England Troutmasters reports for week-ending October 2nd, 2015

Avington Trout Fishery, Hampshire
The first couple of weeks in September saw the fish remaining fairly lethargic and anglers had to work hard for their bags. In the past couple of weeks, the fish have really turned on to the feed and are obliging once more. The drop in temperature and increased water level have both had a very positive impact on how the stock are behaving and fish are now chasing lures. Biggest of the month at 17lb 8oz went to regular Billie Porter. He fished lake one with a Damsel. Lee Randell caught a fin-perfect specimen of 14lb 8oz from lake three, again on a Damsel. Dozens of other fish between 10 and 14lb have been caught this month. Damsels have produced a large number of the big fish with heavy bugs effective into the bright afternoons when the fish have pushed into the deeper water. One angler had consistent sport using a Ginked Daddy fished just subsurface. Cat’s Whiskers and Buzzers are also picking off a good number of fish.
The carrier stream is also producing well. The water level has come up comfortably in the past week and in turn the fishing has become a little easier with plenty of beautiful wild browns nudging 1lb and lots of grayling in the 8oz to 1lb 8oz bracket being caught.
The fishery will be closed for corporate days on October 9, 17 and 27. Avington are now running a Facebook and Twitter account, follow the links from the website homepage.

Bewl Fishery, Kent
After a spell of challenging fishing Bewl continues to improve daily now that the brown algae has gone and oxygen levels in the water have improved. The rod average based on returns is an excellent 2.88. A number of anglers have caught their eight-fish limits which have included trout weighing 3lb-plus. The fish are on or near the top of the water and best areas for boats have been across the main bowl from the dam to  the cages, including Bramble Bay, Chingley and Ferry Point. Best areas for bank fishing are the dam wall and Chingley. Bramble Bay/Point is beginning to improve as well. Successful flies include Boobies on the point with Hoppers on the droppers, Daddies, Cormorants , Minkies and Diawl Bachs. A reminder that there are no boats available on 17, 18, 19, 20 and 24 October. Anyone wanting to take part in Boss's Day on October 24 can contact Vince on 07955 174210 or leave a message at the lodge.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
Sport has been very weather dependent this week. When overcast, dries are working both surface and subsurface. On the bright still days fish have been caught on intermediate lines with lures and Bloodworms. The fly box this week has been Buzzers, nymphs, Bloodworms, lures and dries. Steve Cochrane, from Guidepost, caught 14 fish on Damsels, dries and Zonkers. Brian Davis, from Dudley, caught nine fish on Bloodworms and Buzzers. Matty Divine, from Hadston, caught 18 fish on Bloodworms and nymphs. Mark Dunlop, from Belford, caught nine fish a Hare’s Ear and Bloodworms. Peter Davison, from New Hartley, caught nine fish using Blobs. Davie Parker, from Wallsend, caught 16 fish on Blobs and dries. Jimmy Drew, from Wallsend, enjoyed his free fishing with a full loyalty card catching 14 fish on Blobs and wets. G. Bonas, from Chopwell, caught nine fish on Suspender Buzzers. Steve Bilbrough, from Cramlington, caught 16 fish using Buzzers, Kate Mclaren and Damsels. David Kay, from  Morpeth, caught 14 fish using Damsels. Lawrence Geary, from Howtel, caught a 4lb 10oz rainbow from Dunnydeer Lake on a Damsel Nymph. Eric Gassner, from Belford, caught eight fish in a two-hour evening session, including two rainbows weighing in at 8lb, all caught on a black lure. Jimmy Brown from Etal hooked a 5lb rainbow from Ross Lake when fishing with instructor Bob Smith. The fishery will be closing at 7pm this week and 5pm on Saturdays.

Derwent Reservoir, Northumberland
A week of contrasts in weather highlighted just what an affect it can have on the behaviour of the fish. Saturday was overcast and fish were landed in numbers on both banks but after a night frost followed by brilliant sunshine on Sunday almost all anglers found the fish in a dour and difficult mood. Despite the conditions, Gary Limond, from Delves Lane, managed to catch his first trout, taking a nice 2lb rainbow on legered Orange PowerBait Mice-tails. Other notable catches were T. Deneri and P. Buckley both taking 10 fish on their free ‘Loyalty Day’ and the best catch was M. Kenny with a total weight for 18lb 8oz taken using fly and spinner. Anglers need to adapt to the conditions with regard to the depth and distance from shore as the conditions dictate. A huge hatch of small buzzers has enticed fish to the surface on occasions and flies such as a Black Buzzer, Diawl Bach or Pheasant Tail Nymphs drifted on the breeze has worked well. The majority of bait anglers have used leger methods but fish were also taken on floatfished worm using a short trace.

Elinor Trout Fishery, Northamptonshire
For the week September 21-27 the 146 anglers caught 463 fish of which 285 were returned. Best fish Included one of 4lb 9oz for Steven Watson, from Cambridge, on a Daddy from the boat; 4lb 4oz to S. Jones, from St Albans, on an Olive Cruncher; and 4lb 1oz to David Humpherson, from Oundle, on an Olive Booby from the boat. Water clarity is superb and fish are being taken from most areas. Plenty of daddies hatching and the majority of fish are being caught in the top three foot using either dries or washing-line on a floater or midge-tip. High dissolved oxygen levels mean the fish are fighting extremely hard with lots of 2-3lb grown-on specimens being taken. Weed continues to lessen and prospects look good for the back end of the season. Best bank areas are brookside, coarse bank and dam (in a north wind). Boat anglers found that most areas are holding fish. Best patterns are wet or dry Daddies, Olive Cruncher, Red Diawl Bach, small Black Buzzer, Bloodworm, white/green lure, Tequila or Candy FAB.
The Dave Hughes Memorial Fur & Feather will take place on Sunday November 8 and bookings are now being taken for boat and bank entries. Cost is £25 which includes fishing fees (£5 for season ticket holders). Proceeds from the raffle will be split between Air Ambulance and The British Heart Foundation.

Fontburn Reservoir, Northumberland  
With water temperatures still hovering around the 14 degrees mark and water levels slowly dropping, fish are being concentrated into deeper areas of the reservoir where they could be seen topping during the morning sun. Later in the day these fish move into the margins hunting fry and terrestrial life that has blown onto the water. Daddy longlegs and heather flies can be seen in large numbers on the surface along the margins providing excellent surface feed for trout. Roving fly anglers willing to venture near to the nature reserve are being rewarded with some excellent late season sport as trout gauge themselves on fry and terrestrials. Bait anglers are having best success using legered PowerBait fished on a long trace allowing the bait to move and enticing the feeding trout. Spinners have really come into their own as they account for a high percentage of fish taken. Mr and Mrs McKiever landed the best catch of the week with 12 rainbows totalling over 21lb. M. Flanigan landed 11 trout for an impressive total weight of 19lb 12oz. Wayne Jopling netted five pristine rainbows using a variety of spinners for a respectable weight of 10lb 2oz. B. Dobey landed the fish of the week, a rainbow of 6lb 9oz on legered Orange PowerBait Eggs near the ramp. Best flies are Black Buzzer, Daddy Longlegs and Kate McLaren.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Anglers have enjoyed an amazing week, including the biggest fish of the season so far. Andy Cooper caught the 8lb 10oz rainbow on a Black Snake on a Di-5 line from a boat at D Buoy. Best brown at 4lb 6oz was taken by S. Riley of Surrey. Boat anglers have recorded plenty of bag limits from most areas. The best methods from the boats have been to fish either floating or Di-3 lines with Crunchers, Diawl Bachs, GRHE, Shrimp patterns, Black or White Snakes, FABs and Cat’s Whisker Boobies. Most popular boat areas have been Sanctuary Bay, Hedge End, Deep Water Point, G and D Buoys, Willows, bowl of the dam, Gaynes Cove and the Seat. Bank anglers have enjoyed great sport with the most consistent areas being the dam, Deep Water Point, G Buoy, Willows, Gaynes Cove and the Seat. The most effective methods have been to fish Shrimp patterns and small nymphs on floating lines.

Grassholme Reservoir, Co Durham
Grassholme had a mix of weather conditions this week but it has not affected the sport. Mark Stephenson, from Bishop Auckland, had an excellent morning fishing at the Witch’s Hat, catching his eight fish limit for 17lb 8oz using a mixture of Orange PowerBait Eggs and worm on a leger. The secret to Mark’s success was to fish only 10 to 15 yards from the bank where he found fish patrolling for food. The hotspots over the weekend were the west end car park and in front of the fishing lodge with Bob Watson and Billy McKenna from Washington Angling Club both catching their limits using various PowerBait Eggs. David Hancock and John Temple, from Washington, also caught their eight fish limits straight in front of the fishing lodge. Dan Mills caught the heaviest fish of the week weighing 4lb 10oz. Best flies are Dawson’s Olive, Foam Daddy and Black or Brown Hopper.

Hanningfield Reservoir, Essex
A very busy weekend was enjoyed by all with 100 anglers on the bank for Saturday and Sunday as the late summer weather conditions helped boost visitor numbers. All boats were also sold each day with perfect conditions allowing anglers to reach the main hotspots around the bubbles and Peninsula shallows. Lobworm and PowerBait have yet again proven very effective baits along the main dam wall and inlet. Furthermore, Middlemead Bay has started to show better catch returns after a lean period. Boats have continued to fish the bubble lines for specimen rainbows and these are now showing in larger numbers. Gintautas Rimkus used floatfished prawn in this area to net a fine trout weighing 8lb 10oz plus six additional fish. Another heavy rainbow of 8lb 8oz was taken by Edvinas Jusevicius in an eight fish limit using freelined worm over deep water. Intermediate lines in combination with fry patterns are now working well and unusually shoals of fish remain high in the water, although sinking lines will soon be required when colder temperatures arrive. Best flies are Montana, Damsel, Orange FM, Zonker and Orange Blob.

Hury Reservoir, Co Durham
Blustery conditions earlier in the week made way for calmer days later in the week when fish started to take flies from the surface as they patrolled the banks for food. Those who explored the reservoir got their rewards for their persistence. I. Wells had a good day at Reedy Bank and the west end of the reservoir, catching his eight fish limit and returning a further three fish. Mr Wells caught the majority of his fish on a Bibio and a Black Hopper. George Wind, from Newcastle, caught the heaviest fish of the week at 5lb 4oz, George’s limit weighed an impressive 24lb 8oz. Best flies are Dawson’s Olive, Bibio, Black Hopper and Daddy Longlegs. Best areas are Corporal Hill and both sides of the dam wall.

Kielder Water, Northumberland
Boat anglers found success around the inlet streams as well as Belling and Whickhope proving the better spots with some finding Matthew’s Linn worth a try. Bank anglers had most success around Tower Knowe and Stockie Bay where Jon E. Clark netted the biggest rainbow of the week, a fine 3lb 12oz rainbow caught on a worm and a PowerBait combination. The best catch of the week caught around Tower Knowe using spinners and Toby lures was taken by Tony Gradwell with eight rainbows for 23lb. Best flies are Orange Blob, Cat’s Whisker and Dawson’s Olive.
Kielder will once again be holding the annual marathon this weekend (October 3-4) resulting in restricted access to car parks and the bank due to the footpath closures in place for the event. Anybody wishing to fish can purchase permits at Leaplish prior to 8am or Tower Knowe prior to 10am. After these times access to Leaplish is unavailable and access to Tower Knowe will be limited. Bank angling will only be permitted between Tower Knowe and Stockie Bay. Boats are unavailable throughout the weekend.

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
Last week saw 70 rods catch 204 fish for an average of 2.92 per rod. Despite unfavourable weather conditions the fishing has been good on Cocks Close and even better on Park Meadow pool. Flat calm and bright sun usually makes for a hard day’s trout fishing but most anglers have had some success to varying degrees. Black or Olive Buzzers, Damsel Nymph, Cat’s Whisher, Bloodworm and small Black Tadpoles fished slow and deep have been working well. The boat anglers have enjoyed the best success but as the week went on the bank fishing has improved. Matthew Bird, of Atherstone, fished from a boat on Cocks Cose and caught nine fish to 4lb on various nymphs fished on a floating line and long leader. John Riley, also from Atherstone, used small Black Buzzers to tempt eight fish to 4lb, again from a boat on Cocks Close. Malc Randle, of Bedworth, fished the bank and caught nine fish to 3lb 8oz which all fell to Buzzers on a floating line. On Park Meadow Clare Meade, of Leamington, caught six fish to 4lb on Hothead Damsels fished on a floating line.

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
Despite the bright and windy weather anglers achieved a rod average of 3.7 this week. The fish have been up in the water but feeding subsurface on a variety of dries and wet fly patterns. The fish that have been caught have been in cracking condition and provided good sport. Notable catches for the week include Dave Mullen (from the bank) and Richard Williams (boat), both anglers taking rainbows in the 3-6lb range. Tony Millyard fished off the Pines/Rigby’s Corner on a black water beetle-type nymph to take a rainbow of 4lb 8oz. Bill Kingston landed five rainbows for 12lb 8oz and Pat Flynn took 17 fish to the boat. Gavin Friell had a great day while fishing with some Scottish angling friends. He took nine rainbows between 2lb and 4lb and three browns up to 7lb-plus – all fish were returned. Best boat areas are the dam, main basin, Boils, Narrows, and Brixworth Bay. Bank areas are restricted with some weed growth, but fishing quite well off the Pines, Pitsford Creek and Cliffs. An invasive species of shrimp (Dikerogammarus villosus), commonly known as DV, has been found at Pitsford Water. It is important that anglers continue to follow the Check, Clean, Dry procedures in place for the preservation of our environment and sport.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire
Anglers have enjoyed an excellent week with a rod average of 5.3. There are loads of fish showing on the surface. Four browns were caught earlier in the week. Significant catches included 10 fish landed by boat angler Frazer Duffy using the washing-line method. A group of Welsh anglers landed 36 fish to the boat. Best methods have been Daddies and Hoppers.  Thirteen members of GWFFA had a superb 'Dry Fly Day' on Saturday 19th with a rod average of over 10. Harley Smith was top rod with 21 fish taken on very light tackle, followed by Martin Brocklebank 18, John Vincent 17 and David Moore 15.

Rutland Water, Rutland
All eyes are on Rutland Water as we start the countdown to the final of the Anglian Water Airflo International taking place on October Tuesday 6 and Wednesday October 7. Teams will be busy putting in valuable practice from Saturday October 3 with all boats booked through to the conclusion of the competition. Please telephone Rutland Lodge on 01780 686441 to check for boat availability either side of these dates.
Good numbers of fish have been taken in many areas, with fish over the deep water from the Sailing Club to Normanton Church. The bottom of the arms, including the shallows and weed beds are producing even bigger fish. Boat anglers have used many methods with rudder anglers catching plenty of fish (including limits). One of the best days last week was Wednesday with anglers bagging up quickly and boats returning to the pontoon early in the afternoon. A good westerly wind helped to move boats along and anglers were catching mainly silvered up stock fish averaging around 1lb 12oz to just over 2lb.
Anglers seeking dry fly, nymph and fry sport fished the bottom of the arms and got to grips with the bigger quality 3lb and 4lb rainbows and browns feeding on sticklebacks, corixa, snails and a few shrimp. Among those anglers heading down the arms were England Youth team members Toff Crowther and Graham Hayward who returned to the fishing lodge with around nine fish, of which five went to 3lb 8oz to 4lb as did Trout and Salmon editor Andrew Flitcroft who had an excellent brace of rainbows around the 4lb mark.
Bank anglers fished from Tim Appletons, the Green bank, Old Hall, Normanton and Sykes Lane. One angler recorded five fish last Saturday despite the bright, still conditions, using a Hare’s ear and floating line whilst fishing off the peninsula. A lot of weed beds have appeared close in from Spud Bay all the way round to Armley Wood. Best rainbow 6lb 6oz taken by Gary Hays of Tyne & Wear. Best brown 4lb 2oz taken by Malcolm Foreman of Bury St Edmunds.

Scaling Dam, Cleveland
Cool morning temperatures saw trout feeding in deeper water and anglers found success with longer casts and natural baits such as worm and maggot. Warm sunshine in the afternoons forced anglers to change tactics with the trout feeding closer to the surface. Geoff Smith, from Swainby, found success with a PowerBait cocktail tipped with Yellow Mice-tails on the morning, switching to a more natural worm on a bubble float for the afternoon and was rewarded with seven quality rainbows. His first cast produced a tagged rainbow which earned Geoff £200 and his biggest was a pristine 4lb rainbow. Peter Hood, from Boosbeck, decided to head to the deeper stretches of the dam wall and was rewarded with five rainbows including the biggest of the week; a lovely 4lb 6oz specimen. Andrew Hodgson, from Hartlepool, braved late afternoon rain on a ‘credit cruncher’ and went home with three rainbows all caught on worm with a bubble float. Best flies are Invicta and Dawson’s Olive.

Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex
One end of lake one is now weed-free and fish are starting to show again. Buzzers and fry patterns took a few fish for those that cast a line. Deweeding continues but should be clear next week ready for the arrival of fresh stock. This lake is going to be a one-acre beginners’ flyfishing pool with tickets from £15. The remaining two acres is going to be mainly brown trout with a few token 3lb rainbows. Lake two is on fire to dry fly sport with Sedge, Daddies, Gnats, Muddlers stripped through the ripple doing well. Buzzers also good with a big brown reported on Wednesday. Lake three saw fish taking nymphs and Buzzers with fish to 10lb landed but plenty to stalk. Fresh stock arriving next week for this lake as well. Lodge now ready and there will be an opening day BBQ when that and the beginners’ pool are fully functional.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire
For the week-ending September 25, the 82 rods caught 425 trout for a rod average of 5.2. Slightly improved rod average which is bolstered by some fantastic individual catches from the boat anglers. Those afloat still have an advantage over the bank anglers. All manner of methods working from small dries to large fry patterns and pretty much everything in between. Perhaps the best bet for bank anglers is to head for the weed beds along the south bank and target the fry feeders, Minkies, Zonkers and Floating Fry patterns all worth a try. Boats always best fishing on the drift covering fresh water and casting short. Dries have been very good with Sedge patterns, Daddies and small Shipman’s giving good results. Best rainbow this week at 10lb-plus to season ticket holder Brian Thorpe, his second double-figure fish this month.
Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham
In what turned out to be a milder week than forecast, Witton Castle Lakes welcomed a total of 57 anglers who returned an excellent rod average of just over five fish. It has also been a week of big fish, with the biggest being a 12lb 8oz rainbow caught by J. Sharp. B. McKewon took three rainbows weighing in at 5lb 8oz, 6lb 8oz and 7lb 8oz. J. Purvis had two fish at 6lb and 9lb and A.P. Carroll caught a great nine-pounder. J. Sharp was the only angler to make the 15 fish limit this week - twice in fact, on two separate visits. A number of anglers also made it into double-figures, including T. Ross with 14 fish, I. Purvis had 13 fish, G. Wharton caught 12 fish and D. Moody had 11 fish. The warm and slightly humid conditions saw a late hatch of olives across the lakes, making Olives the best performing fly of the week. Also on the sheets were Shipman’s Buzzers, CdC F-Flies and, later in the week, Black Spiders. On Friday the lakes were paid a visit by a party from the Sirius Group who fished the lakes along with a session of clay pigeon shooting at Hamsterley. The first fish of the day was a rainbow, caught by David Worrall on a Red Shipman’s Buzzer. The event was jointly organised by Bishop Auckland District AC and LyonHarte Field Sports and the fishing group were given expert guidance from angling coach Lucy Bowden, ably assisted by club chairman Len Hird, club secretary John Waterland and head bailiff John Atkinson.