Wales Troutmasters reports for week-ending October 2nd, 2015

Cwm Hedd Trout Lakes, Gwent
Cwm Hedd will be re-opening from its summer break on Saturday October 17 at 8am. Plenty of resident fish have been showing over the relatively cool summer and with the new stock arriving before opening day all is set for a great season. Traffic may be a problem in Bassaleg due to the ongoing work renewing the gas main, so allow plenty of time for your journey and avoid the weekday rush hour especially during school term time. The old fishery entrance is permanently closed. The new entrance is about halfway down the main farm drive where you can turn in right, behind the lodge. The car park may fill quickly on opening weekend, so please try to park thoughtfully and not block anyone in.

Llyn Brenig, Denbighshire
Clear skies and some really warm days saw the lake at its wonderful best. Despite the warm week there has been a cool breeze blowing across the lake and this has meant that the top water temperature has dropped down to 13.3C. The fish, however, are still relatively high in the water and are being caught on a slow glass or a floating line. The rod average stands at 4.3 and the biggest two fish of 3lb 4oz each were caught by Tom Sinton, from Nannerch, and D. Roberts, from Little Sutton. The top bag of 11lb 8oz was claimed by H. Owen. September 24 saw Brenig hosting the Welsh Blue Light flyfishing championships when 34 anglers caught 206 fish with a rod average of 6.05. The winning team were the Fire Service and the top rod was Mike Williams from the Fire Service with 15 fish. Second was Malcolm Edwards, also from the Fire Service, and third Gareth Evans from the Ambulance Service with 12 fish. On the day £920 was raised for the Welsh youth team. The hotspots for this week have been the Quarry, Brenig Arm and Nant Glyn point with Tower Bay also fishing quite well on a number of days. Top flies were Damsel, Coch y bondhu, Diawl Bach, Cat’s Whiskers, Daddy Longlegs, Black Fritz, Viva, Cormorant and various Boobies and Blobs.
Head ranger Ian Lavender will be retiring at the end of the year after over 30 years working at Llyn Brenig. He has made a huge contribution to the success of Brenig through his dedication, enthusiasm and hard work and his knowledge and wisdom will be greatly missed by all.
The main gates will be shutting at 6.15pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 5.30pm.

Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent
With few exceptions most of this week's good catch returns have come from the bottom pond. However, regular top pond fisherman Gwyn Davies and day ticket holders Dean Morgan and Steve Doherty, all found fish from the railings bank, close to the outlet point. Gwyn landed two rainbows to 2lb 8oz using a Damsel Nymph and a Corixa pattern, while Dean and Steve caught three and four fish respectively using Red Diawl Bachs and weighted Buzzers. The bottom pond boat fishing returns saw Ken Bowring take an eight fish catch and release limit despite having to fish through heavy rain showers, which he then followed with a further five fish. Craig Bowles added another limit to his season's record, while Keith Higgins landed 18 fish over three sessions and his boat partner Shaun Cotterell recorded eight rainbows from two outings. Around the bottom pond banks, Stewart Gordon fished a Damsel Nymph from the bush to take seven fish while treasurer Colin Jones again found fish catching five trout using a combination of PTNs and Diawl Bachs. Another catch of five fish was recorded by Martin Rees using Buzzers, with Gwyn Davies adding four trout to his top pond brace when he fished small dry flies from the dam. Roger Martin returned fished the dam end of Pear Tree bank catching four fish on PTNs, and Association president Martin Williams also landed four trout from in front of the house. Cardiff member, Alan Rees caught three fish as did Ian Oakley with Ivor Thomas taking four trout from two visits. Dave Smith, from Cowbridge, Terry O'Connor, long time member Benny Hill, Dave Howells, Bernard Stephens, Ian Hewitt and Keri Jones all landed a brace of fish, as did new member Gareth Neale and Coleford day ticket member Paul Bevan. Successful flies during the week have included Daddy Longlegs, Sedges, Damsel Nymphs, Diawl Bachs and Pheasant Tail dries.
At the weekend the top pond provided some good returns, with the water level slowly returning to normal. Permit holder Terry O'Connor landed five fish from the road bank using a Black Diawl Bach pattern, while day ticket visitor Antony Vaisey fished alongside Terry to land three rainbows. Ken Bowring caught a brace to add to an earlier boat total of six trout from the bottom pond. Gwyn Davies used a red-ribbed Diawl Bach for his top pond catch, switching to a Crippled Midge dry fly on the bottom pond. Day ticket visitor B. Davies landed four fish from his session from the dam/golf club bank including a specimen of 3lb 8oz. Another day ticket holder, Kevin Eley caught two trout. Cardiff member Alan Rees registered a four fish total while John Eynon fished a boat session for two rainbows.