Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending September 25th, 2015

Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside
The weather conditions have been great all week with very little wind and overcast most days. This has brought the fish right up to the surface with floating lines being all that’s needed to catch them. The nights are starting to draw in now but the ponds are still open until around 7.45pm. The Boathouse is still very clear and this has led to the fish not chasing flies quite as much but they are still getting caught with Cat’s Whiskers, Blobs, Squirmys, Black Buzzers and dries doing well. The biggest fish of the week, a blue trout estimated at around 14lb, was caught and returned by John Thompson. He caught it on a Cat’s Whisker along with another seven fish. Other notable captures have been Mr Watson with 12 fish returned on the washing-line with fish of 8lb, 9lb and 10lb as well. Mr Stones had three for 11lb with the largest weighing 6lb 8oz on Damsels.
The Burnside has been fishing fantastically this past week with some outstanding returns. The water has got even clearer and this has helped but you have to get the method right. By far the best return was by regular David Simpson who caught and returned 43 fish with the largest estimated at around 12lb. His fish were taken on a mix of Blobs and Squirmys on a floating line. Mr Barlow continued to catch plenty of fish with an Orange Sedge and small Buzzers taking 25 fish in an evening session. There have been a lot of big fish caught and released this week which is nice to see. Some of these captures include Mr Thompson with an 11lb blue on a black and green lure; Mr Birse 11lb rainbow on a Damsel; Mr Birse 12lb blue on a floating fry; Mr Kydd 11lb rainbow on a Cat; Mr Valentine 14lb rainbow on a Hothead Cat.
The Bankside has not seen many anglers due to the water level being down around 12 inches and because the Burnside has been fishing so well. Some of those anglers that have fished have done very well though, Mr Gordon took 10 fish on a small yellow lure, the biggest being around 5 lb. Mr Jones had nine on Buzzers and a Floating Fry.
The Woodside is still very busy and plenty of fish are getting caught. A bubble float and Powerbait is still the best method but there have been lots of fish on maggots which makes a change. The best fish of the weekend went to Mr McAllister with a 2lb 12oz rainbow on a maggot. There were 58 anglers fishing over the weekend, landing a total of 93 fish for 153lb.

Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian
Settled conditions made fishing a lot better this week and the returns showed good bags as fish took advantage of the better weather and were feeding very well. Plenty of fish were showing on or near the surface and floating and intermediate lines were required as despite the clear skies it was still cold at times until the day warmed. Bigger fish are moving around and frustrating anglers as they roll just off their fly or rise right in front of them. But some did succumb and one of the big blues was lost at the net. Safic Ahmed landed a fish just over the 10lb mark, his best to date. Jim Eddie landed a beauty of 8lb 7oz; Willie McRobbie had one of 7lb 9oz; Tim Wright one of 7lb 4oz; Jimmy Rhind 5lb 13oz; Bill Thompson 4lb 5oz and Alec Miller 4lb. Numbers caught went up well with Andrew More on 17, Gordon Grant 14, Tim Wright 11, Ian Wilson 12 and most others averaged five and six plus for their individual sessions. Best flies have been Yellow Dancers, Buzzers and Budgies. The return leg of the club match was closely fought and with nearly a 40lb deficit to catch up the Glenbuies club did well to just miss out on the shield by 5lb. Overall winner was Willie McRobbie.
Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian
With the nights closing in the evening session has now finished and only the day session remains. As October comes opening times will depend on the weather with ice the biggest problem on the lochs. Fish are still feeding well and the lochs are bubbling with activity. Careful handling of fish, especially from a boat, is very important so not to damage them and we ask anglers to respect this when returning them. Top flies are still traditionals and plenty of fish are sitting around the margins topping up on food for the winter months. Some good fish up to 4lb have been recorded with some much bigger caught by anglers.

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire
A good week’s sport with lots of follows and takes being experienced, although at times it was a little frustrating. It was sometimes hard to get the fish to actually commit and quite a number were lost. Several anglers reported being broken or having hooks straightened which shows the big fish are still interested and putting up a great fight. Yet another big tiger was taken from the burn area, this one weighing in at 8lb 9oz. Fish are still to be seen moving and feeding on or just under the surface, but they are a bit picky. Having said all that, plenty of fish were taken during the week, although the weekend proved to be a bit harder. The fish are well spread out round the ponds with no particular hotspots. The water remains beautifully clear and the weed is well under control. Early in the week dry flies were doing very well with Sedges being favoured in particular. Other successful flies included Damsel, Diawl Bach, Dancer, Montana, PTN, Kate McLaren, Blob, Hopper, Cruncher and Buzzer.
Gregor Bulloch, from Polmont, landed the 8lb 9oz tiger; Willie Martin, Stirling, caught five fish for 17lb 4oz; Frank Barr, Falkirk, five for 16lb 5oz plus three caught and released; Danny Doherty, Denny, four for 13lb 12oz; Ricky Goodwin, Larbert, four for 12lb 8oz; George Dobbie, Glasgow, and Andy Henderson, Glasgow, each with four for 12lb 4oz; Alan Stirling, Bonnybridge, four for 12lb; Agris Kalns, Stirling, three for 10lb; Peter Bryce, Alloa, three for 9lb 12oz; Sandy Donald, Dunblane, three for 9lb 6oz; Brian Eadie, Cowie, three for 9lb 4oz; Brian Maskell, Oban, two for 7lb 6oz including a 4lb rainbow; Graeme Arthur, Stirling, two for 7lb 4oz plus two caught and released; Alistair Irvine a 4lb 12oz rainbow; Allan Whitton, Stirling, a 4lb rainbow; and Donald McMurchie, Fallin, a 3lb brown.