Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending January 9th, 2015

Cwm Hedd Trout Lakes, Gwent
Biggest fish of the year so far went to Graham Davies who landed a resident brown trout at 10lb on a green and black fritz and an intermediate line. He was fishing off the small island and in front of the lodge and the brown was returned. Graham also took a rainbow and released another two. With a fair bit of rain and cold weather over the last week the water temperature has dropped a couple of degrees, and the bung method has produced the best bags, presenting your fly static at a constant depth. Using this method Kieron Jenkins brought eight fish to the bank over two days using a Sunburst Blob fished three feet under the bung, while Sally Ann Iles took one and released six. Roy Western took one and released five on various Blobs, a floating and sink-tip line; Lee Ashcroft also took one and released five on a Black Hopper; Mike James and Brian Haynes each took one and released three, Mike on an emerger, a Black Blob and a Humungus switching between a floating and an intermediate line. Brian’s fish were taken on a Diawl Bach and small Buzzers on a floating line. On his first of two visits this week, Ken Pascoe also took one and released three on an emerger and a floating line. Dave Marshall took one on an Orange and White Dancer, while Phil Harper had success with a Buzzer. Tom Pitchford took one and John Viggers took one on a Mini Cat.

Llyngwyn, Powys
The best fish caught at Llyngwyn last month came from a surprising location. The bay by the lily bed in the far corner, which is normally very shallow, threw up some of the best catches over the festive period, and the Fur and Feather competition was also won here. Terry Kerr, of Howey, and J. Leednam, of Carno, both caught 4lb-plus fish in these shallow waters, with the latter catching his limit with a bag weight of 11lb. N. Jordan, of Talerddig, landed four fish for 10lb, as did Don Griffiths, of Hirwain. The best flies last month were Cat’s Whisker, Blobs and Montanas.