Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending January 16th, 2015

Cwm Hedd Trout Lakes, Gwent
A wet, wild and windy week although some anglers braved the atrocious conditions and delivered some fishing highlights. Ken Pascoe took one fish and returned five on a Rubber-legged Daddy and a floating line. Craig Bowles took one and returned five on a Bloodworm and Cat’s Whiskers, also on a floating line, while Mike James took three and returned four over two visits, on an emerger and an Egg fly. Matthew Russell took one and returned four on a Blob under an indicator and a Cat’s Whisker, while Lee Ashcroft took one and returned three on a Hothead Damsel and an intermediate line. Aaron Atkin, Richard Harris, Mike Mckeown, Dave Smith and Stewart Woodfield all took one fish on various flies including Cat’s Whisker, White Domehead, Montana and Dennis the Menace. Kieron Jenkins took one and released one on a Tequila Blob, and Luke Thomas caught one and released another five on a Squirmy Worm and a floating line.
The fundraising Welsh International coaching day is on Saturday February 21, for anglers of all abilities. Cost is £15 per hour for adults and £10 per hour for under 18s, with all proceeds going towards Welsh team funding. Contact Lisa Povey at