Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending May 29th, 2015

Cwm Hedd Lakes, Gwent
The unseasonably cool weather of the last couple of weeks has kept the water temperature down and made for some great conditions, although the contrary wind speed and direction has been a nuisance at times. Over two visits Luke Thomas took two fish and returned 20, with the point of the main island a real hotspot. Steve Wakeham returned rainbows of 5lb, 7lb 11oz and 7lb 12oz using a yellow and gold lure, a Viva and a Green Hopper. He also released a further four rainbows over the two visits. Roger Michael landed a cracking 7lb rainbow off the small island, plus he caught two smaller rainbows and returned eight over two visits, using Shipman’s and a Black Emerger. John Davies took two and returned three using Shipman's, Hare's Ear, a Black Buzzer and a Blob.
Following coaching from Sally Ann Iles, young angler Damien took two and returned three on a Tadpole, a Buzzer, a Bloodworm and a Sally special. Sal also returned a further four on the same flies plus a mini-cat. Over three visits Ken Pascoe took three fish and returned eight on a range of flies including a Tarantula, gold and olive nymph, a Damsel and a Duck Fly. Ken Bowring took three and returned seven on two visits. Ken's son Chris took one and returned three on a Damsel and Black Hopper. A Black Pennell brought a 7lb rainbow to Gareth West's net. He also took another and returned one over two visits. A Buzzer, Viva and ghost-tip line brought 12 fish for Paul Elsworthy over two visits, while a Hothead Damsel and an intermediate brought 11 fish for Lee Ashcroft over three visits. Rob Jones caught on dries and a floating line, with one fish weighing in at 4lb.
Ashley Richards and Josh Williams had a productive few hours, with Ashley taking one and returning seven on a Tadpole, while Josh took one and returned three. Also on a Black Tadpole, Bobby Gilbert took one and returned four, while Jeff Szarun took one and returned five on Shuttlecocks. Keith Supple took one and returned three on a Damsel, the fly that also brought a fish for Aeron Phillips. A Damsel also brought six fish to Mark Gunter's net. John Belcher took two and returned one on a Suspender Buzzer, a black and green lure and his version of an F-Fly.
Several anglers have taken their fist fish at Cwm Hedd including Les Dudley who took his on an Orange Fritz. After a coaching session with Ken Pascoe, James Morgan caught his fish on the lodge pond. Steve Jones, Rob Collier, Pat Cawley, John Roberts and Andy Wattson each took one and released two.
From this Wednesday (May 27) opening times will be as follows: Mondays and Tuesdays closed; Wednesday - Sunday 8am-5pm, last admission 2pm. Evening tickets for up to five hours are available to start between 4pm and 5pm for pre-booked groups only (minimum group of five required).

Ynys y Fro Reservoirs, Gwent
The committee policy of stocking the top pond with brown trout and the bottom pond with some larger size rainbows, has certainly been shown in the returns for the week. The top pond has seen day ticket holders Steve Grey and Fred Kent both catch and record brown trout in the region of 2lb 8oz taken on Damsel Nymphs, while a number of anglers on the bottom pond have caught fish in excess of 4lb. These include Ken Pascoe, James Williams, Jeff Wilson and head bailiff John Mcindo. Ken Bowring and Geoff Evans both recorded top pond limits with Geoff using a Damsel Nymph for his eight fish. Jeff Wilson included fish of 4lb 3oz and 3lb 6oz in his eight fish limit. Other notable returns were made by Gwyn Davies, who landed six rainbows, all weighing at least 2lb 8oz, when fishing from the Hedge Bank with a combination of olive nymphs and emergers. New Scottish member Stewart Gordon landed three fish to add to the four caught on the bottom pond. He used a weighted Black Buzzer. On the bottom pond Keith Higgins and Shaun Cotterell both took limits while boat fishing. Mike Price and Lee Kirkwood caught seven and four rainbows respectively from their boat sessions.
Around the banks Ken Bowring, Dave Howells, Terry O'Connor and James Williams all reached catch and release limits, with James using a FAB Buzzer fished ‘washing-line’ style for his fish. Membership secretary Phil Harper caught six rainbows in a short evening session, fishing from the boat bank, with a small Damsel Nymph. A five fish catch was made by Bernard Stephens, Andrew Taylor and Dave Howells. John Mcindo landed four fish from the entrance to Farmhouse Bay on successive nights using Buzzers and PTNs with the same catch number being achieved by Ken Pascoe and Joel Craig. President Martyn Williams, chairman Adrian Connor and permit holders Alan Rees, Paul Jenkins and Martin Rees each caught three rainbows while day ticket angler Vernon Williams landed a brace of trout. The same return was made by Roger Martin, Keri Jones, Geoff Evans and day ticket visitor J. A. Roberts. Damsel Nymph patterns have proved a most successful pattern during the week, although some anglers found fish using Shipman’s Buzzers and Daddy Longlegs.
At the weekend day ticket visitors Simon Roberts and Dan Regan each landed four fish from the bottom pond. On the bottom pond, boat sessions resulted in Keith Higgins and Shaun Cotterell catching eight and five rainbows respectively while the second boat users, Mike Price and Lee Kirkwood caught eight and three fish. Damsel Nymphs continue to prove a useful fly around the banks.