England Troutmasters reports for week-ending September 18th, 2015

Bewl Water, Kent
The challenging fishing has continued for another week, however there are signs of improvement. The brown algae is slowly clearing and the water temperature is beginning to drop. Rod average for the week is a slightly better 1.73. Catch and release is still suspended until further notice. 1800 rainbows were stocked this week. Best areas for boats are from the dam to the cages, and for bank fishing the dam wall and Chingley. Best flies to try are Hoppers, Daddies, Boobies, Blobs and Cormorants. The Group 1 AMFC match took place at Bewl on Saturday September 5 when the 34 anglers caught 83 fish giving a rod average of 2.44. Rutland were the winners with Grafham second and Bewl third.

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk
The recent stocking has livened up the lake with fish jumping all over the place. Regular Malcolm Foreman had 14 fish on Friday and Mark Nielson had six on Saturday afternoon. Small nymphs were the order of the day on floating lines.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
Sport has been good again this week with Buzzers, CdCs, nymphs, Bloodworms, Yellow Dancers and Montanas working well. Geert Jan Van Zon, from Morpeth, was delighted with his free day’s fishing using his full loyalty card, keeping three fish weighing in at just under 10lb. Chatton Ladies Angling Club member Caroline Brown, from Longhorsley, caught a personal best 4lb 4oz rainbow from Dunnydeer Lake on a Hopper. Abdul Muhit, from Morpeth, caught fish to 4lb caught on a Montana. Kevin Levell, from Hawick, returned six fish including a 10lb rainbow to Chatton Lake caught on Sedges. Eric Gassner, from Belford, caught eight fish in an hour on Buzzers and a black lure. Len Broxson, from Tanfield, had another great session, catching 12 fish on Buzzers and Fritzs. Bill Braithwaite caught 14 fish on a Sunburst Blob. Stu Yonger, from Blyth, caught 10 fish on Buzzers and Bushies. Julian Bales, from Wooler, caught 12 fish on Buzzers. Trevor Wadds, from Craster, caught 13 fish on Buzzers and Bloodworms. John Boyle, from Hawick, caught 10 fish on a Deer Hair Emerger. The fishery will be closing at 7.30pm this week and 5pm on Saturdays.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Grafham has fished well over the past week with an excellent rod average of 3.59. Simon Ashton, of Bourne, fished the various peninsulas along the north shore and got a good limit of daphnia feeders on a midge-tip. The bag included a rainbow of 5lb 3oz, a brown of 3lb and totalled 23lb. Bank anglers have had a great week fishing with the dam and most points along the north shore giving good consistent catch rates on floating lines with GRHE, Shrimp patterns, Crunchers, Diawl Bachs and Damsel Nymphs. Boat anglers have also enjoyed good sport this week with the north shore giving the most consistent catch rates. Local angler Martin Brocklebank enjoyed four fantastic days catching 33 fish with plenty of fish over 4lb, topped by a 5lb rainbow which was Grafham’s best fish of the week. The most prolific methods for boat anglers have been to fish either floating or fast glass lines with Shrimp patterns, GRHE, Crunchers, FABs, Blobs and Boobies.
An invasive species of shrimp (Dikerogammarus villosus), commonly known as DV, has been found at Pitsford Water reservoir in Northamptonshire. It is important that anglers continue to follow the Check, Clean, Dry procedures in place for the preservation of our environment and sport.

Hanningfield Trout Fishery, Essex
Anglers continued to enjoy the autumn sport with lots of success using a variety of methods as we enter the most productive months of the season. It is natural instinct for fish to feed vigorously as days begin to shorten and water temperatures begin to cool and this often leads to the best catches of the season at Hanningfield. During the past few weeks many specimen rainbows released from the cage have given tremendous fishing for Richard Smart who continues to catch heavy trout with six fish on a catch and release permit including a fine 8lb rainbow. Boat anglers have found the bubble lines a magnet for these bigger trout in good numbers. Colin Neal can verify this when he netted three large trout which all topped 7lb-plus on an intermediate fly line. Another 2,800 trout were again introduced into the reservoir during the week near Lodge Bay adding plenty of stock fish to what will be a busy and traditionally productive period for visitors. Legered PowerBait and lobworm have continued to be favourite baits from the Peninsula. This area is shallow but large shoals of rainbows patrol the weed beds and many limit catches have been recorded from boats as well as the bank.   Best flies are Buzzer, Montana, Damsel, Orange FM Zonker and Orange Blob.

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
The trout lakes will re-open on Saturday September 19 with boat and bank fishing available on Cocks Close and Park Meadow which can be fished on membership or day ticket. The cool summer has enabled us to re-open earlier than expected and with a large stocking of rainbows between 1.75lb and 10lb to be restocked, the fishing should be excellent. Please contact the lodge on 01676 522754 for availability and prices.

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
This week’s rod average of 3.8 has been above average considering the weather conditions and low atmospheric pressure. The fish have still been found in open water and are not deep. Boat anglers have enjoyed the best sport this week, especially through the narrows. The weed is starting to provide more challenging fishing for our bank anglers. There have been reports of plentiful rudd and roach fry. Notable catches for the week include: Mark Benstead, Andy Shortland and Trevor Hall from the boat, Dave Mullen, Graham Hutchins on the bank (Cliffs), and Mick Barrett – wading off Stilton Point using Hare’s Ear, all have enjoyed catching 3-4lb rainbows. Mark Hawtin had five fish on his visit and caught a 4lb 2oz rainbow on an Orange Cruncher and had four of the five others on the same fly on a floating line with a FAB on the point. Season ticket holder B. Mourne had a cracking day with another four rainbows up to 3-4lb. Anne Cant had a super morning on a boat, bagging up with four fish between 2-3lb. John North, from Otley, wasn’t disappointed with six fish, including a 3lb rainbow. Bob Askew from Leamington Spa, also reported a 4lb rainbow amongst his catch.

Rutland Water, Rutland
John Levy and John Miller, from Edinburgh, made their second annual visit to Rutland Water this week and the pair enjoyed fantastic sport boat fishing mainly down the south arm. They employed nymph tactics to take 43 fish including numbers of rainbows and browns in the 3-4lb range. Season ticket holder Ron Oldroyd, of Empingham, fished the north arm and took a number of fish including two specimen browns which he estimated to be over 6lb and returned them safely to the water.
Boat partner regulars David Littler, from London, and Russell Armstrong, from Manchester, boat-fished around the weedbeds and hooked six rainbows including a couple over 4lb. They found the best tactics were to fish Floating Fry. Boat anglers fishing the main basin were rewarded with silvered-up stock fish. Anglers found fish by casting around the aerators and drifts in the deep open water on a variety of methods from dries and nymphs to mini and big lures fished on various sinking lines. Other areas producing fish were out in the open water from the sailing club through to the fishing lodge with Yellowstones also reportedly holding plenty of fish.
Few bank anglers are fishing but fish are being caught, with the Green Bank and Yellowstones and Normanton producing fish when the wind is in the east. Season ticket holder George Thrall, from Melton Mowbray, netted a quality 4lb 3oz rainbow on a dry off the Normanton shoreline. There is plenty of food available with fish feeding on sticklebacks, fry, corixa, daphnia, snails and various sized buzzers.
Boat anglers venturing further down the arms of the reservoir have been rewarded with the better fish. There are also bigger fish in the main basin closer in to the shoreline.
An invasive species of shrimp (Dikerogammarus villosus), commonly known as Dv, has been found at Pitsford Water reservoir in Northamptonshire. It is important that anglers continue to follow the Check, Clean, Dry procedures in place for the preservation of our environment and sport.

Temple Trout Fishery, Cornwall
August and now into September has seen the fishing improve in the cooler conditions. Floating, sink tip and intermediate lines fished with small nymphs, Buzzers and dries have been most effective with trout feeding closer to the surface. Roger Rance, of Oxford, landed the largest rainbow at 3lb 12oz. Roger’s 5lb 6oz brace was taken on red emergers. John Twine, of Liskeard, landed four rainbows for 7lb fishing a dry Sedge and Buzzers. Sport was good for John as he also lost six trout, one of which was estimated at 5lb-plus.

Thornwood Springs Fishery, Essex
Weed clearance started on lake one and it is now fishable in a few swims. Montanas fished deep tempted a couple of fish. Lake two has been bang on for fry all week so Cormorants, Dancers, Cat’s Whiskers, Minkies and Snakes are best but rising fish also taking small CdCs. One lake three, GRHEs accounted for fish to 8lb, Water is gin clear and plenty of fish to see. Rod average from lake two was 5.6 fish per rod.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire
For the week-ending September 18 the 79 rods caught 355 trout for a rod average of 4.5. Good consistent sport as you’d expect for mid September. The boats still have the edge over the bank with the biggest catches being taken 80-plus metres out. The fish remain high in the water, even on brighter days so don’t make the mistake of going too deep, if you can’t see them it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not there. The usual team of a small buoyant pattern on the cast teamed with Crunchers, Diawl Bachs  or traditional wets might be the best approach. Ted Wherry, from Willoughby, near Alford, had the best fish of the week as part of his 17 fish catch fishing from a drifting boat. His 12lb rainbow came to a size 14 dry sedge! Plenty of daddies starting to show, Mr. Hoareau banked nine fish one afternoon after tying on a big Daddy as a last resort. The annual Toft Newton Cup will take place on Sunday October 25. Toft is open this season until Sunday December 13 and the friendly Fur & Feather match will take place on that day.

Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham
A week of two seasons, with a chilly autumnal start and very warm summer-like conditions to round off the week. The 56 visiting anglers certainly found the going hard, but still returned a decent rod average of 3.2. In this tough week no one managed a double-figure bag, with the best of the week’s anglers being M.C. Fell with eight fish. J. Bean was close behind with a bag of six fish and the sheets were made up by D. Slack, N. Midgley and T. Ross all with five fish each. Once again Buzzers and CdCs of various varieties made the returns on a regular basis, but by far the strongest performing fly of the week was a Blob.