Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending August 14th, 2015

Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside
The weather has been changeable again but settled down for the weekend and it has fished well as a result. The water is reasonable clear in all the ponds and that has certainly helped. The Boathouse pool is still fishing really well with most of the fish coming to either dry flies or lures such as Yellow Dancers and Hothead Damsels. The biggest fish from the pond at 10lb 12oz was caught by C. Walker on a black lure. Other notable catches were the Deed Ferret group with 12 fish for 46lb with the largest a 9lb 8oz rainbow. The Fishing Inc group took 12 fish for 41lb with the largest at 6lb.
The Burnside pool has been very changeable and the fish have been moving around a lot, one minute they are on the surface taking dries the next they are 10 feet down wanting to chase lures so it has paid to be mobile and change tactics. Floating Fry has been taking a lot of fish as well as Sedges and Shipman’s. Top lures are Damsels, Orange Blobs and Black and Green Fritz. Mr McNeil had the biggest of the week from here with an 8 to 9lb blue trout (returned) taken on a Blob.
On the Bankside most fish are still sat in the first bay down to the dam wall. Again the Floating Fry has been the best fly. Other fry patterns doing well are Pearly Pheasant Tails, Mini Cats and Yellow Dancers. Mr Birse returned 23 in three visits on fry patterns and Mr Forbes had the biggest fish on the complex this week with a 11lb 12oz rainbow taken on a Yellow Dancer.
There are a lot of fish being caught on the Woodside but it has been very noticeable when the fish are feeding and when they are not. Powerbait is still the best bait fished fairly deep down but other baits are working as well. Over the weekend 58 anglers landed 91 fish for 152lb.
On Sunday September 13 Kingennie will be holding a fundraising event for the Scottish Stillwater flyfishing team that will be travelling to Ireland in October for the international. Entry will be £25 per person and will include lunch and prizes.There will also be a raffle on the day. The fishing will be fished on Burnside and Boathouse to catch and release rules. Anyone who would like to fish the competition please call 01382 350777/350213 for more details and to reserve a place.

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire  
The fishing conditions continue to be pretty good for the time of year with water temperature sitting 12-13C and great water clarity. A lot of fish are showing on the surface but most are taking just under. The fishing was at its best when the breeze was coming out of the west with things a little harder when the wind moved round to the east. At the weekend anglers were seeing loads of fish cruising round, but tempting them out was a bit harder. Big fish are still being seen, and caught, with some cracking tigers still in the area around the burn mouth. Favourite patterns included Sedge, Hopper, Daddy Longlegs, Bibio, Snatcher, Kate McLaren, plus the usual lures and Buzzers. Most of the time the fish are looking to chase and anglers are getting a lot of sport with fish following the fly in and turning away at the last minute. The Fishery is now open from 8am to 9pm every day.
Sean McGill, from Airdrie, caught two fish for 9lb 8oz including a 7lb 4oz tiger; Nan Morrison, Stirling, three for 11lb 13oz including a 6lb 10oz rainbow; Alec Peachey, Hamilton, a 5lb tiger; Stewart Nicholson, Knightswood, five fish for 17lb 4oz; Danny Doherty, Denny, five for 14lb 12oz plus four caught and released; Allan Laing, Carluke, five for 14lb plus three caught and released; Robin Scott Penicuik, five for 14lb; Ricky Goodwin, Larbert, in three visits, 10 for 31lb 12oz plus four caught and released; Frank Barr, Falkirk, in two visits, nine for 25lb; Stephan and Paul Miller, Stirling, shared eight for 22lb; William Williams, Alloa, three for 10lb 8oz including a 4lb rainbow; Tam Morgan, Motherwell, three for 9lb plus eight caught and released; John Mooney, Queenzieburn, two for 8lb 12oz; Alan Smith, Cumbernauld, two for 6lb 8oz including a 4lb 4oz rainbow; Gary Smith, Alloa, two for 6lb 8oz; James Elliott, Stirling, two for 6lb 8oz; Malcolm McKay, Dunfermline, two for 6lb 8oz; and Martin Stewart, Glasgow, two for 6lb.