Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending March 13th, 2015

Cwm Hedd Fly Fishing Lakes, Gwent
The middle of the week was tough but conditions improved as the week went on with a good number of anglers taking at least one fish and those on catch and release also having very good sport on Friday and over the weekend. Graham Davies was on great form on Friday, using a UV Damsel and intermediate line to land one and return 10 including two browns. On a glorious Saturday, Keith Cox took one and released nine, again including two browns. He used a Montana and a Green and Black Tadpole with an intermediate, taking most fish on the bank behind the main island. A Black Daddy, mini Cat, Diawl Bach, small Cruncher and a Squirmy brought fish for Rob Collier, Jim McKay, Anthony Camm, John Belcher and Luke Taylor.
Lee Ashcroft, Pat Cawley and Huw Davies each took one fish and returned seven: Lee on his favourite Hothead Damsel and intermediate line, Pat on a Damsel and floating line, and Huw on Damsels and Dabblers. Huw’s catch included a rainbow estimated at 5lb-plus, and three brownies. Luke Thomas grabbed a few casts after work on the first of his two visits, taking one and putting three back, then on a longer session on Sunday he took one and put eight back. He swapped between a 12-foot leader and a Fluff Cat, and a floating line with a Yellow Squirmy. Ken Bowring is returning to form, this week taking three fish on a Damsel, one on a Black Buzzer and two on a Black Spider, all on a sink tip. A Diawl Bach, Buzzers and a floating line brought success for Ken Pascoe, who took one and put four back.
Mike McKeown found his form on Sunday: taking one and releasing four including two browns. On a floating line, Mike caught the browns on an Egg fly, then the rainbows on a Squirmy worm, and a Damsel. Gerald Williams took one and put three back, two on a Tadpole and two on a beaded nymph, while Peter Thomas found success with small Black Buzzers and a floating line, taking one and returning two.
Gareth West and Colin Thomas each took and released one, with Gareth on a Goldhead Damsel and Colin on a Black Buzzer and Hare's Ear, all on floating lines. Ray Winnel, Bill Padbury and Ron Gaulton each took two fish home, Ray on a White Egg, Bill on a Damsel and Ron on his favourite Connemara and a Blae and Black.
A Brown Buzzer and a mini-tip line helped Paul Elsworthy to net a 5lb 8oz rainbow. On his first visit to Cwm Hedd, Ian Parry was delighted to take a rainbow weighing 3lb 14oz on a Damsel and sink-tip. Another angler on his first visit was Geoff Thomas, who took three fish on a Blue-flash Damsel and a Buzzer. Yet more new faces were father and son Mike and Dan Milburn: Dan took his fish first, with dad Mike catching up later using an Apps’ Bloodworm.
The lodge pond is to be stocked for novice anglers. Pipes connecting the two lakes are being covered with mesh and fish are on order with the main lake top-up, to stock the lodge pond. This will be for a trial period and if successful, work will be carried out over the summer to improve the water flow and platforms. Like the main lake, the lodge pond will be flyfishing only.

Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent
Following a very good opening day, fishing has been excellent throughout the week with most anglers reaching the eight fish catch and release limit per pond. Double limits of 16 fish were achieved by Craig Bowles of Cowbridge, Ray Tucker and Roy Jones from Cardiff, general treasurer Gwyn Davies and committee man Terry O'Connor. Terry went on to take three more eight-fish limits from the bottom pond with the following members and/or day tickets also taking a limit: Bob Cook fishing on a member' s day ticket, Dave Smith from Cowbridge, vice chairman Adrian Moyse, Dave Howells from Beddau, whose catch included a specimen of 3lb 8oz. Cardiff Club member Alan Rees also landed eight rainbows as did Brian Green. Day ticket holders Ian Oxley, Andy Taylor and Barry Powell took their limits in and around Farmhouse Bay. The same area of the bottom pond also provided limits for club president Martin Williams and chairman Adrian Connor. Amongst other good catches taken were stocking officer Steve Kean with 11 fish over two visits, as did Ken Pascoe. Dean Connolly, Steve Mitchell and Roy Baynton each caught six rainbows while Mike Brake had five fish and head bailiff John Mcindo four fish. Cardiff club president Fred Davies took three fish from the bottom pond while fellow Cardiff fisherman Ivor Thomas went back to the top pond for his three fish catch. Geoff Evans landed a brace from Farmhouse Point, while membership secretary Phil Harper found his two fish off Pipe Bay. Brian Wareham included fish of 3lb 9oz and 4lb in his returns, John Mcindo's catch included a specimen of 4lb 2oz, Terry O'Connor landed a fish of 4lb 4oz, and a 3lb 8oz fish went to Steve Kean. Most fish were caught on Green and White Cat’s Whisker patterns although Gwyn Davies used Goldhead Buzzers and weighted Diawl Bachs for his limit.
On the top pond fish were being caught near both the inlet and outlet pipes, depending on wind direction, while Farmhouse Bay on the bottom pond provided most of the limit catches.
The weekend saw a continuation of the good sport. Amongst visitors to Ynys y fro Seven Sisters anglers Steve Roberts and Clive Jenkins landed 16 and 14 fish respectively between the two ponds, while Richie Williams and Gareth Williams each took a limit from the bottom pond. Ben Davies, R. Baynton and Richard Ingram also reached limits on their day tickets. Nathan Thomas caught his six fish from Farmhouse Point, with Dean Morgan and James Craig each catching five rainbows. Amongst the members taking out day tickets, recently retired association auditor Alun Paul took a limit from the bottom pond while Luke Evans landed six fish. Joe Wilson fished the top pond for his six rainbows, with James Francis also finding the fish from the Wood bank. Amongst the club permit holders fishing over the weekend, Dave Howells included a fish of 3lb 8oz in his limit, Dave Arlotte took a double limit of 16 fish while new member Steve Howells caught eight fish limits on the bottom pond over Saturday and Sunday. Welsh International Andy Hofrock fished lures to take his 16 fish, with Adrian Moyse using the same technique. Geoff Evans found his limit off Farmhouse Point, as did Dean Connolly. The bottom pond again produced limits for fishery treasurer Colin Jones, Martin Rees, Bernard Stephens and Cardiff club member Ivor Thomas. Chris Daniels used Diawl Bachs to take six fish from the top pond, to add to his bottom pond limit. Fred Davies, Phil Harper and Mike Brake each caught four rainbows from Farmhouse Bay.