Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending August 7th, 2015

Elan Valley, Powys
The Elan Valley has fished well, with many wild browns in the 12oz to 1lb range being caught. Mr Taylor, of Bewdley, landed a number of fish for 12oz. Best flies are Hoppers, Black & Peacock, Zulu, Bibio and Black Spider.

Llyngwyn, Powys
The warm weather seems to have put the larger fish down. Harry Edwards, of Llandrindod Wells, was the only one to catch a fish in the 6-7 lb region. Terry Kerr landed one for 4lb and Harry Edwards another for 3lb 8oz. Best flies were Cat's Whisker and Damsels, fished deep, with Buzzers, nymphs and Hoppers on or near the surface.

Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent
Boat anglers continue to find fish around the bottom pond, with Ken Bowring taking a succession of limits, mainly on intermediate lines. Craig Bowles caught seven fish up to 3lb on his boat ticket, while Keith Higgins and Shaun Cotterell each landed four rainbows. Around the banks of the bottom pond, day ticket visitors Colin Chapman and Bob Cook caught four and two fish respectively, while members using day tickets also enjoyed good sport. Mark Roberts landed 12 fish over two sessions, and five fish were caught by Ken Pascoe. Aberdare members Alan Lock and Bill Seward each caught three fish with a brace of trout going to Steve Curtis, Graham Neale, Martin Williams and John James. Cardiff day ticket holder, Viv Jenkins included a good specimen of 2lb in his catch. Association permit holders also continue to do well, with Roger Martin recording two limits, Steve Doherty and Stewart Gordon each taking eight catch and release trout, with Stewart adding an extra four fish on a second visit. Small fly exponents Dave Howells and Ian Hewitt each caught five rainbows. Four fish totals were recorded by Steve Kean and Adrian Connor, while Graham Ingram Evans and Colin Jones both landed three trout. Regular evening fishermen James Francis and Geoff Evans caught two fish, as did Alan Rees and John Morgan. In terms of flies and locations, Damsel Nymphs, Shuttlecock Buzzers, CdC nymphs, Hoppers and Daddy Longlegs are all catching. Either side of the bush and the boat bank are seeing trout moving well, especially in the early parts of the day, while fishing in front of the house and also in Pipe Bay can be successful.
At the weekend general treasurer Gwyn Davies and day ticket visitor Colin Chapman, both managed to find a brace of trout on the railings bank on the top pond. Weighted nymphs proved successful. Gwyn then moved to the bottom pond to land a further three fish from the Farmhouse Bay area using dry flies. Another exponent of the dry fly, Graham Ingram Evans, landed five fish from the boat bank with five fish also being caught by day ticket holder Mark Roberts. An early morning session by James Francis realised four trout taken on a PTN while Adrian Connor caught three fish on Black Buzzers from around the bush. Colin Jones landed his three fish from the car park bank on an evening session, while boat users Adrian Moyse and Keith Higgins caught six and four fish respectively.