Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending October 23rd, 2015

Cwm Hedd Trout Lakes, Gwent
Floating lines were favoured over the weekend. Ken Bowring took the first fish of the season off the point of the main island. He released another four, all on a Hothead Damsel. The new stock were mostly found in Sally's Bay to the north of the lodge, with Paul Elsworthy taking one and returning 10 on a Montana and a floating line, Colin Poole taking one and returning seven, while Ian Humphries and Rad Novacowich took two and returne 10 between them. Kieron Jenkins and Matt Russell each caught a 6lb 1oz rainbow. Kieron using a floating line with a Blob under a bung and Matt a fast glass with a Cat’s Whisker. Kieron netted 10 fish on Saturday from different areas of the lake and another five on Sunday, using Rob's wrapped Minkies and a fast intermediate. Matt and son Callum took two and released 10 and five respectively with Callum favouring a Damsel fly.
The majority of anglers took and released fish with Lee Ashcroft taking one and returning eight on a White and Green Damsel, Garry Wharton taking one and returning seven and Gareth Neale taking five. David Russell's Shipman's and a little Green Buzzer brought him five fish, while a Bloodworm and a Black and Green Fritz brought three for Sally Ann Iles. Father and son Robert and Luke Taylor brought four fish to the bank on a White Fritz and a Sunburst Blob, with a black and white and a Damsel bringing four to another father and son team, Rob and Tom Collier. Roy Western brought one to the bank and Alan Powell netted two.
The old entrance to the fishery is permanently closed. The new entrance is about halfway down the main farm drive where you can turn in right, behind the lodge.

Ynys y Fro Reservoirs, Gwent
Regular boat user Keith Higgins enjoyed two good boat sessions. He landed seven fish when he fished alongside Shaun Cotterell who caught four rainbows, and then followed with a limit catch, which included a fish of 4lb 8oz, with boat partner Bob Bradley landing two rainbows. New season member Stewart Gordon landed three fish from the top pond inlet, and then followed up with two boat sessions for a total of 14 fish. Craig Bowles, from Cowbridge, maintained his good boat record with a further six fish. Around the banks of the bottom pond, Ken Bowring fished from the bush to land 12 fish from two visits, while Troutmasters finalist, Dave Arlotte included a fish in excess of 5lb in his five fish catch. Cardiff permit holder Ivor Thomas also caught five rainbows. Day ticket visitor B. Cook landed four trout and other day ticket holders, W.R. Williams, Jeff Wilson and Steve Curtis each took three fish from their bank sessions. Head bailiff John Mcindo caught his brace from a late evening visit, with other members Ken Pascoe, John Morgan, Alan Rees, Bernard Hartland, membership secretary Phil Harper, Colin Jones and Brian Wareham all catching on either morning or evening visits. Most fish have been taken on Bloodworm patterns, along with Daddies and Blobs.
At the weekend Keith Higgins continued his good record from the boats, with a further catch and release limit. Around the banks of the reservoir, most catches have been recorded on the bottom pond, particularly from either side of the bush and from Pipe Bay. Ken Bowring achieved another limit when he fished from the bush, while John Eynon found fish between the bush and the boat moorings, landing five fish, mainly caught on a non-weighted Damsel Nymph. Stewart Gordon commenced on the top pond, but then moved to Pipe Bay on the bottom pond to catch six fish to 2lb on a Daddy Longlegs pattern. The same fly worked well for James Francis who landed four rainbows from the far side of Pipe Bay. Head bailiff John Mcindo took a brace of fish, again from Pipe Bay, while Mark Roberts fished close to the boat moorings for his two fish. Members Frank Wakeley and Alan Rees fished either side of the entrance to Farmhouse Bay for catches of three and two rainbows respectively, again using Sedge flies, while Gwyn Davies took his fish on a Baby Sun fly.