England Troutmasters reports for week-ending June 5th, 2015

Avington Trout Fishery, Hampshire
May has always been a fantastic month for Avington and this year has proven no different with plenty of big fish and full bags reported. Stalking conditions have been good on the whole and a very impressive number of ‘doubles’ were caught. Best of the month goes to John Reynolds who landed a 15lb 12oz rainbow from lake three on a Damsel. Regular angler Ray Green, from Kent, saw a few mayfly hatching so dug out a Mayfly Nymph from his flybox and duly tempted a 15lb 8oz fish from the margins of lake two.
Ian Davison, meanwhile, managed two doubles this month, a 15lb 4oz fish and one of 14lb, both from lake three. One fell to a Damsel and the other to a Leaded Bug. A beautiful 10lb 12oz rainbow was caught by loyal customer Michael Evans who has been visiting the fish twice a month for the past 15 or more years!
Successful patterns this month have been Damsels, Cat’s Whiskers, Nomads and Humungus. On overcast days a black fly has produced the lion’s share of the action, especially once the fish have seen a bit of pressure in the afternoon. On bright days, however, more vivid colours produced more consistently. If the afternoons are particularly bright, sight fishing is likely to be more effective than fast-moving lures. Small but heavily weighted flies dropped in front of a fish will rouse interest and if a fish turns but does not take, pick up and cast again. The different angle can often encourage them into snapping at the fly without hesitation.
The carrier is fishing well at the moment with some lovely brownies and the occasional out-of-season grayling reported. Mayfly hatches have been daily but so far a little sporadic.
The fishery will be closed for corporate days on June 19 and 26; July 3 and 17.

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk
With the changeable weather conditions this last week the fishing has been up and down. Plenty of fish are still being caught on settled days. Hare’s Ears, Shipman’s Buzzers and small Daddies and Hoppers are all catching well. The next tuition day at Blackdyke will be Wednesday June 17, 10am - 2pm.Cost is £35 a head, please ring the lodge on 07525 730447 to book your place.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
The fish of the week was a 10lb rainbow caught by Davie Parker, from Wallsend, who fished Chatton Lake with a Buzzer. He caught 16 fish in total. Adam Calvin, from Cramlington, kept five fish for 16lb 7oz, returning a further 13 fish using Buzzers and Cat’s Whiskers. Andy Richmond, from Irvine, caught 18 fish on various Buzzers. Peter Culley, from Gateshead, caught 10 fish using Olives. Brian Redhead, from Newcastle, enjoyed his session catching 10 fish all on dries. David Hendry, from Jedburgh, caught 10 fish, also on dries. Neil Jones, from Holystone, caught nine fish on black dries. John Tait, from Belford, caught nine fish on an F-Fly. Alan Douglas, from Hawick, caught 11 fish using Buzzers. Ronnie Glass, from Kelso, returned nine rainbows and two brownies using a Black Hopper. Jim Heaton, from Lauder, caught nine fish using Black Hoppers John Davison, from Wooler, kept three fish and returned nine using anything small and black. Neil Blackburn from Bedlington (Blyth Angling Club) caught a 5lb rainbow from Chatton Lake. Twins Amy and Edward Purvis (aged six) from Alnwick, had a good time and Amy was thrilled to catch a rainbow all by herself!
Chatton Lake and Dunnydeer Lake are fully booked until 4pm on Sunday June 7 for the Eddie Brown Memorial Competition. Ross Lake will be open as normal.

Derwent Reservoir, Northumberland
Sport continues to impress despite some terrible weather making conditions less than perfect at times. Anglers continue to record lots of 3lb-plus fish with Dimitri Alexandrov taking the best, a 7lb 2oz rainbow caught at Pow Hill using PowerBait. The number of tagged fish caught keeps rising with another netted from Murray’s Point. Simon Carter from Jarrow decided, ‘just give it another half hour' and hooked a little beauty, his third and last fish of the day using legered chartreuse PowerBait eggs. Simon also took home £200 prize money. Mr Hui, from Gateshead, caught another recently stocked large rainbows weighing 6lb 12oz from Pow Hill. Mike Colgrve, from Consett, fished with his grandson Josh, and caught a nice 5lb 8oz rainbow and another just over 4lb to contribute towards a 12 fish catch of 32lb. Mike was fishing next to the stream using Chartreuse PowerBait Eggs, an area which has produced some of the best catches of the week.

Eyebrook Trout Fishery, Leicestershire
French anglers Didier Daumas, Sylvain Nardini, Thierry Inocenti, Francois Pelagatti, Christine Carbone and Jean-Jacques Carbone all enjoyed some splendid boat sport and caught and released around 30 hard-fighting rainbow trout between them. Season ticket holder Dave Scholefield, of Corby, fished from the bank at the Chestnut Tree and caught 15 rainbows using the washing-line method with Crunchers. Mark Hunt, of Market Harborough, enjoyed an evening boat session and was rewarded with nine rainbows, which were taken on Suspender Buzzers and a small Diawl Bach. Tony Speakman, of Fazely, boat-fished Mucky Bay and caught seven decent rainbows on Crunchers.
Eyebrook Fishery have been stocking a number of tagged fish. To qualify for entry into the 'Catch me if you can' competition and your chance to win fishery vouchers to the value of £100, you must first register your details with fishery staff. Entry fee is £5 and the competition runs until the end of fishing 2015.
Fish on Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout June 2015 at a greatly discounted price. Two anglers sharing a full day motor boat will pay £20 for the boat and the opportunity to pay for half-day permits at £17 each which includes a four fish limit and unrestricted catch and release. Discounted fishing offers on Tuesdays and Wednesdays is also extended to bank anglers who can fish all day for as little as £17 which includes a three fish limit and unrestricted catch and release.
The Eyebrook Fly Fishing Taster Day Fishing Extravaganza takes place on Saturday June 6, and admission is free.

Fontburn Reservoir, Northumberland
Blustery winds and changeable weather has not affected the fishing this week, with many anglers taking catch limits from most areas. Those in the know used legered techniques in the morning then reverted to floated baits in the afternoon. Fly anglers have had some cracking sport as fish topped to take the abundance of hawthorns and buzzers on offer. Notable catches included K. Chandler with 10 fish on a free ‘Loyalty Day’ for an impressive 23lb. Barry Wilson landed eight fish for 13lb and returned a further nine trout on fly. Irving Brace recorded a limit catch tipping the scales at 18lb 8oz, and another £200 tagged fish was lured by Peter Yates, from Newcastle. Peter caught the 3lb 12oz rainbow using Yellow Gulp Eggs. The star of the week was five-year-old Samuel Green, from Acomb, fishing with dad Joe and sister Jessica, he netted a cracking 10lb 5oz rainbow off the south shore using legered Green PowerBait and worm cocktail.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Anglers have recorded a rod average of 3.32 for the week. Fishing has been challenging at times and trout have pushed out from the margins which hasn’t helped bank anglers. However, there have been some good catches from the bank from Marlow Stones, Willows and the harbour arms. The best method from these points has been to fish floating lines with Buzzers and small nymphs fished with a slow retrieve. The most productive areas for boat anglers have been the bowl of the dam, G Buoy, Sanctuary Bay, Savages and Valley Creek, Hedge End, Lodge Bank and Rectory Bay. Best boat methods have been floating/sink-tip lines with 20-foot leaders, Black or Olive Buzzers, Tequila Blobs, Cat Boobies and nymphs fished slowly, or Di-7 or 8 lines with FABs, Cat Boobies, midge-tips and Epoxy Buzzers and small Damsel Nymphs fished at a steady retrieve. Best rainbow 4lb 8oz taken by Mr Edmunds. Best brown 3lb 12oz taken by Mr F. Baglow.

Grassholme Reservoir, Co Durham
A steady improvement in the weather saw more anglers enjoying the fishing this week. There were some memorable moments including Kieran Wall, from Crook, who caught his first-ever fish with dad Nigel proudly landing it for him. Kieran was fishing from the slipway using PowerBait Eggs and thought he had hooked the bottom before the fish revealed itself in the shallows. Other anglers caught steadily throughout the week with PowerBait and Mice Tails achieving the best returns. Fly anglers took fish from the north shore on White Fritz and Dawson’s Olive using intermediate lines with the middle reaches of the reservoir an ideal mid season location. The end of the week brought a cold wind but there was success for anglers using spinners and fish were being taken from the middle sections of the reservoir in the sheltered areas with Easter Bay and Wester Bay very productive. Anglers who travelled light and kept on the move did very well and the Witch’s Hat and dam wall also produced fished consistently. Peter Dodsworth and his wife fished Friday from the slipway and only had one fish between them! However, the pair were extremely happy as their only fish was tagged and won £200!

Hanningfield Reservoir, Essex    
A busy Bank Holiday Monday was the start of a very good week for quality rainbows with a steady stream of heavyweight fish taken on a variety of PowerBait. Much of the action was enjoyed off the main dam wall where Philip Alexander netted a cracking 7lb 2oz fish. Another trout of the same size was also landed by Vasyl Baran, as the number of rainbows reported between 5lb to 8lb increased, especially from the Inlet Bank. The best specimen of the week fell to a silver spinner for Jonas Dargevicius which topped the scales at 8lb 8oz. Boat fishing the West Bank provided better catches for anglers using floating lines as large buzzer hatches from the weed beds attracted large shoals of surface feeding rainbows. Floatfished lobworm is proving to be highly effective, especially near the Peninsula over shallow water. Windy conditions during the week affected boats leaving the jetty, however, warmer settled weather is expected towards the end of the week which should help anglers reach most productive hot spots. Best flies are Diawl Bach, Hare’s Ears, Black Buzzer, Montana and FM Orange.

Hury Reservoir, Co Durham      
Eight-year-old Billy Watson, from Spring Fell, and his grandad fished from the concrete platform at the beginning of the week and had great success catching several nice fish on Orange Blobs. Crook angler Paul Millburn fished Reedy Point at the weekend and took an eight fish catch limit weighing 19lb using a combination of a Black Fritz and Cat’s Whisker on a glass line. W. Harvey had a five fish haul, also at the beginning of the week, including fish of 4lb and 3lb 8oz. Other anglers had similar success with specimen rainbows and numerous 3lb to 4lb fish landed from around the reservoir. The hawthorn fly was still evident at the beginning of the week and anglers were catching on Black Daddies and Bibio Hoppers in the top layers of water. As the weather chilled off toward the end of the week more success was had with lures fished deeper with a Dawson’s Olive and Cat’s Whisker on intermediate lines both doing well over the weekend.

Kennick Reservoir, Devon
Anglers averaged over three fish per rod throughout the month, with some superb fish caught. Most angers favoured the banks, with Clampitts Bay and the banks along the Narrows producing the best sport. Boat anglers also caught well in the Narrows and Outer Clampitts, with both drifting and anchoring-up producing fish. A few fish have been rising on warmer days, but they have not yet started to seriously feed on surface insects, with small nymphs (Buzzers, Diawl Bachs, Damsel Nymphs and Montanas) fished on floating, sink-tip, or intermediate lines, producing the best results. Deeper fished lures sivh as Tadpoles, Blobs, Boobies, and Leeches have caught fish on the cooler, windier days. Generally the best fishing has been in late mornings through to mid-afternoon. The best fish of the month was a superb brown trout of 7lb 8oz, caught by Michael Herring, from Kingsbridge, using a Damsel Nymph from a boat in Forest Bay. The fish took over 10 minutes to bring to the net. Eddie Carter, from Starcross, caught a rainbow of 6lb 8oz as part of a full bag while fishing from the bank using a Hare’s Ear. In addition, there were plenty of fish over 5lb caught throughout the month.

Kielder Water, Northumberland
Another changeable week, but with fine weather forecast for the end of the week following high winds, hopefully things will settle down to normal summer conditions! Rocky Hudson and Derek Gales, from Morpeth, fished their regular spot at Tower Knowe early in the week and landed 12 fish between them. They were fishing with a bubble float and worm, 20 meters from the shore. Rocky was delighted to get his eight fish limit for 19lb with several fish over 3lb. Boat anglers had the most success in the Belling Inlet and the tip of Whickhope Bay. James Owen and his boat partner Kevin Letham took their eight fish limits whilst fishing with Tequila Blobs, FABs and Crunchers. They were fished slowly on a Di-5 line and many fish took as they were lifting off. On Wednesday June 10 Kielder Water is hosting the annual Jack Charlton Disabled Anglers Cup. The bank area between the Reivers Rest and the Ski Club House will be reserved for those taking part in the competition. To reserve a place please contact Pat on 0121 4296107 or email pat.redfern@blueyonder.co.uk

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
Last week 104 rods caught 308 fish for an average of 2.96. The amount of fish moving on all of the pools is amazing at the moment although they are not easy to tempt. The most popular fly this week has to be the Bloodworm, particularly on Cocks Close. CdC Emergers, Damsel Nymph, Pearly Pheasant Tail, Suspender Buzzers and Shipman’s Buzzers are also catching. The biggest fish of the week was a 9lb 6oz rainbow caught by Steve Gowan, of Knowle, on a Pearly Pheasant Tail Nymph fished on a floating line from the bank of Cocks Close. G. Smith, of Water Orton, caught a 9lb 3oz rainbow which was the best of a seven catch caught from a boat on Cocks Close and these all came to Damsels and Bloodworms. On the Park Meadow pool, Graham Hewitt, of Solihull, caught seven fish to 3lb using small dry Klinkhamers and Buzzers. Dave Woollaston, of Warwick, fished the Great Pool from a boat and caught eight fish to 3lb using Damsels on a floating line.

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
Another great week with good sized and numerous overwintered fish being taken across many different areas of the reservoir. Both boat and bank anglers have enjoyed great sport. Two of the best rainbows taken this week were a 5lb specimen caught by David Currie and a 6lb-plus rainbow taken by Graham Hutchinson using a Wickhams Fancy. Red and Green Diawl Bachs and Buzzers using floating and midge-tip lines were the most popular method of the week but there were also reports of dry flies being used to great success.
With the help of Anglian Water and Barclaycard, the Arnold Haddon Cancer Charity Match took place at Pitsford on Monday May 25 and raised over £1,500.
Winner was Robert Sharpe with five fish for 11lb 3oz, second was John Mitchell with 10 fish for 10lb 8oz and third Graham Pearson with three fish for 9lb. The best brown of the match at 4lb 8oz was caught by Chris Garrett but Arnold Haddon modestly confessed to putting back an overwintered brown of 5lb 8oz.
The weather proved challenging for the Barclays Bank National Competition. Heavy rain and strong winds didn’t dampen the enthusiasm for those that took part. Many bagged up and congratulations to Mike Philpott who won for the third time with a bag of 15lb 12oz. The best fish of the match was a 4lb 12oz rainbow taken by Steve Longhurst.

Press Manor Fishing Lakes, Derbyshire
Fishing really productive at the present time for those anglers who are versatile and prepared to change tactics from dries to nymphs and pull lures when it is windy. Best dries are Buzzer patterns with Griffiths Gnat being a good top of the water fly. The Press Manor versus Ladybower challenge leg one took place on Saturday with the return leg at Ladybower this Sunday. Bonus points were awarded for those catching as many trout on different pegs. First was Brian Simmons with 200pts, equal second Collin Greenough and AN Other with 160pts, joint 4th Steve Newsome and Marc Stenson. Joint 6th Paul Leivers, Jim Sperry, and Paul Hanks. Averaged out points saw Press Manor with 137pts per angler, Ladybower 84pts per angler.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire
Ravensthorpe continues to fish well with many anglers reporting catches well into double-figures. Rick Vardy fished Buzzers static on a floating line from a boat, and caught and released 40 fish. Mr Ruff and his boat partner from Herts Flyfishers had 19 fish to the boat, fishing floating line, long leader with Buzzers and Diawl Bachs. The best fish of the week was taken by Gerry McEntee, from Scotland, on a three-day holiday package. He caught a superb 10lb 5oz rainbow on an intermediate line and a Pitsford Pea. Best methods have been floating line with long leader and Buzzers or Diawl Bachs fished slow or static. Roger Kerrison won last week’s Thursday evening fishing club match and Ben Haywood caught his first ever trout, a 2lb rainbow. Best boat areas are Coton End and Catwalk Corner. Best bank areas are the dam and Platforms 11,12 and 13.

Rutland Water, Rutland
A busy week with teams from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland all practising for the International Fly Fishing Association Loch Style Home International. Friday was match day and as competitors marched down to the boats, accompanied by a piper, they had to endure wind and rain. The Scottish team triumphed with 66 fish for 125lb 1oz, pushing England into second place with 61 fish for 118lb 11oz. Ireland took third place with 45 fish and Wales landed 43 fish. Derek Purves of Team Scotland recorded the best bag with 12 fish for 23lb 2oz.
Rutland Water hosted an England Qualifier on Sunday May 31. Strong winds gave competitors some difficult choices in terms of best tactics for the day. Mick McLintic took his eight fish by 4.30pm giving him a total weight, including time bonus, of 19lb 13oz. Mick’s boat partner Ron Gent recorded the biggest fish of the competition at 3lb 8oz and was narrowly pushed into second by 2oz. The pair bucked the more favoured areas and ventured up the South Arm which they had to themselves to record their big bags.
Rudder anglers are still enjoying good sport in the main basin, best lines have varied due to the changeable wind strength during the week, but a Di-3 is a good option in a gentle breeze. Favoured methods from the boat have been midge-tip lines with a Blob on the point and nymphs up the cast or sinking lines with small Boobies and Blobs. Bank anglers continue to catch on Buzzers but increasingly nymphs are playing a part as good numbers of fly continue to hatch. The latter part of the evening is seeing numbers of fish move into the banks. On these calmer evenings bank anglers have reported seeing fish moving and have even been tempted by small dries.

Scaling Dam Reservoir, Cleveland  
A testing week with anglers having to work for their rewards whilst battling strong and everchanging wind directions. Afternoons have been the most productive times for the majority of anglers with the fish becoming more particular about what they take. Billy Patten, from Guisborough, fished the west end of the dam wall and landed a fine 3lb 13oz rainbow using a legered single White Gulp Egg. Jeff Powell, from Skelton, enjoyed his first visit on the south shore fishing legered worm and landed four rainbows which included one of 4lb. The biggest fish of the week at 5lb 12oz was tempted on an Orange Mice Tail by Peter Lightfoot, from Redcar, which was one of five rainbows caught using the same Mice Tail. Best flies are Fritz patterns and Bibios.

Siblyback Lake, Cornwall
Generally the fishing was at its best during the middle of the month, when weekly rod averages were between 4.2 and 5 fish per rod. As the month progressed more fish started to look to the surface to feed, with Hoppers, Hawthorns, Black Gnats, Bibios and Sedges all catching fish. The majority of fish were caught sub-surface on small nymph patterns such as Diawl Bachs, Buzzers, Hare’s Ears, and Damsel Nymphs, fished on intermediate and sink-tip lines, generally not too deep. The prime locations were Stocky Bay, Two Meadows and the Marshes. Deeper feeding fish were caught by the dam using Black Tadpoles, Black and Green Fritz patterns, and Cat’s Whiskers. With plenty of full bags being caught, the best fish of the month was a 3lb 1oz rainbow, caught by Mr Cooper.

Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex
On lake one there has been good dry fly sport to Mayfly, Daddies and Hoppers in the daytime when there is a ripple, and to PTNs, Buzzers and Damsels when fish are deeper. Most evenings saw a good rise to smaller dries such as CdCs, Black Gnat, Shipman’s Buzzer, White Moth and Caenis. On lake two there were mayflies and daddies drifting here most mornings but fry patterns and Damsels are also working well with some anglers bagging up to 15 fish and getting loads of takes. Average of six fish per rod on here. The pools are producing to Buzzers, Bloodworm and Montanas with CdC patterns best at dusk. Fish to 10lb landed this week.

Wimbleball Lake, Somerset
Bank fishing continued to be the most popular with anglers during May, particularly Ruggs and Bessoms, with a few anglers enjoying success in Cow Moor, although some good fish and bags were taken from boats, where drifting on wind slicks proved to be the most successful. The deeper water by the dam, as well as Cow Moor produced some outstanding fishing, with the opportunity to target rising fish. The rod average for the month increased to 4.7. On calmer days dry fly tactics worked well, particularly with Hawthorns in Cow Moor. Intermediate lines with teams of Buzzers proved to be effective, as did shallow-fished lures pulled fast. The best fish of the month was a 4lb 4oz rainbow caught by Andy Strawbridge.

Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham
While conditions have been ideal for fishing, anglers did find the going quite tough with the fish being reluctant to rise. Thanks to a busy last weekend a total of 81 anglers managed a lower than usual rod average of 2.9. Bank Holiday Monday was much quieter than expected. No-one managed to 15 fish limit this week, but just shy was G. Jacobs who caught 14 fish, closely followed by J. Campbell with 13. B. Palmer caught 12 fish along with S. Hibbard, who also caught 10 fish on a second visit. Finally D. Jacobs and R. Walker both caught seven fish each. Best flies have been Shuttlecock CdC, Wicked White Buzzer, Diawl Bach, PTN and Olive Cruncher.
The fishing lodge and storage shed were the subject of a overnight break-in on Sunday when thieves got away with a number of power tools, fishing tackle and a small amount of cash, causing quiet a lot of damage in the process. However, the fishery officer and his team of dedicated volunteers worked double time repairing the damage, kept the facility open for the visiting anglers and thankfully the fishing wasn’t affected.