England Troutmasters reports for week-ending November 27th, 2015

Blackdyke Trout Fly Fishery, Norfolk
The fishery will be closed to the general public on Sunday November 29 as they are holding a Team England bank qualifier. Details can be found at te-ff-org/. Fishing is getting better and better with lots of anglers catching into double-figures. Nigel and Daniel Tranter fished on Sunday and had 22 between them. Daniel had a lovely rainbow weighing 4lb 11oz which was entered into the Troutmasters competition.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
Anglers have enjoyed good sport this week using a mixture of lures and Buzzers depending on the time of day and weather conditions. Colin Harris, from Whickham, caught 17 fish on Saturday using Zonkers in the morning and Buzzers in the afternoon. Abdul Muhit, from Morpeth, kept five fish for 13lb and returned five using a Bunny Leech. Robert Hedley, from Morpeth, kept five fish and returned four, also using a Bunny Leech. Peter Davison, from New Hartley, caught 14 fish on Buzzers. Rob Frame, from West Denton, caught 12 fish using Bloodworms and Blobs. Ken Glenton, from Ashington, caugth 11 fish using Buzzers and Cat’s Whiskers. Geert Jan Van Zon, from Morpeth, landed a 5lb rainbow from Dunnydeer Lake using a Montana. Geert enjoyed his session, keeping three fish and returning three. Fishery closing at 4pm - still stocking twice weekly.

Derwent Reservoir, Northumberland
The stream beside the disabled platform has been a magnet for fish this week with Colin Boughey taking nine fish at the start of the week and returning on Wednesday to net a further eight at the stream inflow. Colin’s successful method was a green and orange PowerBait Egg with a worm sandwiched in-between. His 20lb 8oz catch on Monday was topped with a 4lb 8oz rainbow in absolutely beautiful condition. The cold snap at the end of the week appears to have moved the fish away from the cooler inflowing water but has also put the bigger fish on the prowl with several anglers reporting losing big fish. Ken Thompson and David Wafer only fished four hours but took some nice fish from east of Millshield with the best at 4lb 4oz. Silver Tobies are still taking occasional fish as is a chain bead Silver Humungus. The milder air this week should provide anglers with a final opportunity to net a few fish. End of season competition is on Saturday November 28, £18 entry.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Anglers continue to enjoy good sport with a rod average of 3.57 for the week and one third of all trout caught weighing 3lb or over. Bank anglers have had excellent fishing with the dam, Seat, Gaynes Cove, G Buoy and Deep Water Point all giving good, consistent fishing when the wind has permitted. The most consistent methods for the bank anglers have been to fish floating lines with Shrimp patterns, Hare’s Ear, Black Booby and Minkies close to the margins. Boat anglers have had a great week’s sport with the majority of trout caught coming from the margins. The best areas for the boat anglers, wind permitting, have been the Seat, dam, G Buoy, Willows, Deep Water Point and Sailing Club Bay The best methods for the boat anglers have been to fish floating or intermediate lines with Shrimp patterns, Hare’s Ear, Blobs, Minkies, tubes and Snakes.
Seven anglers fished GWFFA’s final bank match of the season, catching 39 trout for a rod average of 5.57. Top rod on the day was Chris Bobby, from Great Staughton, with eight 8 trout for 22lb 8oz, fishing a floating line with an Orange Blob and Snake from the Seat. John Vincent was second with eight fish for 21lb 8oz and third Steve Jones with six fish for 14lb 5oz. Dayood Sheik caught the biggest trout of the day, an overwintered rainbow of 4lb 15oz.
Grafham’s Fur and Feather bank match will be held on Sunday November 29. To reserve a place call in at the lodge or phone 01480 810531.

Grassholme Reservoir, Co Durham
High wind and rain battered Grassholme through the week which turned to snow through the weekend. Anglers that braved the cold found fishing challenging with fish refusing to feed and heading deep due to the big change in the water temperatures. Jeff Walsh refused to let the bad weather hamper his spirits, taking three decent fish from the boat jetty on a very wet Wednesday. Hopefully this week’s milder weather will bring the fish back into the margins to feed ready for the end of season competition on Sunday November 29 with £50 added to the pot for the heaviest fish. Best flies are Dawson’s Olive, Cat’s Whisker, Orange Blob. Best areas are Witch’s Hat and boat jetty.

Hanningfield Reservoir, Essex
Very strong winds and cold wintery temperatures finally arrived during the week bringing long periods where boats were unable to leave the jetty for safety reasons. For the most part, stormy weather continued almost every day, leaving little option for visitors other than to fish the banks where possible. When conditions improved boats managed to reach nearly all the hotspots, especially the drop-off near to Atlantis. P. Kaminskas fished this area and landed a prime rainbow of 8lb 2oz using a yellow pencil lure. Many of these larger trout have moved off the shallows into deeper water where anglers drifting with sinking lines and Minkies have recorded fish feeding predominantly on snails. Boat anglers should be aware of shallow sand bars off the Peninsula/Atlantis, so care should taken to avoid running aground. Bank anglers continue to find success using floatfished worm, although PowerBait still remains favourite bait for the majority. November opening times are 8.30am to 3.30pm. Best flies are Minkie, Orange Fritz, White Zonker, and Orange Blob.

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
Last week saw 34 rods catch 141 fish for an average of 4.15 per rod. It has been a quiet week on the fishery with heavy rain and high winds putting anglers off but those that did brave the conditions found the fishing very good. The bank fishing on Cocks Close continues to improve with the fish starting to spread around the pool. Cat’s Whiskers, Damsel Nymph, Diawl Bach and Black Tadpole have been the outstanding flies on intermediate lines. The biggest fish of the week was an 8lb 6oz rainbow caught by Paul Flanner, of Worcester, who was fishing from a boat on Cocks Close. He also caught another weighing 7lb 4oz and they fell to a Damsel Nymph fished on a floating line. Dave Bratby, of Birmingham, fished the bank of Cocks Close and caught and returned eight fish to 4lb, again to Damsels. Steve Gowan, of Knowle, fished from a boat on Cocks Close and caught five fish and returned another four, also to Damsels. Mark Goldney, of Nuneaton, fished from a boat on Park Meadow and caught eight fish to 5lb on Hothead Damsels. The best areas have been the lodge corner, around the middle willows and the old boat jetty corner on Cocks Close.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire
Another great week for the trout anglers with some good bank sport on fry patterns. The trout are actively feeding as the temperature drops and Minkies and Cat’s Whiskers on a sinking line from the boat has produced results. Bank anglers have also enjoyed success on smaller imitative patterns such as Corixa and Buzzers fished on the washing-line with a Popper Minkie or floating fry on the point. Alan Duffin caught a lovely 5lb 8oz rainbow from Mongers on a Grey Minkie. The best fish of the week fell to Dean Franklin, from Florida, who tempted a 9lb 8oz rainbow from in front of Platforms 13 and 14 on a sinking line with a Cat’s Whisker.
The pike sport has been slow this week with only a few small jacks caught but with the cold weather set to continue they may be on the feed in the coming days. Pike fishing at Ravensthorpe will end on Monday 30 November, coinciding with the last day for boats.

Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex
Anglers fishing the beginners end of lake 1 are catching on Damsels and Cat’s Whiskers. At the brown trout end the preference is for Black Pennells and Yellow Dancers. On lake two big resident browns are feeding well with plenty from 6lb-10lb recorded this week. Bloodworms, Red Buzzers and Cat’s Whisker or Cormorants are best for these. Some rainbows falling to sunken Daddies and Blobs. Lake three produced fish to 12lb on small black nymphs and Crunchers.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire
For the week-ending November 20 the 43 rods caught 170 trout for a rod average of 3.95. Much of the fishing effort was kicked into touch by truly horrible wet and windy weather. A break in midweek saw a few venture out to find good sport on fry patterns on either floating or intermediate lines with an orange lure being a good change pattern. The final few weeks of the season should follow similar trends with fish staying pretty high in the water at present. With stocking still continuing there are plenty of fish to catch in top condition. It's fair to say that the bank is starting to edge the best of the sport just now, as always if your not catching then either change or move and it's always great to share your knowledge with other anglers. The annual Fur and Feather match is on the last day of the season, Sunday December 13. For more details call the fishery office on 01673 878453. A reminder too that from December 1 Toft will open at 8am.

Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham
The last couple of weeks have been very quiet with only a handful or so of anglers braving the unpleasant weather conditions. The strong winds, heavy rains and recent cold temperatures have combined to keep visiting numbers low. The fishing has been very hard and there have been no notable catches to report, with most visiting anglers lucky to end up with a bag of more than five fish and the heaviest catches not getting much beyond 4lb. The best flies have been CdCs, Buzzers, Hare’s Ears, Diawl Bach and Blobs. The lakes will only be open Saturdays and Sundays after Sunday November 29 throughout the months of December, January and February until opening weekend of March 5-6, 2016, after which we will revert back to full time opening.