Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending March 13th, 2015

Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian
Wind for most of the week dominated conditions although on some days the forecasters did get it wrong so it is always worth taking a chance or making a phone call to find out what conditions are like for fishing. The up and down weather tends to switch the fish off and on daily when it’s like that so persistence and patience is the key, searching depths and changing tactics when the fish are picky. Some anglers did catch despite the weather, Mark Bell had five; David Cameron had a fish of 4lb 2oz; Gordon Grant had 12 fish with the best of 5lb 15oz and 5lb 8oz; Paul Bridgeford had a 6lb 6oz fish; Tom Anderson had six fish; Gordon Sellar had seven; Mark Bell on a second visit had eight fish; Chris Johnston had seven with an eight-pounder, and Neil Scowen had a fish of 4lb 15oz and a nice blue of 3lb 5oz to round the week off. Best flies have been mostly in white such as White Fritz, Yellow Dancers and Okey Dokeys in orange and white.
Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian

Fishing at the lochs has been good and anglers have been able to find sheltered areas on most days, depending on the wind direction. Anglers had some nice browns, rainbows and blues. Finding the tactics that worked was the key to catching a fish. Best flies have been Damsels, nymphs and Buzzers. The brown trout are showing beautiful markings and colouring and they are fighting really well after the winter and have packed on weight. There is only one session at the moment until the lighter nights will move us into two sessions. Sessions start at 8.30am each day.

Millhall Reservoir, Falkirk
The first full week of the season saw plenty of freshly stocked and overwintered fish being caught, giving excellent sport for both full ticket and catch and release anglers fishing from the boats or the bank. Despite the water still being cold and with gusting cold winds, fish are still getting caught at all depths, especially in the shallows on the south shore where anglers taking advantage of shelter from the wind were able to hang Buzzers from a bung. Other areas were best fished using intermediate or slow sinking lines with Yellow Dancers, Black and Green Dancers, Cat’s Whiskers and Bloodworms. One tagged fish was caught this week, a blue for Kerr Maitland to win £100. Of the visiting clubs Harrow AC had 52 fish for a combined weight of 115lb 12oz. The best bag of the week went to Alan Fernie with four for 13lb on Buzzers. Others were S. Fraser with four for 10lb 8oz, best 3lb 8oz; D. Gibson four for 10lb 8oz, best 3lb 8oz; Willie Brash four for 10lb, best 3lb 4oz; P. Batchelor four for 10lb 8oz, best 5lb; A. Ross four for 10lb, best 4lb; and Mr Relf four for 11lb on Buzzers.

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire
It was a very changeable week with everything from five inches of snow to pleasant sunshine to milder but very wet and windy at the weekend. The adverse weather meant that not many anglers ventured out on certain days although the fishing was generally very good. Conditions changed from day to day but the fish were generally around four to five feet deep and were either in the far bay, in front of the island or at the roadside depending on temperature and wind strength. On Saturday the water was a bit coloured, particularly in the area behind the islands, but this cleared quickly. Favourite patterns included Bloodworm, Buzzer, Cat’s Whisker, Damsel, Dancer, Cormorant, Butcher and Muddler. The Troutmasters fish-off took place in wet and windy conditions on Saturday and was won by Geoff Gilbert from Peel, Isle of Man. Geoff will represent Swanswater in the final at Grafham in September for the second year running.
Some of those catching fish this week included Geoff Gilbert, on holiday for the week from the Isle of Man, kept five for 17lb 1oz including a 5lb 1oz blue, and caught and released 40; Kimin Smith, Plean, eight for 23lb 8oz; Iain Whitelaw, Dunipace, five for 16lb 8oz; Stuart Roscoe, Falkirk, five for 14lb 8oz; Ricky Goodwin, Larbert, four blues for 15lb; Davy Quinn, Dunfermline, four for 14lb 4oz including three blues, biggest one at 4lb; Les Cooper, Dunblane, four for 10lb 12oz; Henry Thomson, High Valleyfield, four for 10lb 8oz including a 3lb tiger; Davy Neilson, Carronshore, four for 9lb 4oz from the Meadow Pond; Stewart Marshall, Cambusbarron, three for 10lb 12oz, plus two returned; Malcolm Miller, Clackmannan, three for 10lb 8oz including two blues, bigger one at 4lb, plus four returned; Chris Kerr, East Kilbride, three for 9lb 12oz; Alan Armstrong, Dollar, three blues for 9lb 8oz, plus two browns returned; William Fraser, Stirling, three for 9lb 4oz; Danny Doherty, Denny, three for 9lb; Brian Maskell, three for 8lb 8oz including two from the Millpond; Sandy Jenkins, Carronshore, a blue and a green for 5lb 12oz; and Stan Moore, Falkirk, caught and released 13 in three short visits.