Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending June 19th, 2015

Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside
Summer appears to have finally arrived and after some hot sunny weather, there were a few substantial fly hatches resulting in some furious surface activity, especially in the evenings. A lot of buzzers, the ever-annoying caneis hatches and some really big ginger sedges that really got the fish chasing on top. Although there have been large numbers of fish moving in the upper layers they have not always been easy to catch. When they haven’t been on the surface you have had to go down deeper for them in the heat of the day.
The Bankside has been very good this week. Fish have been caught all over the pond but the dam wall seems to have fish there all the time. Mr Gordon landed 38 fish in three short sessions, mostly on a yellow lure and Okey Dokeys. Mr Sherriff has continued his good spell, taking 16 fish in a session on Hoppers. Mr Ross caught four fish for 10lb 11oz and returned eight on Orange Blobs.
The Boathouse has been excellent this week with a couple of really good bags and lots of fish caught and released. Mr Thompson and Mr McCabe had a great afternoon landing 19 fish between them on a mix of lures and buzzers, the biggest was around 4lb. But they also lost one of the very big blues that refused to get caught. Yet get caught it did as regular angler Chris landed it on Sunday evening. Mr McHardy also took a big fish on Saturday with a rainbow of 8lb 9oz in a bag of three for 15lb with five returned.
The Burnside has had an unusual sort of off week with some anglers having superb results but some have really struggled. The fish seem to be either very high in the water looking for dries or down much deeper where sunk lines or the bung have been the best methods. Mr Simpson landed more than 35 fish in two sessions. Mr Drummond had four for 13lb including a 6lb 5oz blue trout as well as returning eight on a White Fritz. The Woodside has been very busy all week, with some bigger than usual specimens. The biggest this week was taken by Mr Ramsden and his son with a 2lb 14oz rainbow in a bag of four for 9lb. Mr Whiteford had four for 9lb. Over the weekend there were 58 anglers who landed 119 fish for a total of 205lb.

Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian
The arrival of some warmer summer weather meant a change of tactics and as expected the best of the fishing was early mornings and evenings when fish rose to take dry flies. During the day fish could be picked up but not in great numbers as water temperatures rose. Best flies over the week were Black Hoppers, CdCs, Buzzers, lime and green an pink Bunny Leeches. Chris Johnston caught and returned a 15lb rainbow; David Geddes had an 8lb fish; Kev Barron one of 5lb; Stuart Patterson an 8lb 1oz fish; Dave Simpson had a nice rainbow of 6lb 11oz; Peter Collins had a 6lb 5oz blue and a 5lb 9oz rainbow. Mondays is special ticket day for OAPS, disabled, students and unemployed with ticket prices from £5 to £15 for four to eight hours fishing. Proof of eligibility is required.
Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian
Rises have been very good on the lochs and anglers have reported success to dry and wet flies. Plenty of decent fish were taken. Both lochs have fished well, especially around the margins as fish wait for falling insects, and with warmer conditions set to continue good sport should also follow.

Millhall Reservoir, Falkirk
There was a good turnout of members and non-members last Sunday evening for the second heat of the tackle dealer and club sponsor Rod and Creel (Carronshore) Open competition. After a hard fought contest the qualifiers going through to the free final on October 2 are Graham Miller and Robert Anderson. There are two heats remaining on August 2 and September 6, both Sunday evening sessions. To enter contact the club on 01324 714190.  There are still a few places left for the members only competition the Rainbow Trophy on June 28, again an evening session. Boats will still be available to members of the public and the day session is as normal.
Hotspots are the dam wall and the south shore, especially in the last hours of sunshine when anglers are taking advantage of the buzzer and sedge hatches. Anglers using floating or midge-tip lines fishing the washing-line method with PTNs Diawl Bachs and traditional wets like Kate McLaren, Black Spiders and Black Pennells are taking more fish than anglers using lures.
Of the visiting clubs Gilmerton FC had 17 for 32lb and Shotts Bon Accord had 22 for 46lb 4oz. The two most notable bags went to John McLean with four fish for 17lb on a Black Rabbit. His best fish was 6lb 8oz with the other three all between three and four pound. Pat McLuskie caught four for 14lb 12oz, best 6lb 8oz, on traditional wets.

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire
The sudden burst of summer midweek was a welcome change from the cool, windy weather experienced over the last couple of months. On the hottest days the fishing was best in the mornings when those fishing on the bank from the dam to the boats benefitted from the shade offered by the wood. Things were a bit harder in the afternoons when the sun was at its highest, but some evenings offered excellent sport particularly on the small ponds. For most of the week the fish were in the top two feet of the water and were looking for something to follow, although they went deeper in the afternoons. The cloudier conditions at the weekend saw quite a few fish taken on dries and a huge amount more showing interest but not taking on the top. The tigers have moved back to the burn area where they enjoy the fresh water entering the pond. The water temperature hit 14oC at the end of the week but has dropped back to 13oC again. Water condition is good and clear. Favourite patterns this week included Buzzer, Sedge, Diawl Bach, Hopper, Damsel, PTN, CdC, Yellow Owl and various small wet flies.
The average fish size is smaller than normal at present, because the fishery has just started a new tank for stocking, but they will get bigger in the coming weeks. They are being supplemented by stockings of several large blues and tigers so there should be plenty of interest and sport to come.
Good catches this week were taken by Fraser Malcolm, from Stirling, with two fish for 8lb 4oz including a 6lb brown; Jim Spears, Falkirk, 4lb 12oz brown; Frank Barr, Falkirk, 10 for 26lb, plus two caught and released; Mark Kenyon, Menstrie, over the course of the week took 12 for 28lb 4oz, using small nymphs, wet and dry flies from the boat; Allan Laing, East Kilbride, five for 13lb 8oz, plus four caught and returned;Danny Doherty, Denny, five for 12lb 4oz; Barry Hamilton, Muirhead, four for 11lb 12oz; Ricky Goodwin, Larbert, four for 9lb 4oz; Tom Hemmings, Motherwell, three for 9lb 8oz including two blues, bigger one at 4lb 8oz; John Mathieson, Stirling, three for 8lb 8oz including a blue and two tigers; Henry Fulton, Greenock, three for 8lb 8oz plus two caught and released; Chris Kerr, East Kilbride, three for 8lb; A. Mathewman, Motherwell, three for 7lb 8oz including two browns; John Moyes, Grangemouth, a 4lb blue; J. Leslie caught and released nine fish.