Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending July 3rd, 2015

Cwm Hedd Lakes, Gwent
Despite anglers being advised that it's very hard fishing, most have caught fish this week. The point of the island has been particularly productive, with Luke Thomas taking one and returning 10 on Sunday on Buzzers and Damsels. Roger Harry took one, returned six and lost three on his first visit of the week using an Epoxy Buzzer with lime green cheeks, fishing slow and deep. Then he took one and returned eight on his second visit using a Red Buzzer on a dropper and a 17-foot leader. Dean Griffiths, Shane Hughes and Dale Evans from Aberdare enjoyed their visit on a drizzly Sunday, with Shane taking one and releasing six using a Diawl Bach and Orange Blob. On the same flies Dean took one and released four, while Dale took one. Ken Bowring took one and released three on a Mini Cat and a little White Muddler, while Keith Cox took one and released one on a Black Montana. It was two for Paul Elsworthy using an olive goldhead and floating line while Alan Powell took his fish on a ghost tip with a blue dun fly. Young angler Jacob Mills returned two fish using a Buzzer and a Shipman's Buzzer. Michael Mead, Shaun Watkins, Colin Cox and John Belcher took fish on a variety of lines, John on a Pink Blob, Shaun on a Black Buzzer and Michael on an olive goldhead. Young angler Callum Russell also brought three fish to the bank on Saturday, one on a Diawl Bach and two on Skinny Damsels. Please note that Cwm Hedd will be closing on Sunday July 12 at 5pm until the autumn.

Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent
The policy of including some larger fish in the stocking programme has been reflected in four anglers obtaining Troutmasters badges. Permit holders Keith Higgins, Jeff Wilson and Ken Bowring plus day ticket holder Adam Taylor all received awards for fish weighing in excess of 4lb 8oz. Keith Higgins also included a specimen of 5lb 7oz in his boat catch of seven rainbows, having previously caught the same number in an earlier boat session. Boat angler Mike Price also landed seven fish, as did bank fishermen Ken Bowring, Roger Martin and Terry O'Connor. On the top pond fishing has been harder as the water temperatures increase but Richard Haines and head bailiff John Mcindo tempted three fish each when fishing from the Tump. Around the bottom pond, Beddau member, Dave Howells totalled seven fish from his two sessions, while Caldicot angler Garry Wharton, dry fly specialist Graham Ingram Evans and veteran member Ken Bowring each landed four fish. A three fish catch was achieved by Shaun Cotterell during a boat session while Alan Rees, Rob Watkins and Kevin Pinkney each caught three rainbows around the banks. A brace of trout were landed by ex Welsh international Andy Hofrock with Brian Green using a Black Buzzer with a white thorax to take two fish from Pipe Bay. James Francis, Richie Young, Dave Thomas, Jeff Wilson, Brian Wareham, Lee Kirkwood and Keri Jones all landed two fish, while Association chairman Adrian Connor caught a blue trout of 2lb when fishing from the boat bank. Both ponds have been restocked.
At the weekend the top pond continued to be the more challenging of the two reservoirs However, Aberdare member Alan Lock fished from the railings bank to land four rainbows to 3lb using Black Buzzers while his companion, general treasurer, Gwyn Davies took two fish from the same bank. Phil Harper fished from the rushes side of Tump bank to land his two fish on a Damsel pattern. Gwyn Davies then transferred to Farmhouse Bay on the bottom pond to catch an eight fish limit on a dry Baby Sun fly. The boat bank on the bottom pond has seen some good catch returns, following the recent restocking. Day ticket holder Mark Roberts landed seven fish while chairman Adrian Connor caught his six fish from the same bank during a morning session, with Black Buzzers again proving effective. Ken Bowring concluded another good week with five fish caught off the bush with a combination of Olive Buzzers and Goldhead PTNs. Alun Paul and Alan Rees each landed four rainbows, Terry O'Connor and Martin Rees caught three fish and a brace of trout went to Steve Howells, Brian Langley, stocking officer Steve Kean and permit holder James Francis. The boat bank, bush and the entrance to Farmhouse Bay are the most successful areas. The cooler temperatures during the morning and late evening are producing most fish, with Black Buzzers PTNs and Diawl Bachs taking fish just below the surface. Top dries are Daddy Longlegs and Hoppers.