England Troutmasters reports for week-ending June 19th, 2015

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk
The fishery will be closed to the general public on Friday June 19, Saturday June 20 and Sunday June 28 for corporate events. Fishing has been challenging again this week with the changes in weather. Mark Nielson was top rod again this week with eight fish taken on a Black Hopper. Lures, Blobs and dries are all taking fish.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
All three lakes continue to fish well and lots of fish are being caught in the margins. Large hatches of olives on Dunnydeer Lake providing good sport, also lots of white midge in the evenings. Davie Parker, from Wallsend, caught 16 fish on dries and Buzzers; Mick Yeoman, from Coldstream, kept four and returned seven on dries and CdCs; Steve Bilbrough, from Cramlington, caught 14 fish on Damsel Nymphs and Buzzers; Ian Callow, from Dunbar, caught 12 fish on Black Buzzers and Hoppers; Neil Jefferson, from Belford, caught nine fish on Buzzers; Steve Birch, from Pelsall, kept five fish and returned 10 on Buzzers; Abdul Muhit, from Morpeth, kept five and returned 10 fish on a White Fritz, Diawl Bachs and Tinnies; David Robinson, from Netherton, returned seven fish, one at 10lb and one at 7lb which he returned to Chatton Lake, alll caught on a Green Pea. The winner of the Kelso British Legion Fishing Club outing on Sunday (June 14) was Peter Hottinger who caught the heaviest fish. On Saturday June 20 the fishery is open all night (from dusk till dawn) and any fishing ticket can be purchased on the evening.

Derwent Reservoir, Northumberland
Yet another super week was highlighted by an extraordinary Saturday when the culmination of perfect weather conditions, a large stocking of fish and some good anglers saw the rod average reach seven fish per angler for over 70 anglers! Three tagged fish were caught this week. Raymond Whaley, from Ferryhill, caught the first tagged fish of the week while fishing at Murray's Point using PowerBait Eggs. Wayne Jopling, from Gateshead, caught the second tagged fish and Colin Boughey, from Crook, caught eight fish in two hours next to the first fence with one having a blue tag winning Colin the third £200. Robert Newton, from Consett, netted one of the best fish of the season so far. Fishing next to the stream he tempted a 9lb 2oz blue with chartreuse PowerBait Eggs. Fly anglers found the Meadow and Henry’s Plantation fishing well with dozens of fish caught and returned from these locations. Bait anglers are noticing fish have moved off the shallows at Pow Hill and into deeper areas nearer the dam wall and Hunter House. Floatfished worm has also claimed more fish this week as fish remain happy to feed just below the surface. Best flies are Hawthorn, Bibio, Black and Peacock, Black Fritz and Montana. Best baits/lures are Pink or Orange PowerBait Mice Tails, Magic Dust, Toby/Mepps spinners. Best areas are first fence, Murray’s Point, Hunter House, Meadow, and Henry’s Plantation.

Fontburn Reservoir, Northumberland
Conditions were perfect for much of the week and despite warm sunny days, overall temperatures are slightly below seasonal averages which kept fish feeding well. Four separate stockings at various locations around the reservoir have seen all areas producing good sport with daily rod averages reaching a healthy five fish per angler. S. Little, B. Maddison, C. White and Kyle Branighan all netted quality fish of 4lb this week and Kyle’s catch included another six fish for 17lb using purple nymph PowerBait. D. Cooper made a limit catch of rainbows totalling 20lb, however this hefty weight was matched by B. Lowry’s catch of six rainbows which averaged 3lb 4oz per fish. Other notable catches include B. Cummings and D. Cooper who both made limit catches of eight rainbows totalling 18lb. On the fly Kenneth Spark had eight rainbows plus a further four taken on a peacock-bodied nymph on the dropper. Tom March, from Esh Winning, landed a fin-perfect 2lb 6oz brownie on worm. Best flies are Black Zonker, Black & Peacock Spider and Brown Hopper. Best baits are chartreuse PowerBait Eggs, purple nymph PowerBait and worm.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Some terrific sport this week with a rod average of 4.71 and a lot of fish over the 3lb mark. Plenty of bag limits have been taken by bank anglers. The most productive bank areas have been the entire dam, Willows and G Buoy. The best bank methods have been to fish floating lines with Buzzers, Crunchers, Diawl Bachs and Shrimp patterns almost static. Both the heaviest rainbow of the week and the best browns were taken by bank anglers fishing the dam. James Day took an overwintered rainbow of 5lb 10oz and K. Newsham caught and released a fin-perfect brown of 6lb. Another good sized brown, estimated between 6 and 7lb, was caught and released by Dunc Ayre while fishing a practice day for the Emergency Services match. He fished a Di-3 line and a single Red Diawl Bach off the dam wall. Season ticket holder Brian Calvert caught and released 33 trout in four visits and Mick White caught and released 49 trout in four visits. Both anglers took their catches from the dam on floating lines with Buzzers.
Boat anglers have had a great week’s sport and the most productive boat areas were the north and bowl of the dam, Willows, G Buoy, Sanctuary Bay, Valley Creek and Pylon Point. The best boat methods have been floating or sink-tip lines with Buzzers, Crunchers, FABs, Tequila Boobies and Damsel Nymphs fished at a slow retrieve.
Six teams of six anglers fished the AMFC Group 1 competition on June 13, catching 179 trout for a rod average of 6.0. Top individual was Steve Laws (Soldier Palmers) who caught eight trout including time bonus for 23lb 2oz. The heaviest fish, a 4lb 3oz rainbow, was caught by Mike Barrett (Rutland Water FlyFishers).
Eleven anglers took part in this week’s Invicta Tuesday Night Summer Fishing Club, catching 15 trout. Top rod was Alan Briggs who caught and released five trout. Mick Facey and Graham Bodsworth tied for second place with three trout each. Fish Hawks were the top team on the day with Fish Hawks 38 fish for 96lb 8oz.

Grassholme Reservoir, Co Durham
The week began with calm weather, overcast and warm. Fred Gargett was first on the banks on Monday to take advantage of the conditions and first to leave at midday with a catch limit of eight fish from the slipway. Other anglers also did well including Sharon Moore and Mick McKimm who had 11 fish from the Witch’s Hat. Sharon netted one specimen of around 4lb using Mice Tails on the float. Mid week Fred Gargett returned and had 16 fish on two permits from the jetty. All were taken on PowerBait Eggs and his catch included three fish over 5lb, the best a 7lb 2oz rainbow. On Wednesday Dave Wardle, from Sunderland, caught eight fish for 16lb 4oz with a biggest fish of 4lb from the Witch’s Hat. All Dave's fish were taken on chartreuse PowerBait Eggs. On Friday fly anglers had a productive day taking lots of fish on the dry fly. Into the weekend Dylan Eggleston and his grandfather had eight fish between them on an overcast Saturday. The weather changed again on Sunday with the west end fishing well from the bridge to Rigg Bank with a number of limit catches, mainly to legered PowerBait. To celebrate Fathers Day there will be three extra tagged fish put in with a trophy for the heaviest combined catch and prizes up for grabs. Best flies are Black, White and Orange Fritz, Black Hopper and Black Buzzers. Best baits are PowerBait Bubblegum Mice Tails, Orange and Red PowerBait Eggs. Best areas are Rigg Bank, Easter Bay to jetty.

Hanningfield Reservoir, Essex
A mixture of strong winds coupled with high temperatures greeted visitors during the week as fishing became more challenging from both boats and bank. Rainbows have moved higher in the water and floatfishing with lobworms is a good approach. A further 3,000 quality trout were introduced into Middlemead Bay on Tuesday and for a short period fantastic sport was recorded from the boats on catch and release using floating lines with Buzzers and Diawl Bachs working well. More activity in shallow water along the west bank continues and similar areas should be explored for surface feeding fish on calmer days. The best rainbow of the week at 7lb fell to PowerBait and was captured by C. Catalin from Middlemead. Another notable fish of 6lb 6oz was reported by Rimas Cirikas. Best flies are Diawl Bach, Hare’s Ear, Black Buzzer, Montana and FM Orange. Best bank areas are Middlemead, west bank and dam wall. Best boat areas are Middlemead Bay, Goldfish Bowl and west bank.

Hury Reservoir, Co Durham
Anglers had some perfectly still water in front of them after another blustery weekend and fish were again rising freely across the reservoir in no particular place. Some of Hury's regular anglers were rewarded at the beginning of the week with W. Harvey taking seven fish on his Loyalty Day including fish of 3lb 8oz and 3lb. Malcolm Gowland took five fish on Tuesday after a good morning’s sport and enjoying plenty of warm sunshine. On Wednesday and Thursday anglers took advantage of rising fish through mornings and afternoons. During the middle hours of the day teams of nymphs fished deeper and with a little pace were proving productive. Thursday evening saw excellent activity on and just under the surface with mayfly dancing across the ripple and small black buzzers attracting fish on the slow retrieve. The weekend was again changeable with some damp but calm weather. However conditions were not unpleasant and anglers fished well through the weekend with plenty of showing fish on the surface. Best flies are Dawson’s Olive, Black Buzzers, Black Pennell, Black Daddy and Hawthorn. Best areas are disabled platform, Reedy Point and Corporal Hill.

Kielder Water, Northumberland
A good week helped by improved weather conditions at long last with the rod average hovering around the three fish per angler mark for much of the week. Ian Harrison recorded the heaviest catch with eight rainbows for 19lb 2oz near Bakethin close to the Mirage jetty on worm and sweetcorn. Mathew’s Linn has been one of the best areas for bank anglers with nine limit catches recorded at the road bridge. Peter Jackson landed four rainbows for 9lb on legered worm at Gordon’s Wall on the north shore with worm taking many of the best catches during the week. Sunday June 21 is the final heat of the Kielder Water Aid Pairs competition, boats are available to book on 01434 251000. Best flies are Pearl Blob, Mini Goldhead, Red and Green Montanas. Best bait/lures are worm, sweetcorn, Quill Minnow, Yellow and Red Mepps.

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
Last week 93 rods caught 187 fish for an average of 2.01. The warmer and brighter weather at the start of the week saw plenty of rods fishing but most found it difficult. Then, as the weather turned more overcast at the weekend, sport improved. There are still lots of fish moving on all of the pools with caenis still hatching. The best approach has been to fish a team of Buzzers on a floating line and let them hang down as deep as you can and pull back very slowly. Damsel Nymph, Bloodworm and Pearly PTN have also accounted for a few fish. The biggest fish of the week was a 7lb 1oz rainbow caught by Kevin Brookes, of Tamworth, who was fishing from a boat on Cocks Close with a Black Buzzer on a floating line. Paul Flanner, of Worcester, had the best bag of the week, catching 18 fish which were all safely returned. These came to a mixture of patterns including Prince Nymph, Klinkhamer and Buzzer. On the members’ pools, Allan Bowen, of Birmingham, fished Park Meadow and caught seven fish to 4lb on small Damsels. On the Great Pool, Clive Squires, of Coventry, caught five and returned a further four and these came to small dries and Black Tadpoles and included three over 3lb. The fishery will close on June 30 for three months until October 1 when Cocks Close and Park Meadow will re-open as day ticket waters. From Monday June 22 there will be no catch and release allowed on Cocks Close and all fish caught must be taken. During this period tickets will be reduced to £20 and £16 OAP (Tuesday to Sunday), £15 OAP (Monday).

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
Despite the variable weather this week many of our anglers have reported catching and releasing some sizeable overwintered fish using a variety of methods. There seems to have been a particularly large number of decent sized browns taken as they have been nearer the top, while the elusive rainbows have stayed deep. Terry Barley, from Wellingborough, fished from the bank and had two lovely rainbows at 4lb 8oz and 3lb 8oz. He was also surprised to land a 7lb tench, which took his fly! Bob Aves had a fantastic morning’s bank fishing on Sunday catching seven overwintered rainbows from the Sailing Club. There is an abundance of buzzers hatching and the fish are full of large black buzzers. Best boat areas are The Gravels, Bog Bay, Stonebarn Bay, North Farm Bay, Brixworth Bay, Sailing Club Bay, and the dam. Best bank areas are Northfields shore, Stone Barn Bay, Gravels, Duffers, Stilton Point, Gorse and Cliffs, and the Sailing Club.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire
Anglers have enjoyed top class top of the water sport this week. Fish have been up and feeding most days on clouds of small green midge. Dries, emergers or fishing the washing-line with a Popper Hopper and Diawl Bachs have been the most effective methods. Fishing from a drifting boat has definitely been more successful than being sat at anchor. The better fish seem to be congregating at the Coton End of the water. On overcast days with a breeze try fishing Olive or Claret Snatchers with a small Muddler on the top dropper. Mr Draper had a great day fishing Soldier Palmers and Damsel Nymph patterns from a drifting boat across the main bowl. The bank fishing is still well worth a go with Mike Osgood catching 10 fish from Platform 14. John Smith and Alan Duffin continue to have success from the dam. Don’t miss Ravensthorpe’s Thursday evening fishing club, 6pm to 9pm.

Rutland Water, Rutland
Anglers have enjoyed a good week with fish being caught in many areas both from the bank and boats. A good number of overwintered fish are being taken by boat anglers. A cracking 7lb 6oz brown was taken during the Tuesday Night Boat League and there were many reports of fish (some of them very big!) moving on top down both of the arms in the wet overcast conditions. Many methods worked from nymphs to tube flies, and with the wind mainly in an easterly direction bank anglers caught very well off the dam, Normanton, Sykes Lane and Yellowstones through to the Old Hall. Nymphs worked very well fished virtually static with the odd fish falling to dry fly.
Overwintered fish showed best down the South Arm with Manton Bay in particular recording browns up to 5lb and rainbows up to 4lb with boats fishing at anchor having the most success. Boat anglers also caught in the main basin along the Normanton bank all the way through to Church Bay. Others caught around the aerators, drifts along Sykes Lane, the Finches, Dickensons Bay and Tim Appletons in the North Arm. For the first time this season the Sailing Club produced a good many fish, with boats at anchor having the better results.
Jim Forsyth and George Ross, on holiday from Scotland, recorded 34 fish during three days boat fishing. Their best specimen was a brown estimated around 3lb 8oz. David and Sarah Graham, from Liverpool, caught quality rainbows of 4lb 1oz, 4lb, 3lb 4oz and a 3lb brown.
2,500 rainbows were stocked all around the reservoir last week with a further stocking planned for this week, bringing the total for the season to 46,800 fish.
A cool evening with a steady east wind blowing saw 13 anglers fish the Tuesday Night Boat League and all headed for the main basin. Keith Jones won the night with four rainbows for 11lb 10oz including a good specimen of 4lb 2oz. Rob Teasdale, one of the last to weigh in on the night, tipped a superb 7lb 6oz brown onto the scales. Rob caught the fish drifting off Sykes Lane, using an intermediate line and a Black and Green Tadpole. Sharing Rob’s boat on the night was holidaying angler John Mylchreest who also had a nice brown of 2lb 11oz.
Four boats took part in the Anglian Water Floating Line Competition on June 13. Mick Connor won with four fish for 8lb 3oz, fished dries in the North Arm. Dave Porter took second place with three fish for 6lb 5oz and third was Steve Crowder with three fish for 5lb 13oz. The best fish of the match was a specimen brown of 5lb 3oz taken by Paul Wild from the South Arm.
The RWFF Loch Style Competition was fished in perfect conditions on June 14 with five boat pairs leaving the harbour and heading for the main basin. Two boats bagged up early on with some fantastic fishing on dries and subsurface nymphs. At the weigh in John Lee and Pete De Kremer came out top pair with 16 fish and Dave Porter and Steve Crowder came in a close second with their 16 fish. Chris Evans caught the best fish of 3lb from the top of the North Arm on washing-line and Diawl Bachs.

Scaling Dam Reservoir, Cleveland
Brisk north-easterly winds caused under currents which silted the water for several days. Midweek, Jeff Walsh, from Stockton, landed his eight fish limit by 1pm on the jetty using a PowerBait and feeder mixture. The weekend did not provide the best weather of the week but it seemed to suit the larger fish. Martin Cornforth, from Whitby, landed four fish between 3lb and 4lb while fishing the east end of the dam on legered PowerBait Eggs. Alan Ellison, also from Whitby, landed the biggest rainbow at of the week at 4lb 4oz fishing legered PowerBait on the south shoreline. Best flies are Cat’s Whisker and Viva. Best baits are rainbow, green, yellow PowerBait, and orange PowerBait Eggs. Best areas are south shore, east end and dog leg.

Temple Trout Fishery, Cornwall
May and June have produced some good sport at the fishery. Warm overcast days have produced good hatches of insect life with plenty of trout surface-feeding. In brighter conditions sinking and intermediate lines have been most effective fished with weighted nymphs and mini lures. Fernley Tancock, of Launceston, landed the largest rainbow of the month at 6lb 14oz. Fernley also landed another rainbow weighing 2lb. Both of the fish were caught on an Olive Fritz lure. Freddy Kent, of Okehampton, landed a good five fish bag for 10lb 10oz fishing a Dawson’s Olive and a mini Blob.

Thornwood Springs Fly Fishery, Essex
Anglers on lake one are using Buzzers and small black nymphs fished static. On lake two there are more rising fish and more emphasis on dry flies with Mayfly, Daddies, Sedge, CdCs and Blue Damsels giving the best sport. Otherwise try Buzzers and fry patterns. On lake three PTNs, Hare’s Ear and Montanas are best during the day, with Mayfly  patterns best in the evenings. Browns to 14lb this week and rainbows around 10lb. All lakes have been restocked. 

Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham
A glorious week with anglers taking advantage of the pleasant conditions. A total of 73 visiting anglers returned a very decent rod average of just under four with some very big fish among them. In one session M. Lumley landed a total bag weight of 40lb and included fish of 8lb, 5lb 8oz, 5lb and 4lb. Other anglers tipping the scales with large catches were A. Williams with the best fish of the week at 10lb 8oz; E. Carmichael caught a fine 8lb 8oz specimen; R. Ucker had one weighing 8lb and T. Lawson, S. Simpson and N. Jackson all had a 6lb fish each. One angler, G. Wharton, managed the 15 fish limit this week, and he was closely followed by L. Cartmal with 12 fish and R. Roy with 11. Other notables were A. Ward and M. Wilks with nine fish each while D. Brown caught seven fish. Best flies this week were Black CdC Shuttlecock (size 18), Black Cormorant, Black Buzzer and Diawl Bach (size 14).