Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending July 17th, 2015

Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside
Less than perfect summer weather made for very good trout fishing conditions. With the start of the summer holidays the Woodside pool has been very busy. This has limited space at times and people are really starting to take advantage of the bait fishing option we are running over the summer on the Bankside pool. Over the weekend 16 anglers bait-fished the pool landing 35 fish for 86lb with the best taken by Mr Ritchie with a 4lb 2oz rainbow on Powerbait, although there was a bigger fish reported lost. Powerbait has been the best bait for all the any-method fishing. On Bankside fishing about three foot down has been best but on the Woodside it has paid to go down to around six to seven feet deep. On the Woodside over the weekend the 48 anglers landed 89 fish for 139lb.
On the Bankside the flyfishing has been very good recently with all the extra rain and the extra fish being stocked to help with the turnover of fish from the bait fishing. Mr Birse continues to take fish on the Floating Fry including 20 in a few hours with the best around 5lb. Mr Gordon did well on a yellow lure landing 10 fish in three hours. The Boathouse has stayed a bit brown but was very steady this week with really good fish being landed. Mr Miller had a rainbow of 8lb 4oz and a blue of 8lb 9oz as well as returning over 20 on a mix of lures during his stay in the lodges. Mr Gray fished on his birthday and as rewarded with a rainbow of 9lb 13oz taken on black lure. Mr Jackson caught and released 12 fish on a white lure and Diawl Bachs.
The Burnside has been steady but you need to get the method right. When the conditions suit and they are on the surface small dries are working but as always the presentation is key. Olive Buzzers seem to be the best nymph for now, Mr Kirk took advantage of that with a return of nine fish. Mr Fisher had the best fish of the week at around 9lb on a Black Buzzer and Mr Costello had another fish of around 8lb also on a Black Buzzer.

Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian
This week it’s been hard to say where fish have been feeding with anglers reporting getting fish deep and some getting fish just below the surface. From the results on returns, most were caught on wets and Buzzers with Blobs close behind. Kate Mclaren was the top fly for the week taking most fish. Best fish of the week fell to Paul Clark with a blue of 9lb 11oz.
Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian

A busy week on Millbuies with some good catches and the weather being a bit kinder for anglers. Dries and wets were the key, fishing under the tree lines and edges where fish were waiting for insects to fall on the water.

Millhall Reservoir, Falkirk
The combination of recent heavy rain showers, strong cold gusting winds and increased flow from both of the burn inlets and the Water Board emptying the local drinking water tank has refreshed the reservoir and has dropped the water temperature slightly. This caused the fish to feed more freely just below the surface at shallower parts of the water. Best tactics were to use intermediate or floating lines with lures like Cat’s Whiskers, Damsel variants, Olive Growlers, Yellow Dancers and traditional wets like Kate McLaren, Bibios, Black Spiders and Diawl Bachs from the grassy margins at South Shore and Firwood Point. From the boats in deeper water static Buzzers, Apps’ Bloodworms, Diawl Bachs or Sunken Daddies waiting for cruising fish has been the best method. Club member Paul Howarth stalked the only gold trout in the water after spotting it in deeper water just of the South Shore. He finally caught it after two hours of intense fishing and tackle changes. It was the last of his 12 fish allowed on catch and release and safely returned. The third heat of the Rod and Creel (Carronshore) sponsored Millhall Open is on Sunday August 2 during the evening session starting at 16.30. All the qualifiers go forward to the free final on Sunday October 4 (day session). There are still places left and any angler interested can book a place at the clubhouse or phone 01324 714190.

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire
Very changeable weather this week with bright sunshine one minute and heavy showers the next. Water temperature is back down to 13oC and the clarity has returned to very good again after the torrential downpours of the previous weekend. For most of the week the fish were in the top two feet of the water and were periodically looking to chase small lures, even near the surface. The rest of the time they were taking nymphs and wet flies fished more slowly. An occasional fish was caught on a dry fly on Swanswater with a lot more interest in dries on the small ponds. Favourite patterns included Cat’s Whisker, Dancer, Diawl Bach, Montana, Bloodworm, Buzzer, Kate McLaren, Black Pennell, Klinkhamer and Hopper. A good number of 5lb to 7lb blues and rainbows figure in this week’s returns, along with a few browns and tigers, the latter still being found in the burn area.
Frank Barr, from Falkirk, in two visits caught nine for 28lb 12oz including a 7lb 14oz rainbow, plus four fish caught and released. Jimmy Clougherty, Partick, caught a 7lb 8oz blue; Ronnie Cooper, Stirling, three for 17lb 4oz including a 7lb 6oz rainbow; Tom Hill, Hamilton, a 7lb 2oz blue; Willie Martin, Stirling, five for 17lb 4oz including a 7lb blue; Tom Pate, Alloa, two for 10lb 4oz including a 5lb 12oz tiger and a 4lb 8oz brown; Craig Myles, Tullibody, two for 8lb 12oz including a 5lb 8oz rainbow; Peter Henderson, Cumbernauld, two for 7lb 8oz including a 4lb 8oz brown; Peter O’Brien, Camelon, five for 14lb 8oz; John Montague, Glasgow, five for 14lb 2oz including a 3lb 2oz rainbow; Danny Doherty, Denny, five for 13lb; John Mooney, Queenzieburn, four for 12lb; John Mathieson, Stirling, two tigers for 7lb 2oz; Tam Rogerson, Alloa, two for 6lb 8oz; Douglas McKenzie, Tillicoultry, and Robert Park, Glasgow, each with two for 6lb; Willie Hutchison, a 4lb 4oz tiger; and Kevin Gray, Camelon, caught and released 11.