Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending February 13th, 2015

Cwm Hedd Trout Lakes, Gwent
Regulars Roy Western and Ken Pascoe each took and returned one fish: Roy favouring a Black and Green Fritz, and Ken a Buzzer. Paul Roberts also took two on an Orange Buzzer, while friend Bobby Powell took one on a Goldhead Daddy and intermediate line. Adam Taylor and Phil Knowles worked hard for their fish, with Phil taking one and releasing three on a Black and Green Buzzer and a floating line, Adam on a Cat’s Whisker Damsel and a fast intermediate. Ashley Richards took one rainbow at 4lb 8oz and released three on a yellow and silver lure. On Saturday Jim McKay brought a lovely brownie to the bank using a Goldhead Cat’s Whisker and a floating line. Roy Western came back for more, fishing a floating line and a Black and Green Fritz to take one fish, while Gerald Williams took one on a Black Tadpole. Alan Powell took one and released one within half an hour on Saturday, using a Black Buzzer and a ghost-tip line. Tony Watkins took one and released one on a Viva.
Bill Williams was back after several weeks off ill, and he landed one fish on a Tadpole and an intermediate line. Lee Williams, from Ferndale, took one and released two on a Goldhead Hare’s Ear, with one of the rainbows being around 5-6lb. Andy Whitnell took two cracking rainbows on a goldhead black rabbit fur lure and intermediate line, while Callum Russell took one and released two on an Apps’ Bloodworm. Fishing deep, Steve Howells took one and released three using Okey Dokeys, a black and silver lure, and a Bloodworm, while Lee Carroll favoured a Dawson’s Olive, to take one fish and release three, as did John Davies (on a Bloodworm and floating line) and Rob Collier (Orange Blob).
Lee Ashcroft had a few enjoyable hours on Friday, taking one and releasing five, including a brownie, on a Damsel and ghost-tip line. Roger Michael also fished on Friday, taking one fish and returning six on a Bloodworm and a floating line. Kieron Jenkins, Luke Thomas and Matthew Russell found the fish on Saturday, each taking one and returning 10 each on Bloodworms, Apps’ Bloodworms and Bloodworm Buzzers fished under a bung.

Llyngwyn, Powys
Although there has been a lack of anglers at Llyngwyn due to the weather conditions, the Association continued to stock the lake regularly, which bodes well for good fishing when the icy conditions improve. Heaviest baskets went to L. Wakelam, from Dolhelfa, with four fish for 9lb 8oz on a black lure; K. Holroyd, from Tenbury Wells, with three fish for 7lb 4oz on a Blob; and M. Palfrey, from Llandrindod, with three fish for 6lb on a ‘Lite’ Bulb. Best fish included a 3lb 8oz rainbow for K. Holroyd, on a Blob, a 3lb 4oz rainbow to L. Wakelam, on a black lure; and a 3lb rainbow for M. Bradbury, from Hereford, on a Damsel. Best flies are Cat's Whiskers, Blobs and Damsels and the successful line at the moment is an intermediate.