Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending November 27th, 2015

Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside
It been a horrible week of wet, windy and even snowy weather making fishing quite unpleasant, although there have been quite a few anglers out braving the elements. All this rain has caused the water to colour up quite badly but it is already starting to clear and the Boathouse is now very clear again. Even though it is becoming much colder the fish are still very high in the water and a floating line is all that has been needed. Fly wise it has been the same on all the ponds, a black lure in any form seems to be catching around 90% of the fish. The other method has been the bung, fishing at around two feet deep at the most with Blobs and Squirmys. There have been good bags of fish being caught by catch and release anglers including Mr Birse with 13 in a day including two doubles, all out of the Burnside. Mr Johnston had 11 from the Boathouse on a black and green lure with one around 9lb. Mr Barns had nine out the Burnside on a Black Bunny Leech. Mr Soave had a couple of very good trips to the Bankside, catching five fish for 17lb and five for 15lb with the biggest fish at 7lb 8oz. Most were caught on a black and green lure. There have been fewer people on the Woodside but it has just produced the biggest fish of the year, an 8lb fish on green Powerbiat for Abe Ramsey with his very first cast of the day.

Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian
The first snow of the winter has arrived and some but not a lot of ice. It’s time to set pumps ready to keep the lochs open in the coming cold weather. It did not put the fish off feeding though and there was plenty caught in good numbers. Static tactics at this time of year do produce well and depth is very important. Plenty of blues featured and fish do fight harder during the winter months and knots need to be strong. Slater Scott had 10 fish, Rob Harding had nine, Jimmy Rhind had 11, Chris Johnston had 24, Gary Gormley had 14, Blair McDonald had nine including a fish of 9lb, Willie McRobbie had 12, his best at 7lb 5oz and Neill Smith had 16 fish. Best flies were Okey Dokeys, White Fritz, Silver Budgies and Cat’s Whiskers. As always anglers can keep up to date on the Facebook and web pages but lochs will always be open with plenty of fishing water unless it is severe weather.
Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian
Boats will be coming off the water this week but one will be available should the water remain open. Other than this the lochs will overwinter in readiness for opening next year. It’s been a good year on the lochs with some really first-class fishing and the fish have been in prime condition. The brown trout have been a major feature and should be even better next year. Blues and rainbows have been caught in good sizes and next year should be even better for the lochs. We look forward to seeing all our anglers again next year and thank you for all your support this year and keeping the lochs a special place to fish.

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire
It was a week of mixed weather – some days really wet and windy, other days with sunshine and showers and then the first frost of the winter at the weekend. The fishing was really good all week with fish getting caught in the top two feet of the water, including a few on dry flies, right up until the weekend when both weather and water turned a lot colder. The fish were still active at the weekend and were being caught around three to four feet down although plenty were still being seen moving on the surface. The fish were pretty well spread out for most of the week with all areas of the bank fishing well. The boats were also continuing to do well. On Sunday the fish moved up the channel and the front of the island became a hotspot fishing right across to the reeds on the roadside bank. Most fish were taken on small lures including Damsel, Cat’s Whisker, Dancer, Ally McCoist, with Spiders and Yellow Owl also taking a few fish midweek. At the weekend Buzzers were doing better than they had all week, as the water temperature dropped from 8oC on Monday to 5oC on Sunday. A good number of fish in the 4lb to 5lb range were landed this week with plenty more waiting to be caught.
Frank Barr, from Falkirk, in two visits, landed eight fish for 28lb 8oz plus three caught and released; Allan Laing, East Kilbride, five for 15lb 8oz; Brian MacIntosh, Banknock, four for 15lb 12oz; Gregor McGregor, Alloa, four for 14lb 12oz; Alan Burke, Alloa, four for 12lb 12oz; Alex Knox, Glasgow, in two visits, four for 12lb 12oz; Stewart Marshall, Cambusbarron, three for 12lb plus two caught and released; Eddie McKillop, jnr, Glasgow, three for 10lb 12oz including a 4lb 8oz rainbow; Archie McClymont, Glasgow, three for 10lb 12oz; Andy Tervit, Paisley, three for 10lb; Malcolm Miller, Clackmannan, three for 9lb 12oz plus three caught and released; Eddie McKillop, Glasgow, three for 9lb 12oz plus one caught and released; S. Narbrough, and Billy Weir, Stirling, each with three for 9lb 12oz; Ramsay Conroy, three for 9lb 8oz from the Meadow Pond, plus four caught and released; Glen Anderson, Haggs, two for 9lb 4oz; Adrian Duffy, Boness, two for 7lb; Nan Morrison, Stirling, two for 6lb 12oz; Angus Auchinachie, Falkirk, 4lb 4oz tiger from the Meadow Pond; Geoff Gilbert, Isle of Man, over the course of four days caught and released 33 fish; Gary Waugh, Cumbernauld, caught and released 14; David Halcrow, Stenhousemuir, caught and released 12.