England Troutmasters reports for week-ending May 8th, 2015

Avington Trout Fishery, Hampshire
The fishing has been excellent with full bags being achieved by the vast majority and the average weights being extremely impressive indeed. Ian Davison fished a few times over the month and on one day caught three doubles including the biggest fish of the year so far at exactly 18lb. It was caught from lake two on a home-tied, heavily leaded orange pattern. A few hours later Ian landed fish of 13lb 8oz and 11lb 4oz from lakes two and three, once again on home-tied Leadheads. On a return visit the next week he also managed to land a lovely rainbow of 14lb 4oz from lake three, this time on a standard Damsel. A group of lads from Middlesbrough fished the lakes for four or five days and by the end of their trip they had amassed a very impressive 11 doubles between them up to 14lb 4oz. A lot of walking around and some accurate casting with either Damsels, Buzzers or heavily weighted stalking bugs produced the goods. There were various other doubles and all three lakes have thrown up an even amount of big fish. Fly choice this month has largely been dominated by lures, particularly Damsel variations or something with a bit of sparkle such as the Rutland Humungus. On particularly bright and hot days sport has slowed a little in the afternoons but by switching to Buzzers or sight fishing with heavy flies the action kept coming. Stalking conditions should be at their best this month. The fishery is closed for corporate events on May 7, 8, 15 and 22; June 19 and 26; July 3, 10 and 17.

Bewl Water, Kent
Much cooler days and nights have again helped to improve the fishing. This week's catch average, based on returns, has risen to a very good 4.44. The trout are still in the surface layers of the water and are well spread out. A further 2000 rainbows were stocked in the week. Best areas for boats have been Rosemary Lane, end of Hook Straight, Ferry Point and Dunsters. Best areas for bank fishing have been Rosemary Lane, Seven Pound Creek, Monty's Seat, the front of the playground and Dunsters. The trout are taking a large selection of flies including Damsels, Black Buzzers, Cormorants, Boobies, Diawl Bachs and Blobs. The Kent Police competition on Wednesday yielded 98 fish for 24 anglers giving a rod average of 4.08.

Blackdyke Trout Fly Fishery, Norfolk
The next coaching day with Tim Gaunt Baker is Saturday May 9, 10am to 2pm. Cost is £30 a head, please ring the lodge on 07525 730447 to book your place. The fishing has been excellent this week. With hawthorns and dark olives hatching around the lake it has been alive with top of the water action.

Burrator Reservoir, Devon
Burrator has continued to produce consistently good fishing with anglers averaging 3.4 fish per visit. All fish have been caught subsurface with Montanas, Damsel Nymphs, and Buzzers fished on an intermediate line accounting for most fish. Nomads and Boobies fished on sinking lines in the deeper water have also produced good results. The banks on the Longstone Peninsula are proving to be the most popular and productive location, and more fishing has now been made available here as a large number of trees have been removed over the winter. The best fish of the month was a 4lb rainbow caught by Roy Kane, from Douseland, as part of a full bag caught using a Montana.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
The fish of the week at 12lb 10oz was caught and returned on Chatton Lake by Matty Devine, from Hadston. This was one of 18 fish he caught using Diawl Bachs, Buzzers and CdC Emergers. Neil Turnbull, from Ashington, caught 11 fish on Cat’s Whiskers and Bloodworms. Ken Glenton, from Ashington, caught eight fish on Buzzers and Bloodworms. Tom Russell (snr), from Earlston, caught 13 on Sedges, his best fish was a 10lb 6oz rainbow. Tom Russell (jnr), also from Earlston, caught 11 fish on CdCs, Black Buzzers and Russell’s dries. Davie Parker, from Newcastle, caught 18 fish on a mixture of flies. Jimmy Drew, from Wallsend, caught 12 fish on Bunny Leeches and Bloodworms. P. Cleverdon, from Newcastle, caught nine fish on a Black and Green Fritz. Small patterns (Diawl Bachs, Gnats, small CdCs, Pheasant Tails and Buzzers) on floating lines have been very successful on the warmer calmer days. On the days of cold easterly winds fish have been deep and caught on lures including Zonkers, Dawson’s Olives, Tinnies, Black Fritzs and Yellow Dancers on intermediate lines.
On Saturday May 9 a Mixed Pairs Fishing Competition will be held at Chatton in aid of the 'Great North Air Ambulance'. This is a friendly three-hour competition, starting at 10am until 1pm and the cost is £15 per adult and £10 per child which includes a barbeque at the end of the competition. Everyone welcome, please ring the fishery to book a place 01668 215226.

Derwent Reservoir. Northumberland 
A week of terrible weather did not deter anglers from having the best week of the season so far with an amazing rod average of over five fish per angler, the highest for years! A large stocking of fish Thursday and Friday quickly settled in with the Reid family from Rowlands Gill finding fish feeding next to the flooded stream on the south shore. Cecilia and Jude caught a cracking brace of 3lb rainbows on legered chartreuse PowerBait Eggs with maggots in a swimfeeder. Friends Ian and Brian, from Bishop Auckland, both caught their limits while fishing next to the first fence on the south side of the reservoir. The pair were using chartreuse PowerBait Eggs and highlighted the best areas of the week as the flooded stream held fish in this area. Fly anglers found the north bank to be holding lots of fish with a Black Fritz and intermediate line the best combination although a change in wind direction at the weekend made conditions for those braving the elements hard.

Eyebrook Trout Fishery, Leicestershire
Despite some very changeable weather conditions the Eyebrook is still fishing well with Buzzers, Diawl Bachs and small lures such as Cat’s Whiskers or Black and Green Tadpoles the key to success. Season ticket holders Bill Whittle, of Grantham, and Richard Watson, of Marston Trussell, enjoyed a brilliant day’s boat fishing recently and each took limit bags from the main basin area. Both anglers fished floating line set-ups with Buzzers, Bill with a conventional leader and Richard using the washing-line method, suspending his Buzzers in the surface film. Steve Lawrence, of Little Bowden, fished the bank at the Bell and caught nine rainbows on a Damsel. John Dracup fished the dam wall and caught some decent rainbows using a Black Buzzer fished with the bung. John Thomson, of Corby, bank-fished at the Bell and caught six beauties on a Coral Blob fished roly-poly on an intermediate line. John Howe, of Finedon, caught four rainbows from the Bell and returned three more.
Eyebrook bank weed-cutting operations will soon be underway and our aim is too keep the bank accessible for anglers in the most popular areas of the main basin.
The Eyebrook Flyfishing Taster Day is on Saturday June 6 and admission is free. Charles Jardine will be on hand and there will also be fly-casting demonstrations, fly-tying and float-tubing demonstrations, an exhibition of work by local wildlife photographer John Turner, fish smoking demonstrations by David and Rose Carter, boat handling demonstrations and refreshments served throughout the day.

Fontburn Reservoir, Northumberland
A week of mixed, often wintry conditions was made more productive by a double stocking of 1,500 fish. Those varying the casting distance to find the shoals were frequently rewarded with limit catches in just a few hours. Liam Halliday found the right depth off the north shore point to make a double limit catch of 16 fish totalling 25lb with a best blue weighing in at 4lb 7oz taken on Orange PowerBait Eggs. Jim Black had his best day at Fontburn ever starting with a free Loyalty Day and landing nine rainbows plus one blue totalling 19lb 10oz; the best fish a 3lb 7oz rainbow caught on legered PowerBait. On the fly Sid Barnes and John Summerbell used the Cat’s Whisker to secure eight fish between them at an average weight of 2lb each. Other notable catches include Dave Allen with a limit catch of rainbows totalling 18lb 8oz; the heaviest eight fish catch of the week. Gordon Rice, also on a Loyalty Day, netted nine rainbows for an 18lb total weight and Mr E. Taylor netted eight rainbows for 16lb to help round off the week with a much improved rod average of almost four fish per angler.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Grafham has continued to fish well with a cracking rod average of 4.75. Dave Ladbury, of Ware, landed both the best rainbow at 6lb 2oz and the best brown of the week at 4lb 4oz. Boat anglers have had the best of the sport with plenty of bag limits caught by two main methods. Fish Di-7 and 8 lines with either Black or Olive Buzzers fished almost static or fish Cat’s Whisker Boobies or Tequila Blobs on the same lines with most trout being taken on the hang. The most productive boat areas have been Deep Water and Pylon Points, Hill Farm, Valley Creek and the lodge frontage. Bank anglers have found fishing a little challenging over the last couple of weeks as the trout have pushed themselves off the north shore to about 100-120 yards off. However, the north and bowl of the dam, Marlow Stones, Harbour and Gaynes Cove have produced some good catches on floating lines with Buzzers, Damsel Nymphs, Diawl Bachs and GRHE.
The one-day England Qualifier on May 1 was fished by 66 anglers who caught 344 trout for an impressive rod average of 5.21. Top rod on the day was John Hardy who caught eight trout for a combined weight including time bonus of 29lb 2oz. John fished a Di-7 line with a team of Black and Olive Buzzers drifting from the sailing club frontage to the harbour. Second was Lee Patten with eight trout for a combined weight including time bonus of 25lb 15oz. Lee fished Deep Water Point with a Di-8 line with all his trout taking a Cat’s Whisker Booby on the hang.
The Troutmasters fish-off was won by Dave Porter, from Rutland, with one fish of 4lb 4oz. Dave will now represent Grafham Water in the grand final at Grafham on Monday September 21.
There are new restrictions around the dam tower and these are marked by buoys. Please do not fish or anchor beyond the buoys, there are underwater pipes and equipment which need to be protected.

Grassholme Reservoir, Co Durham 
The weather turned more autumnal than spring with snow and sleet and a blustery wind. Rewards were had for those willing to brave the cold with excellent rod averages recorded throughout the week and a good number of limit catches. Mr S. Cook took his limit before lunch on a snow-filled Tuesday morning fishing the shallows on the lower south bank. Friday saw a return to normal conditions helping Dave Hammond achieve his first ever limit catch fishing with Orange PowerBait Eggs near the Witch’s Hat. On Sunday anglers fishing for the Steven and Walter Kershaw memorial trophy were greeted with rain and a strong easterly wind. David Law took first prize with Steven Simms second. PowerBait Mice Tails have had the most success at present for bait angler. Fly conditions remain difficult with winds causing problems but a Dawson’s Olive or Cat’s Whisker continue to fish well.

Hanningfield Reservoir, Essex
An exceptional week with numerous fish over 6lb caught from both the bank and boats. With strong winds picking up during parts of the week anglers found the big fish from both the bank and boats had moved into the Goldfish Bowl and were easier to target in this location. Bait anglers were successful on the Peninsula with Sunshine Yellow PowerBait attracting bigger fish. Fly anglers saw action increase on floating or fast intermediate lines using Black Buzzers and Crunchers. Tuesday saw a further 3,000 quality rainbows introduced into the reservoir next to Lodge Bay, which as a result, saw a dramatic increase in rod averages for all anglers. Bank anglers fishing from the Mole have been catching their limits and purchasing extra tickets to continue their day’s fishing. Two fish over the 8lb mark graced the nets of two anglers this week. The first at 8lb came to Mr Costel on legered PowerBait from the bank. The second fish at 8lb 2oz was caught by Terence Foster while fishing a fly from the bank. Best flies are Diawl Bach, Pheasant Tail Nymph, Black Buzzer, Olive Damsel and Crunchers.

Hury Reservoir, Co Durham        
Excellent rod averages continued this week with good catch numbers recorded most days. Considering the terrible weather experienced at the start of the week and the latter part of the weekend, the rewards have been plentiful for fisherman willing to brave the wet and windy conditions. The numbers of fish caught was only eclipsed by the quality, with a high number of fish taken over the 4lb mark. Derek Carr took the biggest fish of the week; a 6lb 8oz rainbow which made up a bumper catch limit of 27lb 8oz. Again, the north shore was the most consistent area with the bank between the white post and Reedy Point producing some very good catches. Lures have continued to be the best approach but some sparse hawthorn fly hatches late in the week saw some surface feeding fish in the sheltered areas of Newhouse Bay and the west end inlet.

Kennick Reservoir, Devon
The excellent fishing continued with anglers averaging 3.3 fish per rod, including a number of superb blue trout and plenty of fish over 5lb being caught. In spite of buzzers hatching on the warmer days, not many fish are being caught on dry patterns yet. Most fish are being caught on a selection of nymph patterns with Damsel Nymphs, Diawl Bachs, Montanas and Buzzer patterns responsible for most catches fished on floating or intermediate lines. For deeper fishing, lures such as Vivas, Boobies, Tadpoles, Leeches, and various orange lures have been popular patterns. The water has fished well throughout the day and while fish are well spread around the fishery, bank anglers have had consistently good sport fishing the east bank at the Narrows, Clampitts Bay, Oak Tree Point, and the Lawns, while the best boat fishing was in the Narrows and Outer Clampitts Bay. The best fish of the month was a superb 6lb 4oz rainbow (as part of a full bag), caught by Mr P. Parkin, from Bude, using a Goldhead Montana fishing from the bank, followed by a 6lb 3oz rainbow caught by Mr N. Rogers, from Chudleigh, fishing from the bank at Clampitts using a Damsel Nymph.

Kielder Water, Northumberland
The sunshine and showers brought on some great buzzer hatches in the bays around the reservoir. Anglers have reported catching isolated fish which had been feeding vigorously on buzzers. Fishing with intermediate lines either ‘straight lining’ (long leaders with teams of nymphs) or ‘under the bung’ (using a bite indicator) have connected with fish feeding on the hatches. Lures also worked for the majority of fly anglers with small Boobies, Cormorants, and Blobs. However, some also found success fishing with a lure/nymph combination with the majority of fish taken on intermediates through to Di-5 rated lines. Bait anglers had great success with bubble floats and a worm/PowerBait mix. Leaplish Lodge guests Mr Barlinnie and Stephen Boyd had a great day and managed two catch limits while fishing at Hawkhope. They took the 16 fish on Green PowerBait fished a metre under a bubble float and Stephen also took the season’s largest fish at 5lb 4oz. From May 1 boats can now stay out until 8pm. Half-day boats are also available throughout the week. For bookings please call Leaplish Waterside Park on 01434 251000.

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
Last week 110 rods caught 382 fish for an average of 3.47. The largest fish of the week was an estimated 10lb rainbow caught by John Ponting, of Sutton Coldfield, who was fishing catch and release from a boat on Cocks Close and he tempted it with a Buzzer pattern fished on a floating line and it was the best of a nine fish catch. Dave Bratby, of Birmingham, fished the bank of Cocks Close and caught 10 fish to 5lb using Daddy Longlegs. On the members’ lakes, Alan Garbett, of Solihull, had an 8lb rainbow while fishing from a boat on the Great Pool and this fell to a nymph fished on a floating line. Chris Howarth caught five fish to 6lb 10oz and returned a further six fish, also fishing from a boat on the Great Pool. Allan Bowen, of Birmingham, caught seven fish to 3lb using small Diawl Bachs fished on a floating line. There are lots of fish moving all day long on all of the pools with Buzzers, CdC Emergers, Shipman’s Buzzers, Damsel Nymph, Diawl Bach and Pearly Spiders the top flies.

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
Another good week in spite of the changing weather conditions. There are still some huge buzzer hatches during the day and anglers have enjoyed a bonanza with catches of 20 and 30 fish not uncommon. Mark Marsden had an eight fish limit for 16lb, while Jim McGonicle fished on a three day holiday package and had browns of 4lb 12oz and 3lb 10oz in his catches as well as many rainbows. Martin Barley caught and returned three browns of around 2lb to 3lb during his session. Mark Bradbury had a good session taking five fish off the Gorse Bank. Eight Czech anglers had a cracking day, boating between 20 and 30 fish each using Buzzer and nymph tactics in and around the sailing club bank. The best areas for boat fishing have been the Small Half, sailing club bank and the Pig Stream, while bank anglers should try Duffers, Bog Bay, Gorse and Stilton.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire
Despite the recent cold winds, Ravensthorpe continues to fish well from boat and bank. Buzzers fished static are still accounting for the majority of fish. The rod average for the week is 7.3. Season ticket holder Bob Draper caught eight rainbows on Tuesday from the dam and returned on Friday to bank several more fish which included the best rainbow of the week. The weight of Bob’s fish has not been released as Bob has entered the fish in a ‘Guess the Weight’ competition at Duston Fete in aid of charity. Mr Gordon had an evening boat and between 4pm and 8pm boated 11 fish, using a Di-3 line with a Pitsford Pea in the area around Coton End. A group of four anglers from Essex fished on Saturday in two boats and caught 79 fish between them, of which 71 were returned. Mr Bangham, from Newbury, returned 34 fish in one session from a boat. Floating or midge-tip lines are working well from the bank, with Buzzer and Diawl Bach combinations banking a lot of fish.

Rutland Water, Rutland
Toff Crowther, of Oakham, landed the best fish of the week, a mint conditioned 5lb-plus rainbow. Toff took a good number of quality fish while fishing a Snake pattern from the boat along the Normanton shoreline. The best brown of the week fell to Keith Jones, of Northborough, who caught the 4lb 4oz specimen while fishing in the northern heat of the Anglian Water Airflo International. Many methods are working from Buzzers/nymphs to Boobies and tube flies. With the very unsettled weather continuing and with the wind varying from day to day, it’s not easy to predict where fish will be. There is no shortage of food in the reservoir, with really heavy hatches of buzzers, along with daphnia in stomach contents. Some fish are also feeding hard on shrimp. Settled weather is vital for continuous sport and the recent changeable conditions are making life difficult.

Scaling Dam, Cleveland            
Very windy conditions at the beginning of the week added slicks of sediment into the water pushing the trout towards the deeper parts of the reservoir. Anglers responded to the weather and found success with longer casts. Andy Moscrop, from Loftus, didn’t let the wind or rain put him off and caught his eight fish limit in the east end bay with a Montana on the point and Black Spider on the dropper. Andrew Bogan, from Stockton on Tees, managed 10 rainbows from the east end of the dam wall. Alternating between maggot and fly Andy returned four caught on a Yellow Dancer. Ben Millen, from Saltburn, hiked right along the south shore and was rewarded with his eight fish limit weighing a total of 15lb 2oz caught on worm and Yellow PowerBait Eggs.

Siblyback Lake, Cornwall
The fluctuating weather conditions considerably influenced the fishing during April with weekly rod averages ranging from just under two fish to just under four fish and anglers have had to scour the banks for the best locations. Stocky Bay did produce consistent results but fish were also caught in Crylla Bay, along the north shore, Two Meadows, The Marshes, Diggers Bench, and in the deeper water by the dam. A few fish have been taken on dry patterns but nymphs such as Diawl Bachs, Damsel Nymphs, Montanas, and Buzzers fished on a floating line four to five feet under the surface proved to be the most popular. Black lures and Orange Fritz patterns fished in deeper water also produced some good catches. The best fish of the month was a beautiful rainbow of 3lb 10oz, caught by Bill Hande, from Exeter, fishing from the bank during the Snowbee Team competition. A 3lb 3oz rainbow was caught by Liam Roberts, from Plymouth, and a 3lb 2oz rainbow was caught by Mr N. Tompkins, also from Plymouth. The Snowbee Team Bank competition was won by The Peninsula Fly Fishers (Andy Gooding, Peter Kempton, Roger Truscott, and Denis Symons) catching 23 fish weighing in at 34lb 3oz.

Thornwood Springs Fly Fishery, Essex
On lake one a lot more fish are coming to dry fly with rainbows to 5lb and browns to 6lb landed on emergers, Parachute Buzzers, Klinkhamers and Daddies. One lake two it was a week of sinking lines in the easterly winds with Snakes and white fry patterns doing well. The best brown landed weighed 13lb and best rainbow was 10lb but a few anglers reported losing fish of 16lb-plus. Back to normal weather conditions now so it should be Buzzers and dries this week. The pools are fishing well to Crunchers and Shrimp with fish to 13lb landed.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire
For the week-ending May 1 the 93 anglers caught 491 trout for a rod average of 5.28. The fish are in superb condition, largely due to their diet of big buzzers of all colours in huge quantities, and they are putting on weight at a tremendous rate of knots. Those armed with big Buzzer patterns have fared best and variants can be either generally black, olive or brown with a red collar and maybe some sunburst or orange cheeks. It is also possible to distract one or two fish with a Fritz lure or Blob pattern on an intermediate or sinking line. A 14lb rainbow was caught and released by Sutton in Ashfield angler Neil Deakin who also lost another double on its way to the net. Evening tickets are now available from 5.30pm.

West House Trout Lakes, Cleveland
Some mixed weather this last week has certainly made for changing fishing conditions. During the warm spell there were some excellent fly hatches and there was some terrific sport with dry flies, but the colder weather and the winds moved the fish down so the lures started to take over. Local anglers Ernie Craster, Peter Crowe and Chris Micallef had an excellent afternoon session, landing 47 fish between them up to 7lb, on a variety of methods from dries to lures. Emilie Wright, aged 10, caught eight fish up to 6lb fishing a Squirmy Worm under an indicator. Simon Jackson, from Thirsk, caught a lovely brown trout estimated at 8lb, the fish falling to a Cormorant fished in the margins. Alastair Jones, of Sunderland, caught 18 fish in a hectic session using a selection of Buzzers, the best fish a nice rainbow of 6lb. Nigel Howes, of Hull, landed a stunning rainbow of 14lb caught using a Red Bloodworm. The lakes are now open from 8am until 8pm every day. Best flies including F-Flies, Shuttlecocks, Black Pennell, Damsel, Black Gnat, Blobs and Bloodworms. The lakes are now open until 8pm every evening. Free tea and coffee is now available from the lodge.

Wimbleball Lake, Somerset
Bank fishing proved to be the most popular during April (particularly Ruggs and Bessoms), although some of the best fish and bags were taken from boats and self-launch kayaks with the Upton Arm and Cow Moor producing some outstanding fishing. The rod average for the month was a very respectable 4.3 fish. Toward the end of the month huge buzzer swarms were evident all around the lake and spooned fish were full of them. While some fish are rising to dry patterns (Klinkhamers and Buzzer Emergers), teams of Buzzers and Damsels fished subsurface on sink tip lines have produced better results with the best fishing to be had on fast sink lines fishing Cat’s Whiskers and Orange Blobs in deeper water. With a number of fish over 5lb being caught the best fish of the month was a 6lb 2oz rainbow caught by Rod Newton, fishing from a boat.

Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham
The cooler and cloudier conditions gave anglers a lot more sporting action this week. This, combined with the continued hatches across all the lakes, gave the 65 anglers who paid a visit a very decent rod average of four fish. A number of those anglers made it into double-figure bags, with the best of them being G. Wharton who caught the 15 fish limit. Also in double-figures were S. Hibbard with 13 fish, J. Walker with 12 fish and M. Turner caught 10 fish. The best fish of the week went to J. Bainbridge with a very nice 6lb rainbow and R. Dodds who caught a beautiful 6lb overwintered brown. By far the best fly of the week has been an Olive CdC F-Fly, closely followed by Hare’s Ear Emperor and CdC Palomino. Temperatures are set to rise again through the coming week with enough cloud and rain to keep things interesting.