Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending May 15th, 2015

Cwm Hedd Lakes, Gwent
Last week was quiet due to the adverse weather on a number of days, but there were some great highlights. Huw Davies caught seven rainbow, including one at 8lb 8oz and another at 6lb 8oz. They were caught on a size 12 copper-beaded Damsel, with a 7lb leader. A Green Buzzer brought a fish for Steve Wakeham, while a Black Montana did the trick for Colin Cox and a Black Hopper for Howard Davies, with another fish taken by Chris Jones. Andy Wattson took one on a Yellow Shipman's and a floating line. Gerald Williams hit the jackpot by catching the tagged fish, only a week after the last one was caught! Gerald was delighted to take home £35 and a day ticket. Sally Ann Iles coached young angler Damien, who brought five fish to the bank. Ken Bowring brought four to the net on a Black Hopper, Damsel, and a Cat’s Whisker on a floating line, the same flies that brought three fish for friend Roger Martyn who used a mix of floating and intermediate lines. Steve Mogg and Rob Collier each took one fish and released one, both using Bloodworms and floating lines. Ken Pasco took one and released four on an olive nymph and sink-tip line. Also netting four fish was Graham Davies, preferring a Damsel and intermediate line approach. Jeff Zarun's seven fish were tempted by an emerger, while a Buzzer and intermediate line brought four for Tom Williams. Keith Cox caught six on Mini Cats, while Michael Hart took two on a Squirmy and released a further three on a Shuttlecock. Accompanied by grandad Wayne, Conor O'Leary took one on an emerger. Gary Edwards took one on a Cat’s Whisker and three on a Damsel, while Bobby Powell took one on a Daddy Longlegs.

Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent
The returns for April show that 1500 fish were caught, represented by 400 from the top pond and 1100 from the bottom pond (approximate figures, rounded up). Total number of visits by members fishing on permits was 430, day tickets 200, total visits 630, giving a rod average of 2.4. Good residue of fish left in both ponds, with further stockings to take place on an approximate fortnightly basis. The top pond has again provided good fishing, mainly from the Hedge Bank. Club treasurer Gwyn Davies used olive dries and olive emergers to take six fish from this bank, with the same bank being successful for day ticket holder Dave Woods with five fish, Ken Bowring with three trout and Dave Arlotte with two rainbows. Cardiff member Ivor Thomas included a 1lb 8oz brown trout in his catch. On the bottom pond anglers taking limits were Jeff Wilson, including fish of 2lb 8oz and 2lb 9oz, plus Ken Bowring, Adrian Moyse and Ken Pascoe. Chris Daniels used olive dry flies and Diawl Bachs to take his limit in Farmhouse Bay. Alan Rees caught seven rainbows from the same area, whileNick Jenkins landed his fish using a Black Hopper. Day ticket visitor Steve Thomas included a specimen of 3lb 10oz in his seven fish catch. Gwyn Davies followed his success on the top pond to land a further five fish in Farmhouse Bay, again using a combination of dry olives and olive emergers. Dave Howells and Stewart Woodfield each had five fish bags. Day ticket visitor Bob Cook landed four fish, whileDave Arlotte and Cowbridge member Dave Smith caught three fish. Brian Wareham and Adrian Connor each took a brace of fish with the latter's catch being made up of two fish in excess of 4lb taken on Black Buzzers. Boat angler Keith Higgins and Craig Bowles both took limits including a 4lb 2oz specimen for Keith with Buzzers and Bloodworm patterns being successful. Shaun Cotterell and Andy Hofrock also boat-fished for five and four trout respectively.
At the weekend more limits were taken from the bottom pond by Martin Rees and Chris Daniels, with Buzzers and nymphs accounting for the majority of fish caught. Cardiff member Alan Rees landed seven fish in an afternoon session, whilst stocking officer Steve Keen caught five trout and Adrian Moyse landed four. Ivor Thomas added three fish to his brace from the top pond with Terry O'Connor taking two fish. rom the bush on the bottom pond. Dry fly specialist Graham Ingram Evans caught four fish from the Hedge Bank on the top pond, with treasurer Colin Jones catching three rainbows and head bailiff John Mcindo taking a brace of fish from each pond.