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Bigwell Flyfishery, Monmouth
The weather has continued to be mixed with wind, rain, frost and sun and it was quite cold when the wind was up. While the Middle and Lodge Pools are slightly coloured from the stream, the catch and kill pools are crystal clear with a large volume of spring water entering both. Fishing has been pretty good with some great bags taken especially on catch and release tickets. Catch and kill often sees anglers limiting themselves to 2 or 3 trout.
Tuesday afternoon saw a batch of 40 tiger trout put into the Middle and Lodge pools while a further 50 rainbows were delivered on Thursday and split between the catch and kill only pool and the Gin Pool. A variety of flies were successful in taking trout including Damsels, nymphs, various Boobies, Egg Flies under a sight indicator, Squirmy Wormy and Chamois Worm. Also under a sight indicator green or red headed Buzzers have done very well. A total of 31 anglers caught 121 trout giving a rod average of 4.
On Monday J. Fulgoni took 5 trout on catch and release, Pete Smith 3 catch and kill, Richard Waldren 1 at 4lb C&K. Richard Biggs 3 C&K, Richard van der Westhuyzen 3 C&K. Tuesday saw a single angler, Basil Freeman, take his usual 2 trout on C&K, while Wednesday also saw a single angler, John Burton who took a full bag of 10 on C&R. Thursday doubled the number of anglers to 2, Chris Laidlaw and Hughie Wilson who took 10 and 8 trout respectively on C&R while Hughie also took one for the table on request. Friday saw 6 anglers including the return of John Burton for another full bag of 10 on C&R, while husband and wife team M. and V. Wrenn, on a first visit to Bigwell and dusting off long unused kit managed to take 1 very nice trout between them on C&K. Pals Alan Brunt and Paul James took 2 and 4 respectively on C&K. Young Louis Sawkins had 5 on C&R.
Saturday also produced 6 anglers with Graham Aston taking 2 on C&K, friends Mick and Bayan also on C&K took 2 each, Andrew C. had 5 on C&R while buddies R. Williams and C. Felland had 4 each on C&K. Sunday brought in 4 anglers with Andy Rawlings having 3 on C&K, Hughie Johnson on C&R took 3, (2 on a Klinkhamer dry) and young Louis Sawkins on his second visit this week took a personal best bag limit of 10 from the Gin pool, C&R.
Monday the 19th saw Rob Britten quickly kill 3 trout including a blue to retire triumphant! Jeff Roberts on his first ever trout fishing trip with pre-used kit took 4 nice trout, while Felipe Perez took 5, both on C&K. Kim Boland also took home 5 while Trevor and Thomas Howell each had 1 before being called away.

Ynysy fro Reservoirs, Gwent
Following the excellent opening day of the season, in which the majority of members had many tight lines, Sunday saw a continuation, with good catches on both reservoirs. On the top pond fish were again plentiful around the inlet with the adjacent road bank and wood bank, fishing well. Permit holders and members taking limits included Ken Bowring, Keith Higgins, Steve Snape, Adrian Connor, Dave Howells and Adrian Moyse. Other fishermen recording catches on the top pond were Bob Bradley, Chris Daniels and Colin Jones who each netted 4 trout, with a brace being landed by Ken Pascoe, Ian Oxley and Steve Curtis. Dean Connolly and new member Bob Ford also included top pond rainbows in the final returns. On the bottom pond, Keith Higgins, Steve Snape, Martin Rees, Shaun Cotterell, Ken Pascoe, Dave Howells, Colin Jones and Ian Oxley all reached catch and release limits, with Rob Ford, Dean Connolly and Martin Williams each landing 7 fish. A. Brann landed 6 fish while Roy Jones, Bob Bradley and Steve Curtis caught 5 fish each. Adrian Connor with 2 fish plus Ken Bowring and Chris Daniels, also added to their top pond catches. Most fish were again caught around Pipe Bay, and the Car Park Bank, with Cat’s Whiskers, Damsel nymphs, Montanas and Black Buzzers being the most effective flies. A feature of the weekend included a catch of brown trout by Keith Higgins and Bob Bradley with each netting and releasing fish estimated in excess of 2lb.
Follow up report: Following an excellent opening weekend, the first full week of the 2018 season has seen some good returns from both ponds. So far this week on the top pond most fish have been caught from the Railings Bank and the Wood Bank, both areas being adjacent to the inlet. Limits have been caught by Adrian Moyse, Paul Ellsworthy and day ticket visitor T. Collins. Other catches recorded include 9 fish for Ken Bowring over 3 visits, while day ticket holder Bob Cook registered a 7-fish return. Gwyn Davies fished the Railings Bank to land 5 good rainbows on Buzzers and Diawl Bach patterns. Four fish each were landed by day ticket holders Ray Tucker, R. Collins and permit angler Dave Howells, while Ivor Thomas caught 5 fish over 2 sessions. Norman Curtis landed 2 good rainbows, with Steve Snape and Lee Ashcroft also finding fish. Ken Bowring landed a good brown trout in the region of 1lb 8oz, with a second brown trout estimated at 2lb 8oz being returned to the water.
On the bottom pond, fishing has been consistently good throughout the week. Steve Snape added 2 limits to his top pond catch, with Paul Ellsworthy and Ken Bowring also catching 8 trout. Cardiff permit holder, Alan Rees recorded a catch of 10 fish over 2 sessions, while another 2 sessions gave Colin Jones a total of 6 fish. Day ticket visitor Colin Poole recorded a 7 trout catch, with other day ticket holders, Howard Davies and John Edwards landing 5 rainbows. Four-fish returns were listed by Phil Harper, Ivor Thomas and Brian Wareham, while 3 rainbows were landed by John Eynon with Martin Rees, Bernard Hartland, Ken Pascoe, Terry O'Connor, Kevin Pinkney, Lee Ashcroft, Martin Williams, Dave Howells and day ticket visitor Barry Powell each catching a brace of trout. Pipe Bay, the Car Park Bank and Pear Tree Bank have again provided most of the returns. The predominant fly/lure for both ponds has again been the Damsel Nymph plus Buzzers, Diawl Bach nymphs and Cat’s Whiskers.
NRFFA members joined with anglers from Cardiff and the Valleys, to enjoy a very good evening at the annual Gary Evans ‘Shop night’ with plenty of bargains available, plus a free buffet. Many thanks to Gary and his staff for their attention, and also to the Cardiff Reservoirs Fly Fishing Club for their kind hospitality following the event. 
Despite bitterly cold east winds at the weekend, anglers continued to enjoy relatively good fishing from both ponds. On the top pond the more sheltered banks alongside the Railings and the Wood provided a number of limits, including those for Chris Daniels, Keith Higgins and James Rice. Regular Ken Bowring and day ticket visitor Stewart Smith both landed 6 rainbows, while a 5-fish return was achieved by Martin Williams. Day ticket holder Richard Bowles netted a good brace of trout, with Wynne Jones and Adrian Connor also landing top pond fish. On the bottom pond, the sheltered Bush Bank provided limits on consecutive days for Ken Bowring with James Rice adding another limit to his top pond return. Day ticket holder Sally Ann Iles also reached the 8-fish limit and followed up with 7 fish from a second visit. John Eynon fished from the Bush for a 5-fish return. Day ticket members Gareth and Richard Williams, plus Jeff Wilson all caught 4 rainbows. Wynne Jones added another 3 trout to his top pond return, while a brace of fish was caught by Steve Snape and Alan Rees. Both reservoirs are expected to receive further stockings during the week.