England Troutmasters reports for week-ending April 15th, 2016

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk
The trout are loving the milder weather this week and with hatches of buzzers there is a lot of top of the water action. Trout are sifting through the surface and dries are working in the evenings on calmer days when the weather has been warmer. An intermediate course takes place on Saturday April 30, for details and to book a place call 07525 730447.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
Another busy week with all three lakes fishing well. Although fish have been a little deeper this week due to the cold weather Buzzers, Diawl Bachs and dries having been working well. Matty Divine from Hadston caught the fish of the week, returning a 12lb rainbow to Chatton Lake. The Chatton Ladies Angling Club are meeting on Saturday April 16 in the lodge at 9.30am. Eight-year-old Bobbie Pulman caught a 2lb rainbow from Chatton Lake on the Junior Fly Fishing Taster Day. The next Junior Fly Fishing Taster Day is on Friday June 3, sessions 10am to 12 or 1pm to 3pm. Please ring the fishery to book a place 01668 215226. As from Friday April 29 Chatton Trout Fishery will be open until 10pm on a Friday and also on a Saturday evening throughout the summer months.

Elinor Trout Fishery, Northamptonshire
Another decent week, especially for bank anglers. Boats are taking fish but with a still cool water temperature many fish are where the food is, in the margins. The boat buzzer fishing will really switch on sometime within the next week or two. When the mainly cold wind drops there are good hatches of small buzzers. Nymphs caught as many fish as lures last week. The majority of fish continue to be taken three to five feet down with only a few rises.
For the week April 4 – 10 the 207 anglers caught 957 fish of which 708 were returned. Best fish included one of 12lb 3oz to boat angler David Mackay, from Edinburgh, on a Green Pea; 11lb 4oz for Roly Stanford, from Finedon, on a Pink Buzzer, and 10lb 6oz for Steve Eplett, from Kettering, on a Black Buzzer. A further 35 fish over 4lb were reported. Best brown at 4lb 10oz was taken by Mr Mortimer. Best patterns are Black or Olive Buzzers, Bloodworm, Damsel, Cruncher, and black and green lures.
On Sunday April 10, 24 members of the Flydressers’ Guild held a friendly bank match and caught 75 fish. Top individual was Les Cooke with 12 fish, and biggest fish at 4lb 10oz was caught by Henryk Pycz.
The Final of the Iain Barr/Airflo Bankmasters is this Sunday April 17 where the winner will walk away with £2000. No bank space available for pleasure anglers on this day but boats available as normal.

Eyebrook Trout Fishery, Leicestershire
Season ticket holder Horace Wood of Sapcote accompanied Alan Brooking of Leicester on a boat recently and both initially struggled to catch. It was not until much later in the day that the fish began to feed. Horace and Alan anchored and fished off the pens area with teams of Buzzers and finished the day with limit bags apiece.  Good friends Chris Thomas of Milton Keynes and Brian Holly from Derry, Northern Ireland enjoyed good sport on their first ever visit to the fishery. They opted to fish the bank at the Hawthorns and caught 20 rainbows between them. The majority were taken on Diawl Bachs, and Brian caught a particularly nice overwintered rainbow that was estimated to weigh around 3lb 8oz. Season ticket holder Dave Chadwick of Ashley fished from the Bell and caught rainbows on Buzzers fished under an indicator. He topped his session off with a brown trout estimated to weigh between 4-5lb. The fish was safely returned. Best patterns include Black Quill Buzzers, Black and Green Taddies, GRHE and Diawl Bach all fished on floating lines.
The 2016 Eyebrook Wednesday Night Boat League gets underway on Wednesday May 11 and offers some great fishing prizes. If you are interested in participating have a word with Jobe Burnham at the Eyebrook Fishing Lodge or for more information click on to www.eyebrook.com News and Events- Wednesday Night Boat League.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
With a rod average of 7.75 for the week Grafham Water is in excellent form. Best rainbow of 4lb 10oz was taken by R. Bryant of Tring. Best brown 4lb 8oz taken by A. Chisholm of Battisford. Bank anglers have been taking plenty of bag limits from the north shore with Hill Farm, Stumps, Deep Water and Pylon Points, G Buoy and the north end of the dam giving the most consistent catch rates. The best method for the bank anglers is to fish Black Buzzers, Damsel Nymphs, Pitsford Pea, Crunchers and Diawl Bachs on a floating or sink-tip line. Boat anglers have enjoyed a tremendous week with plenty of anglers catching and releasing 20-plus trout. The best methods from the boats are to fish Black Buzzers, Diawl Bachs and PTNs on floating or sink-tip lines, or fast sink lines with Tequila Blobs, Damsel Nymphs and Black and Green Dog Nobblers. The most productive areas for boat anglers have been Savages Creek, Stumps, Hill Farm, Pig Bay, Deep Water Point and the north end of the dam.
The Anglian Water Rudder Match on April 9 saw Yvonne Webb and Simon Lehane take top spot with a bag of 37lb 6oz. Second place went to Messrs Crowder and Porter with 34lb 11oz. Third were Messrs Binley and Naylor with 33lb 14oz. The heaviest fish was caught by Matt Bedford with a superb overwintered rainbow of 4lb 6oz. The heaviest brown weighed 3lb 7oz and was taken by Mr Gill.

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
Last week 70 rods caught 347 fish for an average of just under five per rod. Another cracking week with lots of fish moving on the top and coming to a variety of tactics. Small imitative patterns fished on floating lines have been working well with Diawl Bach, CdC Emergers, Black Buzzer, Olive Buzzer and GRHE the pick of the natural imitations. For those who like pulling lures, Cat’s Whisker, Black Tadpole and Minkies have accounted for plenty of fish. The largest fish of the week was an estimated 14lb rainbow caught by Mark Vickers of Birmingham who was fishing from a boat on Cocks Close. He used a CdC Buzzer on a floating line and it was the best of a seven fish catch, all taken on the same tactic. Rod Lacey of Nuneaton fished catch and release from a boat and caught 15 fish to 10lb 8oz on a Diawl Bach on a floating line. Colin Hichins of Coventry fished the Park Meadow pool from a boat and caught four fish to 10lb using small nymphs on floating line. John Bartlam of Atherstone also fished Park Meadow and had eight fish to 6lb using small Buzzers. The best areas have been the lodge corner and the road bank on Cocks Close, although fish are moving all around the pool. On Park Meadow, the dam wall and the middle areas have been best. The browns have been showing well and anglers are reminded they must be returned.

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
The challenging weather conditions this week have not deterred the keen anglers and a number bagged up when they found the fish, including David Jones from Cambridge who said that he had a “great day out”. Mark Bradbury also enjoyed a great sporting day on Tuesday and had 20 fish to the boat. A lovely 2lb 6oz brownie was caught on a yellow-headed nymph by Bill Cooper from Northampton. Jason Kirby of Brixworth recently caught and returned a superb brown of 6lb 3oz. The best rainbow of 5lb-plus was taken by Chris Butcher of Brixworth.
The Invicta Fly Fishing Club’s 40th Anniversary Match took place last Wednesday, and most boats anchored at regular intervals between Gorse Bank and Duffers Reach near the causeway. This was the most sheltered part of the lake and provided some relief from the strong and cold wind. A good number of fish were caught before lunch and when fishing resumed at 2pm, the catches improved through the afternoon, with most fish coming to deep Buzzers on midge-tips or Cat Boobies on Di-5 sweep lines. A six-fish limit was caught by 13 competitors with the largest fish weighing in at 4lb 4oz by chairman, Andy Newman. He also had the best bag of six fish for 15lb 4oz. Second was Peter Hartley with six fish for 14lb 12oz and third was Stephen Otteridge with 14lb 5oz.

Press Manor Fishing Lakes, Derbyshire
There are really good hatches of buzzers emerging, giving anglers plenty of activity. Dry fly, nymph and Buzzer tactics are working. The Troutmasters fish-off took place last Saturday with Mark Poole from Cresswell, winning the pegged match on the north bank and dam. He caught 12 fish mainly on Buzzers either under an indicator with a team of three straight-lined. Second was Brian Simmonds with 10 fish, seven of which were caught in the morning using an indicator with Buzzers. Third was Mark Seery from Hucknall with six fish on a mixture of dries and lures. A number of anglers are catching with dries, especially size 14 and 16 Black Shipman's and Klinkhamers, which are imitating the flies that are emerging. Try the water down wind, in the rippled water, rather than a flat calm. Certainly the best area for bank fishermen this week is the dam. The best areas are pegs seven through to 25, ie. the deeper end of the lake.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire
Ravensthorpe has been fishing very well this week with 679 fish being taken. Boat anglers have been catching well throughout the reservoir but the greatest number of fish have been caught down near the Coton End. The bank is still fishing well on platforms 1-10 and the dam is now starting to produce fish. Flies that have been catching are nymphs and Buzzers, mainly black or brown on floating lines. The washing-line method also doing well.

Rutland Water, Rutland
Rutland is in outstanding form with a rod average for the season to date of 5.54. Fish are feeding well on the numerous small buzzer hatches, daphnia and shrimp. The best fish of the week was a brown estimated at around 6lb caught and returned by Richard Friend. Richard, from Edith Weston, was fishing with his son Jack and his father Paul, a former Rutland ranger, and both Richard and Jack recorded limits. The best rainbow of the week fell to London angler Vincent Howley who netted a mint conditioned 5lb 3oz specimen which fell to a Buzzer fished on a floating line. Simon Guthrie and his son Elliot caught plenty of fish last week with 45 coming to their boat, including browns to 4lb 5oz and rainbows to 3lb 5oz. Nigel Savage and David Murray enjoyed a terrific afternoon out on a boat last Friday, managing 20 fish, all of which were returned. Their haul included two overwintered browns around 3lb 8oz to 4lb and a number of overwintered rainbows up to 3lb. Local guide Al Owen took ‘Paddy’ Patmore and his son Adam out on Saturday and the father and son team had a great day with top quality stock fish amongst a good number of overwintered rainbows around 2lb 8oz to 3lb.
Bank anglers have not missed out with Normanton Church Bay right down to Fantasy Island providing plenty of fish, again overwintered fish at 2lb have been showing. On the opposite shoreline Whitwell Creek has seen really good numbers of fish with Stockie Bay to the Monument also fishing very well.
There has been some fish movement on top on more settled days and last thing at night, especially along the Normanton Bank, with fish less than a couple of rod’s length out. Best banks methods are floating lines with nymphs, or a nymph/lure combination. Boats the same along with sinking lines, Boobies, Snakes, tube flies.

Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex
Many beginners and youngsters landing their first trout on lake one with Buzzers and bungs the best method, but Damsels also doing well. The catch and release end of this lake has been doing well for brownies with fish to 4lb recorded and a good few anglers landed more than half a dozen fish. Lake two saw great dry fly sport on most days and a cracking evening rise with CdC, Buzzers and Shipmans taking fish. Mixed double-figure bags for most anglers with a brown or two in the mix. A good average size of 4lb with best rainbow of week 8lb and brown 9lb. Also bigger fish taken deeper down on intermediates with Snakes and Leeches. Lake three saw great sport with a few double-figure browns recorded.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire
For the week-ending April 8 the 76 rods caught 562 trout for a rod average of 7.39. Toft's gin clear water has meant that it's time for anglers to raise their game slightly as the imitative nymph and dry fly approach dominated catches this week and the fish didn't respond as well to lure tactics as they have in previous weeks. Small dries such as Shuttlecock CdCs or Suspender Buzzers have been the way forward with Diawl Bachs and orange-cheeked Buzzers sorting out the nymph fishing. There have been many good catches this week including a bag of 20 fish released by Derby County rod Trev Ward on a particularly windy day. Andy managed six fish in just an hour on Friday night, including one of around 8lb with a small emerger pattern doing the trick. This week’s prospects should be similar to last week with nymphs and dries dominating proceedings. There are still plenty of spaces left for the Scierra Pairs event on Sunday April 30.

Witton Castle Lakes Trout Fishery, Co Durham
A dip in temperatures and strong winds has made the going hard this week, although things did pick up towards the latter part of the week. The 45 visiting anglers, the majority later in the week, returned a rod average of four fish. One angler managed the 15 fish bag limit and that was J. Campbell. Other anglers with double-figure bags were A. Ross with 14 fish, S. Day caught 12, T. Barkley had 10 and just short of double figures was T. Ross with nine fish. The best fish of the week was a mighty 10lb 11oz rainbow caught by J. Campbell who, with his 15 fish bag, certainly had the best week on the lakes. The best flies have been Hare’s Ears, CdCs, Shipmans, Black Hoppers and Buzzers. The weather conditions are forecast to return to more a seasonal norm and should make the going a little easier.