Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending November 6th, 2015

Cwm Hedd Lakes Fly Fishing, Gwent
Another great fishing week, although the unexpected warmth and glorious Saturday sunshine, then the east wind and prevalent misty conditions on Sunday certainly made anglers work much harder. The best day of the week was Wednesday when anglers brought 86 fish to the bank and the rod average was 4.7. Floating lines have been the most frequently used, although there has been a steady increase in anglers catching on intermediate lines. Successful flies include Cat’s Whisker, Bloodworm, Montana, Damsels, Daddy Longlegs, Shipman's Buzzer, Hopper, Diawl Bach, Minkies, Squirmy Worm and a Blob under a bung. Luke Thomas, Matt Russell and Kieron Jenkins made two visits, taking their limits each time, as did Keith Cox. John Buchanan had a frustrating few hours trying out different flies then hit the jackpot with a long-tailed Montana on a floating line, which brought him six fish. Keith Cox used a Goldhead Olive on an intermediate line to reach his bag limit. Helped by dad James and Kieron Jenkins, five-year-old Nikolai Petsch caught his first fish. Andrew Harvey and Huw Davies ventured into the wading area to take fish. Take care to test the depth ahead of you though, as the depth can alter quite quickly on the outer limits of the wading area. The fishery hotspots are the far bank and the point of the main island.

Llyn Brenig, Denbighshire
The rod average for the week was 3.6 which is down on previous weeks but relatively good for this time of year. Mark Jones claimed the top bag of the week with 13lb 12oz. The heaviest fish at 3lb 12oz was caught by Geoff Weir from Mold. The higher than usual water temperature has kept the fish in the top two or three feet of water. The top flies have been nymphs, Damsels, Viva, Hare’s Ear, Sedge, Orange Fritz and Diawl Bach. Hotspots have been all around the lake with fish being seen and caught in all areas particularly Sailing Club Bay, Tower Bay and along the dam. The first week of November is traditionally ‘Pike Week’ and this year a pike of 8lb was caught by S. Carter. Adam Szardkowski, from Bradford, landed two pike at just over 7lb each.

Llyngwyn, Powys
Star angler last month was Terry Kerr, of Howey, who is a regular visitor to Llyngwyn. Terry landed two fish of 5lb each in a catch of four fish weighing 15lb, taken on a Cat's Whisker. Many fish of 4lb were landed, including those by Dave Smith of Knucklas, C. Reynolds of Aberystwyth, L. Wakelam of Delhelfa, and Bryn Jones of Rhayader. Other flies catching were Buzzers, Damsel, nymphs, Blobs and black lures. The annual Fur and Feather competition is to be held on Llyngwyn on Sunday December 20.

Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent
The last week of the season has seen a continuation of good returns from boat fishermen. Ken Pascoe reported a catch of six fish totalling 11lb from his boat session, while Keith Higgins and boat partner Shaun Cotterell landed four and two fish respectively. Stewart Morton caught three fish from his morning on the boat. Craig Bowles ended his season with a brace of trout. Bank fishing has resulted in a few fish coming from the top pond, but the majority of catches have been made on the bottom pond, particularly around the bush and Farmhouse Bay. Vice chairman Adrian Moyse added two fish to his earlier catch on the top pond, while Ken Bowring maintained his good catch levels with a further five fish from the bush. Terry O’Connor totalled seven fish from four sessions, while Martin Williams and Ivor Thomas each caught three rainbows. Barry Powell, Dave Howells, Paul Bevan and Ian Hewitt each had two trout, while the two heaviest fish of the week were landed by fisheries treasurer Colin Jones, with a rainbow weighing 5lb 6oz and Richard Haynes, who used a Cat’s Whisker pattern to take a specimen of 3lb 2oz.
The last weekend of the 2015 season saw a very well attended reservoir, with fish being caught from both ponds. On the top pond, Phil Harper and Colin Jones managed three fish each, Jeff Wilson caught two rainbows while John Mcindo and John Eynon each found fish from the railings bank. On the bottom pond, boat fishermen Ken Bowring and Stewart Gordon, ended their season with three and two fish respectively, whilst the bank fishing resulted in Stewart Gordon adding a further six fish and Ken Bowring an extra three trout to their boat totals. A brace of good rainbows were caught by Adrian Moyse and Keith Higgins, with Steve Mitchell, Alan Vaisey and Adrian Connor also landing their final season's catch.
Final returns for Ynys y fro recorded a total of 500 fish caught during October from visits by 300 permit holders and 100 day ticket visitors, giving a rod average of 1.25. The totals for the whole season recorded 7500 fish being caught from the bottom pond and 1950 from the top pond (total of approximately 9500).