found, producing a few limit catches with a number of fish taken on Black Hopper Poppers early on. Bait anglers had a cracking day with a number of limit catches from the dam wall by lunchtime with Powerbait Bubble Gum Mice Tails being the bait of choice. Best flies are Black Hopper, Black Zonker and Dawson’s Olive. Best areas are dam wall and Low Rigg banks.

Hanningfield Reservoir, Essex
A mixture of high temperatures and windy days continued to provide challenging conditions for anglers with no boats leaving the jetty on Wednesday. However, fishing conditions improved towards the latter part of the week, as clearer water and the addition of 1,000 rainbows into lodge bay gave hectic sport to anglers out from the mole and along the natural bank. Flyfishing tactics using floating lines and a team of Buzzers produced a good number of bumper limit catches from the boats. The best was recorded by regular fly angler Denis Smith who netted eight fish for 30lb 4oz. Richard Smart also took a fine limit with one trout weighing 5lb, plus a fine perch of 3lb that was returned safely. Cat’s Whisker, Montana, and FM Orange also working. Orange and blue mango Powerbait has been working well, especially in Middlemead and on the main dam wall, where the larger resident rainbows are being taken in higher numbers. From Monday July 13 until Monday August 31, 2015 all midweek boats will be reduced to £10 for a full day and all weekend boats are reduced to £20 for a full day.

Hury Reservoir, Co Durham
Hury has fished consistently well again with numerous trout in the 3lb range featuring in the returns. During mixed conditions, there has been some excellent opportunities for dry, wet and lure fishing. Early evenings have seen some flat calms and an abundance of fly life on the surface with fish taking Daddies and Hoppers. The trout are also close in chasing fry in the shallows. Anglers fishing lures have had most success with fish following and then taking only a few metres from the bank. D. Carr had an excellent day on Friday fishing from Reedy Bank, posting a limit of eight fish for 20lb. Best flies are Black Hopper, Klinkhamer, Black Tadpole, Black Fritz and White Zonker. Best areas are disabled platform, spillway, Corporal Hill and south bank.

Kielder Water, Northumberland
This Sunday saw the final of the WaterAid Boat fishing pair’s competition at Kielder. A total of 11 pairs took part in the grand final after qualifying from previous heats, landing 109 fish for an excellent catch average of five fish. A good number of fish were over 2lb with the best in the competition tipping the scales at 4lb 2oz. The winning team was Peter Crowe and Ernie Craster with 16 fish for 25lb 3oz, Peter Jones and Andy Jones finished second with third place going to Peter Pattinson and Ray Fothergill. Competitors were greeted with cooler, overcast, and sometimes wet conditions. Large numbers of mayflies and buzzers were seen hatching off and this saw some fish preoccupied on naturals rather than chasing lures. A high proportion of overwintered fish and well-mended early season stocked fish featured in the returns. The best areas were Belling, Bull Crag, Tower Knowe, Benny Shank and Hawkhope.  Places are still available for the Kielder Water Team of Four Fly competition on Sunday August 2. Please phone Leaplish on 01434 251000 for more information and to book a place.

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
With changeable weather conditions fishing has proved challenging. Fish are still in the margins preoccupied on damsels but have been harder to tempt. However, the fish that are coming out are in fantastic condition. Bob Aves caught and released a superb rainbow estimated around 8lb, tempted on a floating line and Diawl Bach. Mr D. Finch-Noyes had rainbows of 4lb 8oz and 3lb 4oz. Season ticket holder Mr Hickman had a rainbow of 5lb 2oz. Season ticket holder Nick Nicholson, of Haselbech, Northampton, took a lovely full-finned rainbow of 4lb 6oz, fishing from the bank on Sermans. Best methods are floating or midge-tip lines and teams of nymphs, Diawl Bachs and Crunchers. Most areas of the water are producing with fish clearly visible feeding in the margins.
Pitsford hosted the AMFC Group 3 match with 35 anglers taking part. Conditions were not ideal with bright conditions and temperatures around 25C. The top team was the Greylags with 24 fish for 50lb 13oz. Second place went to Mid Northants TFA with 16 fish for 30lb 4oz. Top rod, and the only angler to catch his limit, was Al Grice-Jackson with eight fish for 17lb 6oz. The best fish was a lovely brown trout of 4lb 11oz taken by David Moore of Invicta B.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire
A mixed week of sport. On some days the fish have been difficult to tempt, but on cloudy, overcast days the fish have been up in the water and fantastic sport has been had. Darren Lee had a fantastic afternoon from his float-tube on Thursday, taking more than 30 fish on Crunchers. Mark Draper enjoyed a good afternoon on Saturday, taking 16 fish drifting across the main bowl using small Damsels. The best methods have been floating line, Crunchers or Diawl Bachs fished washing-line style, Damsels or small nymphs or dries like Foam Daddies, Hoppers or CdCs. The dam is still fishing well from the bank using the same methods. During last week’s Thursday Night fishing club Mick Griffin’s winning run was brought to an end when he was outfished by regular John Smith. John took six fish using Diawl Bachs on a washing-line fished in the boils.

Rutland Water, Rutland
Rutland Water was in excellent form last week with an overall rod average of 4.04, excellent for the time of year. There were days when good numbers of fish were moving in many areas of the reservoir. Anglers were treated to good quality rainbows in the 3-5lb range with some good browns also showing. Robbie Winram, a familiar face behind the counter at Rutland tackle shop, fished last Thursday and came across good numbers of fish down the North Arm. Robbie chose to fish tight into the bank with dries and nymphs held up with a small Booby on the point. He caught rainbows estimated up to 4lb 8oz and a brown around 3lb 8oz. England Youth team members Graham Haywood, of Empingham, and Toff Crowther, of Oakham, caught a number of fish on dry flies with the best being a 5lb rainbow.
Season ticket holder and local guide Al Owen, fished with Martin Rowson last Saturday and had an excellent haul of rainbows up to 4lb 6oz from the deeper waters of the North Arm. The pair used tube flies on sinking lines and remarked that although they were over deep water the fish were found to have been eating good numbers of this year’s pin fry. Other anglers who reported notable fish were Stuart Hills and Dougie Valentine who managed a 4lb 10oz rainbow and a 4lb 8oz brown respectively while fishing in the Police South East region competition last Thursday.
Bigger fish are starting to show, including numbers of surface-feeders eating damsels, corixa and this year’s fry. The fishing lodge harbour has seen good numbers of this year’s perch fry move in. Top patterns at the moment are various dries/emergers, Diawl Bach, Crunchers, Hare’s Ear, Damsel Nymph, while for deep water work tube flies and Snakes have caught a few fish.
Week seven of the Tuesday Night Boat League was won by Richard Cooper. On a very blustery evening with a strong westerly he caught seven fish for 15lb 6oz. Second was Chris Evans with seven fish for 14lb 5oz and third Keith Jones with six fish for 11lb 4oz. The aerators and the fishing lodge frontage proved the best spots and most anglers pulled lures with numbers of fish following and showing despite the conditions. The league is just past the halfway point and Keith Jones holds top spot with 37 points, with Richard Cooper one point behind on 36.

Scaling Dam Reservoir, Cleveland
The first half of the week brought bright and warm conditions and anglers had to work hard for their rewards. During the latter half of the week cooler winds with some rain showers cooled the water and a feeding hotspot appeared at the east end of the reservoir. Both bait and fly anglers enjoyed some excellent sport provided by the large number of shoaling trout in this area. Jake Dale, from Stokesley, had three visits and finished with a total of 24 rainbows including his maximum 10 on a Loyalty day, the best weighing in at 4lb 8oz. All of his fish were caught at the east end using legered worm and Powerbait cocktails. Tommy Johns, from Marske, had an excellent day flyfishing in the East Bay, returning 12 rainbows caught on Invicta and Kate McLaren. Tommy’s angling companion Tony Ward, from Guisborough, used the same tactics to return seven quality rainbows. The biggest fish of the week was a 5lb rainbow, one of eight caught by Bruce Hodgson, from Brotton, on a cocktail of green-yellow Powerbait and pink Mice Tails. Best flies are Invicta, Kate McLaren, Black Pennell, and Dennis the Menace.

Temple Trout Fishery, Cornwall
Dry and hot conditions in June and now into July have produced some challenging days at the fishery. Overcast days have been much more productive than the bright hot days. Plenty of 2lb-plus fish have been caught, however, the larger trout that have been stocked have proved rather more elusive. Graham Johns, of St. Dennis, landed the largest rainbow so far this month at 3lb 12oz. Graham's three-fish bag weighed in at 8lb 1oz and was taken on an Olive Buzzer. John Twine, of Liskeard, landed four rainbows for 8lb 8oz fishing a Cat's Whisker and Black Buzzer. Austin King, of St. Neot, landed four rainbows for 8lb 4oz fishing a Hothead Damsel. Ashley Vallence, of Holsworthy, landed five rainbows for 9lb 8oz, fishing a Damsel Nymph.

Thornwood Springs Fishery, Essex
Fished well deeper down all week and on all three lakes it is Buzzers, Buzzers, Buzzers! Different colours are working at different depths from three to 10 feet down and static/drifting. Fish to 7lb landed. Some fish still rising sporadically.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire
For the week-ending July 10 the 86 rods caught 280 trout for a rod average of 3.26. An improved rod average this week thanks to longer spells of good fishing conditions with more breeze and at times more cloud cover. Orange dries seem to be the order of the day but never rule out trying deeper (perhaps from a boat in the middle) if the fish refuse to co-operate on surface tactics. It is advisable to book boats and engines in advance to avoid disappointment. Evening hatches remain good and this is the time for the bank angler. Evening tickets from 5.30pm onwards are £10 for catch and release ticket or £12 for a two-fish limit with catch and release thereafter. With fish feeding all around the lake there has been no real hot area.

Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham
The marked improvement in weather conditions made for a more bearable week, even though anglers still found the going quite tough. The 59 visiting anglers fished the lakes and returned a rod average of 3.2. No one made the 15 fish limit and only one angler made it into double-figures - T. Ross managed 10 fish on one visit and caught eight fish on his second visit. S. Flemming caught seven fish, J. Bainbridge had six and J. Bean caught five fish. He also had the best fish of the week with a 5lb-plus rainbow. Much of the same flies have been catching the most fish, these being CdCs, Shipman’s and Buzzers, although the latter part of the week saw success with Pink Bloodworm.