England Troutmasters reports for week-ending September 25th, 2015

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk
Fishing is getting better and better with lots of fish showing all over the lake. Top rod at the weekend was Darren Lee who had 12 fish including a couple on nice ones over 5lb which were returned. Damsel Nymphs, Buzzers and Olive Crunchers on floating lines are doing well. Lots of daddies about and hopefully the trout will turn their attention to feeding on them soon.

Burrator Reservoir, Devon
Water levels at are still around 50% full, with more bank areas available to bank anglers. The banks on the Longstone Peninsula are proving to be the most popular and productive and, with large numbers of daddies being blown onto the water, fish are looking up to feed (Hoppers and dry Daddies being the most popular and successful patterns). Subsurface patterns catching fish include Montanas, Diawl Bachs and Damsels Nymphs, with Bobbies and Nomads catching the deeper fish.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
A great week of sport with some fantastic returns. No set patterns this week although Bloodworms, Buzzers and lures have been working well and even on the bright, sunny days fish have been caught on dries, especially Shipman’s and Sedges. Trevor Wadds, from Craster, enjoyed a couple of visits to the fishery this week, catching 13 fish on one visit and 14 on the next using Buzzers and Bloodworms. David Robinson, from Netherton, returned 16 fish using a Green Pea. Geert Jan Van Zon, from Morpeth, kept three fish and returned 12 on lures. John Cowell, from Bedlington, kept five fish and returned seven on a Black Fritz, Buzzers and Sedges. Steve Bilbrough, from Cramlington, kept five fish and returned nine on a Montana and Kate Mclaren. Phil Bilbrough, from Bedlington, kept five fish and returned seven on a Hare’s Ear. Peter Davison, from New Hartley, caught 11 fish on Blobs. Tony Robinson, from Howtel, kept one fish and returned eight on dries and Buzzers. Loll Seddon, from Stakeford, kept nine fish using Bloodworms while Dougie Purves, from Newcastle, kept four fish and returned nine using an Olive Fritz. Nyle Pickles, from Bedlington, returned 10 fish using CdCs and Blobs. Damian Walsh, from Amble, caught a 5lb rainbow from Ross Lake on a Dawson’s Olive. The Fishery is closing at 7pm this week and 5pm on Saturday.

Derwent Reservoir, Northumberland
A variable and challenging start to the week steadily improved, reaching a peak with a rod average of 6.2 fish per angler on Friday and a tagged fish landed by David Dunn, from West Denton. He caught the 2lb 2oz fish at Pow Hill using legered chartreuse PowerBait eggs. Another angler enjoying the good times at Pow Hill was Mr Osborne, from Newcastle, who took a limit catch for 21lb, which included two beauties of 4lb and 4lb 8oz. Multi bait anglers also reported good catches from the area next to the stream near the dam wall using leger or spinning tactics. Fly anglers had some fantastic sport off the spillway and up the north bank. Brian Hardy took his eight fish limit in an hour and a half using an Orange Fritz while I. Hughes returned 10 up to 3lb 8oz on a Bibio. P. Robinson and G. Payne returned 13 and 11 respectively. Anglers report exciting sport as fish are willing to chase a Muddler and other surface lures stripped through the waves on a floating line. Best flies are Mini Cat’s Whisker, Bibio, Mini Muddler and Dry Sedge.

Elinor Trout Fishery, Northamptonshire
For the week September 14-20 the 124 anglers caught 397 fish of which 287 were returned. Most fish continue to be caught on or near the surface with 2015 being the best dry fly season for a number of years. There are huge numbers of daddies hatching now although on many days there has not been enough breeze to get them on the water. During the daytime over the next couple of weeks the fish are likely to be feeding on small buzzers, corixa and daddies. The evenings are seeing fish switching to small sedges and emerging buzzers. Fish are well spread. The weed is starting to die back making bank fishing easier. Best fish this week include 4lb 14oz to Jim Mason, from Bicester, on a Daddy from the boat; 4lb 11oz to D. Evans on a Black Shipman’s; 4lb 8oz for Roly Stanford, from Finedon, on a Black and White Buzzer from the boat. Best bank areas are coarse bank, east arm and boat bay; best boat areas are east arm, pylon point and down middle. Best patterns are wet or dry Daddy, Red Cruncher/Diawl Bach, small Black Buzzer, Black or Brown Shipman’s, Claret Hopper, Candy Blob/FAB, white/green or black/green lures. Half price boats continue for the rest of September.
The Dave Hughes Memorial Fur & Feather will take place on Sunday November 8. Bookings are now being taken for boat and bank entries. Cost is £25 which includes fishing fees (£5 for season ticket holders). Proceeds from the raffle will be split between Air Ambulance and The British Heart Foundation.

Fontburn Reservoir, Northumberland 
Water temperatures hovered around the 14 degrees mark this week as levels slowly dropped concentrating fish in the deeper areas of the reservoir where they could be seen topping during the morning and late afternoon. Currently there is an abundance of daddy longlegs and heather flies along the grassy banks, providing excellent surface food for the trout. Fly anglers imitating those naturals and fishing with Black Buzzers have done well this week while bait anglers have done best on legered PowerBait and spinners. John Lawton landed the best catch this week, mixing methods between bait and fly, to take eight rainbows totalling 15lb plus a further six fish returned carefully on the fly. Jim Hall had three specimens over 3lb in his catch of eight rainbows for 17lb 3oz caught in the North Shore bay. Irvine Brace also fishing the bay took eight rainbows for 14lb 8oz. George Todd landed the fish of the week, a 5lb rainbow on legered orange eggs near the north shore burn. This fine fish topped off a five fish catch for 11lb. Best flies are Black Buzzer, Daddy Longlegs and Kate McLaren. Best areas are north shore Burn and the dam wall.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Bank and boat anglers have enjoyed a good week with an excellent rod average of 4.09. Twenty five percent of the trout caught weighed 3lb or over. Most points along the north shore bank have given good consistent catch rates, along with the dam and Gaynes Cove. Season ticket holder Mick White, from St Neots, caught and released 34 trout from four bank visits during the last week. Mick fished a floating line with Shrimp patterns and GRHE from Deep Water Point and the Willows. Boat anglers have had a good week, especially fishing along the north shore. The most productive methods for boat anglers have been to fish either floating or Di-3 lines with Crunchers, GRHE, Shrimp patterns, FABs and Boobies from most points along the north shore (from Savages Creek to the Willows at the north end of the dam). Season ticket holder Steve Battle, from Bedford, had a great day while boat fishing at Hedge End, catching an excellent bag limit of eight fish for 28lb 4oz on a floating line with an orange thorax PTN. Steve also caught the biggest rainbow of the week, an overwintered specimen of 6lb 3oz.

Grassholme Reservoir, Co Durham
A consistent week at Grassholme with a rod average of four reported. The larger fish are still showing with R. Metcalfe landing an excellent quality 5lb 8oz rainbow mid week. Anglers have been achieving some great limit catches throughout the week. S. Duffin had 12 fish on a family ticket as did M. McKimm, M. Hunter and L. Callaghan. There were consistent catches of 3-4lb trout featuring in the returns all week, taken on spinners, worms, Powerbait Eggs and Mice Tails. With the cooler weather conditions the fish are increasing their efforts to feed and are covering much larger areas of the reservoir now so be prepared to travel light and wander the banks in search of feeding trout. Best flies are Dawson’s Olive, Foam Daddy, Black or Brown Hoppers. Best areas are the dam wall, north and south banks, and west end.

Hanningfield Reservoir, Essex  
Autumn can be a magical time, as temperatures begin to fall and the trout start to feed aggressively in the run up to winter. Stock levels are at their highest for many years and another 2,800 fish were introduced this week to boost numbers even further. After a very windy and wet start to the week there have been plenty of quality trout caught on most methods. The best areas have been the main bubble line or around the Peninsula. Tim Joyce and Vince Bushby boat-fished off Atlantis with dry flies on Sunday, catching a total of 35 rainbows on a catch and release flyfishing permit. Their catch included rainbows of 10lb 4oz and 8lb 6oz which were all safely returned. Another memorable 20 fish catch was made by Richard Smart from the bubble line using an intermediate line. Richard’s catch included rainbows of 9lb, 8lb and another over 7lb. These trout were again returned. PowerBait or lobworms continue to be premium baits from the bank with the Peninsula and Middlemead dam wall producing the best sport. Best flies are Montana, Damsel, Orange FM, Zonker and Orange Blobs.

Hury Reservoir, Co Durham
September is one of the best months of the year at Hury as the trout prepare to feed up for winter. Visiting anglers recorded some excellent catches with some larger rainbows featuring in the returns. Good numbers of 3-4lb rainbows have come to the net with Brian Humphries topping off his session on Saturday with a beautifully conditioned 5lb specimen. Dry flies fished in the waves, or in the flat calm were accounting for plenty of fish late in the day. During the afternoon trout could be found in deeper water and lures fished at speed gave anglers some excellent sport. The heather fly is still abundant so bear that in mind when selecting your flies for the day. Best flies are Dawson’s Olive, Bibio, Black Hopper and Daddy Longlegs. Best areas are Corporal Hill and both sides of the dam wall.

Kennick Reservoir, Devon
Rods consistently averaged around 2.5 fish per angler throughout the month, with boat anglers faring slightly better than their bank counterparts. Both static and drifting tactics were successful for the boats, who caught most of their fish over the Middle, Narrows and Top End. The Top End and Narrows, along with Clampitts Bay, also proved to be the best location for bank anglers. Dark dry patterns fished well, particularly Black Gnats and dark Buzzer Emergers, and with natural daddies being blown onto the water, dry Daddies and Hopper patterns also fished well. Damsels, Diawl Bachs and teams of Buzzers caught sub-surface feeders, with orange lures taking the occasional deeper fish. Floating lines, sink-tips and intermediate lines were the favoured tactics. Michael Herring, from Thurstone, caught a 3lb 5oz rainbow from a boat in the Narrows using a dry Elk Hair Sedge, while 3lb rainbows were caught by Mr T. O’Keef using a Diawl Bach by the dam and by Mr D. O’Neil using a team of Buzzers from the bank.

Kielder Water, Northumberland
With the cooler weather fish have been taken deeper in the water. Those legering, and on sinking lines have had more success than those fishing the surface layers. John Rennings, from Morpeth, took his eight fish limit with a White Booby on a short leader fished on a Di-8 line. He also landed the largest fish of the week of 3lb 14oz from the Quarry. Jane Swither, from Hawick, landed seven trout for 13lb 11oz from Hawkhope slipway. Jane was legering on the bottom with a two foot leader, and floating Orange Powerbait. Lower water levels have opened up greater areas to bank anglers. Please note that sections of the bank, especially near stream inlets, can have large areas of unstable silt and sand. Please take extra care in these areas and when choosing your bank fishing location. Boats in time is now back at the jetty for 6pm. Best flies are Black Frizz, Orange Blob, Peacock Spider and various Boobies. Best boat areas are the Quarry and Gowanburn. Best bank areas are Hawkhope, Stocky Baya and Mathews Linn.

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
After a ten-week break the trout fishery reopened on Saturday for day ticket and membership fishing on Cocks Close and Park Meadow pools. The weekend saw 34 rods catching 133 fish for an average of 3.91 per rod. Bright, flat calm conditions initially made the fishing difficult on Saturday but anglers found the fish quite deep and in pockets around the Cocks Close pool with the far corner and wires bank turning into a prolific area by early afternoon. Damsel Nymphs fished slow and deep accounted for a lot of fish with Black Buzzer, Bloodworm and Cat’s Whisker also getting plenty of takes. The biggest fish taken was an 8lb rainbow caught by Chis Gee, of Solihull, who was fishing from a boat on Cocks Close. This was the best of his eight-fish catch taken on Cat’s Whiskers and Olive Buzzer. Harold Pritchett, of Mancetter, took a 7lb rainbow on a Damsel, again from a boat on Cocks Close. On Park Meadow pool, which is now open for day tickets for the first time, Tom Smith of Meriden caught a five fish bag with the best going 7lb 8oz. They all fell to a Damsel fished on a floating line.

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
Pitsford has fished well again this week. The rod average is a healthy 3.7 with some nice fish showing including a couple of fine 4lb-plus brown trout. Anglers are now taking fish from the bank. Alec Urquhart fished the bank at Stilton Point and had six fish on a floating line and nymphs. Mr Goldie fished the bank at the Cliffs to take some nice fish up to 3lb 8oz. The father and son boat pairing of Messrs Polito, had 18 fish to the boat on dries including Claret Hoppers. Mr B. Croft reported a nice brown of 3lb 8oz as well as three other rainbows in his bag. George Hackett caught a lovely full-tailed brown trout of 4lb. The East Midlands Fly Fishers held a boat match on Thursday with Mick Stevens the top rod, taking six fish. Bill Knight had the biggest fish with a rainbow of 3lb 15oz.
Best methods are floating or midge-tip lines with Boobies or Blobs on the point and Diawls or Hare’s Ear nymphs on droppers. Daddies and Hoppers are also working and if conditions are favourable dries such as Hoppers, Bob’s Bits and CdCs are proving effective. The best areas are Stilton, Gorse and Cliffs from the bank. Boat anglers should look no further than the Narrows.
An invasive species of shrimp (Dikerogammarus villosus), commonly known as DV, has been found at Pitsford Water. It is important that anglers continue to follow the Check, Clean, Dry procedures in place for the preservation of our environment and sport.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire
Anglers continue to enjoy top of the water sport with Hoppers, Daddies, Bob’s Bits and small Buzzers all working well. Drifting through the main bowl produced the best results, while the area between the Island and the boils was also profitable. The best bank sport was from the dam area. The water is quite low at the moment making conditions from the platforms difficult with anglers having to wade in front of them.

Rutland Water, Rutland
Big fish are starting to show around different areas. The best fish of the week was a stunning 6lb 6oz rainbow that fell to Tyne and Wear angler Gary Hays. He took this fish off the top on a dry fly while boat fishing the south arm. Season ticket holder Tony Tibbet, of Oakham, fished with his grandson Toff Crowther. Toff, who has represented England Youth Fly Fishers, advised Tony to be prepared to ‘hang the fly’ before re-casting and this advice resulted in Tony landing a very solid 6lb 4oz rainbow. He later added another quality rainbow of 4lb 9oz. The pair also took other fish, particularly from the bottom of the south arm. Bank angler Adi Naylor fished the Green Bank down the south arm last Monday and netted a 5lb 8oz rainbow that was moving in only two feet of water. Adi covered the fish with a Damsel Nymph and the fish took the fly straight away. The best brown of the week at 5lb 12oz was caught in the WaterAid charity event fished last Friday by Stephen Brown. Stock fish are being caught in good numbers, particularly in and around the aerators, although this did change slightly with the wind midweek blowing from the east, with fish showing out across the middle of open deeper water, from the fishing lodge to the sailing club. Bank anglers have caught off the Green Bank, Normanton, Yellowstones and Tim Appletons with dries, nymphs and fry patterns. The bigger fish are being caught in and around the weed beds down the bottom of the arms. There will also be good fish in other areas like the main basin, with drifts close into the shoreline which should expose these specimen fish.
The top three pairs in the Anglian Water Rudder Match on September 19 were Mike Barrett and Carl Peers with nine fish for 17lb; second Martin Hearth and Jim Watts with seven fish for 13lb 10oz and third Dave Porter and Steve Crowder with six fish for 12lb 1oz.

Scaling Dam, Cleveland
A testing week for anglers with heavy rain and strong blustery winds. However bait anglers who battled the conditions have been well rewarded. With the weekly stockings the trout have spread well out and all areas have produced trout. George Goldsbrough, from Redcar, had an excellent day on Monday, recording an eight-fish limit for 24lb 14oz from the disabled jetty. With the trout feeding very close to the surface George alternated between fly and bait to catch his limit which included the heaviest rainbow of the week at 5lb. Craig Husband, from Lingdale, used a legered worm to take his eight-fish limit from the east end dam wall and included a nice 4lb 8oz rainbow. Lee Pearson, also from Lingdale, went home with his limit from the moor side all caught on yellow Mice Tails. Nigel Katib and daughter Mia, aged 11, from York, went home with eight rainbows including a 3lb 4oz rainbow caught from the east end bay on blue mango PowerBait. Best flies are Invicta, Kate McLaren, and Viva. Best areas are east end bay and the main dam wall.

Siblyback Lake, Cornwall
Rods averaged just under two fish per angler over the month, with plenty of browns caught, the best being a 2lb 15oz fish by Mr J. Collman, from Plymouth. Sedge and dry Daddy patterns were the most popular surface flies, with Buzzers and Montanas catching subsurface feeders. Two Meadows and Stocky Bay proved to be the most productive areas. The best fish caught during the month was a 5lb 4oz rainbow caught by Wes Ower, from Lifton fishing from a boat. Wes also landed a 5lb fish on the same day on a dry Grasshopper.

Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex
Lake one is now half cleared of weed and will soon be sectioned off with half turned into a beginners end and the other half will be brown trout only. This opens on October 9 when new stock for those pools arrive. Lake two has seen brilliant fishing all day on Damsels, fry patterns and Hoppers and Sedge late afternoon or early evening. Stalking on lake three is good as clarity is great with plenty of big fish to target.

Wimbleball Lake, Somerset
Drifting boat anglers have continued to enjoy the best sport with Bessoms, Ruggs, Cow Moor, the Upton Arm, Arthur’s Bay, Valentines and the deeper water by the dam the best locations. Bank anglers tended to stay around Ruggs and Bessoms. Foam-back Daddies, Black Gnats and dry Sedge patterns all fished well to rising fish, with Montanas, Hare’s Ears, Blobs and Cat’s Whiskers catching the deeper feeders. The best fish of the month was a 4lb 11oz rainbow, caught by Alan Riddell, from Newton Abbott, followed by a rainbow of 4lb 7oz, caught by Steven Floyd, from Moretonhampstead.

Withern Mill Trout Farm, Lincolnshire
With summer slipping away and the fry starting to feature in the diet some of the larger resident fish have started to show themselves. John Ashburn battled for over 20 minutes but was rewarded with a beautiful 12lb fully-finned rainbow. The fish was returned. Time to increase the leader strength and hold on tight!

Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham
Even though conditions were favourable the lakes had a very quiet week with visiting numbers much lower than of late. This being the case the lakes still fished very well and the anglers who did venture out returned a very commendable rod average of just under four. The 15 fish limit remained elusive to all anglers this week with the best of the rods being T. Ross who caught 13 fish. The only other angler to reach a double-figure bag was A. Clarke with 10 fish. Completing the sheets was T. Ross with eight fish on a second visit, P. Todd with seven fish, A.P. Carrol caught six fish and rounding off was J. Bainbridge with a bag of five fish. A.P. Carrol had the best fish of the week with a hard fighting 4lb 6oz rainbow. The top flies were Daddies, Hoppers, CdCs, Klinkhamer and Buzzers.