Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending June 26th, 2015

Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside
Another week of unsettled wet and windy weather at times but very hot and humid as well, which produced favourable fishing conditions. For most of the fishing on all the ponds a floating line is all that is needed. There have been a lot of fish on the surface resulting in dry flies taking their fair share of fish. The Bankside has been reasonably busy with a couple of anglers doing really well having cracked the method. Depending on the day the method has changed from lures such as Blobs and Damsels when it’s been wet, and dries and Buzzers when it’s settled. Mr Jones caught and released 18 fish to around 5lb with most falling to size 16 shuttlecock dries. Mr Moneyman had four fish for 10lb and put back 11 on dries and Buzzers with one returned at around 6lb. Mr Brown returned 12 on Blobs. Mr Watson returned 10 on Buzzers and a FAB.
The Boathouse has stayed a bit coloured with a brown tinge but it has still produced a lot of fish, again to either lures or dries. Mr Thompson and Mr McCabe returned 15 fish between them on Orange Blobs. Mr Grey had four for 10lb 8oz on orange lures and put back six. Mr Walters had two for 5lb and put back eight on Damsels, with one of the returned fish around 8 to 9lb.
The Burnside has probably been the most consistent pond this week. Dries have done well for those anglers that have found the correct pattern as they have been fussy at times. All the big ones seem to be getting caught from the this pond this week with Mr Costello taking one around 10lb on a Buzzer; Mr Watson had one around 10lb on a FAB; Mr Miller caught a blue at around 9lb on a Damsel and Mr Dickson one of around 11lb on a Skinny Buzzer. Mr Phillips had 11 fish on a catch and release ticket on orange lures. Mr Birse had over 20 fish on floating fry in a few short visits.
The Woodside has been really busy with nearly everyone getting fish. The weed is starting to get up in the pond and the perch have been very active as well which has made fishing worms a little less productive for the trout so most anglers have been using Powerbait on a float. Over the weekend the 39 anglers landed 115 fish for a total of 197lb.
As a result of how busy the Woodside is becoming and with the summer holidays approaching the decision has been made to temporarily turn the Bankside pool into a bait-fishing pond. This decision has not been taken lightly and is purely being done on a trial basis to give bait anglers the opportunity to fish for much larger fish and give them a little more space. There are going to be some very strict rules on the pond as it is still a flyfishing pond. The changes will come into place on July 4. If anyone has any questions please feel free to call the shop for more information on 01382 350213 or 350777.

Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian
The variation of temperatures from warm to cold continues and doesn't help to get any decent settled fishing. One minute the fish are feeding off the top and the dry fly does well, the next it’s deep down with lures in an attempt to hook into a fish. Despite the conditions fish are being caught. Over the week Willie Grant had a fish of 15lb and lost another big one; Jim Eddie landed a fish of 11lb 4oz; Derek McLennan caught an 11lb fish and Tom Anderson had a beautiful blue of 11lb. Plenty of anglers reported losing big fish. Cat’s Whiskers, orange patterns and Buzzers are working best. This weekend (June 27-28) is an open weekend at the fishery with Flybox UK and signature tyers from the UK in attendance, helping tyers improve their techniques. There will also be casting instruction, fishing in the bait lochs when youngsters get the chance to catch a fish and a BBQ. The lochs will still be open for normal fishing.
Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian
Being secluded and sheltered has helped sport here and fish are rising all over, feeding on the insects coming off the trees. Good fish are being taken, among them some beautiful browns and blues. Traditional patterns, dries and Buzzers are working best.

Millhall Reservoir, Falkirk
The water is warming up slowly after recent sunny weather but the cold westerly winds kept the surface cooler so fishing can be hard for anglers trying to copy the many varieties of natural feeding. Those who do are well rewarded with good bags or high returns on catch and release. During evening sessions most fish are being taken on midge-tip or floating lines with Black or Olive Buzzers, Kate McLaren, PTNs, Black Pennell and Diawl Bachs as small as size 14. During brighter day sessions lures such as Yellow Dancers, Black Dancers, Cat’s Whiskers, Black Hotties and Boobies are also taking fish. Some of the better bags this week went to John Morton with four for 12lb, best 5lb 4oz on a Black Rabbit; J. Simpson four for 11lb 8oz on a Black WSW; Alan Lawson three for 12lb; W. Sharp two for 6lb; Keith Lewis four for 10lb 8oz; P. Lewis four for 10lb; R. Taylor three for 10lb 14oz and J. Taylor four for 10lb 6oz. The reservoir will be closed during the evening session on Sunday (June 28) for the members-only Rainbow Trophy. Boats will still be available. 

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire
Fishing conditions were generally good this week, despite the continuing cool, dull weather, although the evenings were still pretty chilly. During the day a lot of fish were to be seen moving on the surface and most were in the top two feet with anglers using wet flies and nymphs catching just under the surface. Those relying on Buzzers or lures were having success a bit deeper down. Fish were also coming up to dry flies and although there were a lot of offers, many were just swirling and turning away. Favourite patterns included Damsel, Hare’s Ear, Muddler, Daddy, Kate McLaren, Sedge, Bibio, Yellow Owl, Montana, Cat’s Whisker and Buzzer. Swanswater was fishing well all round with the island, channel and far bay being hotspots at various times. Those fishing from boats were also doing well. Some superb rainbows, blues and tigers in the 5lb to 8lb range figured in this week’s returns along with the usual quality 2lb to 3lb fish.
Allan Laing, from Carluke, caught five fish for 10lb 12oz including a 7lb 8oz Blue, a 5lb 8oz tiger and a brown; Jim Steele, Kilbirnie, three for 13lb including a 7lb 8oz rainbow; Tam Baillie, Kincardine, 7lb 1oz tiger; Willie Martin, Stirling, five for 16lb 4oz including a 7lb rainbow; Frank Barr, Falkirk, five for 17lb 8oz including a 6lb rainbow; James Henderson, Whins of Milton, five for 16lb including a 6lb blue; Stephen Halcrow, four for 12lb 12oz including a 6lb rainbow; Alan Kyle, Kilbirnie, five for 13lb; Brett Glencross, visiting from Australia, five for 12lb 8oz including a 4lb brown; Barry Hamilton, Muirhead, four for 12lb 8oz; Jim Denny, Dunipace, three for 9lb including a 4lb blue; Laurence Eddie, Grangemouth, three for 9lb; Iain MacDonald, Alva, three for 8lb 12oz; Robert Park, Glasgow, two for 6lb 8oz.