Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent
The top pond continues to fish well with the Railings Bank again providing most of the catches. Keith Higgins recorded a limit using Buzzers, and Roger Martin also netted his 8-fish limit plus a further 5 trout from a second visit. Day ticket visitor Gethin Bowes landed 7 and 3 fish from two visits. A 6-fish catch went to Dave Arlotte with Cardiff member Ivor Thomas netting 5 trout. Ken Bowring followed a good boat session on the bottom pond to land a further 4 fish from the top pond. Another 4-fish catch was made by Alan Rees, while Norman Curtis, Del Haines and Colin Jones each recorded a brace of rainbows. Brian Green fished an early morning session for 3 fish. Phil Harper, Adrian Moyse, Rob Watkins, Dave Slocombe and Adrian Connor also found fish from the Railings Bank. Most of the top pond catches were made using Damsels, Pheasant Tail Nymphs and Black Buzzers, although Colin Jones landed some of his catch on a rarely used Stick Fly. On the bottom pond fish were landed from the banks by Dave Slocombe with a good brace of trout from the dam using nymph patterns, plus Keith Higgins, Brian Green, Dave Arlotte and Brian Morris also finding the banks providing good catches. Boat-users enjoyed some good sport with Ken Pascoe, Shaun Cotterill and Craig Bowles all taking limits. Ken Pascoe added a further 6 fish from a second boat session, while 5 fish catches were recorded by Lindsey Kirkwood, Roy Jones and Ken Bowring. Dave Smith fished alongside Craig Bowles for his successful boat session with CdC Emerger patterns providing many of the catches.
Most of the good fishing returns for the weekend came from the top pond and predominantly from the Railings Hedge banks. General treasurer Gwyn Davies returned a total of 7 fish, with 3 being landed on a Corixa pattern from the Hedge Bank and the remaining 4 trout from the deeper waters off the Railings Bank using a combination of Corixas and Diawl Bach nymphs. Six fish returns were made by Roger Martin who caught his fish using an intermediate line and a deep-fished Goldhead Damsel pattern, and by Adrian Moyse, who fished from the middle of the Railings Bank to net his fish with a combination of Buzzers and Shipman's patterns. Roy Jones recorded a 3-rainbow catch with fellow Cardiff members Alan Rees and Ivor Thomas each catching a brace of trout. Other members/day ticket holders also landing fish from the same bank included Dave Slocombe, Fred Davies, Norman and Steve Curtis plus Brian Wareham whose Cat’s Whisker lure was taken by an excellent 3lb 1oz rainbow trout, certainly worthy of a Troutmasters badge. On the bottom pond most returns have come from boat anglers, although Mark Roberts landed fish from the bank. Ken Bowring fished a long day session to catch 7 fish, while regular boat partners, John Eynon and Martin Rees landed 3 and 2 fish respectively from their boat session.