England Troutmasters reports for week-ending June 26th, 2015

Bewl Fishery, Kent
Despite warmer weather and therefore warmer water Bewl has seen a week of good fishing. Catch average based on returns is an excellent 4.34 fish per rod and a number of anglers have reported catching up to 15 trout. The fish are still in the top layers and feeding on caenis and sedge. A further 1500 rainbows were stocked during the week. Best areas for boats have been the Main Bowl including the ‘bubbles’, Chingley and Hook Straight. Bank anglers have caught from the dam wall, Canoe Club Corner, the front of the playground and Chingley. Please note the dam wall is open for fishing before 1000hrs and after 1800hrs only. Successful flies have been Boobies, Diawl Bachs, Cormorants, Buzzers, Silver Invictas and Hoppers.
Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk
Fishing has been challenging this week with shoals of fish lying just out of casting distance from the bank. Fish are feeding on pin fry and are taking Hare’s Ears, PTNs, Crunchers and Damsel Nymphs. The fishery will be closed on Sunday (June 28) for a triathlon event.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
A busy week with lots of fish in the 6lb to 8lb mark being caught. The all-night fishing was a great success as the lakes fished well until heavy rain started in the early hours of the morning. This will become an annual event at Chatton. The fish of the week was caught by Matty Divine, from Hadston, who returned a 12lb 3oz rainbow to Ross Lake and a 8lb 7oz rainbow to Dunnydeer Lake. Matty caught 18 fish in total on Diawl Bachs, Crunchers and Pheasant Tails. Fred James, from North Shields, caught a 7lb 4oz rainbow from Chatton Lake. Derek Todd, from Morpeth, caught 18 fish, his best fish a 7lb rainbow, on Olives and Diawl Bachs. Andrew Jeffcock, from Hoselaw, caught and returned a 10lb brown trout to Chatton Lake after it took his GRHE. Stuart Hoyle, from Longframlington, kept three fish and returned four on Dawson’s Olives and Vivas, returning a 7lb 8oz rainbow to Ross Lake. Alec Harvey, from Cramlington, caught 12 fish on dries; Steve Hirst, from County Durham, caught 16 fish on a black and green lure and CdCs; Ross Robson, from Stanley, caught 11 fish on CdCs and Shipman’s Buzzers; Rob Frame, from West Denton, caught 15 fish on a Black Shipman’s; Colin Harris, from Whickham, landed 18 on lures and Squirmys; C. Metcalfe, from Concett, caught 11 on Blobs; Ricky Taylor, from Penicuik, caught 17 on dries; Davie Parker, from Newcastle, caught 17 on a dry Sedge; Alan Crowe, from Alnwick, kept five and returned 10 using a Sedge and Diawl Bach. The fishery closes at 9pm, 10pm on a Friday and 5pm on Saturdays.

Derwent Reservoir, Northumberland  
A steady week was helped by a bumper stocking of over 1,000 fish. However, it was resident fish from early season stocking which made the headlines this week with Dimitri Alexandrov catching a cracking 7lb rainbow at Hunter House on a small spinner. This was pipped by Barry Tray who netted a quality 8lb rainbow, also from Hunter House using legered chartreuse PowerBait Eggs and sweetcorn. This was one of a seven fish net and well worth the walk up to Hunter House which has fished well all week. Fly anglers are finding fish well spread with most areas offering good sport. Best flies are Dawson’s Olive, Black Fritz, Hawthorn, Bibio, Black and Peacock, and Montana. A variety of tactics are working well with freshly stocked fish keen to snatch a lure whereas resident fish often require traditional black flies to tempt them. Bait anglers found deeper areas to be offering best sport with Pow Hill not fishing as well as earlier in the year. A floatfished worm is also a good alternative on cloudy days as fish look to the surface for feed.

Elinor Trout Fishery, Northamptonshire
For the week June 8–14 the 206 anglers caught 634 fish of which 407 were returned. The best fish this week were 7lb 2oz for Derek Coombs, from St Ives, on a Goldhead Damsel off the boat; 7lb to Mr Wallace on a Black Buzze off the boat; 6lb for Paul Mortimer, from Thrapston, on a Green Diawl Bach; 5lb 12oz for Mike Creamer, from Oakley; 5lb 8oz to Alan Mason, from Holme; 5lb 8oz to Mr Hales, from Sawtry, on a Blue Damsel; 5lb 3oz to Mike Bownes, from Wilsthorpe; and 5lb 1oz to Barry Chillingworth, from Northampton, on an Orange Blob, off the boat. Plenty of fish rising in the morning with fish being taken on dries or washing-line technique. Most afternoons are slower with the fish having filled themselves on adult damsels or nymphs. However, a great evening rise from 9pm onwards sees the fish back on top taking emerging Buzzers and Sedges. Water remains superbly clear with fish fighting extremely hard. Boats continue to get the good bags although plenty of bank anglers are managing three or four fish during the day, more if they stay for the evening rise. Best bank areas are coarse bank, east arm, boat bay and dam. Boats doing well down middle, east arm, and anchored off dam. Best patterns are Damsel, Daddy, CdC Buzzer, GRHE, Olive Buzzer, Red or Green Diawl Bach, Olive Cruncher and Red Apps’.

Fontburn Reservoir, Northumberland
Rod averages continue to rise as the early season stocking begin to move from their spring retreat in the nature reserve. Although northerly winds eased considerably this week temperatures remain somewhat below the seasonal averages. Consequently the fish are continuing to feed actively in the shallower areas of the reservoir. Whilst insect hatches are sporadic there are still large shoals of fry and minnow around the margins. Michael Wrightson fished the north shore burn area with his father Kenneth midweek and by mid afternoon both signed out with eight fish. Ken’s weighed in at 16lb 4oz and Mick’s 18lb 12oz catch, the heaviest of the week, also included a 3lb 12oz fish. P. Schollick caught a 9lb 8oz rainbow while D. Soppitt was more than happy with a 6lb 11oz rainbow taken on a Pink and White Mice Tails from the north shore. Other notable catches included K. Miles, John Tulip and Sid Barnes who all made limit catches of rainbows totalling 17lb 4oz, 17lb and 16lb 8oz respectively as well as Dave Fairhurst who had seven rainbows plus one blue for a 17lb total weight. On the fly, Dave Madderson made two visits on catch and release permits, recording four fish each time and reporting that a small Blue Dun dry fly was making a good imitation of the hatching midges along the wooded stretches of the reservoir.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Anglers have enjoyed some great sport with a rod average of 4.34 and a lot of fish over 3lb. The best rainbow at 5lb 15oz was taken by Mick Irons, of St Neots, and the best brown at 6lb was taken by Kevin King, of Colchester. Bank anglers have had a good week with the dam producing the best catch rates, fishing floating lines with Buzzers, Shrimp patterns, Diawl Bachs and Crunchers. Marlow Stones, Deep Water Point, the Willows and Hedge End have been good areas producing fish with the same tactics as those used on the dam. Season ticket holders Dave and Des Burgess have both had exceptional sport bank off the dam. Dave caught and released 45 trout in five visits and Des caught and released 57 fish in seven trips. Boat anglers have had plenty of bag limits and good sport, especially off the dam, Willows, G and D Buoys, Valley Creek, Sanctuary Bay and the Seat area. The main method has been to fish floating or sink-tip lines with Buzzers, Crunchers, Diawl Bachs, FABs and Cat’s Whisker Boobies.
The Invicta Tuesday Night Summer Fishing Club was fished by 19 anglers and top rod on the evening was beginner Jason Holtby who caught four trout from TG Buoy on a floating line with a team of Buzzers.
Thirty-two anglers fished the English Fly Fishing Association versus Professionals event on June 17, catching 127 trout for a rod average of 3.97. Top individual was John Hardy (Professionals) with eight trout for 21lb 5oz. The biggest fish of the match, a 4lb 8oz rainbow, was caught by Mark Mathieson (Professionals), a member of the Retail team at Pitsford Fishing Lodge. The Professioals ran out the eventual winners with 78 trout for 171lb 14oz against the EFFA’s 49 trout for 116lb 7oz.
Eight teams of six anglers fished the AWAI Midland Heat on June 20, catching 273 trout for an excellent rod average of 5.69. Top individual was Lee Henfry (Rio Masters) with 31lb 2oz. The best fish of the match, an overwintered 5lb rainbow, was caught by Bart Farmer (Sonik Pitsford Pirates). The following four teams have qualified for the Midland Final at Grafham Water on July 20: 1st Rio Masters 51 fish for 110lb 4oz; 2nd Sonik Pitsford Pirates 39 fish for 91lb 11oz; 3rd SKB Fishbums 42 fish for 88lb 2oz; 4th Elinor  35 fish for 79lb 4oz.

Grassholme Reservoir, Co Durham
J. Connolly took two fish on Monday, one of them at 10lb setting a new flyfishing season record for 2015. The fish was returned. The week began in great form as Monday’s rod average rocketed to 5.2 fish per angler with almost all anglers achieving fabulous catches. Midweek anglers were getting excellent results using spinners along the bays of the south bank and fish over 4lb were common. The west end produced good catches at the beginning and middle of the week as fish patrolled in the upper columns of water. Simon Grieveson had a lovely 4lb fish on Tuesday and Simon returned Thursday and had eight fish, one of which was 4lb 4oz. Duncan Busfield fished worm from the north bank on Thursday and netted four fish, one of which was tagged. Duncan very kindly made a significant contribution to Teesdale and Weardale Mountain Rescue Team from his winnings. Grassholme was stocked twice during the week and lots of anglers enjoyed some fantastic sport during the week and at the weekend. Len Broxson used a Grey Wulff dry fly on Friday to catch an 8lb 8oz brownie which was returned. He had further success in the afternoon catching seven additional fish on a Black and Green Fritz. Father’s day weekend brought lots of dad and son/daughter teams out to fish and the Father’s Day competition was won by Michael Northey. The heaviest catch of the day went to Mick McKimm and heaviest net for father and daughter went to Mark and Amy Errington, from Newton Aycliffe.

Hanningfield Reservoir, Essex
Heavier rainbows began to show in large numbers. Middlemead Bay produced some of the bigger fish with Alan Pomroy netting a prime rainbow of 6lb 14oz casting a small silver spinner from the bank. David Brown and Colin Neal netted the best catch of the week which included four trout between 7lb and 8lb as well as six smaller fish taken on intermediate lines with large lures, Another superb result from Boundary Bay was five fish weighing 17lb 8oz for Roger Lee who also fished a slow sinking line in a difficult area of the reservoir. An 8lb specimen rainbow was taken on Saturday by Joe Lamb while boat fishing over deep water. Lobworm has become a productive alternative to PowerBait and this should be floatfished while fish move closer to the surface during these warmer months. Best flies are Diawl Bach, Cat’s Whisker, Black Buzzer, Montana and FM Orange. Best bank areas are
Middlemead, west bank and dam wall. Best boat areas are Middlemead Bay, Goldfish Bowl and west bank.

Hury Reservoir, Co Durham
There were lots of fish caught on Monday, a good number of them over 3lb and several over 4lb. Both banks extending from the dam wall were producing fish on lures and there were also lots of fish feeding on the surface and in the upper water columns. On Thursday the rod average peaked at over five fish per angler and on Friday three anglers had their eight fish limit in four hours. Despite miserable weather midweek the fish didn’t seem to care and reports of good numbers being taken on dry fly and lures continued throughout. On Saturday Kevin Scott was fishing with his son and achieved their eight fish limit. There were dozens of fish landed on intermediate lines and Dawson’s Olives or Cat’s Whiskers and the bank from Reedy Point up to Waterfall Bay fished especially well. Teams of Buzzers accounted for some nice fish.

Kielder Water, Northumberland  
Sunday saw the third and final heat of the WaterAid Pairs competition held in somewhat blustery conditions. The winners were Mitchell Fawcus and Grant Downie with eight fish for 13lb. Second went to brothers Peter and Andy Jones, third were father and son team Ray and Kai Scott, and the final place went to Ashington Kingfishers duo Owen Ibbetson and Malcolm Robinson. Overall 32 fish were landed with the heaviest going to Peter Jones with a fish of 3lb 5oz. Elsewhere on the reservoir there was success for father and son Colin and Christopher Childs who netted their limit on a 12-fish Family Permit, each landing six trout. Both were fishing worm and PowerBait on the bank at Leaplish with Colin’s heaviest fish a 4lb 8oz rainbow beaten by son Christopher’s impressive 4lb 14oz beauty. The reservoir benefited from a stocking of over 1,200 rainbows up to 6lb which should provide some outstanding sport in the coming weeks. Overall the heaviest rainbow of the week went to G. Harrison with a fine 5lb 3oz rainbow caught on PowerBait from the slipway at Hawkhope. Best flies are Cat’s Whisker, Orange Fritz and Pheasant Tail Nymph. Best areas are Hawkhope, Tower Knowe, Plashetts and the Belling Inlet.

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
Last week 69 rods caught 84 fish for an average of 1.22. It has been fishing hard over the past week but fishing better on the overcast days when small Buzzers fished on floating lines have produced the most fish. Damsel Nymph, Bloodworm and small dries have also accounted for a few fish. The biggest fish of the week was a 7lb 4oz rainbow caught by Harold Lewis, of Knowle, who was fishing from a boat on Cocks Close. He took it on a Black Buzzer fished on a floating line. Dave Woollaston, of Warwick, caught seven fish to 4lb 4oz while fishing from a boat on the Great Pool using Claret Buzzers and black lures. Pete Ward, of Redditch, fished from a boat on the Park Meadow pool and tempted six fish to 3lb on small dries. The trout fishery will close from June 30 until October 1. When it re-opens, both Cocks Close and Park Meadow will be available to day ticket fishermen. The members’ only pools, Great Pool and Hall Pool will be let as syndicate waters.

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
Anglers enjoyed a great evening on Tuesday with the Summer Fishing Club producing a number of good fish, including a lovely 4lb-plus brownie taken by Charlie Watts. Terry Bayes and Geraldine Harris landed 4lb-plus rainbows. The best fish of the week was a superb brown of 6lb 2oz taken by Simon Ashton, of Bourne, who fished the Sailing Club area with a Black Buzzer on Friday morning. Best boat areas are the Gravels, Bog Bay, Stonebarn Bay, North Farm Bay, Brixworth Bay, and Sailing Club Bay. Bank anglers enjoyed some great sport as the fish have been well in. Most have been on the Buzzer still but fishing Daddies, Poppers and dries also met with some success. The fish have still been well up in the water so floating lines and midge-tips have been the answer to finding them. Best bank areas are Northfields shore, Stone Barn Bay, Gravels, Duffers, Stilton Point, Gorse and Cliffs.
The week ended with the Julian Davies Pairs Match fished by the Mid Northants Fly Fishers with 22 anglers catching 120 fish for a rod average of 5.4. The best fish was a rainbow of 4lb 2oz taken by John Mills. The winning pair was Ashley Cooper and Allan Harding with 22lb 14oz. Don Moore had most fish to the boat with 18. The best method was floating or midge-tip lines with teams of nymphs.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire
Fishing has been challenging for some, but there are still huge amounts of fish showing topside, feeding on the masses of micro buzzers. Fish are being taken on the dry and dry fly specialists Dave Naylor and his boat partner Steve Houlton caught 62 fish between them last Friday, all on the dry by drifting and covering the water and moving fish. Other successful methods include intermediate line with Damsel patterns on a slow retrieve. Best boat areas are Coton End, out from platforms 13/14, and dam end. Bank anglers are also enjoying good sport. The dam is still fishing well with Ravensthorpe bank regular Alan Duffin catching plenty of good fish. Don’t miss Ravensthorpe’s Thursday evening fishing club, from 6pm to 9pm.

Rutland Water, Rutland
Anglers have enjoyed a good week with fish being caught in many areas of the reservoir. Plenty of fish have been taken on a variety of methods, from dries to sunk line tactics and lures. Last Saturday a good number of fish were on the surface in the low light conditions, feeding on buzzers, pin fry and daphnia. Fish are being taken in the bottom of both arms, including Manton Bay, Cattle Trough Bay and Hideaway Bay in the South Arm around to the North Arm with Tim Appleton’s and Dickensons Bay producing plenty of fish. Another productive area was Barnsdale Creek. Bank anglers caught off the Peninsula, Yellowstones, the Finches and Tim Appletons, whilst Whitwell front to Sykes Lane end of the dam produced fish with a fair amount of fish feeding on pin fry. There has been very late movement in the settled evenings with fish moving to buzzers and now caenis.
Quality browns have been showing well with many around the 3lb mark. However, the biggest lived to fight another day when season ticket holders Malcolm Cole and Roy Rayson fished together last Wednesday. Malcolm initially thought he had hooked into weed but then realised that it was a brown. In Malcolm’s words “it would easily have been a personal best” but nearing the boat the hook came out with the fish slowly disappearing back to the bottom.
Holiday anglers S. Cairns and J. Munro from Scotland took a three-day holiday boat package, and recorded 49 fish with rainbows and browns to 3lb 8oz and plenty of fish in the 2lb 8oz bracket. Peterborough angler Russell Robertson netted a fine 4lb 2oz brown. John Batter and Gordon Alleyne fished the North Arm and were rewarded with some good conditioned browns and rainbows on nymphs. The best brown recorded last week at 4lb 14oz fell to David Frogatt, fishing on the first day of the Army Angling Championship. Leicester angler Mark Tannerhill boated a late evening quality overwintered rainbow around the 4lb to 5lb mark on Saturday night.
Graham Haywood of Empingham took seven fish for 15lb 15oz to win week four of the Tuesday Night Boat League. Mick Bennett took second place with seven fish for 14lb 3oz and third place went to Keith Jones with six fish for 11lb 14oz. Fished in virtually flat, calm conditions, most of the 14 anglers headed to the main basin and netted 37 fish between them.
Rutland Water hosted the Army Championships last weekend with a number of quick-fire limits being taken in 55 minutes in the main basin. Plenty of fish were taken over the three days with 94 rods catching 528 fish for a rod average of 5.61.

Scaling Dam Reservoir, Cleveland
Ever-changing conditions and no two halves of a single day being consistent made it a difficult week for both bait and fly anglers although there were moments in certain areas where some good catches were recorded. Keith Mackinder, from Hinderwell, fished the west end of the dam with legered worm and PowerBait Eggs and caught a nice 4lb 4oz rainbow. Peter Hood, from Boosebeck, landed one of the tagged rainbows to net himself a £200 prize. The biggest rainbow of the week at 5lb was taken on a White Gulp Egg cast by Robert Watson, from Washington. Best flies are Orange Fritz and Dawson’s Olive. Best areas are both ends of the dam wall and south shore.

Thornwood Springs Fishery, Essex
Lake one has not been fished as much this week but dry Daddies have caught on top and Black and Green Montanas are working deeper down. Lake two saw much more surface action with a variety of dries from Caenis to Mayfly and loads in between working well. Fish are also chasing fry and damsels so imitations of these are also working well. Some monster browns are showing at dusk with big aerial displays and they are also to be found in the margins after fry.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire
For the week-ending June 19 the 116 rods caught 610 fish for a rod average of 5.3. A week of saw weather saw tremendous surface activity with fish visible and feeding all day long. Towards the end of the week however, those honed in on very small buzzers and proved a little more tricky to tempt off the top. The most successful anglers fished deeper down with Diawl Bach and Buzzer patterns or even all-black lures fished slowly on intermediates. When the fish have been catchable off the top, Hoppers, dry Sedge patterns, Bob’s Bits and Shipman’s have been working. Plenty of well-conditioned resident fish have been caught and these fish are still happy in the marginal water rather than the depths, where they’d be in a warmer year. Many fish have been caught just a few feet from the bank as they cruise up and down foraging for terrestrial offerings blown on to the water. Mick Jellis, from Arundel, caught and released a fish of 8lb-plus. Les Johnson, from Goldthorpe, caught a 4lb 12oz rainbow off the top on a Green Shipman’s. Evening sport has been a little patchy due to the temperatures dropping off to single figures which affects the fly hatch. On the right nights though there are big numbers of sedges which really do spark quality fishing.

West House Trout Lakes, Cleveland
The lakes are looking superb at the moment with the irises in full bloom, the water crystal clear and the fish are rising. Some excellent top of the water sport with dry flies and Buzzers accounting for most of the fish. An excellent week of fishing with many caught, and many more released from 2lb to 12lb-plus. All lakes fishing well with rainbows, blues and browns featuring amongst the catches. Some anglers catching up to 20 fish per session. Peter Williams, of Darlington, caught 17 fish on Black Buzzers, the best a nice rainbow of 8lb. Stephen Johnson, of Newcastle, caught 14 fish on a variety of dry flies. Susan Peters, of Consett, on her first visit caught eight rainbows and a lovely brown of 4lb using a fry pattern. Best flies are Black and Olive Buzzers, Hare’s Ear, Daddy Longlegs, Sedge, Damsel, CdC and Daiwl Bach. The lakes are now open from 8am until 8pm every day. Free tea and coffee is now available from the lodge for anglers.

Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham
It has been a relatively quiet week with the much promised summer weather not materialising and a chilly northerly wind. This, coupled with the proliferation of sea trout in the rivers, has kept visiting numbers lower than usual with just 60 anglers paying the lakes a visit. Anglers still returned a decent rod average of 3.5 and only one angler, G. Appleby, reached the 15 fish limit. J. Gargett and P. Runel were close behind with 12 fish each, while D. Garbham caught 10 fish, A. Grabham had nine and E. Craster caught seven fish. The best fish of the week were two fine specimens weighing in at 12lb and 10lb, both caught by E. Craster. The best flies were Hare’s Ear, CdCs, Diawl Bach and Pheasant Tail Nymphs.