England Troutmasters reports for week-ending May 1st, 2015

Bewl Fishery, Kent
Coolier, cloudier weather has led to an improvement in the fishing. Catch average based on returns is 3.79 fish per rod. The trout have moved into the downwind ends of the bays and are in about eight feet of water. Best areas for boat and bank have been Dunsters, Seven Pound Creek and Tinker's Marsh. Successful flies have been Bloodworms, Damsels, Black Buzzers and Cormorants fished mainly on intermediate lines. The amount of fishing returns received so far this season has been very low, especially from any-method anglers. The more returns that are received, the more accurate the advice, fishing report and rod average are. Returns can be given in the day, by phone on 01892 890352 or emailed to Janet at fish@bewl.co.uk

Blackdyke Trout Fly Fishery, Norfolk
After stocking a quantity of brown trout the other week they are now being caught and some lovely ones around the 4lb mark are coming out. Buzzers, dries and small nymphs on floating lines are still catching lots of fish. The fish are rising all around the lake and can be seen swirling at your fly in the clear water. Tuition is available along with fly rods for hire. There is also a small tackle shop. For more details visit www.blackdykefishing.co.uk

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
The Chatton Troutmasters fish-off saw a tie between Colin Harris and Jim Tuck, and Jim will fish the Final at Grafham Water in September as he caught the first fish on the day. The lakes continued to fish well during the week but with weather change on Saturday morning the weekend proved to be more challenging as fish were quite deep in the water. Anglers had to work hard for their catches, and those who changed tactics were rewarded. Phil Athey, from Seahouses, caught the fish of the week, a 15lb 3oz full-finned rainbow which he returned to Chatton Lake. Colin Harris, from Whickham, caught a beautiful 11lb 8oz brown trout, also safely returned to Chatton Lake. Peter Forster, from Newcastle, caught 11 fish on a Yellow Dancer. Father and son, Tom Russell (Snr) and Tom (Jnr) caught 16 fish and 18 fish on Buzzers, CdCs and black dry flies. Tom (Jnr) returned an 8lb rainbow. Kevin Stewart, from Amble, kept five fish and returned five on Buzzers and Bloodworms. Davey Fisher, from St Boswells, kept five fish and returned five on Buzzers and Millennium Bugs.
Jimmy Drew, from Wallsend, enjoyed another good day at Chatton, keeping four fish and returning eight on Buzzers and Bunny Leeches. Michael Kelly, from Felton, caught 10 fish on Ants. Stuart Maughan, from Hexham, caught a 4lb rainbow from Dunnydeer Lake caught on a nymph. This was Stuart’s first time fishing with a fly. Friday evenings fishing until dark.

Derwent Reservoir, Northumberland
Subtle changes highlighted the week’s sport as the wind changed on Friday moving the focus and concentrations of fish. However, this has not affected the great sport and high rod average. Pow Hill fished less well and the bank near the first fence was providing numerous limit catches. Reece Gough, from Ferryhill, caught the biggest fish of the season from this area when he landed a cracking 10lb 8oz rainbow using legered tactics with a cocktail of garlic PowerBait Eggs, PowerBait Mice Tails and rainbow PowerBait Paste. His total catch for the day was six fish weighing 21lb 10oz. On Saturday morning Alan Kinsley caught 16 fish on the fly next to the Tower. The change in wind direction eased a large shoal of fish into this corner which offered a brilliant morning of sport for anglers. Alan was fishing with an intermediate line and a Black Fritz and returned eight fish. Best flies are Black Beetle, Dawson’s Olive, Cat’s Whisker, Black Fritz and Black Zulu.

Eyebrook Trout Fishery, Leicestershire
Despite the very changeable weather conditions the Eyebrook is fishing extremely well with a combination of Buzzers, Diawl Bachs and small lures such as Cat’s Whiskers or Black and Green Tadpoles the key to success. Douglas Grimmond, of Dundee, and his fishing club members enjoyed a fine day’s fishing, landing many hard-fighting rainbows. Fred Freeman and Terry Prince enjoyed their first ever boat outing to the fishery recently and caught 13 rainbows on a Flashback Damsel. Bill Ryan and Ted Cornish, of Sheffield, returned from their latest outing with limit bags. Horace Wood accompanied Peter Skillen, of Stockport, on a boat rand both enjoyed frenetic sport fishing Black Buzzers. David Nixon and party their three day’s boat fishing and caught many quality rainbows to Tequila Blobs and Buzzers. Michael Durnik, of Laxton, enjoyed a morning boat session and caught a quick eight-fish limit on an Orange Booby fished on an intermediate line. Ian Campbell, of Cottingham, bank-fished from the dam and caught 12 hard-fighting rainbows on a combination of Black and Green Tadpoles and Orange Blobs.

Fontburn Reservoir, Northumberland               
Continuing cold easterly winds and overnight frosts mean there are still lots of fish patrolling the deeper waters. Some of the best results have been when anglers alternate between a short cast and a long cast as fish move in and out as conditions change. Anglers reporting most success have been using Magic Dust in a feeder to entice fish into swims with the new PowerBait Mice Tails working well. Les Little, from Durham, topped off a fantastic day with a double catch limit of 16 fish for 32lb. Les was accompanied by Mr D. Hodgson who caught eight rainbows for 16lb. Mr B. Moss landed 10 pristine rainbows on his Loyalty Day permit for a total weight of 24lb. His average fish weight was almost 2lb 8oz! Many fish above 3lb continue to be landed as Jim Black found when he netted a fine rainbow of 4lb 6oz. Roving fly anglers are reporting some good sport as fish begin to become more active and keen to chase a fly with anglers reporting takes on ‘the lift’ following a well-retrieved lure. Best flies are Cat’s Whisker, Black Fritz and Doldhead Dawson’s Olive. Best areas are north shore bay, middle section and south shore corner.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Grafham has continued to fish well over the past week with a cracking rod average of 4.29 and 21% of all trout caught weighing 3lb or over. Best rainbow 4lb 12oz taken by Paul Norris, of Royston. Boat anglers had the best of the sport over the week with plenty of bag limits from most areas of the reservoir. The most productive boat areas have been Hill Farm, Pig Bay, Church Bay, Deep Water Point, G and D buoys, Willows, North Dam, Seat Lodge frontage and Valley Creek. The best boat methods have been to fish floating lines with 18-25 foot long leaders with Black or Olive Buzzers and Damsel Nymphs, or to fish Di-5 and 7 lines with Tequila Blobs, Viva Boobies and Damsel Nymphs. Bank anglers found the fishing a little challenging, mainly due to the trout moving out from the margins and now feeding around 70-100 yards out from the bank. However, when the wind has been light there has been some good fishing from most areas on the south shore from Gaynes Cove, Seat, Mander car park frontage and the harbour arms. The best bank methods have been to fish floating lines with Damsel Nymphs, Diawl Bachs, black and green lures and Buzzers fished at a slow retrieve.
The first GWFFA bank match of the season was fished on a bright, hot and windy day by eight anglers who caught 20 trout for a rod average of 2.5. Top rod was season ticket holder Andy Linwood, from Perry, who caught seven trout for 16lb 8oz, including the best fish at 3lb 7oz. He fished Buzzers under the bung in the bowl of the dam. Second was Peter Waterhouse with four fish for 9lb 9oz and third Derek Bravington with three fish for 6lb 14oz.
There are new restrictions around the dam tower and these are marked by buoys. Please do not fish or anchor beyond the buoys, there are underwater pipes and equipment which need to be protected.

Grassholme Reservoir, Co Durham
Anglers were greeted with near perfect conditions apart from a wet and blustery Saturday. The start of the week favoured fly anglers with warmer weather bringing fish to the surface. The west end received most attention with fish being taken on a select few patterns including Bibio, small olives and Fritz flies (various colours). Wednesday saw the rod average hit six fish per angler and this figure continued for the rest of the week with 20 limit catches recorded during Thursday and Friday. Tony Parker netted a superb 4lb rainbow, the best of his limit catch taken on orange PowerBait Eggs. Grassholme welcomed Washington and Harrington Angling Club for their regular competition with Wheatley Smith the victor with a total weight of 16lb 5oz which included the biggest fish of the week, a 4lb 7oz rainbow. The sunshine returned Sunday but the cold dominated with the Witch’s Hat and the corner of the dam wall the best areas. Anthony Smith and his two young apprentices Jordan Smith and Owen Nelson had a brilliant day with 20 fish between them while legering orange silver/chartreuse Mice Tails. Owen took the biggest fish, a full-finned 4lb rainbow.

Hanningfield Reservoir, Essex
Hanningfield produced a bonanza of heavyweight rainbows over the past week with the Goldfish Bowl and Peninsula remaining the hotspots. Denis Smith captured the largest trout of the season at 7lb 6oz while flyfishing from the dam wall as well as another cracking fish of 5lb 2oz. Legered PowerBait fished from the bank in the same area produced at least 11 specimens over 6lb on Saturday. Boat anglers spinning around the inlet were also successful with the best eight fish limit falling to Darius Kesiaukas which included a prize rainbow of 6lb 10oz taken on a gold/orange lure. Evan Ivey and Phil Dines both netted fish over 6lb on size 14 Black Buzzers using a floating line. Lodge Bay regularly produces large pike during the early months of the season and Tuesday saw the capture of a huge fish of 22lb 7oz for Virgis Ruksnaitis fishing a small copper spinner.  Best flies are Diawl Bach, Pheasant Tail Nymph, Black Buzzer, Olive Damsel, White Zonker and Coral Booby. Best bait /lures are orange, yellow and spring green PowerBait, and size 2 or 3 Mepps.

Hury Reservoir, Co Durham 
Corporal Hill and Reedy Bank fished consistently well all week with anglers finding fish beyond the shallows in the deeper water. The improved weather conditions were ideal for fishing and Mr W. Harvey took five fish with three over 3lb, the best being a 4lb 8oz rainbow. As water temperatures remain reluctant to rise, lures remain the best method of achieving success as natural fly life is minimal at best. Dawson’s Olives with an orange body seems to be doing the trick with Cat’s Whiskers and fritz patterns also catching. George Wind, of West Denton, had a good day on Friday, taking an eight fish limit for 16lb 8oz. Saturday brought terrible conditions with a horrible rain-laden wind pushing the fish deeper and making it very difficult to cast. However, there was some degree of success in sheltered bays and inlets but on the whole a very difficult day’s fishing. Best areas are the banks both sides of the dam wall.

Kielder Water, Northumberland
The first heat of the Kielder Pairs was fished in challenging conditions with rain and hail showers at times and a very cold wind. The winners were Peter Crowe and Ernie Craster with a total of 16 fish. Second were Peter Pattinson and Raymond Fothergill with 10 rainbows. Brian Walton recorded the heaviest fish of the week caught on worm at the Beeches Walk, a rainbow trout of 4lb 2oz. Best flies are Blue Dun, Coral Blobs, Pearl Blob, Clan Chief and mini goldhead lures. Best bank areas are Mirage and Merlin Brea while top boat areas are Mirage, Matthew’s Linn and Little Whickhope. Boat hire will remain from 8.30am until 5.30pm for the remainder of April and from May 1 boat hire will be from 8.30am until 8pm for the summer months. Book your fishing boat on 01434 251000. The second heat of the Kielder Pairs will be held Sunday May 24 and the Kielder Water Scierra Pairs heat will be fished on Saturday May 9.

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
Last week 108 rods caught 370 fish for an average of 3.40. It was a slightly harder week with the bright conditions. There are still lots of fish moving on the top with large hatches of buzzers on all of the pools. The largest fish of the week was a 7lb 14oz rainbow caught by Paul Flanner, of Worcester, who was fishing from a boat on Cocks Close pool with a Damsel. Mr P. Ford, of Atherstone, caught a 7lb 8oz rainbow from a boat on Cocks Close and this was the best of an eight fish catch taken on a Cat’s Whisker. The Packington Fly Fishers had a get-together on Cocks Close where all five anglers caught their five fish limits with Harold Pritchett, of Atherstone, catching the best bag by releasing a further six fish and they were caught on Black and Green Tadpoles fished on intermediate line. On the members’ waters, Great Pool has been in excellent form over the last week with lots of fish moving on the top and imitative patterns are working best. Michael Hanson, of Nuneaton, had 11 fish from a boat and they all came to small Buzzers on a floating line. On the Park Meadow pool, Dave Woollaston, of Warwick, fished Black and Green Tadpoles and caught nine fish to 5lb 4oz. The top flies have been Black or Olive Buzzers, Damsel Nymph, GRHE, olive Emergers, Bloodworm, Black Gnat, Black Tadpole and Cat’s Whisker. The best areas have been the road bank, old boat jetty corner and the high bank of Cocks Close. On the Great Pool a lot of fish are being caught around the dam wall area.

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
Pitsford welcomed 25 experienced anglers from EFFA on Thursday for their Spring Members’ Day. The weather conditions made it a tough day for some. However, David Moore took things in his stride and had the heaviest bag weight, along with the heaviest fish. David fished in open water in the ‘small half’ and had his limit by 11.30am. The wind and cold once again made conditions difficult off the bank with fish moving further out and into deeper water. Anglers using a variety of methods produced good results and many bagged up quite quickly. More settled and warmer temperatures will see conditions improve. Best rainbow 4lb 1oz taken by R. Spencer. Best brown 4lb 2oz taken by G. Hackett. Best boat areas Bog Bay, Stone Barn Bay, North Farm Bay, Brixworth Bay, Sailing Club Bay. Best bank areas Northfields Shore, Stone Barn Bay, Gravels, Duffers, Stilton Point, Gorse and Cliffs.

Press Manor Fishing Lakes, Derbyshire
The trout lake is fishing really well. Dries are best when there is cloud cover, switching to Buzzers when the sun is out. One angler caught on Diawl Bachs under a bung set at three and six feet. Hoppers and Shipman's Buzzer in black, orange or green are working as well.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire
Another great week with excellent buzzer fishing. Boat anglers are taking plenty of fish at the Coton End fishing the bung with Black and Red Buzzers. Slow glass or midge-tip lines with Buzzers or Diawl Bachs fished slowly were an alternative method. Bank anglers are enjoying good results off both the dam and the platforms, again on Buzzers and Damsels. The best rainbow of the week was a brace of 6lb fish taken by Mr Wood and his boat partner. The rod average is a healthy 7.7, slightly down on last week, but probably due to the change in wind direction and the wind chill temperature.

Rutland Water, Rutland
The great buzzer hatch has continued this week and the best tactic has been to fish Buzzers on floating and midge-tip lines. Straight-lining or the indicator has worked well. The best boat areas have been Yellowstone, Spud Bay, Ernies Point to the Mound, V Buoy and Finches to Armley Wood. Buzzers have been the favourite with bank anglers with the best areas being Barnsdale, Old Hall, Stockie Bay and the dam. An evening rise has also been seen in areas of the lake, encouraging some top of the water action. When the wind has been favourable the rudder has taken fish, including some nice rainbows.
On Thursday April 23 the RAF fished a match with 22 anglers returning 80 fish, including a lovely 5lb 1oz brown taken by A. Butterworth. Bourne angler Simon Ashton returned to the pontoon with a superb bag of seven fish for an estimated 18lb, including a nice brown of 3lb, all taken on a Black Tadpole in the main basin. The Anglian Water Airflo International northern heat saw an impressive return and a rod average of 5.67 with Team Ospreys, RAF Fish Hawks, Froggies Fly Fishers, Ashington Kingfishers, John Norris Greys ‘The Veterans’ and Team Vision all qualifying for the next round. Top rod on the day was Hywel Morgan with four fish and 10 returned for a bag total of 32lb 6oz. The best fish was a 4lb 4oz specimen taken by Keith Jones.

Scaling Dam, Cleveland
Cool mornings saw the trout feeding in deeper water with anglers finding success using longer casts and natural baits such as worm and maggot. Warm sunshine during the afternoon required anglers to change tactics with the trout starting to feed in the margins. Anglers were finding success with PowerBait Mice Tails and spinning with Mepps producing best results. Harry Noble, from Sleights, caught 10 rainbows on legered white Gulp Eggs and maggot from the east end rocks. Alongside Harry at the east end, George Houston, from Guisborough, took his eight fish limit including a nice 3lb 9oz rainbow, all on a PowerBait cocktail tipped with worm. Fly anglers found success in the east end bay and along the moorside and Tony Ward, from Guisborough, caught 13 and returned five on a Black Buzzer. Bryn Roberts, from Norton, went home very happy with his eight fish limit including the fish of the week, a nice overwintered 4lb 12oz brown trout caught at the west end of the dam wall with maggot. Best flies are Dawson’s Olive and Black Buzzer.

Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex
On lake one there was great fishing all week to various methods and tactics from Snake patterns on intermediate lines to dries in the evenings. Plenty of grown-on fish showing with rainbows in the 4-6 lb range and browns to 7lb landed. There were also a lot of small brownies featuring in evening catches to small dries. On lake two, new regular Harry landed browns to 13lb and rainbows to 9lb in a 15-fish session, all on Snakes on a sinking line. There was also a stunning evening rise with the evening ticket anglers catching on dries. Lake three produced browns and rainbows to double-figures with GRHE and Crunchers most popular.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire
For the week-ending April 24, the 119 rods caught 516 fish for an average of 4.3. The water temperature is gradually increasing which resulted in massive buzzer hatches this past week. Brown buzzers nearly an inch long were in abundance and the feeding fish really taking advantage of them. On brighter days fish a little deeper with Buzzer patterns, Diawl Bachs and Crunchers and when it’s overcast come up and fish near the top on emerger and CdC patterns. Excellent evening rises this week too. Pete Cowan, from Scunthorpe, caught the best fish at 7lb, and Jason Foster landed one around the 6lb mark.
The Scierra Pairs heat at Toft saw eight pairs fishing to a 16 fish limit to each boat and a time bonus offered for those finishing before 6pm. Weather conditions had changed dramatically overnight with a cool north westerly blowing and bright sunshine but it fished really well for most. Andy Hutson and George Picker were the victors with a weight of 41lb 13oz, closely followed by John Cooke and Warren Langridge on 39lb 13oz. Both teams are through to the final at Rutland Water on September 6.
The evening ticket starts on May 1, from 5.30pm. A catch and release session is £10 and a two-fish ticket £12. The fishery is hoping to run a Friday evening ‘fish & chip’ night, come for a spot of fishing and for a small fee they’ll throw in fish and chips, delivered by the local Bottle & Glass pub. Anyone interested should contact Andy on 07850 351695.

Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham
The improvement in weather also saw an improvement in visitor numbers with 80 anglers taking advantage of the warm and sunny conditions. They found the going harder than the previous week, returning a lower rod average of 2.5. The week-ending April 18 showed fewer visitors, just 55 anglers, but in the cooler and cloudier conditions they returned a much healthier rod average of 4.8 with a number of 15-fish limits. Of the best rods this week C. Campbell caught nine fish and was closely followed by S. Hibbard and D. Grabham with eight fish each while G. Oliver and K. Holliday both caught seven fish. There have been a number of pond olive hatches through this warm and sunny week and a prolific hatch of buzzers, setting the fish into a feeding frenzy. Size 16 Black and Olive Buzzers were catching the most fish, along with Black Shipman’s, black CdC and Lake Olives. The cooler and cloudier condition forecast for the coming week, along with the recent hatches, should give anglers much more top of the water action and see an improvement in the rod averages.