Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending December 25th, 2015

Cwm Hedd Lakes Fly Fishing, Gwent
Fishing has been tough for some but excellent for others. Fishing high in the water with lures has been the most consistent method, with others catching well on Bloodworm patterns fished around on the wind. Luke Thomas and Huw Davies were the only two to brave Saturday's weather conditions, but it was worth the effort, with Luke taking one and returning 10 and Huw taking one and returning four using Rob's Wrapped Minkie and a Black Leech on a floating line. Lee Ashcroft also took one and released four on a Hothead Damsel on a more clement Sunday, while on Friday Craig Bowles also brought five to the net. Keith Higgins caught six good rainbows on an Apps’ Bloodworm and a Damsel using an intermediate, and had another good day on Sunday, taking one and returning five using an Orange Blob. Late Sunday afternoon Kieron Jenkins ventured out to take two fish, one on a Blob under a bung and the other on a fast intermediate using an un-weighted Grey Zonker. Kieron fished behind the island to the far bank to tempt five takes in just an hour.
Stewart Gordon caught three fish using a Cat’s Whisker on a slow intermediate. Regular Matt Russell managed an impressive eight fish on Bloodworms fished on a floater. Matt's son Callum caught four fish from both the main lake and lodge pond using a Bloodworm on a slow glass. Also bringing four to the bank earlier in the week were John Buchanan and Bill Williams, John using a Goldhead Montana and a floating line, and Bill an Apps’ Bloodworm. Ken Pascoe returned eight fish in the week, using a variety of flies from Woolly Buggers to white nymphs on a floating line. Ken also landed a fish which was estimated to be near 10lb. Over two visits Shaun Gunter tempted seven fish using a Black Cat’s Whisker on both floating and sinking lines, with Rhys Llywellyn landing two this Sunday afternoon with a White Minkie and a Cormorant.
The fishery is closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Llyngwyn, Powys
The annual Fur & Feather Fly Fishing competition held by Rhayader and Elan Valley Angling Association at Llyngwyn was one of the best ever for fish caught. A total of 27 anglers competed from all over Wales and England, catching 86 fish, with a total weight of 180lb. The winner was Mark Morris, of Shrewsbury, with six fish for 17lb 13oz. He also had the heaviest fish weighing 6lb 15oz. In second place was Nicky Bull, of Knighton, with six fish weighing 14lb 4oz. Third was Alex Morris, of Shrewsbury, with six fish for 13lb 10oz. A big thank you goes to Bob the Butcher for his excellent selection of 14 poultry prizes, and the Lamb and Flag for providing an excellent Christmas dinner afterwards.