Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending May 8th, 2015

Cwm Hedd Lakes, Gwent
Ken Bowring and Roger Martyn had a good day, with Roger taking one and returning seven, while Ken brought 10 fish to the bank, taking two of them including one of the tagged fish which earned him £30 and a day ticket. Ken took his fish on a Shipman’s Buzzer and a floating line, then a Cat’s Whisker and intermediate. Roger also fished a Shipman's and a floating line, plus a Black Hopper and a Damsel. Gareth West caught four rainbows on the Shipman's, a Winged Olive and Green Diawl Bach. Mike Marsh, Graham Vaisey, Ken Pascoe, Howard, Mike James, Colin Cox and Mike Mckeown all took fish on a range of flies including Shuttlecocks, Green Buzzers and Damsels. On their first visit to Cwm Hedd, Ian Evans and son Ioan saw plenty of action on the lodge pond, taking a fish each. Luke Thomas landed four fish on a size 16 Olive Klinkhamer. Graham Clark, from Merthyr, also enjoyed his first visit to Cwm Hedd, taking two and releasing two, using a Montana and size Black and Peacock Spider with a long leader and a slow intermediate line. Simon Collier, also from Merthyr, made his first visit to Cwm Hedd and took one fish and released one rainbow. Phil Roe enjoyed a few hours, taking one and releasing one on a small Spider then a Cat’s Whisker on a floating line.

Elan Valley, Powys
The Elan Valley reservoirs fished well in April as always.  Many brown trout over 1lb were landed. Phil Price, of Knighton, took one brown of 1lb 3oz. A Rhayader & Elan Valley Angling Association competition was won by John Felton with six browns for 4lb. Best lines were sink tip or intermediate, with Montana, Zulu, Viva or Black & Peacock flies.

Llyngwyn, Powys
Best bag of the month went to Chris Leigh, of St. Harmon, with four fish for 13lb 8oz. Chris also landed a rainbow of 4lb 8oz. Rob Davies, of Llandinam, beat him for the heaviest fish with a rainbow of 5lb. Llyngwyn was also stocked with brown trout this month. Best flies were Buzzers and Cat's Whisker on intermediate or fast sink lines, and dry flies.

Ynys y Fro Reservoirs, Gwent
Both ponds have received their regular fortnightly stocking and this, plus the earlier addition of some larger rainbows, has resulted in good catch reports. New member Jeff Wilson received a Troutmasters badge for a 2lb 14oz rainbow caught with a Goldhead Montana, and has since registered for a second badge, having landed a 5lb 6oz trout from Pear Tree Bank on the bottom pond together with a brace of fish weighing 3lb 8oz. A Cat’s Whisker was the successful pattern. John Beynon also collected a Troutmasters badge, this time for a 4lb 2oz fish taken on a Cat’s Whisker. Catch returns for the top pond include a limit for Ken Bowring; a total of six fish over two sessions for Geoff Evans; four rainbows caught by Terry O'Connor using a Cruncher pattern and three fish each for member Chris Daniels and day ticket visitor Steve Thomas. Most fish have been caught from the Tump Bank plus the inlet area of Hedge Bank. On the bottom pond Ken Bowring again took his limit alongside Roger Martin. Limits also went to Joel Craig, Terry O'Connor and Mike Brake. Dave Arlotte followed up his winning Troutmasters session on the top pond with a five fish catch on the bottom pond The same catch returns were made by day ticket visitor Steve Thomas and chairman Adrian Connor. Another day ticket visitor Neil Jones landed four fish while three rainbows were caught by Stewart Woodfield and Ivor Thomas. Steve Mitchell and John Mcindo each caught a brace of fish, with Shuttlecock Buzzers proving successful. Evening anglers have found Farmhouse Bay the most productive area for bank fishing with other catches coming mainly from Pear Tree Bank. Cowbridge day ticket holders Craig Bowles and Dave Smith used a boat session to land eight and four fish respectively, again using Buzzers and dry flies. Richard Bowles also used Black Buzzers to take seven fish. Another boat session saw Tony Smith catch a brace of trout. Reports from members suggest that Crunchers, Hare’s Ear Nymphs and Buzzers are catching fish, with Black Spider patterns and Black Hoppers taking fish on the surface.
At the weekend Ken Bowring continued to take regular limits from both ponds and included a fish of 4lb 8oz. Limits also went Adrian Moyse, Martin Rees and boat fisherman Keith Higgins. Keith's boat partner Shaun Cotterell landed four fish. On the top pond Gwyn Davies overcame a cold wind to take six fish from the Hedge Bank using a Black Shuttlecock pattern. John Eynon landed three fish from the same bank, whilst Ivor Thomas added a brace from the top pond to add to his two off the bottom pond. Steve Gordon caught five rainbows, Rob Baynton landed four fish, with day ticket holders Ken Pascoe and Ray Tucker each catching three fish. Permit holders Alan Rees and Terry O'Connor took four fish each from Farmhouse Bay with Viv Jenkins, Phil Harper and fellow committee member Brian Wareham each landing a brace of trout.