England Troutmasters reports for week-ending October 16th, 2015

Bewl Water, Kent
Fishing has again been very good this week. Rod average based on returns is 3.59. The trout have remained in the top layers and continue to spread out. Best areas for boats have again been from the dam to past the cages in Hook Straight, Chingley and Ferry Point to Monty's Seat. Best areas for bank fishing are from the Sailing Club to the dam wall, Chingley and Bramble Point. Successful flies have been Daddies, Hoppers, Cormorants, Boobies and Minkies fished on a floating line. Sussex and North Kent Fly Dressers Guilds held their Annual Charity Pairs Competition on Sunday when 16 anglers caught 65 trout giving a rod average of 4.06. Weekends are very busy, so please be sure to book your boats in advance especially if you want a boat for three people. A reminder that no boats are available on October, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 24.

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk
Overcast days have been better for fishing this week with several of the larger fish showing. Mark Reed had his best rainbow to date at 8lb 4oz which was returned safely. Blobs, nymphs and lures are all accounting for fish which are well spread out all over the lake so anglers are advised to keep on the move. A selection of new Hardy and Greys rods are now available in the lodge for anglers to try out.

Derwent Reservoir, Northumberland
A slow start to the week although as the weather improved so did the catches with a number of limit catches reported with the rod average pushing towards five fish per angler on some days. Mr A. Sedbury netted both the heaviest fish at 4lb 8oz and the heaviest eight fish catch of 17lb while Leslie Little took 12 fish on a Family Permit. When conditions have been calm PowerBait Mice-tails have that extra movement in the water to attract the trout and have been the top bait this week with fluorescent orange and chartreuse the top colour. Buzzers are still hatching along with some medium sedges which are keeping the fish in the upper water layers. The best fly combination has been a Bibio with Buzzers on the droppers fished slowly and John Balmer took his eight fish and returned two more with this method. With a change in wind direction indicating the onset of some colder weather then an Orange Nomad on an intermediate has been unbeatable. Fish are well spread out with catches coming from west of the sailing club, the meadow and along the North bank. It is noticeable that with the early frosts it may be after lunch before the fish really feed in earnest so a little patience is bringing rewards.

Fontburn Reservoir, Northumberland
Anglers who took the ranger’s advice and walked the banks with spinners were rewarded for their efforts this week, taking some great catches. Legering techniques also proved productive, especially when combined with a swimfeeder and Magic Dust. Notable catches included Dave Kirkwood who netted seven fish for 14lb 8oz including a cracking 3lb 8oz rainbow. Mr G. Todd and Mr W .Simpson recorded limit catches of 14lb 4oz and 13lb 12oz respectively and Roy Athey took six fish home for 12lb. With stockings from the farm continuing to take place twice weekly around the reservoir there should be plenty of good sport to be had in all areas over the next weeks as the season moves into November. Best flies are Cats Whisker, Consett Budgie and Black Ant. Best areas are North Shore middle section and South Shore top section.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Grafham has continued to fish well for both bank and boat anglers with a good rod average of 3.53. Season ticket holder John Archer, from London, caught the biggest fish of the week, - a superb overwintered rainbow of 5lb 7oz. John caught this fine specimen on a Booby plus Shrimp combination using a washing-line at the south end of the dam. Bank anglers have had a good week’s sport with plenty of consistent catches coming from the south dam, Seat, Deep Water Point, G Buoy and the Willows. The main method for the bank anglers has been to fish Shrimp patterns and small nymphs almost static on a floating line. Boat anglers have had plenty of bag limits mainly from around the margins on floating or fast glass lines with Shrimp patterns, Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear, Crunchers, FABs, Cat Boobies, Daddies and Tequila Blobs. The most consistent areas for boat anglers have been Deep Water and Pylon Points, G Buoy, Willows, Gaynes Cove, Sludge Bank, Valley Creek and Sanctuary Bay.
The BC Hall match was held on October 8 and fished very well indeed with a rod average of 4.04 and 101 fish recorded. First was Gary How with eight fish for 20lb 11oz; second Mark Searle with eight fish for 19lb 15oz; third Ray Storer with eight fish for 18lb 5oz; fourth Peter De Kremer eight fish for 17lb 12oz; and fifth Chris McLeod seven fish for 16lb 3oz.

Grassholme Reservoir, Co Durham
It was a week of unsettled weather but this did not disappoint anglers looking for some top quality late season sport. Mr G. Hodgson took eight pristine trout for 14lb 8oz as did Mr A. Smith who also netted an eight fish catch limit. Mr G. Parry also had a memorable day with a 10 fish Loyalty Day limit catch and was another of many anglers taking limits home this week. The biggest fish of the week goes to Mr J. Laybourn with a fully-finned rainbow of 3lb, one of four quality fish with a total weight of 9lb. Anglers reported the dam wall was fishing well as was the area in front of the fishing lodge and the west end car park. Chartreuse sparkly PowerBait still tops the list as the most successful bait but anglers using worm combined with PowerBait are also reporting a lot of interest from the bigger trout. With trout keen to gorge themselves on the fry a well placed spinner can also result in some good sport. Fly anglers reported that a Cat’s Whisker or a Black Fritz fished parallel to the bank at a distance of 10 to 15 feet out is also doing well.   

Hanningfield Reservoir, Essex
The autumn weather continues to provide excellent sport with great catches recorded throughout the week. The regular hotspots are proving irresistible for the big fish, as proven by boat partners Marius Talevicius and Linas Liudzius who caught a stunning pair of rainbows at 10lb and 9lb 13oz respectively. They fished micro spinners by the Inlet. The bubble lines are still holding plenty of fish with multiple catch limits being recorded as well as a few big fish netted. Rex Bislimi caught a cracking 8lb 14oz rainbow at the bubbles using a spinner and Richard Mead, on his first visit to the fishery, caught a lovely 7lb rainbow using a 3D minnow lure. The Peninsula, Atlantis and Goldfish Bowl have remained the best spots for bank anglers with numerous eight fish limits recorded. PowerBait remains the best bait on the leger although worms are a good alternative when floatfished. Best flies are Montana, Dancer, Orange FM, Zonkers and Orange Blobs.

Hury Reservoir, Co Durham
A week of unsettled weather didn’t stop anglers having some excellent sport and Joe Watson was delighted with his limit catch of eight fish for 19lb. Fishing alongside Joe was Geordie Samms who caught eight pristine rainbows for 17lb 8oz. Hury regular Derek Carr landed 10 quality rainbows on his Loyalty Day visit for 16lb, returning the next day to land another eight fish limit catch of 13lb 12oz, then returning a third day to land another five quality trout. There were lots of fly hatches with plenty of daddies visible on the surface. Fish are still chasing small roach fry in and around the margins so lures are still providing success with Fritz and Cat’s Whisker patterns doing well. Mr P. Eastwood caught the biggest fish of the week with a pristine rainbow of 4lb 8oz. Best flies are Dawson’s Olive, Bibio, Black Hopper and Daddy Longlegs. Best areas are Corporal Hill and both sides of the dam wall.

Kielder Water, Northumberland
The western half of the reservoir has been popular this week with notable returns from the bay below Bakethin weir with some decent catches also around Lewisburn Bridge and Matthew’s Linn. The biggest rainbow of the week was landed in Leaplish ski bay, a fine 3lb 8oz rainbow caught on PowerBait/worm by Mrs I. McDonough. The best catch of the week went to John Ige again fishing PowerBait/worm. He caught five rainbows from below Bakethin weir.  Boat hire will continue at Kielder up to the end of the season, weather permitting. Please check with the duty ranger as return times will change as the days shorten. Current boat in time is 5pm. Best flies are Orange Blob and Blue Winged Olive. Best boat areas are Needs Hill and The Belling Inlet. Best bank areas are Bakethin weir, Tower Knowe and Leaplish ski bay.

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
Last week saw 73 rods catch 230 fish for an average of 3.15 per rod. The wet and windy weather at the start of the week gave way to more high pressure, bright conditions and the fishing was a little mixed with boat sport generally more consistent. Small lures such as Black Tadpole, mini Cat’s Whisker and Orange Fritz have accounted for plenty of fish and as the water continues to cool the fish will chase these more. Bloodworm, Diawl Bach, Damsel Nymph, Daddy Longlegs and Black Buzzer were the best imitative patterns. The biggest fish of the week was an 8lb 4oz rainbow caught by John Salisbury, of Warwick, who was fishing in the Packington Fly Fishers Jubilee Cup held on Cocks Close on Sunday.  This fish helped John win the competition with his total bag of 14lb 10oz for five fish, which all came to Cat’s Whiskers fished on an intermediate line.  Fishery regular Harold Lewis, of Knowle, caught five fish to 6lb 4oz while fishing from a boat on Cocks Close and these all came to Black Buzzers fished on a floating line. On the bank of Cocks Close, Dave Bratby, of Birmingham, caught seven fish to 5lb using sunken Daddies and Black Buzzers fished on a floating line. On the Park Meadow pool, Mr B. Stubbs, of Atherstone, caught seven fish using small Buzzers and Damsel Nymphs. The best areas have been the far corner and high bank of Cocks Close and the middle of the dam wall in the deeper water on Park Meadow.

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
The week has ended with an autumnal feel in the air. The fish have provided plenty of good sport in all areas of the reservoir. This is reflected in a fantastic rod average of 4.9. The fish have either been up in the water chasing fry and cleaning up on snail, or down deep where back drifting and Blobs have been successful. Pat Flynn had two lovely 5lb-plus rainbows together with many other fish to the boat and Geraldine Harris landed a 3lb 8oz full-tailed brownie which was released. A 21lb 8oz pike was caught by Pete Oakley, from Tring, using floatfish smelt along the narrows, 40 yards from the bank. Mick Shaw, from Hemel Hempstead, had two lovely hen fish weighing 12lb 7oz and 17lb 7oz caught on a sardine pattern. An invasive species of shrimp (Dikerogammarus villosus), commonly known as DV, has been found at Pitsford Water. It is important that anglers continue to follow the Check, Clean, Dry procedures in place for the preservation of our environment and sport. Best boat areas are the dam, main basin, boils, Narrows, and Brixworth Bay. Bank areas are restricted with some weed growth but fishing quite well off the Pines, Pitsford Creek and Cliffs.

Rutland Water, Rutland
The 2015 Anglian Water Airflo International on Tuesday and Wednesday October 6-7 was won by Elinor for the second year running. Last year their winning margin was just 4lb, this year they managed to put more than 15lb between themselves and second placed Nymph-a-Maniacs. Bronze medal winners for the second consecutive year were Welsh Hawks.
Team Elinor, of captain Ed Foster, Brad Gifford, Richard Slater, Paul Haskey, Ian Donaldson and Mick O’Farrell received gold medals, the coveted silver salver, £1500 cash and tackle prizes. Over the two days the team weighed in 64 fish for 140lb.
Second placed Nymph-a-maniacs took silver, with 63 fish for 124lb 9oz and the Welsh Hawks had 57 fish for 122lb 13oz.
The top overseas team were Fly Fishing For Fun from Belgium who took sixth place overall. Top individual rod was Elinor’s Bradley Gifford, the only angler to take eight-fish limits on both days. Bradley recorded an impressive 39lb 10oz. The best fish of the match at 4lb 4oz fell to Nymph-a-Maniacs team member Rob Edmunds. 
The Anglian Water Pairs non-rudder and rudder event on October 10 attracted 36 anglers and the majority of anglers chose the rudder. In the rudder section Mark Haycock and Graham Pearson won their section with 14 fish for 32lb 9oz. Second were Al Owen and Gordon Bloodworth with 12 fish for 25lb. Boat regulars Jim Watts and Martin Hearth were third with 12 fish for 24lb 4oz. In the non-rudder section father and son pair Malcolm and James Hunter caught seven quality fish for 22lb 10oz. Their winning bag came from the top of the North Arm and included a 5lb 3oz brown and the best rainbow of the match at 3lb 8oz. Second place in this section went to local anglers Keith Jones and Richard Cooper with eight fish for 20lb 1oz, including browns of 4lb 5oz and 3lb 7oz. Stan Suthick and Steve Jones took third place with six fish for 11lb 7oz. The best brown of the match at 5lb 11oz went to Mark Haycock who had seen good browns moving whilst fishing up the North Arm during the AWAI final a few days previously. James Hunter took the best rainbow of the match at 3lb 8oz. Another notable fish taken last week was a brown of 5lb 15oz for Richard Humphrey, from Brighton. Richard took this fish with a White Humungus while boat fishing in Barnsdale Creek.
Bank anglers are now getting amongst the fish. Trout and Salmon editor Andy Flitcroft caught a 6lb-plus specimen using a size 14 Bob’s Bits from the North Arm shallows. Away from the Green Bank, the Sailing Club, Old Hall, the Normanton Bank from the blue pipes through to either side of the church are all worth trying. Dries, nymphs and fry patterns are working well. Anglers are reminded to bring their own landing nets and drogues.

Scaling Dam, Cleveland
Unsavoury conditions of wind and rain combined with a distinct drop in the temperature hindered the enjoyment for the first half of the week although some good catches were still recorded. The rest of the week was far more satisfactory and fish were seen surfacing early mornings and mid afternoons in the calm waters. Peter Lightfoot, from Redcar, started his morning on the wall at the west end with legered worm and PowerBait to land four rainbows within two hours. At noon he moved to the east end and by 2pm had caught another four completing his eight fish catch limit. In the same vein, George Houston, from Guisborough, and Harry Noble, from Whitby, began their day on the jetty, landing several fish each using Mice-tails. They then moved to the east end, finishing the day with eight rainbows each. The best fish of the week at 3lb was caught on a home-tied Humungus along the western section of the dam wall by regular fly angler Brian Lees from Teesdale. Best flies are Humungus, Coachman and Muddler.

Temple Trout Fishery, Cornwall
Warm overcast days have seen some good hatches of insects with plenty of trout surface feeding. On these days dry flies and Buzzers have been most productive. In cooler brighter conditions fish have been caught deeper in the lake with sinking and intermediate lines being most effective. The largest trout of the month was caught by Andy Dexter, of Pensilva, at 4lb 4oz. Andy caught a two-fish bag for 6lb 4oz which was taken on a Bibio and a Blue-flash Damsel. Paul Neild, of Newquay, also landed a good 4lb 3oz rainbow fishing a Damsel Nymph. Chris Short, of Illminster, landed eight fish for 15lb 12oz fishing a Humungus.

Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex
Since one end of lake one was restocked and reopened as a beginners catch and keep-only fishing pool, there have been limits for all with many anglers catching their first-ever trout. Most are going home with four fish each. Tickets on here start at £15. Daddies and Damsels have been best on here. On the other side of the net a few grown-on rainbows were landed and one brownie over the weekend even without much fishing going on, which was good. Next week 150 browns will be delivered for here to make it a brown-only pool. On lake two Daddies, Buzzers and Damsels caught fish to 8lb. On lake three fishery manager Peter Thurston caught a beautiful coloured fish with huge fins using a White Corixa. “Not a monster at about 5lb but one of the prettiest fish I’ve stalked from there for a while,” said Peter.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire
For the week-ending October 2 the 69 rods caught 286 trout for a rod average of 4.1. An increased rod average perhaps helped by occasional overcast and showery conditions. Plenty of activity on or near the surface and anything with a touch of buoyancy, including Suspender Buzzers, FABs, Mini Boobies and Daddies, was worth a try. A cooler feel in the last couple of days, due to the chilly northerly winds, should see the fish turn to fry feeding so try a Suspender Minkie or Floating Fry fished on the top with a flashy Diawl Bach on the dropper. Bank sport is on the up and fish have at times reported to be very close in, a good sign that they've found the fry. Plenty of fish over 5lb reported and the best at 10lb 4oz fell to Scunthorpe octogenarian Pete Cowan on one of his mini FABs. A reminder that the Toft Newton Cup takes place on Sunday October 25, entry is £30 which includes the £24 six fish permit cost and £6 towards the prize pot.

Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham
Apart from the Wednesday wash-out everyone enjoyed a good week’s fishing in the predominantly pleasant conditions. The 57 visiting anglers through the gates returned another decent rod average of just over four fish. Catch rates were also up this week, with G.R. Oliver and A. Chedzey both making the 15 fish limit, although on separate days. Other anglers with double-figure bags were R. McCullagh who caught 13 fish, R.B. Roy had 12 fish and A. Moor caught 10 fish. Also making it onto the sheets were B. Wood with nine fish and N. Midgley with eight. The best fish of the week was a 6lb 3oz rainbow caught by J. Walton. The best flies have been CdCs, closely followed by Black and Olive Zonkers, Buzzers and Hare’s Ears.