Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending July 24th, 2015

Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside
The changeable weather has required anglers to adapt to conditions in order to achieve the best results. Although the water has been discoloured there have still been some very good returns. The Boathouse Pool has responded well to various techniques from dry flies, through Buzzers to lures. Mr Watt took an excellent rainbow weighing 12lb. Catch and release anglers have returned some decent numbers of fish on Cormorants and Diawl Bachs. The deep Burnside Pool has likewise produced large numbers of fish. George Birse released 22 fish taken on a Blue and Black Tadpole, with other anglers also reaching double-figures of fish. Tam Costello returned a beautifully proportioned rainbow estimated at 8lb-plus. The evenings have witnessed some wonderful sport on dry flies. Despite being open to the high winds dry flies have also been the key to good returns on the Bankside Pool with Sugar-Cube Shipman’s and Yellow Owl featuring highly. Buzzers have also been fruitful with several regular anglers returning over a dozen fish each in a session. The Woodside Pool has again responded well to Powerbait with 44 fish being weighed in on Sunday for a total of 70lb. Spinning small lures produced some of the better-sized fish especially in high water conditions.

Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian
Overall it’s been a decent week for most anglers and as usual flyfishing has proved to be a sport of never-ending learning! The biggest lesson learned was that anglers need to change their tactics to suit the conditions. Sticking to the same old tactic just doesn't work every time you go fishing. Some very good fish were caught over the week and the best flies have been small and black with Damsels and Buzzers working very well. Fish were not deep down and even dry flies have been working for those brave enough to try them. Some examples from this week’s returns were Slater Scott with 17 fish; Karen Cameron had a 4lb fish; Andrew More had two good days with fish of 8lb 7oz and 10lb 4oz; Neil Smith had a fish of 9lb 5oz and Willie McRobbie caught one of 9lb 12oz. Averages were around four to five fish per person per outing.

Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian
Anglers have had some great sport with plenty of rising fish. Dries and Buzzers have done well on both lochs. The brown trout have been doing well and are a good size, over the 2lb mark and some occasional fish to 6lb. Some anglers had fish around the 5lb mark and some fishing way too light were broken on bigger fish so please don't fish lighter than 6lb mono.

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire
This week saw the record for a tiger trout at Swanswater equalled when John Mathieson, from Deanstoun, landed a beauty at 7lb 8oz in his bag of three fish for 12lb 12oz. John is something of an expert at catching tigers having netted over 20 since April this year. With nearly 3.25 inches of rain falling between Thursday evening and Sunday morning the water was very high and coloured over the weekend but started to clear during the day on Sunday so conditions will be improving rapidly from the start of the week. The fish were still in the top two feet despite the rain and strong winds. They were proving hard to please at times and at other times they were taking everything and anything. Most of the week a quick retrieve was working well although something slower worked better some evenings. Favourite patterns included Cat’s Whisker, Ace of Spades, Humungus, Damsel, Montana, Viva, Goldhead Daddy, Hopper, and Muddler.
Alistair Aitken, from Dumbarton, caught four fish for 14lb 12oz including a 8lb 4oz blue; Robert Park, Glasgow, three for 13lb 4oz including an 8lb rainbow; Frank Turner, Alloa, four for 15lb including a 7lb 10oz blue; Frank Barr, Falkirk, 10 for 31lb 8oz including a 7lb rainbow and 4lb blue, plus two caught and released; Andy Henderson, Glasgow, four for 16lb including a 6lb 6oz rainbow, plus two caught and released; Nan Morrison, Stirling, two for 8lb 12oz including a 5lb 8oz tiger; Stewart Nicholson and Willie Hutchison, Knightswood, shared six fish for 17lb 12oz in the boat; Willie Nyguist, Stirling, five for 14lb; Willie Martin, Stirling, five for 13lb 12oz; George Dobbie, Glasgow, four for 10lb 8oz, plus three caught and released; Willie Torrance, Glasgow, four for 10lb 8oz; Henry Fulton, Greenock, three for 8lb; Graeme Arthur, Stirling, caught and released seven.