England Troutmasters reports for week-ending October 9th, 2015

Blackdyke Trout Fly Fishery, Norfolk
The fishing is improving all the time, and during the recent spell of warm weather it was back to Buzzers, small Crunchers and Damsel Nymphs on floating lines. The return to wet weather should see lots of daddies on the water which should be good for sport. This Sunday (October 11) Eyebrook tackle shop will be on site with the new offerings from Sage, Hardys and Greys.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
Fish have been caught at all depths this week with no set pattern standing out. Ken Glenton, from Ashington, caught nine fish on Blobs, dries and Buzzers. Trevor Wadds, from Craster, caught 13 on Blobs, Buzzers and Bloodworms. Howard Crafter, from Essex, caught 10 fish on a Hare’s Ear and Corixa. Malcolm Proudlock, from Stanley, caught 11 fish, his best fish being 8lb, on a Shipman’s Buzzer. Anthony Meadows, from Chopwell, caught 12 fish on a Shipman’s Buzzer and CdC Shuttlecock and returned a 5lb brown trout. Matty Divine, from Hadston, caught 18 fish on Diawl Bachs and CdC Buzzers, returning a 7lb rainbow and an 8lb brown trout. Brian Davis, from Dudley, caught nine fish on Bloodworms and Buzzers. Jeff Dodds, from Low Fell, caught a 5lb 8oz rainbow from Chatton Lake on a home-tied Buzzer. Geert Jan Van Zon, from Morpeth, tempted a 4lb rainbow on a Red Bloodworm from Chatton Lake. The Cramlington Renegades visited the fishery and Adam Calvin won the heaviest bag prize 16lb for five fish and for the heaviest fish weighing 4lb 8oz. Billy Ashcroft, from North Shields, landed a 6lb 10oz rainbow from Chatton Lake on a black and green lure.
The TEFF Heat held at Chatton on Sunday was won by Simon Robinson and Andrew Scott, with second place going to Trevor Wadds and Robbie Bell. The individual heat was won by Trevor Wadds, second Peter Davison and third Robbie Bell.
Fishery closing at 6.30pm and 5pm on Saturdays.

Derwent Reservoir, Northumberland  
Good catches have been taken from all areas this week with fish very eager to feed at times, whilst occasionally becoming very selective in what they take. Fly anglers in particular have had to work harder, often leaving the lures in the box and trying more imitative patterns as trout leisurely sipped down midge pupa and trapped insects in the calm conditions. Bibio and a Pheasant Tail Nymph in smaller sizes have worked extremely well. Brain Mann had a red-letter day using a Bibio to take an eight-fish limit and returning a further seven around Cronkley. Malcolm Gill and Keith James also took limits at Millshields. Fish were also patrolling the south bank only five to 10 metres from the edge and anglers using a short cast did very well using float, leger and spinning methods. The fish appear to be following feed into the margins and the large shallows between Pow Hill and Hunter House are still proving a magnet for hungry trout. Neil Smith found this out when his first cast produced a cracking silver 4lb beauty, the first of a six fish haul. Murray’s Point to the dam also produced good catches with Joe Carr and Ray Whaley both netting their 10 fish Loyalty Day limits. Best flies are Bibio, Pheasant Tail Nymph, Soldier Muddler and Black Nomad.

Eyebrook Trout Fishery, Leicestershire
Chris Woodward, of Frampton, accompanied Chris Simpkins on a boat and the pair enjoyed a fantastic day’s sport with Daddies. Karl Cowzer, of South Luffenham, caught quality rainbows on Hoppers, and Steve Quartly, of London, used his own fry pattern to tempt 17 hard-fighting fish. Norfolk Fly Fishers Club enjoyed their recent boat outing and organiser Roger Gibbons used various fly patterns to take five decent rainbows, as did his good lady Pat Gibbons. A total of eight police forces were represented at this year’s Police Pairs Boat Competition held on September 30 under the watchful eye of organiser Steve Owen. A total of 44 rods caught 174 fish, giving a very respectable rod average of 4.14. The winning pair were Kevin Pearson and Karl Woodall (West Midlands) with 16 fish for 32lb 1oz. Runners-up were Dave Allen and G. Fowles (Cheshire) with 16 fish for 31lb 15oz and in third place were Mick Cartlidge and Terry Walford (Staffs) with 16 fish for 31lb 4oz. The heaviest fish of the competition fell to the rod of Kevin Pearson (West Midlands) who included a 3lb 12oz rainbow in his winning bag.
Eyebrook’s pike trials started on October 1 using lures and sea deadbaits only. A number of boats have been allocated on each day throughout October for predator fishing. For more information and rules regarding predator fishing at Eyebrook go to www.eyebrook.com and click on the predator motif.

Fontburn Reservoir, Northumberland
Water levels and temperatures dropped slowly but steadily throughout the week but overnight fog and mist helped the early rising fish to extend surface feeding well into mid-morning. Fish have then been retreating into deeper areas during the afternoon as the sun appears and temperatures rise quickly. Mr T. Gibbons recorded the heaviest eight-fish catch of the week with six rainbows and two blues totalling 17lb 8oz topped off with a fine 3lb 8oz specimen taken in the north shore bay. Barry Wilson and Peter Stainthorpe fished the same area and also found a large shoal taking eight rainbows totalling 12lb 8oz and seven rainbows totalling 14lb 2oz respectively. Irvine Brace used his knowledge of the reservoir to get the casting distance just right to take six rainbows totalling 11lb whilst others nearby struggled to locate the fish in bright, warm autumn sunshine. George Todd and Christine Walton had no problems getting bites at their favourite spot near the north shore burn, producing a catch of 12 rainbows totalling 22lb. Fly angler John Brennand was also getting takes on a Damsel Nymph pattern, eventually returning eight rainbows from various swims along the north bank. Fish of the week was a 4lb 8oz rainbow taken on PowerBait Eggs by R. Embleton from the dam wall corner. Best flies are Damsel Nymph, Daddy Longlegs, and Clan Chief.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Another good week for both bank and boat anglers with a rod average of just over four fish and 20% of the trout caught weighing 3lb or over. Bank anglers have again enjoyed good sport, catching consistently from the south dam, Gaynes Cove, the Seat, Deep Water Point, G Buoy and the Willows. The main method for bank anglers has been to fish Shrimp patterns and small nymphs almost static on a floating line. Season ticket holder Roland Hudson caught and released 49 fish in six visits. Roland fished Shrimp patterns on a floating line from the south end of the dam. Season ticket holder Johnny Johnson caught the biggest fish of the week, a superb overwintered brown of 7lb which he caught on a Shrimp pattern at the south end of the dam on a floating line. Boat anglers have again taken many limits, mainly from around the margins on floating or fast glass lines with Shrimp patterns, GRHE, Crunchers, FABs, Cat Boobies, Daddies and Tequila Blobs. The most consistent boat areas have been Deep Water and Pylon Points, G Buoy, Willows, Gaynes Cove, Sludge Bank, Valley Creek and Sanctuary Bay.
The Bob Church Classic event saw the 95 anglers catch 475 fish for an excellent rod average of 5.0. Top rod on the day was former world champion Iain Barr who caught 16 fish for 42lb 6oz. Second place went to Ray Maylon with 12 trout for 28lb 14oz. Graham Willis took third with 11 trout for 27lb 2oz. The biggest fish of the day, a 4lb 10oz rainbow, was caught by Iain Barr. Congratulations to Bob Church who will receive the MBE he was awarded in the Queen’s Birthday Honours this week.
The GWFFA bank match on September 27 saw 10 anglers catch 27 trout for an excellent rod average of 5.7. Steve Jones was top rod with eight trout for 19lb 3oz, taken on a floating line with three Shrimp patterns from the south end of the dam. Second place went to John Vincent who took eight trout for 18lb 10oz and third was Mark Brinkman with eight fish for 17lb.

Grassholme Reservoir, Co Durham   
Grassholme had the best weather of the year this week and while the bright sunshine and glass-like water surface was not ideal for fishing anglers did well with some good returns posted. The latter part of the week saw rod averages at around four fish per angler, the best rod average since the spring. Peter Coglan took the pick of the best catches with his eight fish limit, returning another six on the fly. Spinning seems to be the method of choice at the moment with large amounts of fry close to the banks attracting the attention of larger rainbows. During sunnier days there have been some excellent evening fly hatches with plenty of fish showing on the surface taking small black patterns and daddies, giving fly anglers the very best sport. Chartreuse PowerBait Eggs have fished well this week for bait anglers, as have a number of different coloured Mice-tails either on the float or leger. Colin Boughey, of Crook, had two good visits this week taking 10 fish on his Loyalty Day and returned on Saturday to take another limit from the banks of Brock Scar. Best flies are Dawson’s Olive, Foam Daddy, Black or Brown Hopper. Best areas are the dam wall, north and south banks, and west end.

Hanningfield Reservoir, Essex
Yet another successful week at the fishery with almost record numbers of anglers in attendance. Conditions were perfect and summer sunshine with light winds made the weekend an ideal time to visit. Autumn is always a very productive period with large rainbows being caught from the regular hotspots, including a magnificent 9lb 2oz trout taken off the bubbles by Tache Serban using a black spinner. Lobworm was effective from the same area for Raivis Trecaks who netted a fish of 8lb 6oz. Many of these larger rainbows are attracted to the bubble lines because of the abundance of food and oxygen making this the number one location for boat anglers over the next few weeks. The Inlet remained a good holding area with Jonny Boulton catching a trout of 8lb 15oz on an Orange Blob and a floating line. Plenty of eight-fish limit catches have been reported from the shallows around the Peninsula which has remained a rewarding spot for many visitors on the bank and the boats. PowerBait is still the best bait when legering but worm is also becoming a good alternative when floatfished. Best flies are Montana, Dancer, Orange FM, Zonker and Orange Blob.

Hury Reservoir, Co Durham        
Bright sunny days and flat calm surfaces had anglers scratching their heads this week as unseasonal weather brought a lot of fly hatches with plenty of daddies dancing across the top for hungry trout to pick off with ease. Fish have also been feeding on small roach fry in and around the margins so lures have provided success with fritz patterns doing well. Mr M. Fraser had an excellent limit catch of 20lb 12oz on Monday with his best a 5lb 6oz rainbow taken on a Black Fritz pattern. With the water temperatures looking set to drop in the coming weeks the fish are expected to turn their attention toward the abundant small roach fry which are congregating around the bank features. Quickly retrieved large lures such as Cat’s Whiskers and Humungus should be an effective tactic if these feeding patterns are visible in the margins. Best flies are Dawson’s Olive, Bibio, Black Hopper, and Daddy Longlegs. Best areas are Corporal Hill and both sides of the dam wall.

Kielder Water, Northumberland
Boat anglers have been hampered by foggy conditions this week and boats have only been able to venture out when the weather has cleared. Alan Jeffries and Paul Horton recorded limit catches from a boat, catching most of their fish at Needs Hill and Hawkhirst on Claret Hoppers and Daddy Longlegs. The heaviest fish of the week was a rainbow of 4lb 4oz caught from Beeches Walk at Leaplish Waterside Park by Ian Wilson on a mix of worm and sweetcorn. Ian also caught another rainbow at 3lb 5oz. As the water level continues to fall anglers should be aware of soft areas and mud around the shoreline, especially at the mouths of burns and feeder streams. Boat hire will continue at Kielder up to the end of the season weather permitting, please check with the duty ranger as return times will change as the days shorten. Best flies are Daddy Longlegs, Claret Hoppers and Heather Fly. Best boat areas are Needs Hill and Hawkhirst. Best bank areas are Matthews’s Linn and Little Whickhope.

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
Last week saw 85 rods catch 300 fish for an average of 3.53 per rod. With most days seeing flat calm and bright conditions, the fishing has been really good with both boat and bank anglers catching well now. The top patterns have been Damsel Nymph, Black Buzzer, Goldhead Daddy Longlegs, Cat’s Whisker, Bloodworm and Diawl Bach. Fish have been moving on the top on both Cocks Close and Park Meadow pools with floating line and long leader the best tactic. The biggest fish of the week was a 9lb rainbow caught by regular angler Harold Pritchett, of Atherstone, who was fishing from a boat on Park Meadow. Harold took the fish, which was the best of an eight fish catch, on a Damsel Nymph fished on a floating line. Mr J. Woodcock, of Higham-on-the-Hill, caught a 7lb 12oz rainbow while fishing the bank of Cocks Close and he took this on a Cat’s Whisker on a floating line. Rod Lacey, of Nuneaton, fished from a boat on Cocks Close and caught and released 16 fish to 6lb which all fell to a Bloodworm pattern on a floating line. Tom Lyon, of Yardley, took five and released a further six fish to 3lb using a Damsel Nymph while fishing from the bank of Cocks Close.

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
The cooler weather conditions have brought the trout into the margins and the bank fishing has improved. The best areas are the Cliffs, North Shore and Stilton with patterns such as fry patterns and Daddies performing best. Boat anglers have had good sport from the Causeway basin, Narrows and Pines. The rod average for the week has been a very good 4.06 with many fish in the 3-4lb mark. Best methods are floating or intermediate lines with Daddies or teams of nymphs fished washing-line style. Pat Flynn bucked the trend by fishing with a Di-7 with Boobies to take 32 fish. Tim Polito had eight fish for 18lb. Terry Wright and Ian Pickering pike-fished from kayaks and had a great day and included a rainbow of approximately 6lb in their catch.
An invasive species of shrimp (Dikerogammarus villosus), commonly known as DV, has been found at Pitsford Water. It is important that anglers continue to follow the Check, Clean, Dry procedures in place for the preservation of our environment and sport.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire
Both trout and pike anglers are enjoying some fantastic sport. Boat partners D. Naylor and and S. Houldon had 22 trout to the boat each. The Spencer brothers took 10 fish each. Other trout anglers recording good numbers of fish included Mr Simons who landed nine to the boat and Mr Keeble who returned nine fish and took two. Hoppers, Popper Hoppers and Daddies are all taking fish. Bank anglers are taking plenty of fish with John Smith taking fish off the dam on Buzzers. Bob Draper caught off platform 14 on lures and nymphs. Best boat area is the main bowl. Best bank area is the dam. Best rainbow reported was 6lb.
Ravensthorpe’s Fur and Feather event is on Sunday November 1. Please call the fishing lodge on 01604 770875 to book a place.
Pike fishing is a great success. Nathan Andrews took specimens of 24lb, 21lb and 19lb. Marek Zwierschowski landed a whopping pike of 29lb 3oz and also had two at 18lb and 17lb. Ray Matthews had a 26lb 14oz pike and a 4lb perch.

Rutland Water, Rutland
A season’s best rainbow of 11lb 14oz was caught from the South Arm by season ticket holder Rik Varley from Yorkshire. He caught the fish close in to the boat whilehe was flyfishing for pike. A superb 6lb 10oz (returned) rainbow fell to Colin Lidstone. Teams were busy practicing for the Anglian Water Airflo International Final over the weekend and on Sunday Gareth Jones and Rob Edmunds both managed creditable browns of 5lb 8oz and 6lb 2oz respectively. A 6lb 8oz brown was reported by the members of Norfolk Fly Fishers who went down the South Arm last Friday. Fish of 4lb-plus are being caught around the shoreline and weed beds, while silvered-up rainbows are showing to many boat anglers fishing out over the deeper water, falling to all manner of tactics including lures, dries, nymphs and tube flies. Bank anglers are getting amongst the fish with one season ticket holder reporting a 6lb rainbow caught on a floating fry pattern off the Green Bank. Fish have been moving close in feeding on sticklebacks, corixa, snails, perch and roach fry.
Prospects look very good with the weed beds holding plenty of fish. Both boat and bank anglers pursuing specimen fish should head to these areas. There are also plenty of fish in the open water for boat anglers to target.

Scaling Dam, Cleveland            
Despite a few days of thick fog and the intermittent feeding behaviour of the fish, anglers have enjoyed some good sport in most areas, with many taking home their catch limits. Leger and float methods have worked well and regular changing of baits with varied casting distances seemed to have the best effect. Dave Dresser and his friend Brian Lane, from Billingham, had an excellent day on Tuesday, catching their eight fish limits while legering at the west end of the dam. Dave bought a second permit in the afternoon and ended up with a total of 12 rainbows. Tommy Bullock, from Hemlington, landed a nice 3lb rainbow using legered worm on the jetty. Also fishing from the jetty this week was Jeff Walsh, from Stockton, who caught his eight fish limit by 11am and included among them was the best of the week, a super 3lb 8oz rainbow which he caught on an Orange Mice-tail. Best flies are Invicta, Bibio and various Sedge patterns. Best areas are both ends of the dam wall, and south shore.

Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex
Lake one continues its Buzzer dominance with the odd dry Shipman’s Buzzer also tempting a fish or two. This lake is now split in half and one end is dedicated to beginners flyfishing with tickets from £15 and up, catch and kill only on here. The other side of net is brown trout only catch and release with fresh brownies to top up residents arriving in two weeks time. Lake two saw great sport to dry Daddies, Sedges and Hoppers but also fry patterns, nymphs and Buzzers having moments of action. Best brown this week was a six-pounder to a White Moth and best rainbow 9lb on a Blob. Lake three saw Montanas and GRHE tempt fish to 8lb with plenty of browns seen in the edges.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire
For the week-ending October 2, the 110 rods caught 324 trout for a rod average of 2.95. A week of difficult still, bright conditions led to a drop in the rod average with fish appearing more cagey than usual. Some reasonable sport was found from both boat and bank with nymphs and dries generally being the way forward. The washing-line method was a firm favourite and a Hare’s Ear was the outstanding pattern. Andy Hutson used a flashback variation to good effect during a short session on the bank. Long casts aren't always required with an accurate approach being far more important. The ability to cover moving or cruising fish is currently the key to putting more fish in your net and wearing a decent set of polarised glasses will help to spot fish. With the mornings beginning to feel somewhat cooler it shouldn't be long before fry patterns start to feature.
The Toft Newton Cup takes place on Sunday October 25, cost is £30 which includes the £24 six-fish permit cost and
£6 towards the prize pot. For further details and to book for this bank event call the lodge on 01673 878453.

Witton Castle Lakes, Do Durham
The warmer weather conditions saw an improvement in visitor numbers and the 53 anglers were kept busy out on the lakes with a high catch rate and returned a very good rod average of 4.5. One angler, T. Ross, managed the 15 fish limit this week, closely followed by G. Oliver and N. Midgley with 12 fish each and N. Midgley also had 11 fish on a second visit. Rounding off the sheets were I. Purvis with eight fish then J. Bainbridge and N. Puncheon both caught seven fish each. The best fish of the week was a fine 10lb-plus rainbow caught by F. Walton. A variety of flies have proved successful including CdCs topping the lists, followed by Black and Green Fritz, Cruncher and Black Diawl Bach. Black Spiders proved the most successful fly for a group of eight anglers from the Gladhope Inn Fishing Club in Galashiels. They caught a total of 46 fish and returned a great rod average between them of 5.75. Two anglers, F. Daly and B. Swatin, had the best bags of the day with 10 fish each.