Scotland Troutmasters reports for week-ending September 4th, 2015

Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian
A decent week of fishing with a mix of lures working one day and dries/wets the next so it’s important to change if one method isn’t working for you. Many anglers tend to stick with indicators and while this method does work, it’s not successful all the time, especially when fish want flies off the top. Some good fish have been caught and some returned to fight another day. The best of the week was a 10lb 12oz rainbow caught by Neil Scowen. Scott Burness had a 4lb 11oz blue; Archie MacDonald a 4lb 6oz fish; Ian Munro fish of 4lb 9oz and 4lb 3oz. Average catch per angler was around four fish for an average four hour session with some doing much better. The start of September sees the start of the daddy season and sport is normally very good with surface activity on the increase as fish feed well ready for the onset of winter.

Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian
It’s been a busy week on the lochs and the fishing off the top has been good. Most fish are picking away around the tree lines and traditional wets including Kate McLarens, Bibios, Black Pennells and CdC Hoppers are all doing well. Millbuies will remain open all year, weather dependent of course, and the winter should see some great sport with fish fighting even harder as they are more suited to the cooler conditions.

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire
The fish were still in the top few feet of the water for most of what was generally a very good week – both weather-wise and fishing-wise. Even midweek when there was some rain and heavy showers, fish were showing all over the ponds and being taken in the top foot or so of the water. The fish are very active and looking to chase a variety of flies, giving anglers a lot of great sport by following, swirling and often taking on or just under the surface. Favourite patterns included nymphs such as Diawl Bach, Damsel and Buzzer, wet flies including Kate McLaren, Black Spider and Bibio, and dries including Sedge, Caddis, Hopper and Daddy Longlegs. A few lures were also working for those who were fishing a bit deeper. At certain times, the fish seemed to be favouring the middle of Swanswater and the boats had an advantage over the bank, although those on the bank also did well.
The second biggest tiger ever landed at Swanswater was caught this week, by John Mathieson, from Doune, a cracking 7lb 9oz specimen, one of two in John’s bag of three for 14lb 8oz. Gary Stewart, from Glasgow, caught three fish for 16lb including a 7lb 8oz rainbow; Stan Moore, Falkirk, in two visits, caught a 6lb 8oz rainbow plus a further 18 caught and released; Frank Barr, Falkirk, five for 16lb 2oz plus four caught and released; Danny Doherty, Denny, five for 15lb 2oz; Robert Park, Glasgow, in two visits, eight for 26lb including a 4lb 4oz rainbow, plus two caught and released; David Halcrow, Stenhousemuir, four for 14lb 8oz including a 4lb 12oz rainbow; Donald McMurchy, Fallin, and Stuart Malcolm, Glasgow, each with four for 11lb 12oz; George Dobbie, Glasgow, three for 9lb 12oz; Alec Knox, Glasgow, three for 9lb 8oz; Jim Craig, Balloch, three for 9lb including a 4lb rainbow; Brian McIntosh, jnr, Banknock, three for 9lb; James Henderson, Stirling, in two visits, five for 14lb 4oz; Allan Laing, Carluke, and Robert Erskine, Kincardine, each with two for 6lb 12oz; Alexander Allison, Kilmarnock, two for 5lb 4oz plus four browns returned; Peter Paterson, Menstrie, a 4lb 4oz rainbow.