Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending April 24th, 2015

Cwm Hedd Lakes Fly Fishing, Gwent
Colin Cox returned a beautiful rainbow weighing 7lb 12oz, which he caught on an intermediate line with a fly that he had tied using sheep's wool from the fence at Cwm Hedd. On the same day, on the opposite side of the lake, Keith Cox returned a 10lb 8oz rainbow, plus two over 5lb, three more rainbows and a brown trout, all caught on a mini Cat’s Whisker and intermediate line. Fred Hooper took one and returned six on a White Fritz and floating line, while Jim Winterbottom returned a 7-8lb rainbow, also caught on a White Fritz and a floating line. Jim also returned another four on the same fly. Ken Bowring and Roger Martyn each took one and returned five, Ken on a white lure and Suspender Buzzers, while Roger opted for the Shipman's and a Hopper. Ken Pascoe took one and returned five on a White Muddler, grey nymph and a floating line, with his first fish being a lovely blue. Gareth West returned a superb brown trout using an Olive Shipman's Buzzer. He also took one rainbow and returned three.
Over two visits Luke Thomas took three and returned 23 fish on dries, with one being Luke's first brown trout at Cwm Hedd, a specimen tempted by a Snake fly off the small island. Gerald Williams took one and released two on a Black and Green Buzzer, while an Orange and Yellow Fritz brought six for Ted Lyons. The Orange Fritz also brought a fish for Terry Griffiths, while success came on a Hopper and a Black Daddy for Richard Jones and Steven Wakeham. Graham Davies employed a Woolly Bugger to tempt his three fish, while John Belcher netted two on a Black Magic and a floating line. One fish was netted by Ray Winnell on an Egg fly and floating line; five rainbows were tempted by Bob Mayers' Blobs on an intermediate line, while an Orange Blob and a Cat’s Whisker brought three for Malcolm Edwards. On his first visit to Cwm Hedd, Stuart Thomas took a 3lb rainbow on a Hare's Ear nymph.
The Cardiff Reservoirs competition was fished on a breezy day when Dave Arlott took two fish for 5lb 6oz to win the morning comp, fishing a red lure on a sink-tip line. Steve Jeremy was second with one fish of 2lb 13oz taken on a small Cat’s Whisker, while third place went to Dave Pocket with one fish of 2lb 4oz.
The Troutmasters fish-off was won by Lee Ashcroft whose catch included the tagged fish worth £25! Sally Ann Iles took the heaviest single fish at 4lb 8oz.

Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent
The top pond continues to provide limits for both members and day ticket holders alike. Ken Bowring, Terry O'Connor, Cowbridge day visitors Craig Bowles and Dave Smith plus general treasurer Gwyn Davies all took limits with Gwyn finding his fish from the Tump and the Hedge Bank mainly on size 14 to 16 Shipman’s Buzzers. Bernard Stephens used the same nymph to land his five from the same banks, while Alun Hopkin caught three rainbows from the Wood Bank. On the bottom pond Ken Bowring took limits on two visits with Roger Martin and Paul Jenkins each catching eight fish. Geoff Evans fished a late afternoon session for his seven fish, as did vice chairman Adrian Moyse. Cardiff member Alan Rees caught 10 fish over two visits with new member Steve Howells continuing his good start to his season with a further five fish. Steve Mitchell fished from the bush to take four rainbows on a red-ribbed Black Buzzer while Ivor Thomas caught his four from the same area of the pond. Dean Connolly, Chris Daniels, Dave Slocombe and visitor Fred Kent all caught three fish. A brace of rainbows were landed by fisheries treasurer Colin Jones, members Mike Brake and Martin Rees, as did Graham Ingram Evans on his first visit to the reservoir. Boat sessions saw Craig Bowles add a further eight fish to his earlier top pond limit with Dave Howells taking six fish on his boat ticket.
The weekend saw the Troutmasters fish-off which was won by Cardiff member Dave Arlotte with a brace of rainbows weighing 4lb 6oz. Vice chairman Adrian Moyse was runner-up with 3lb 12oz. Around the ponds, day ticket holders Daniel Morton had a catch and release limit, Jeff Wilson and Tony Langley each had five fish and Colin Day caught four rainbows. Permit holders Ken Bowring on both ponds and Keith Higgins with a boat session each had catch and release limits. Bernard Stephens continued to find the fish on the top pond with a seven-fish bag, with the same number being caught by Terry O'Connor and Geoff Evans. Alan Rees caught his five rainbows from the bottom pond while Martin Rees, Colin Jones and Rob Baynton each landed four trout. Long-serving committee man Brian Wareham took a brace of fish from an evening session, as did Steve Mitchell. With fish being found in the top levels on both ponds, most effective flies have been Cat’s Whiskers, Pheasant Tail Nymphs, Diawl Bachs and Hare’s Ear.