Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending August 28th, 2015

Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside
Another week of fairly settled weather has brought on more great fishing with some anglers taking extremely good bags. The water is still very clear in all the pools and this is definitely helping with the fishing. The evening fishing is still available with off the water time at 9pm at the moment. On Sunday September 13 we will be holding a fundraising competition to help raise funds for the Scottish Stillwater Fly Fishing Team who will be travelling to Ireland in October for the international. This is a self-funded team and all support given to the team travelling to represent Scotland is greatly appreciated. The competition will be fished to catch to catch and release rules with lunch included and a raffle on the day. Fishing will be charged at £25 per head and starting at 9.15. If you would like any more information please call 01382 350777/350213.
The Boathouse has been fishing really well this week with the water very clear. The best method has been to fish small but they have also been taking lures. Top flies have been Buzzers and nymphs fished on the washing-line held up by a FAB. This was the method that Mr Kirk used to land 14 fish with the best being one of the big blues at around 10-11lb caught on an Orange FAB. Mr Crombie and his group had 51 fish between the seven of them, all of which were returned. The best was estimated at around 9lb with several fish from 4-6lb also caught.
The Burnside is getting clearer by the day and the buzzer fishing is getting better and better with it. Mr Barlow took 16 fish in three hours on small Black Buzzers, Mr Wilson had three for 8lb and put back nine on Black and Olive Buzzers under the bung. Mr Gowan had nine on a Damsel fished quick on a fast glass line, with the best around 6lb. There have also been fish out on dries and various lures at times but they have been fussy while chasing and have been hard to connect with, often just plucking at the tails.
The Bankside has been either very easy or very hard at times as the fish are moving around a lot. Mr Sherriff had an outstanding day landing 29 fish on a mixture of Dancers, Squirmys and Hoppers with the largest at around 6lb. Mr Spence had three for 10 with the biggest 5lb 8oz caught on a Cat’s Whisker. The fish have been very unpredictable recently and has made it challenging on this pond at times but one big positive is the fry-bashing just getting better and better every week. The Woodside has been very similar but the fish are moving about a bit more and location has been the key. If you are on the fish a blob of Powerbait will soon catch them. Over the weekend the 58 anglers landed a total of 93 fish for 148lb.

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire
The warmth and bright sunshine led to a drop in oxygen levels which, in turn, led to the fish being slightly less active and more lethargic. In general the fish were still up in the water, except for the spells when it was really bright. Most were being taken just under the surface, although those fishing deeper at the weekend were doing better than those sticking to floating lines. Anglers fishing lures were successful deep down if they were not actually hitting fish on the drop; otherwise nymphs, wets and dries were taking fish in the top couple of feet. Dry flies were particularly successful on the small ponds. Those fishing near the surface were seeing fish following their flies right in, but in many cases they were turning away at the last minute rather than taking the fly. Favourite patterns this week included Buzzer, Damsel, Daddy, Klinkhamer, Yellow Owl, Sedge, Hopper, Diawl Bach and Bibio.
Willie Torrance, from Glasgow, caught a 5lb 8oz blue; Willie Hutchison, Glasgow, tempted five fish for 16lb 12oz; Darren Scott, Rosyth, five for 16lb 2oz; Brian Harvey, Prestonpans, and Peter Cockings, Southampton, shared seven for 19lb 6oz from the boat; Danny Doherty, Denny, five for 14lb plus five caught and released; Frank Barr, Falkirk, seven for 15lb 6oz; John Mooney, Queenzieburn, four for 14lb 8oz plus four caught and released; Keith Muckersie, Peebles, four for 13lb 8oz; Frank Turner, Alloa, four for 12lb 4oz; Davy Thorburn, Peebles, four for 12lb; Chris Kerr, East Kilbride, four for 11lb 4oz; Martin Watt. Glasgow, three for 9lb 4oz; Donald McMurchy, Fallin, two for 7lb 8oz; Billy Watt, Airdrie, two for 7lb; Gordon Ferguson two for 6lb 12oz; David Halcrow, Stenhousemuir, two for 6lb 8oz; R. Cummings, two for 6lb 4oz from the Meadow Pond plus a further seven caught and released; Andy McBride caught and released 11 in two visits; Jocky Weir, Shotts, caught and released nine.