Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending June 5th, 2015

Cwm Hedd Lakes, Gwent
Windy conditions continued to be quite a trial and kept many anglers away in the last week. The water temperature at 12 degrees is still low for the time of year which is a plus. Anglers who have adapted methods to suit the conditions have been reasonably successful with intermediate lines the way to go. Luke Thomas took one fish and returned 10 on an intermediate and an Olive Snake fly on each of two visits, fishing off the point of the main island. Also on an intermediate was Lee Ashcroft who took one and returned five on a Hothead Damsel. Tony Williams, Darren Horlor and Mike James all took fish on a Goldhead Damsel, with Mike taking two and returning two, also using a Black Hopper. Guided by Ian Field, young Iestyn John was very pleased to take his first rainbow, fishing on the lodge pond with an olive nymph and a floating line. Making good use of the lodge pond to brush up on his first flyfishing time out for a number of years was Lewis Morham, who took his fish on a Black and Green Tadpole and a floating line.
Martin Evans took one fish and returned one on a Black Buzzer and Orange Montana, while his friend Simon Davies, fishing here for the first time, took his rainbow on a little Red Buzzer. Gerald Williams, Tom Gilbert, Colin Cox and Roger Michael were all on floating lines, with a range of flies: a Diawl Bach for Gerald, yellow and white mini-lure for Tom, a Cat’s Whisker for Colin and a black emerger for Roger. Lee Jones used an intermediate and a Green Buzzer to take his fish. More sensible wind speeds and improving general weather conditions are forecast.

Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent
Both ponds received a top-up stocking and fishing continues to be good, although challenging. The top pond saw Gwyn Davies Alun Lock and Bill Seward all enjoy a good day. Gwyn found his three fish on Hedge Bank, including a brown trout taken on an Olive emerger pattern. Alun Lock caught seven rainbows from the inlet and outlet points, while Bill Seward landed three fish from the Hedge Bank On the bottom pond a limit went to Dean Morgan with Alan Rees catching six rainbows. Terry O'Connor caught 11 fish over two sessions and Daniel Morton used a combination of Buzzers and a Green Blob to take five fish from Pipe Bay. Mike Roberts and Ken Bowring each caught four rainbows, as did Richie Young and Adrian Connor when fishing from the bush. Fish came to a Montana and goldhead wired Black Buzzers. Bob Cook also caught four fish while Gwyn Davies added to his top pond catch with a further four fish from Farmhouse Bay using a combination of Olive Emergers and Crippled Midge patterns. Alun Paul landed his brace from Farmhouse Bay. Boat sessions saw vice chairman Adrian Moyse catch six fish, while Keith Higgins and day ticket holder Bob Bradley landed six and five fish respectively. Near 3lb specimens were landed by Bernard Stephens, Dave Woods and Chris Daniels.
At the weekend Keith Higgins continued his successful boat sessions with seven fish caught off Farmhouse Point. The top pond saw Chris Daniels land four rainbows from the Hedge Bank, while back on the bottom pond, Terry O'Connor included an excellent specimen rainbow of 5lb 9oz in his four fish catch. The same number of trout were caught by membership secretary Phil Harper from an evening session, with fisheries treasurer Colin Jones, taking three fish. Mike Price used his boat session to take seven fish. Day ticket visitor, Mr Chapman landed three trout from the bottom pond while Mike Brake caught his brace from a morning session near the bush.