Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending June 5th, 2015

Forbes Of Kingennie, Tayside
A week of wild weather made the fishing harder at times as fishing naturals just became so much harder in the wind and this resulted in more lures being fished. When the wind dry fly fishing has been the dominant method, along with Buzzers and nymphs. The Burnside saw a lot of fish high in the water making for good sport. Mr Birse returned 15 while fishing an Olive Shipman’s, Mr Stevens did really well fishing small dry Spiders, keeping four fish for 11lb and putting back another 12. Mr Costello landed two fish estimated between 8lb and 9lb in the space of an hour on Buzzers. The Bankside has seen a really good spread of fish all over the pond which has improved sport greatly for those anglers willing to stay on the move and get on fresh fish. Mr Barr landed 35 fish in four hours on Buzzers and PTNs, the biggest of them being around 8lb. Mr Watson had a good morning fishing the washing-line landing 13 with the best around 6lb
The Boathouse has been trickier with the fish being preoccupied with small naturals. Mr Macintyre had a good day taking 16 on small dries, the biggest estimated at about 12lb and returned to fight another day. Mr Brooks had four fish for 11lb and returned another seven on nymphs. There will be work carried out on the Boathouse this week to remove some of the old weed.
The Woodside was busy again with most people going away with their bag limits. The stockies seem to be shoaling up and moving wherever the wind blows so it pays to be mobile. Worms and Powerbait were both as good as each other.

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire
The cold wind continued to dominate the conditions and, combined with some showery days and other bright days, made the fishing a little tougher this week. Although fish were to be found all round the ponds, many were taken in the more sheltered areas where casting was easier. Depth varied from just under the surface to around five feet down, depending on weather conditions, although the majority were caught between three and four feet deep. A wide variety of flies were taking fish with the most successful patterns being Ace of Spades, Dancer, Cat’s Whisker, Cormorant, Diawl Bach, Hare’s Ear, Damsel, Kate McLaren and Hawthorn. A few fish were coming up to dry flies in the evenings, particularly on the Meadow Pond, if the wind dropped a little. Some cracking browns around 4lb still figure in the catch returns along with similarly sized tigers and blues. From June 1 the fishery will be open until 10pm every day.
Good catches this week went to Darren Hill, from Cambus, with five fish for 16lb 8oz; Chris Kerr, East Kilbride, four for 13lb 8oz including three browns, biggest one at 4lb; Frank Barr, Falkirk, in two visits, eight for 21lb 4oz; Stephen Mullin, and young son, Liam, Pitlochry, shared six for 12lb including five from the Meadow Pond; Barry Hamilton, Muirhead, four for 12lb 4oz; Derek Duncan, Fenmore Fishing Section, four for 11lb 4oz including two blues, bigger one at 4lb 8oz; Frank Turner, Alloa, four for 11lb; Ricky Goodwin, Larbert, three for 8lb 4oz; John Moyes, Grangemouth, two for 7lb 4oz; Andy Simpson, Linlithgow, two for 7lb; Nan Morrison, Stirling, two for 6lb 8oz; Craig Gibbons, Falkirk, 5lb blue; Brian MacIntosh, Banknock, 4lb brown; Iain MacDonald, Alva, 3lb 8oz tiger; John Mathieson, Stirling, 3lb 8oz tiger; Dougie McLean, Cumbernauld, caught and released six fish.