Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending March 20th, 2015

Cwm Hedd Lakes, Gwent
Anglers taking one fish and moving on to catch and release have been consistently returning good numbers of fish this week, although keeping them on the line has proved tricky at times, with many finding that they were caught out by striking too early as the fish took tentative nip. Taking one and returning nine were Ken Pascoe and Paul Elsworthy, Ken on a Duck Fly and floating line, Paul on a Montana and midge-tip. Roy Western also tried out the Duck Fly, taking one fish on that and another on a Hare's Ear Nymph. Brian Gregory took one and released five on a Viva and intermediate line, Mike Dummer taking one and releasing five on a Diawl Bach, while Ken Bowring fishing off the main island took one and brought another five to the net: three on emergers and three on Cat’s Whiskers and a midge-tip. Sally Ann Iles took one and released three on a Buzzer and floating line. Mark Burton netted a brown trout on a Black Buzzer, taking one rainbow and releasing three fish using Damsels and Cat’s Whiskers on an intermediate. Matthew Murphy took one and released two using Black and Red Montanas and a floating line
On floating lines, Dean and Luke Griffiths, from Aberdare, each took one, releasing four and three respectively, Dean on nymphs and Luke on Cat’s Whiskers, with Dean netting a brownie. Graham Davies took one and released four on a UV Damsel and intermediate line. Jose Santos took one and released four including two browns using Damsels and floating line with a 20-foot leader. Regular Alan Powell took one on a Montana and midge-tip, with Dan Milburn taking one on a red lure. John Belcher's rainbow was brought to the bank on a Cruncher, while Tony Hughes used a Goldhead Damsel and intermediate line to tempt one fish. Phil Rowe took one and released another on a Montana and a floating line, while a White Nomad did the trick for Bill Williams. Luke Taylor took one and released one on a White Cat’s Whiskers and a Green and Red Fritz, while a brown trout was netted by Colin Thomas on a Damsel and a floating line. Colin also took a rainbow on a Hare's Ear and intermediate.
Mike James took two fish on an Olive Cruncher and a floating line. Ray Winnel was on good form, taking five fish, while Luke Thomas took two, one on a Blob under a bung and one on a dry, while Paul Roberts took four. Keith Cox took one and released seven on his favourite Hothead Damsel and intermediate line; Lee Ashcroft took one and released seven early in the week, then returned to take one and release four. Paul Embley took one and released seven on Black Buzzers, while regular Mike McKeown took one and released seven on an Egg Fly and floating line.
First young angler to try out the lodge pond was seven-year-old Phoebe Shore, encouraged by some expert help from Kieron Jenkins.
Under-16s can fish for free when accompanied by an adult angler paying a standard or concession ticket (whichever part of the lake is fished). For details of this ticket please contact the fishery.

Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent
Fishing continues to be very good with some 20-plus anglers reaching their catch and release limits. Fisheries treasurer Colin Jones reported three limits this week, alongside long-time member Bernard Stephens with two limits. Other association members taking their eight fish include Alan Rees, Dave Howells, Terry O'Connor, Gwyn Davies and Adrian Connor. Day ticket anglers James Craig, Ken Pascoe, Tim Mullins, B. Davies, Dave Smith Bob Cook, Dave Jessop, Ray Tucker and James Williams all caught their allotted limit. Previous member Andrew McCarthy paid his first visit to Ynys y fro for a number of years, and was rewarded with eight fish from the bottom pond plus a further six from the road bank on the top pond. Other notable catches were made by Brian Green with seven fish from the bush on the bottom pond; Steve Mitchell took the same number from Pipe Bay; Paul Ivins used his visitor's day ticket to land six fish, again from the bottom pond; long-time member Benny Hill made his first visit of the season to the bottom pond, and caught five good rainbows from in front of the house using a weighted Damsel Nymph. The same fly proved useful to Geoff Evans on the top pond with four fish from the tump. Another first visit saw Kevin Pinkney catch his five fish from the bottom pond car park bank. Committee members Brian Wareham and Phil Harper each landed four fish from Pipe Bay in late afternoon sessions, with Mike Brake and John Mcindo each landing two rainbows from the far side of Pipe Bay. Amongst the heaviest fish caught, B. Davies landed a specimen of 3lb 5oz; Bob Cook's catch included a fish of 3lb 8oz with Steve Mitchell weighing in a specimen of 2lb 6oz. Successful flies included weighted Buzzers, Red Holographic Diawl Bachs, Damsel Nymphs, Red Bloodworm and Green and White Cat’s Whiskers. Both ponds have seen fish beginning to spread themselves with catches coming from the tump, road and wood banks on the top pond, and from Farmhouse Bay, Pipe Bay and the bush on the bottom pond. The association has made a further stocking in both ponds and has a later stocking arranged for before the Easter break.
At the weekend further limits were reported from both ponds. Geoff Evans landed two limits from the top pond using nymphs, while Nick Jenkins added seven fish from the top pond to his bottom pond limit. Chris Daniels included a 2lb overwintered blue in his bottom pond limit. Mike Price made one of the first boat sessions to take his eight fish. Dewi Williams used his visitor day ticket to include a fish of 2lb 11oz in his catch.