Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending July 3rd, 2015

Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside
As temperatures continue to rise the evening fly hatches are becoming very prolific. Fish are very preoccupied on caenis at times, and there have also been some big sedges on the water bringing some exciting chases and swirls. When they haven’t been on the surface it has paid to go much deeper as the fish seek some refuge from the heat. The Burnside is showing its summer form with fish active on the surface a lot of the time. Small dry flies and Sugar Cube Shipman’s have been catching them but a Floating Fry has been the best pattern in white, yellow and orange. Mr Birse has regularly taken good bags of fish on the fry with 11 in a couple of hours his best. When fishing deeper try Blobs under the bung, a method used by Mr Simpson who tempted 41 fish over two days. The Boathouse is clearing again and this has brought about some improved fishing with smaller patterns such as Diawl Bachs, Crunchers and Cormorants doing well. As for lures Blobs and Damsels have been best. Mr Watson put back 10 with the biggest at 8lb. Mr Bairner had four fish for 11lb and put back nine on a Yellow Dancer.
The Bankside is seeing the fish moving from the first bay to the dam wall in a bit of a shoal. They have been caught on a number of flies including big dries, Floating Fry, Orange Blob and on old traditionals as well. Mr Dickson had 13 fish on a Black Pennell. The Woodside has been a bit slower than in recent weeks and the weed is staring to get up quite badly in around half of the pond. Powerbait under the float or on a lead has been the top method as the perch are very active now and are taking any worm and maggot offerings. The biggest fish of the weekend, a 2lb 11oz rainbow, was taken by Mr Ellis on green Powerbait.
With the weed staring to get bad in the Woodside it has been decided to turn the Bankside into an additional bait pond through the summer months. This will give bait anglers the opportunity to fish for much larger fish to over 12lb while bait fishing. The pond will open to this on Saturday July 4. There will be some strict rules on the pond as it is still primarily a flyfish pond. For more details please call 01382 350777 for more details.

Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian
With settled weather some very good returns were recorded to a variety of tactics, which, for most of the week, needed to be close to or on top of the water. During late evenings and early mornings, fish were topping on the surface and it was ideal for dry fly tactics. Later it was onto Blobs and Damsels fished freeline and without an indicator. Those anglers who changed their methods to suit the conditions were more successful. Kevin Boyle, a relatively new angler, had 26 fish on a Yellow Blob freelined on a floating line; Tom Webster caught 30 fish; Wullie Olsen 26 on a mix of Blobs, dries and Okey Dokeys; Craig McColl 17; Ian Bancroft with 12 fish, his best at 7lb 7oz; Neill Smith had five, best at 6lb 11oz; Jimmy Rhind 11; Dave Simpson 10; Scott Burness had a fish of 4lb; David King one of 4lb 10oz; and the best of the week went to Graeme Adamson with his personal best of 9lb 12oz. Steve Junar returned a nice tiger trout.
The weekend tying and open event in aid of Fishing for Tom, supported by Ian Christie of Flybox UK, was a great success. Thanks to those special people who helped make it a success including Fiona Anderson who made cakes, W. MacLemans butchers in Lossiemouth, and all the stand-holders who helped the youngsters catch fish. Special mention goes to Bethany Smith who raised £40 for the Fishing for Tom charity by making and selling cakes. All the money raised from the weekend goes towards helping and encouraging children and disabled veterans to enjoy the outdoors and fishing.
Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian
Anglers continued to enjoy some good top of the water sport with some beautiful browns and plenty of acrobatic blues being caught. The lochs are in great condition and Joe Galloway had a beauty of a blue at 5lb. Best flies have been Buzzers and traditional patterns and both lochs have produced well. There are now five boats with another to go in soon making six available for clubs and the normal four boats for day angling.

Millhall Reservoir, Falkirk
The present club champion Rhys O’Connor beat 12 other club members to win last Sunday’s Rainbow Trophy competition for the second year running catching all his fish late on. Second place went to Gordon Anderson who caught his five fish on the first peg. Third was Keith Lewis and fourth Jim Fairley. This result puts Keith in the lead for this year’s championship just ahead of Chris with two competitions to go. Good bags this week went to A. Fleming with four fish for 11lb 8oz, best 5lb, on Buzzers; John Morton two for 10lb; I. McDonald four for 12lb on Snatchers. Alex Pow caught a blue-tagged fish to win £100 which he shared with his fishing partners and Gordon Anderson had three for 9lb on Buzzers. The third heat of the Rod and Creel (Carronshore) sponsored Millhall Open is on Sunday August 2 during the evening session starting at 16.30. All the qualifiers go forward to the free final on Sunday October 4 (day session). There are still places left and any angler interested can book a place at the clubhouse or phone 01324 714190. 

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire
The slight increase in air temperature this week has seen the water temperature climbing slowly to 14.5oC at the weekend. The water is very clear and conditions are excellent. The fish are very active in the top couple of feet of the water but are quite fussy as to what they were taking. Anglers fishing on or near the surface were enjoying a huge amount of sport but were not always successful in connecting with fish. Several large fish, blues, tigers and rainbows, were seen cruising in various areas of the ponds but are also proving slightly elusive. Favourite patterns this week included Hopper, Sedge, Sedgehog, Black Gnat, Klinkhamer, Kate McLaren, Invicta, Butcher, Buzzer and Daiwl Bach.
Last week Allan Laing, of Carluke, caught five fish for 20lb 12oz and included a 7lb 8oz blue and a 5lb 8oz tiger. This week Keith Muckersie, from Peebles, caught five fish for 17lb 12oz including a 7lb 12oz rainbow; Nan Morrison, Stirling, two for 9lb 4oz including a 7lb rainbow; Aaron Barnes, Cumbernauld, two for 10lb 7oz, a 6lb 3oz rainbow and a 4lb 4oz blue; Frank Barr, Falkirk, in two visits, 10 for 24lb 8oz; Danny Doherty, Denny, five for 13lb 12oz plus seven caught and returned; Allan Laing, Carluke, five for 12lb 4oz including two blues, plus three caught and released; Willie Nyguist, Stirling, five for 10lb 8oz including four from the Millpond, plus four caught and released; Frank Turner, Alloa, four for 10lb 8oz plus five caught and released; Jim Milne, Alloa, four for 10lb plus four caught and released; Steven Mullin and son Liam, Pitlochry, shared three for 8lb 8oz, plus two caught and returned; Ricky Goodwin, Larbert, three for 8lb 4oz; Ryan Jamieson, Denny, two for 6lb 8oz including a 4lb 8oz brown; Henry Fulton, Greenock, two for 6lb 8oz; Patrick Mathews, Dunfermline, two for 6lb; Jim Donnelly, Milton of Campsie, caught and released nine.