England Troutmasters reports for week-ending April 1st, 2016

Avington Trout Fishery, Hampshire
March has been an excellent month and almost every angler has caught their bag and the average weights have been really impressive. The fishing has been nothing short of fantastic and with the water full of oxygen the fish are fighting incredibly hard and chasing and smashing lures. Although stalking conditions have still been quite difficult at times this month plenty of big fish graced the bank. Biggest fish of the month goes to 11-year-old Ben Smart. After qualifying for the junior Troutmasters final with a lovely 9lb 8oz rainbow, he followed up with a 6lb 8oz rainbow. Ben wasn't finished there and decided to go for another two-fish ticket and landed a stunning 17lb rainbow from lake two using a Goldhead Damsel. Locksley Ryan tempted a lovely 13lb 12oz rainbow from lake two on a busy Good Friday, using a small Damsel. The big brown in lake two finally came out, also on Good Friday. It was caught by Neil Griffin and the 12lb 4oz fish, which has been in there almost a year, fell to a small red and black lure. Steven Swaffer caught a 13lb brown from lake one. He spotted the fish close to the bank and tempted it using a home-tied Damsel. Regular angler Richard Francis caught a 12lb 4oz rainbow from lake three using a Sid Knight stalking bug After trying to stalk a big rainbow for hours down on lake two, Lewis Twyman decided to blind cast and out of nowhere the 13lb 4oz rainbow came and nailed his Goldhead Montana.
The annual Troutmasters fish-off was held on March 5 and the winner of the senior competition was David Hutton, while Ben Smart won the junior section.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
Lots of bags into double figures again this week with too many anglers names to mention. On warmer days sport has been exceptional to Buzzers, Diawl Bachs, Bloodworms, Bunny Leeches and other lures. Lots of fish in the 3lb to 8lb bracket reported with anglers commenting on the fight and condition of the fish. Beautiful brown trout have also been coming to the net. Jim Heaton from Lauder caught a beautiful fully-finned 11lb 4oz rainbow from Chatton Lake on a Black Bunny Leech. Luke McMahon from Ashington had a fantastic day on Monday – keeping three fish for 16lb, the biggest fish being 8lb 8oz. Luke also released a 6lb brown trout. All were caught on a Black Flexi Cat and a Black Buzzer. Geoff Hobson from Chatton returned a 10lb 2oz rainbow to Chatton Lake which he caught using a Yellow Bunny Leech. R. Masters from Ashington also returned a 10lb rainbow and a 4lb rainbow using a Bloodworm. The next Junior Fly Fishing Taster Day is on Thursday April 7 (please visit the 'Junior' page on the www.chattontroutfishery.com website for further information). The fishery closes at 8pm this week and 5pm on Saturday.

Elinor Trout Fishery, Northamptonshire
A big improvement in the fishing with trout being caught from all areas of the lake. The water clarity is gradually improving and more fish are now being caught on smaller patterns. Bank fishing continues to be more productive than boat. A few fish are rising on calmer days but the majority of anglers are catching three to five feet down. Spooned fish have been feeding heavily on black buzzers along with a few immature damsels. For the week March 21-27 the 119 anglers caught 377 fish of which 276 were returned, 22 rainbows were over 4lb and nine browns over 3lb. Best fish were 12lb 14oz for Paul Mortimer, from Thrapston, on a Black UV Tadpole and 10lb 2oz for Alan Rennocks, from Kettering, on a Black & Red Blob. Best patterns are black/green lures, Black Cruncher, Bloodworm and Black Buzzer.
Elinor will be hosting the final of the Iain Barr/Airflo Bank Masters Final on Sunday April 17 with a first prize of £2000 and many other prizes. The qualifying heat at Elinor will be on April 2. Full details and entry form at www.iainbarrflyfishing.co.uk
The Tommy Wood Memorial Buzzer Match is on Sunday May 15. This is a roving bank competition and floating line and buzzer imitations only may be used. Entry is free and all proceeds from the raffle go to Sue Ryder, Peterborough.

Eyebrook Trout Fishery, Leicestershire
The 2016 season got off to a real flyer as many anglers enjoyed great sport despite cool, windy and damp weather. On opening day a total of 87 anglers were treated to Eyebrook hospitality with complimentary breakfast rolls in some cases delivered directly to their swims. Dave Scholefield of Corby fished the Green Bank and caught a nice trio of rainbows on a small lure. Bob Smith fished the bank at the Bell and took four rainbows for 7lb 12oz on a Montana nymph. Father and son Roger and Mark Charles of Shearsby fished from the bank at the Hawthorns and caught 25 rainbows between them including a fine 3lb 8oz specimen. Roy Swinfield of Leicester fished from the bank at Pollards and caught and released 22 rainbows but took a fine 3lb 2oz rainbow away. Roy caught most of his fish on Black Buzzers. Rob Inglis of Broughton and Ian Reeves of Carlton Park fished from the bank at Badger Point and caught 13 rainbows between them, mostly taken on black and green lures. Mick Farrell of Corby bank-fished at the Three Trees and caught 18 rainbows, all on a Cormorant fished on a midge-tip line. Geoff Allsop of Tamworth enjoyed his first day’s outing to Eyebrook and bank-fished at the Cowshed, Geoff finished his day with 15 rainbows all caught on Diawl Bachs and GRHE. James Hobbs of Uppingham fished the bank at the Bell and caught four rainbows on a Cat’s Whisker and Hopper. Mike Christie fished the bank at the Chestnut Tree and caught a fine 4lb 5oz rainbow using a Black and Green Tadpole.
The boats too have been fishing fairly well and Rob Flack of Peterborough caught a 4lb 8oz fish on a Black Buzzer from the Wowshed area. Unfortunately, storm Katie did nothing to enhance the fishing during the first few days of the 2016 fishing season but with more settled weather conditions forecast for the coming week prospects now look a lot better.
The 2016 Eyebrook Wednesday Night Boat League will soon be underway. If you are interested in participating speak to Jobe at the Eyebrook Fishing Lodge or for more information click on to www.eyebrook.com News and Events- Wednesday Night Boat League.

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Grafham has continued to fish well for both bank and boat anglers with an excellent rod average of 5.42. On Thursday March 24 Rob Edmunds took his son Albert bank fishing from the dam. Albert enjoyed a superb couple of hours where he caught six fish all over 3lb, his best 3lb 12oz. On Good Friday Jamie Thomas (2015 Lexus Individual Champion) took his son Finn boat-fishing at Grafham for the first time. They both had a fantastic day fishing a Di-5 sweep and single Tequila Blob along Hedge End Bank. In total Finn had 15 fish whilehis Dad took more than 20. Despite the windy conditions on Saturday March 26 Harley Smith had a beautifully conditioned 4lb 10oz rainbow from a sheltered spot in Sludge Lagoons using a Diawl Bach. Bank anglers have enjoyed great sport with plenty of bag limits being taken from most points along the north shore. The most productive points have been Deep Water and Pylon Points, Hill Farm, Willows, North Dam and G Buoy when the wind has allowed. The best method for bank anglers has been to fish Pitsford Pea, Damsel Nymphs,
Diawl Bachs, Tadpole, Crunchers, Tequila Blobs and PTNs at a slow retrieve.
Boat anglers also enjoyed good sport with the north shore producing the most consistent catch rates. The most productive boat areas have been the Stumps, Seat, Willows, Deep Water and Pylon Points, Hedge End and G Buoy. The most prolific method for boat anglers has been to fish sink-tip or slow sink lines with Tequila Blobs, Tadpoles, Montanas, Vivas, PTNs, Diawl Bachs, Crunchers, GRHE and Olive Buzzers with a slow retrieve.

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
Last week 79 rods caught 382 fish for an average of 4.83 per rod. Another cracking week with lots of quality fish being caught from both bank and boats. The fish are well spread around the Cocks Close and Park Meadow pools and on the overcast days are moving well on the top with buzzers hatching. Floating or intermediate lines combined with Black Buzzer, Olive Buzzer, Bloodworm, Goldhead Damsel, Cat’s Whisker, white lures and Diawl Bachs have been the successful tactics over the last few days. The largest rainbow of the week was an 11lb 8oz fish caught by fishery regular Rod Lacey of Nuneaton who was fishing from a boat on Cock Close. This was the best of a 14 fish catch all taken on Diawl Bachs. Derek Cope of Telford fished the bank of Cocks Close where he caught and returned 10 fish to 10lb 8oz using white lures and Buzzers fished on a floating line. Mr Wadrup of Birmingham also had a 10lb 8oz fish which was the best of an eight fish catch taken on Black Damsels fished on a floating line from a boat on Cocks Close. Mr G. Liddell of Warwick had seven fish to 3lb 8oz from a boat on the Park Meadow pool using small Goldhead Pheasant Tail Nymphs on a floating line. The fishery has stocked a number of browns around the 2lb mark and a fair number of these have been caught this week. Anglers are reminded that browns must be returned at the fishery.

Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
Anglers have enjoyed a good week, despite the high winds and low pressure. Bank fishing has been exceptional with many anglers bagging up in short time and many 3lb-plus rainbows caught. Jason Kirby from Kibworth reported catching and releasing a 6lb 3oz brownie from the boat. The best rainbow weighed 5lb-plus and was taken by Chris Butcher of Brixworth. Season ticket holder Gavin Layton of Northampton landed a lovely 4lb-plus rainbow on a white/green lure on a sinking line. He also had another 12 fish. Despite the wet and windy weather young Daniel Davis managed to catch and safely release a fine 4lb 8oz brown trout. Daniel also took seven rainbows. He was fishing with his Dad at the Stone Barn using a Di-5 line with a short leader and a Booby. Season ticket holder Alex Urquhart of Hinckley caught a 3lb 10oz overwintered rainbow, together with another good sized fish. Among boat anglers overcoming the cold weather conditions were Trevor Hall who had three fish off Stonebarn and George Hackett who had four drifting across from the Dam to Pitsford Creek.

Press Manor Fishing Lakes, Derbyshire
Good catches, especially to those boat fishing, with a number of bag limits reported. Ken Sweet's first fish weighed 6lb 8oz and he finished with a 12-fish bag. Best flies are Damsel Nymphs and Black Buzzers under a dry or indicator. Some really small black buzzer emerging, you will need a small 18 F-fly to catch fish feeding on them. All lakes open seven days a week now.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire
Ravensthorpe continues to provide excellent sport with a rod average of 9.2 for the week and some superb fish. Charles Jardine took the best fish of the week, a lovely 12lb 14oz rainbow. He took this fish on a Cormorant while fishing with the England Youth Team. Lures and Blobs on Di-3 or Di-5 lines are working well, as are Buzzers and Diawl Bachs on floating or sink-tip lines. A few fish have also been caught on dries. Rob Edmunds took a 12lb rainbow on Saturday. Best boat areas are Catwalk to Island, and Tall Willow Bay. Bank anglers have also been catching fish, particularly off Platforms 1-10.

Rutland Water, Rutland
Rutland is continuing the new season in excellent form with anglers reporting plenty of fish. Fish are feeding very well on a variety of food which includes daphnia, buzzers, shrimp, bloodworm and snails. Settled conditions early in the week saw good numbers of fish falling to nymph patterns. The fish were pretty high up in the water for the time of year and have been seen moving on top. Bank anglers caught well off Whitwell front, Stockie Bay and off the groins near the beach at Sykes Lane. With the wind changing direction later in the week fish were then caught out of Church Bay and along to the three trees area right down to Fantasy Island. Boat anglers did best along the main basin shoreline, Normanton, Sykes Lane. There were however, a good few fish taken out in the deeper water from the Sailing Club right the way through to the main basin. A number of these fish were overwintered rainbows averaging around 2lb. Overwintered browns have shown again along with this season’s stock fish.

Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex
On lake one, lures and Damsels on all lines are catching browns and rainbows up to 5lb. Plenty of browns feeding and showing, one angler landed eight in his session. On lake two try Snakes down deep for the bigger fish in the daytime or Brown Buzzers for others. Browns can be seen in the margins most of the day with best fish of the week at 8lb taken on a Black Gnat at dusk. Lake three saw Red Buzzers and Bloodworms doing well. Browns to 10lb and rainbows to 9lb reported.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire
For the week-ending March 25 the 136 rods caught 604 trout for a rod average of 4.44. A super week with great weather, lots of anglers, lots of fish and a good rod average. Best methods have been the washing-line on floating and midge-tip lines and lures stripped back on intermediates. The few anglers who tried dries were also quite successful, the warmer weather promoting some decent buzzer hatches. As always it pays to keep on the move as stocked fish can have a habit of schooling together. The weekend’s Troutmasters fish-off was won by Martin Rowson who took his time to select some bigger fish after a very early and impressive limit by Neil Deakin. A large rainbow in the last half hour of the competition sealed the victory for Martin who weighed in six fish for 7.515kg. In third place was John Cooke followed by Warren Langridge. A special mention goes to David Martin who had a great day, landing a dozen fish, five of which were between 4lb 8oz and 7lb 8oz.
Open seven days at 7.30am, closing at 7.30pm prompt Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Closes at dusk Thursday to Sunday inclusive. Boat anglers will be asked to finish with their boats before dusk to allow time for removal of motors etc. Relevant times will be posted on the office board as the season progresses.

Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham
It’s been another busy week with anglers taking advantage of the much improved and more seasonal weather conditions. The glorious weather on Good Friday helped boost the figures up to a total of 78 visiting anglers. The going on the lakes was a little tougher than the first week although a decent rod average of 4.2 was posted. T. Ross was the only angler to make a maximum bag of 15 fish. A. Hedley, S. Campbell and S. Berriman all had 12 fish each. S. Fenton caught 10 fish while E. Lowry had a bag of nine fish with most of the other anglers taking bags of seven and six fish. The best fish of the week was a very impressive 8lb rainbow caught by A. Simpson. Buzzers were by far being the most successful patterns, with Blobs and Damsels making up the rest of the catches.